Handcuffed in The Sex Shop, Powerless as they did


Handcuffed in The Sex Shop, Powerless as they didWent into the city for a days shopping, and over coffee, decided to update my sex toy collection, with something new.Googled my iPhone and found directions to one shop about 2km away. It was down a down a quiet side street, where else I thought, trust the council to hide a woman’s sexual needs down a back alley.Pushed through the door which sounded a buzzer, alerting the owner, or employee, a desperate woman had entered, looking for something hot to push up her pussy and cum.True to form a fat guy appeared, why do sex shops have poor specimens of males attending to female’s sex needs?Either way it just gave me more confidence to be outright, the look on this poor man’s face spoke volumes, he probably had little experience with women, the impression I got was he was a regular wanker into women’s undergarments sort, or a flasher on Skype, either way, I confronted him and decided to make his day, let me rephrase, have some teasing fun and see if I can get some freebies, after all, we were alone and he needed company, and what lay under my clothes.’Good morning Madam’, his voice sounded terrified, as if scared I would turn and run away.’Good morning’, I replied, in as sexy a voice as I could muster, ‘Can I have a look around’?I watched as his ‘Adam’s Apple’ bobbed up and down, ‘Good’, I thought, ‘I have this fat fuck right where I want him’, smiling warmly, poor bastard was shaking.He pointed to my left and indicated, ‘Undergarments, stockings, suspenders, netted body stockings, panties with openings’.I almost burst into a fit of laughter as he murmured each garment in order of sexual preference, it was clear he liked crotch-less knickers, I mean, he was sweating just mentioning them in front of a woman.I smiled warmly to him, ‘Can you show me’. He must be close to cumming in his pants, being so intimate and close to a hot woman looking for sexy things and sex.We arrived at the shelving and I could not resist teasing him, by starting with the crotch-less panties. I picked a pair of sheer black, lacy see-though, with a nice embroidered trim, and spread the crotch, inserting two fingers, as if simulating a cock penetrating the secret flesh they failed hopelessly to conceal.’I quiet like these’, and again I could hear him swallow hard, ‘An excellent reaction’, I thought, ‘Do you have a mirror’, I asked him, turning the screw a little tighter and taking my interest one step higher.He pointed to a curtain then walked over and pushed it away, I took the opportunity to remove my coat, and let him see my fuller figure, in particular my breasts and the curvature of my hips and bum.I could feel klasbahis güvenilirmi his eyes piercing as he scanned my body, like some red laser on a three dimensional stripping action, as I walked up to face the mirror and placed the panties against my body.’The opening looks a little tight’, and as I said it I fingered the little pink bow at the apex of the opening, which pressed into my pubic mound, adding, ‘At least it leaves my clitoris free’.His face paled, as the blood drained, hopefully to charge his cock, I inwardly smiled at my dirty thought, ‘What do you think, I mean as a man’?He stared at my finger on the pink bow, possibly desirous of what lay two or three layers beneath. ‘What do you mean by ‘tight”?By asking his opinion I wanted to involve him, firstly as the experienced person, who worked every day in the shop, and secondly, as a man with huge sexual experience, which he was not sadly, in either case.I cocked my head to the left and smiled as he started at my crotch, he smiled back, ‘I think they suit you, they will look great on you’, he stammered out.I turned the screw a little tighter. ‘Can I try them on’?I don’t know why I blurted that out, but I suddenly realized I was being turned-on by my own teasing, being in control was arousing me, this poor sod was crying out for experience and all of a sudden I was hearing his cry, and my pussy was responding, ‘Let him in, let him feel me, let me massage his cock and make him cum’.His eyes were blinking rapidly, a beautiful full bodied woman, was about to let him look, smell, and savor her sacred flesh. Her moist warm cunt, her labia and clitoris, would be there for him to see, ‘Well, can I’, I interjected again as he appeared dumb-stuck.His voice had left him, he just nodded acquiesce, and stood routed to the spot as I went inside the cubical, and started to take my clothes off.I looked around the box, it stank, and I looked on the floor, spunk stained, then behind the curtain, a small flat screen TV, ‘A Wanking Booth’, I smiled.I took my dress off, then my panties, and stood bare footed on the spunk stains, my big toe touching each stain in turn, I must have touched more than thirty, so many horny men wanked off in here, I wondered how they would react, if they came in here right now, and saw me standing in my brassiere only.I could hear him moving outside the door, knowing I might be exposed right now, and I had a quick look around to make sure there was no camera pointing at me.I felt between my lips and I really was wet, thank God there was no crotch in these, and I pulled them up and over my hips.I stood in front of the mirror klasbahis yeni giriş and saw the fit, and much to my surprise, they looked good, a snug fit, but when I turned to see