Knocking up sluts


Knocking up slutsSo I met this girl online. She and I went out on a date and had a few drinks. Afterward, we went back to my place. She said she was too drunk to drive home, so I offered her to stay in my bed with me. I told her that nothing would happen unless she wanted it to. I went to sleep in my boxers and she in her panties and bra. At some point in the middle of the night I slipped my boxers off and started to play with her tits. She woke up and I said I was sorry, her breasts were so plump and they rubbed up against me. I was spooning her at this point. She noticed that my penis was out and began to massage hiltonbet giriş my balls. That made my balls fill up with the cum I wanted to deliver to her. She still had her panties on while I was rubbing my dick on her pussy. I quickly pulled her panties to the side, before she could even think to say “no.” The next thing you know I popped it in. She gasped and said, “but I’m not on any birth control.” I told her, “don’t worry, I’m not going to cum inside you”, and she said, “OK, just don’t forget to pull out, I don’t want to get pregnant.” As soon as I heard her say that I got that little hiltonbet yeni giriş tingling sensation in my ballsack. It was the feeling that let me know I needed to unload. I guess I had only thrust into her a few times, but hearing her tell me that I shouldn’t get her pregnant was such a turn-on. Without warning, I exploded in her cunt. She heard me grunt a little and I could feel my cock pulsating in her wet pussyhole. I had her pinned to the bed as she asked, “what’s happening, are you cumming?” I said that I was about to and she cried out, “pull out.” The truth was, I had already hiltonbet güvenilirmi emptied about 95% of my cum in her. I pulled out and shot the remainder on her ass. I told her that most of my cum went into my hand and that I wiped it off with a rag. She believed me. After that night I didn’t see her again. She called me a few weeks later and told me that she was pregnant. I told her that she was such a slut to go around calling all of the guys that she fucked and trying to pin it on them and me. I told her that I didn’t even cum in her. What a lie! I unloaded so heavy it is truly amazing that she didn’t notice. What a whore. I do this all the time to them. In fact, if they insist on a condom, I have all of the tips cut off. In the middle of sex I simply push my dick through the broken condom and unload in their cunts. Then I complain that the condom broke. Ha, ha, ha. you little whore bitches!

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