Spanking Parties


Spanking PartiesIt was one of the first emails I received on my college account. It read “You are invited to a M4M spanking party!” The email had been sent to a long list of people. If I was interested, to contact a Pete via a phone number that was provided. Not sure why or how they had gotten my email address… I deleted it. Near the end of the Fall term, I received another email for another spanking party. The email this time looked as if it was just sent to me. Instead of contacting Pete via the phone number, I wrote an email back. In the email, I inquired how they had gotten my email address and what was a spanking party ( I knew the most but was curious how they did them ). Two days later, I got a response…..

In the response, they didn’t answer how they found me but he shared what happens at a spanking party. It was usually made up of a group of guys in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s with a select few new applicants in their late teens and early twenties. The applicants would do a phone interview and then be matched to a specific Spanker(s). The spankee would be taken to a room where the Spanker would conduct the spanking with an audience present…. consisting of three to five guys watching/jerking off. From reading this, I found myself getting hard and imagined getting spanked, my pale white ass becoming a bright red crimson, crying out in pain while guys got off watching my plight. It was very titillating, erotic, and scary. I had never been naked in front of a group of men jerking off before and having an audience while getting spanked did sound like fun. Even though I was extremely turned on, I started shaking nervously as I proceeded to dial the phone number to begin the interview.I was almost stuttering as I stood nervously pacing my dorm room while talking to Pete. He asked my name, age, height, weight, hair and eyes color, penis size, and if I was straight/bi/gay. Then he asked what my pain tolerance bahis siteleri was, I hadn’t a clue and said probably not much. Pete laughed. We talked about my sex history in great detail. Then Pete said he needed to verify me by meeting me somewhere for a face to face and take pictures. Since I was required to be nude, I opted for my dorm room. My roommate had finished he finals and was already gone like most of the guys on my dormitory floor. I had one final left and it was two days away. Pete suggested that I be naked when he arrived ……so I didn’t chicken out. Pete showed up about an hour later than expected. It was just after 11pm when I heard a light knock on my door. I opened the door wearing just a towel around my waist. In walked this tall thin man in his late 30’s. He had dark hair hair, brown eyes, glasses, a thick moustache, he was much more tan than my pasty white ass. He wore a buttoned shirt that had the top three buttons undone. Pete smiled at me. He seemed pleased with my lean 125lb, 5’10” frame. I started shaking as I was motioned to remove my towel. My tiny cock wasn’t hard and I covered up my tiny turtle head as I turned around to show off my firm tiny ass. Pete’s breathing got heavy, he pulled out his camera from a large bag. He took pictures. I was embarrassed when he snapped pictures of my tiny cock. Pete stopped to change film two times. During the shoot he played with my cock a little and it sprouted for him. He knew how to stimulate me very well. Pete was very complimentary and it made me feel good. He liked my body, my ass, and even my cock. He made such a fuss about how thick my cock was compared to his. Pete unzipped his pants to show his long slender cock with a torpedo shaped tip. He was semi hard and I was transfixed by its hypnotic bounce. He then removed his shirt stating that I shouldn’t have all then fun being nude. After he put the camera away, I awoke from the erotic haze canlı bahis siteleri I was in….. there was a 37year old guy holding both our cocks rubbing them together. My nipples were erect. I didn’t even realize I was playing with them as he touched me. His hands felt warm on my cool skin. I just looked down at his cock. It made my cock look so short. Then Pete spoke, “come and lay over my lap.” He pulled out my desk chair, sat down and patted his thighs. I moved over and laid out over his let’s. He rubbed my tight ass. It tickled a little and I jerked around some. He told me he liked my ass. He gave it a soft swat. The sound pierced the silence in the room. My body flinched. He gave it another firm spank, keeping his hand over my left ass cheek. I felt a warm surge. He rubbed and spanked, rubbed and spanked. Every spank got harder….and louder. The harder he spanked, the more I yelled. It was stinging and painful. My eyes were watering. Pete asked how I was doing, I did my best to swallow hard before replying to mask my discomfort. It seemed to work because Pete worked my ass over harder and harder. I couldn’t fight back the sobbing, my body twisted and jerked with every strike now. Pete had me get off him. I thought it might be over. I thought wrong….Pete moved my desk from the wall into the middle of the room. He told me to bend over. I didn’t look at him as tears streamed down my face. He pushed himself up against my ass crack and rubbed his very hardened rod between my cheeks. He leaned over me. His hot breath sent shivers down my spine. “I’m going to fuck your sweet little ass.” He almost said it laughing. My legs were spread apart. He had me reach back an open my gape. Then he pushed himself into me. I expunged a huge “unngggh!” Pete bore deeply in me. My ass was throbbing and it masked how painfully deep Pete stroked into me. He plunged long and slow. I tripped the desk as hard as I could to brace canlı bahis myself. He continued to move faster. Instinctively, my body enjoyed it. The more I moaned then more receptive my body acted. I pushed my ass back into Pete. His hands firms planted into my honey hips. He said,”good! Good! Good!” As I worked back into his thrusts. I wanted to jerk off but in this position….it just wasn’t happening. I softly pleaded to be turned over. Pete withdrew his sword out of me and I let out a huge with. I sat up on the edge of the desk and help guide Pete in. He was covered in a thick sweat. His body was glistening. I used one arm to brace myself from falling off the back of the desk, the other began rubbing my cock. I locked eyes with Pete. It was intense! He stared straight into me just like the inches he plunged inside my ass. I leaned back with my legs up over each of his shoulders. He bore deep, I stroked harder. I was almost there. Then Pete cupped my ass in his huge hands and lifted me up off the desk. I had to grab his neck from falling. He jerked his body and I tried to lower myself deep down on his shaft. Then Pete let out this loudest grunt, his body lost control, I knew what was happening. This electrical sensation came over me, my senses were on overload…..cum erupted out of me as Pete was convusling. I felt like shouting out something but all I could muster was yes!yes!yes! Pete fell over the desk. His cock slipped out of me and I felt empty. He back away and fell over onto my bed. My legs felt like jelly and I just lay there like on the desk. I felt drainage as my ass pushed his fluid out of my hole….cum oozing out of my tip. We both were so very thirsty. I followed Pete to the water fountain just outside my dorm room naked. I leaned against the wall as he took a long drink. Pete moved quickly back into my room as I sucked up as much water as I could. Then I stumbled back inside. I collapsed onto my roommate’s mattress face down. I was so tired. I wanted to sleep to forget about my throbbing backside. Pete recovered more quickly than I had anticipated. He moved on top of me. I just let him have his way…….

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