Siisy Bride gets what she deserves

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Siisy Bride gets what she deservesI had Ben on a contact site and we live surprisingly close together in Manchester. Ben is a 6’2” black man who has a large sex drive and likes women and girly trannys.I am a slim white guy who likes to dress like a smart woman, not a slut. I haven’t worn a wig for over 6 years and my hair is cut in a very female bob. But I like domain top men, especially those with large a cock who know what to do with it.We had some fun chats on line and eventually met which developed into me sucking him off in a pub toilet, that when I discovered his thick 9” cock and how much spunk his manly balls hold! Fortunately there was noise in the pub so that no-one, I think, heard or saw a tranny swallowing his cum.Over the next few weeks we had some more fun and I had to walk the half mile home sometimes looking a little dishevelled or with a big grin across my face.Ben also has a think about satin and especially Wedding dresses, so when he called me to say there was a delivery due in a couple of days to my home, I wasn’t sure what to expect.The box arrived the following week, had to go to the post office to get. The label on the box said Sensual Fashions, Thailand and the import documents was very clear about the contents satin wedding dress, satin bra and panties, white stockings and garter belt and some size 8 white stiletto’s. I am fairly sure they guy behind the desk thought it was for me.I texted Ben to say the box had arrived and by the time I got home there was an email saying that I should come round that night in the new outfit.Of course I tried on the outfit very carefully, before I got ready. The dress was fabulous an over the shoulder design with a corset bustier a ¾ skirt complete with a lot of under netting. the whole dress looked great on my slim frame and swished about as I twisted in it.I had no idea what Ben was planning but I got myself ready and did some beautiful make-up, ideal wedding day style. By the time I got my coat over the frock I felt on top of the world. Such a good looking girly boy ready to meet her new husband.I walked the short distance to Bens home it’s in a quiet residential part of the city centre I have never had a problem walking anywhere in the city. Maybe this dress was a bit over the top, but even so I didn’t get to many looks.Ben opened the door and insisted that I remove my coat right away and give him a twirl. I could see that he was very pleased with how I looked in his new purchase.He gave a huge hug and kissed me lightly, pulling out his camera he took many pictures of me around the house. By now I could see there was a bulge in his trousers he pulled me over and slowly pushed my head into his crotch.I undid his zipper and his large cock flopped out half erect and leaking, I flicked Escort my tongue out and licked his wetness up, suddenly my mouth was full of his cock which was rapidly hardening. I sucked on him hard as he ran his hands over my stocking legs and satin bodice.I was trying to keep my sissy cock under control, but I knew I was leaking into my white panties. This is not a good idea with Ben as he uses any excuse to punish me for my wrong behaviour.So as his had slipped across my panties he felt my dampness, he immediately removed his cock from my now very wet mouth. Pulled my skirt up and checked my panties. ‘You bad girl I’ve warned you about wearing messy underwear’. He grabbed by hand and dragged me upstairs into the bedroom.Ben is a big guy, and can easily man handle me, he sat down and dragged me across his knee and started to spank my pantied bottom. I am used to be spanked, like all good girls should be, but tonight for some reason he was really going for it.He stopped after a few minutes but didn’t let me go, all I could see was the floor and then suddenly I feel a huge paddle on my arse and I cried out. Several slaps later I was out of breath!Buy now my cock was very erect and he pulled my panties down and off. Ben pulled me onto the bed face down stood up and roughly spread my legs apart. He knelt between them and grabbed both my wrists which where swiftly bound up.Ben then started to open on tight arse with his fingers, I am tight, but he likes to open me up. There were some more flashes from a camera. Then my arse was being nudged by his cock and deftly he was fully up me and I could feel his big and hard balls bang on sissy ones.Ben banged away at my arsehole for a good while. He is a good stayer which sometimes can mean I’m very raw after seeing him. His huge cock was opening me up and the head keep banging my prostrate I could feel my sissy cock leaking.He pulled out of my arse hole and rolled me over he whispered to me that he had a surprise for me tonight. I had no idea what he meant. He picked up my wet panties and started to use them to tie up my sissy cock and balls. When he had finished by sissy balls were under a big pressure.He walk round the bed and pulled me further across it, so that my head was just off the edge. He said “Don’t move you slut!”