the back, the opening did little to hide my bum crack, there was a good one inch of exposed flesh, if I bent forward you could see both my pussy and asshole, with ease.’Are you OK’? He was obviously besides himself in desperation, knowing my state of undress, but more so, dressed in his favoured panties, showing everything to him, if only he could look at me.I had him exactly where I wanted him, now to close the deal, a hand job, cum on my ass or tits, all in exchange for me filling a carrier bag with sexy clothes and a selection of expensive toys.’If I come out to get your opinion, could I trust you not to **** me’?I held my breath as I awaited his response to the r*ping of me, we were talking penetrative sexual intercourse, cards on the table time now, does he want me so bad, he will agree to me standing in such a provocative way in front of him, if so, I will then offer and demand.’Ok’, was his laboured reply, to which I added more spice by asking him if he would like to see me in stockings.There was silence then a gentle knock on the door, to which I opened just a crack, not wanting for him to see me until I had the full effect on for him to savor.He did not look in, just thrust a pair of netted stay up elasticated high-cut stockings, real slutty and tarty, I smiled again, ‘Fuck this guy sure knows how to dress a slag’ I opened the door and stepped into the main shop, he just stared in disbelief, his eyes feasting on my heavy breasts with their visible erect nipples, my flat six pack belly muscles, my exposed cunt, as I walked, and my bare bum, exposed and encased in sheer black nylon, and the holes, bared and wanting.I stopped, turned, and faced him, legs akimbo, my fingers between my labia and toying with my clitoris, ‘What do you think’?Before he could utter one word I asked him outright, ‘Want to have some fun with me’?This time he would have to answer, so I waited as he scanned my body, ‘Can I fuck you’?As horny as I was I doubted he could get it in me, due to his gut hanging over his belt, I screwed my face slightly, ‘How about a nice hand job and cum on me’, I counter offered.He certainly was not going to give up on what I was offering, so he agreed, that’s when I asked what I would get out of doing him this sexual favour, then added my conditions, to which he agreed.I smiled to myself, I got everything I wanted, a bag full of goodies, and to keep him on edge, I walked around the store like a slut in heat, filling klasbahis giriş a carrier bag with vibrators, dongs, clitoris stimulators, butt plugs, videos, exotic underwear and a pair of pink fluffy handcuffs, his suggestion.’Right shall we get started’, now I had my bag off goodies, a quick wank, dressed, and get to fuck away from here, was uppermost on my mind now.We went into a small room, not unlike the one where my dress lay, ‘Is your spunk on this floor’, I toyed with him, and not surprisingly he nodded it was.I went up to him and reached into his pants and took hold of him and started pulling on it, ‘Where would you like to cum’, I asked him, squeezing his erection and applying more force, I loved wanking men and milking them, I was a sucker for a good cock, and I wanted him to explode when he came.’On your bare bum’, he gasped out, and I turned my bum towards him, still jacking him hard, hoping the sight of it would help him release quicker.’Put the cuffs on’, he begged, I thought for a moment, a tad apprehensive, ‘OK, but just the one wrist’, he agreed, so I complied and held onto the radiator with the cuffed wrist and continued to jack him off.He started to respond, I could feel he was on the verge of shooting, so I turned my bum into his facing cock and let him finish himself on me, and put my other free hand on the radiator, while feeling him beat against my bare cheeks, I was actually running down my thighs, and could feel my own urgency rise, ‘Fuck I think if he slipped it inside me I might actually let him’, though ran through my mind, so I pushed back onto him and closed my eyes in anticipation.It happened so quickly I was caught unawares, another set of cuffs were on my free wrist and he had secured me to the radiator.Another man had been watching and quietly approached us as I bent in acceptance of encouraging him to fuck me, I was cuffed to the radiator and as I came to my senses in the confusion, he was inside, me banging and cumming, to a chorus of ‘Good boy’, and ‘Well done’.There were at least six men there, all undressing to have their fun with me.I left the shop a few hours later, no bag of toys, purse empty, and a video tape of my debauchery, that evidence clearly showing my willingness to entertain, so calling the police was the furthermost thought from my mind, no I had overplayed my hand and lost.He had collected all my personal details, charged me for all the items I had bagged, plus a charge for sex, then watched a I walked around the shop naked, replacing all the items I had just bought, and my final humiliation, as I was taken back into the room where I had undressed, was to lie face down on the floor and lick each stain with my tongue, before removing my brassiere and panties and putting my dress back on.I walked outside, naked under my dress and boarded a taxi, leaving six men high fiving each other, and feeling their cum stain my expensive dress, as my pussy emptied its contents.

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