Enormous Erection

Subject: Riding the Box Agreed to help a friend setting up his new business in SoCal. I was recently divorced and figured the challenge would help me get back on my feet. After the first couple weeks we had most of the grunt work done and I went to putting in 4-6 hours each day with weekends free. Didn’t take long for me to get bored and also horny. I wasn’t interested in bar hopping and decided I’d search for a local bath house just to get some relief. Couldn’t find anything near but did see references to a male sex club maybe 45 minutes away. I eventually made three trips to the club, each one a different experience and I thought I’d write a little about each one individually. This is an account of the second visit, the others should follow later. I arrived at the club on Friday at about 9:00pm. Paid the non-member fee and was buzzed thru the door. Since I had been there previously I knew most of the club lay-out but also knew there were some areas I had not explored. I walked to the back of the building and into a darkened hallway. I had seen it before but thought it was not used, this time decided to take a look. As I said the hallway was not well lit, near the end came to a doorway. Looking into the room it appeared totally dark, I could hear voices but had no idea of how many guys were there. I moved slowly into the room and stopped to let my eyes adjust. After a few minutes I could see shapes but could not make out faces or details. I did see a dim light and decided to work my way towards it. As I went I felt hands touching me and pulling at my clothes. I could see the person but again not clearly. Some of the guys izmit escort were naked and some clothed. Some just reached out to touch but others were more insistent and tried to stop me. A couple guys took my hand and guided it to their cock and I paused but when they tried to open my shirt or jeans I moved on. I can’t say how many men were in the room but I’d guess 20-25. As I got closer to the light I saw what looked like a box, maybe 2 feet by 3 feet and about 3 feet tall. It appeared to be covered with a padded material, similar to what you’d see on a exercise bench. Just then I saw a youngish guy who was naked being led out of the darkness towards the box by two men. He was not resisting but it seemed he was not totally okay with what was happening. As they reached the box he spoke but I couldn’t hear what he said and the two men seemed to be focused only on what they were doing. They obviously had done this before as without speaking, one held the young guy while the other bent down, pushed his legs apart and used velcro straps to pull his ankles tight against the sides of the box. I heard the young guy clearly say `I’m not sure about this’, but the two men pulled him across the box, forcing his chest down against the top. In just a couple seconds they had his hands stretched down along the sides of the box and secured inside velcro cuffs. As they stepped away I heard the young guy protest again but couldn’t hear clearly and not sure what he said. He struggled a little but it was clear he was firmly attached. Less than a minute passed before a tall black man wearing only boots and a tee shirt and with an obvious erection izmit escort bayan walked out of the darkness. Without pausing he stepped between the young guys legs and pushed his cock in. The young guy cried out and started pleading with him to stop but it was obvious the black man was not listening. At first he was using full thrusts making slapping sounds as he bottomed. The young guy started crying and begging him to stop and the black man slowed down a little and his fucking became less aggressive. The young guy continued to protest but not as much and mostly he just groaned each time the cock bottomed in his ass. It was over in a few minutes, the black man’s final 3-4 thrusts were hard and with the last one he held against the young man and I could see his legs tremble as he came. He pulled out and walked away into the darkness. Around me men were masturbating, some were on their knees sucking , other were bent over being taken from behind. However, I was certain all eyes were fixed on the young man restrained on the box. Over the next 10-15 minutes I watched as three more men came forward to use the young guys ass. Each time he asked for help and pleaded with them to stop but no one seem inclined to assist him. All during this I was constantly being fondled, hugged, and had men trying to remove my clothing. By then I was extremely horny and considered letting it happen but at the same time I was nervous and not really comfortable with the situation. There were too many men around me and it seemed some of them were working together to `convince’ guys that were resistant to their advances. I watched as one guy was izmit bayan escort stripped by a group even though he clearly did not want it. Once he was naked, they pushed him into the darkness and I can only guess what happened. It’s hard to say which of this was real and which was guys acting out a part they desired but normally couldn’t admit. I have always had fantasies about submitting but realized the dangers and never did anything to live the fantasy. After watching the young man on the box, I was so horny the idea was getting stronger and I wanted so much to give in and allow myself to be stripped. I was fighting the need and if one more guy had approached me I’m certain I would have stood there and allowed it to happen. Then I heard what I think was the guy that had just been stripped and taken. At first he sounded angry and was threatening someone, then it sounded like his mouth had been covered and after that the only sounds were sexual in nature. After the 4th guy finished and no one stepped forward, the two men came back and released the young guy from the restraints. They had to help him stand and they walked him away into the darkness. He was crying and seemed a little out-of-it. A few minutes passed before I heard a voice asking if there were any volunteers willing to `ride the box’. I began working my way towards the door. When no one answered the call the voice said `if there are no volunteers, we’ll need to choose one’. I walked faster then, pushing away anyone that reached out. I went to a raised stage area, walked to the side, dropped my jeans and pushed my cock out under the rail. The closest guy standing below took care of me in just a couple minutes. Just before I came I thought about going back to the room to see if they had found their `volunteer’ but the desire to know left me as I shot into the guy’s mouth. Riding the Box

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