.He left the room, returning some minutes later, I looked up and saw another black man walk into the room. Ben didn’t introduce him, just said “he’s the sissy bride I promised you”.The new black man looked at me and I started to get worried and move about on the bed, Ben grabbed my shoulders and the other man started to play with my legs and shoes. I tussled some more not knowing what was happening.The guy was now pulling on my legs and catching my stockings he grabbed Escort Bayan my bound balls and pulled on them I screamed he slapped my erect cock and pulled on my foreskin about. By now he was sitting on my spread legs abusing my cock and balls. He pushed his fingers into my pee hole and I really screamed.To keep me quiet Ben shoved his cock down my open throat. I gagged on his large cock and he slow started to fuck my mouth and throat.The other guy was sucking my cock and using his teeth on my soft cock head. I think he knew I was going to spray my cum so he stopped and pulled hard on my balls.He got off my legs and through them into the air. I couldn’t see as Ben was stuffing my mouth, but he must have got his cock out as I felt it violate my arsehole.His cock felt bigger than Bens as I was being stretched wider, I tried to close my arse up but he just pushed harder and more forcefully. I was completely pinned down full of cock and then there was a very warm feeling in my arse.The guy pulled his cock out the was a loud squelch he pushed 2 fingers into and started to pull his spunk out of my hot arsehole and wiping them on my no somewhat torn stockings.Ben was clearly watching all this as he filled my throat with his cock, he pulled out and shot his hot cum over my hair.The other guy pulled himself up my body, he lifted my head and pushed his wet cock into my mouth for cleaning. His cock was huge at least 10” long with big balls. Ben was now back between my legs pulling and beating my cock.Soon he had got me close to my orgasm my legs were shaking and he then keep beating my sissy cock. I came very hard my spunk was all over the nets of the dress.The guy in my mouth pulled out and dragged his cock across my now slightly mess face to dry it.Ben, grabbed my ankles and started to attach a spreader bar. He said to the other guy use this and throw him a collar. Still holding my head he attached to me. A rope was then passed through the collars ring and tied to the bed.Ben knows that usually after I come I need to pee, he got up and said “let’s leave this slut for a bit and don’t you dare make a mess!” and they left. I was only tied by the neck but I couldn’t move very far at all.I must have fallen asleep, because when they returned I could see it was very dark outside and quiet. I could feel my bladder was full I asked “Please sir can I pee?” he said yes and produced a large bottle with a funnel.They released the rope from my collar and spun me round Ben said “piss into this bitch”. I don’t find it easy to pee in front of strangers, but I couldn’t help it and quickly my stream of hot pee flowed.As soon as I stopped the bottle was taken away and my dress dropped down, but I still leaked some which Ben saw. He pulled me over his knee Bayan Escort and started to spank me yet again with his hand. My red bottom was really stinging now.He pulled me up and sat me on the bed pulling my head back the other guy open my mouth with his fingers and then then funnel was pushed into my mouth. I struggled but Ben held me still as my still warm piss was poured into my mouth.I spluttered and dribbled I could feel the pee flooding my throat and some pouring out of my mouth and onto my satin dress. They seemed to be enjoying the view of this slutty tranny being covered in her own piss.Ben removed the spread bar and seemed to look very happy with me, he gave a light tap on the arse and said “time to go home, but don’t untie your nasty sissy cock and balls until you get there.”I slowly walked down stairs and looked at myself in the long mirror. I really was a well fucked slut, messy wedding dress, torn stockings and hair a bit matted with spunk and I must have smelt of sex.Ben gave me my coat and pushed me out the door. It was dark out there, all the better considering how I looked. The walk is usually quiet and I have to pass under a couple of railway bridges, places where on a Saturday night seem the official outdoor toilet. God only knows what must happen there some nights.I was trying to keep the heels from echoing to much as I passed under the arches, there were a couple of guys taking a piss on the other side I looked away speeded up, but I bumped straight into a guy who seemed to becoming in the other direction.I said, sorry and looked down know what I state I looked. He stopped and got my arm “wow girl you look like you’ve had a fun night… are you nicki?”I was stunned how did this guy know who I was? I said “err yes that’s me” .“Oh good” he said “Ben said you walk this way and I have something for you”.I tried to pull away but it’s not easy in such a big dress and high heels. He pulled me into a small niche in the tunnel it smelt awful. Pushing me against the wall he pushed me down and undid his zip.It was clear to me I had been setup, this guy wanted a blow job. I tried not to but he grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth onto his cock. He forced it into my throat fucking my face. It wasn’t long before he was filling me with his hot spunk, I guess he been waiting for me a while.I didn’t swallow it and managed to spit some out as he cleaned his cock on my corset. Now I really was a messed up cum and piss whore.He pulled me up and told me to look back the way I had came, there was Ben with a video camera, he must have followed me as soon as I left.Ben said “well done you little slutty tranny whore, I have lots of video and pictures of you now”. He then said “let’s see if you can get home before anyone else wants to use you!”I got up still reeling from the fast and hard face fucking I had just had and started to walk home. I did see a few other people on the way but luckily for me I was ignored, maybe the smell put them off.What a very good night – Thanks Ben x

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