sister Set Me Up 2


sister Set Me Up 2The next day I got up and couldn’t believe that I had fucked my sister and her best friend. Both Danae and Linda were still asleep and I went into the bathroom to shower. I saw someone head to the toilet and poked my head out of the shower. Danae told me to get back in the shower and I laughed. After finishing my shower I was pretty hard after reliving last night in my mind. I walked out to the bedroom to find Linda with her head buried between Danae’s thighs. My cock was again super hard. I walked up and Linda moved so I could get to her. I found her pussy soaking wet already. Is Danae’s chin wet? I pushed my cock into Linda and started enjoying her pussy. Linda came and her juices were running down my legs. She told me to pull out. Danae positioned herself in front of my cock and I pushed into her just eaten pussy. Danae started talking about how bad I was for fucking my sister. Linda asked me if I liked my sister’s Escort pussy? I told her yes I love it. They laughed and I kept up a rhythm. Soon Danae had an orgasm and slid off of my cock. Linda told me to lay down on the bed and she started licking my cock and balls. Soon Danae was sucking my cock while Linda tried to lick my balls. Just not enough room so I told Danae to lay on the bed and I got on all fours and Danae started sucking my cock by putting pillows behind her back. Now Linda had access to my balls. She licked for a little while but then she moved up and started licking my asshole. At first I was a little shocked but wow it felt great. I was getting ready to cum when a couple of things happened. First Linda shoved her tongue into my asshole and Danae started tonguing the head of my cock. I splashed her mouth face and chest with cum. As soon as Linda knew I had cum she pulled her tongue out and came and kissed me.After Escort Bayan we kissed she started licking up the cum from Danae and as I watched I began to stiffen again. Linda told me that I could fuck them some more but that I had to help clean up Danae. It really didn’t sound good to me until I decided I was more horny than grossed out. I started licking Danae’s tits and licking my cum from them. Linda asked how I liked it? I realized it wasn’t bad. Danae told me that most guys would do anything to get some pussy. They laughed again. I thought yep but I am getting two pieces of pussy. We finished cleaning up Danae and I wanted to mount Linda but she wanted me to mount Danae. So I got in position and started fucking Danae. I watched Linda’s tits as she moved around. She told me she wanted a special gift. She told me if I gave her that gift that she would be in my bed every night for a week fucking me until I was Bayan Escort through. My thrusts into Danae became harder. Linda said she wanted to go out with Phil one of my best friends. I thought what? She told me that if I arranged the date and she would line up the special. I couldn’t see anything weird except that she would be going out with Phil before fucking me. I started to say yes when she dropped the bomb. She wanted to bring Phil to my bed and fuck him while I watched and then after he came I would lick her pussy until she was ready to fuck me. What the hell? I stopped fucking Danae. Linda smiled and said so that is not worth a week of pussy? This is bullshit she will set me up as a freak and then I won’t get anything. She said ok how about this? I go out with Phil and come back to your bedroom after the date and you lick me until I let you fuck me? I started fucking Danae again without realizing it. She smiled that wicked smile. Linda got next to my ear and said you are mine. I am going to use your tongue, fingers, cock and mouth to satisfy me. I started cumming filling my sister’s pussy with my juice. Linda and Danae looked at me and Danae said guess what?…

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