Step Mom, Cousin, and a lovely beach


Introduction: This is a true story which happened during the summer of 2005, It involves My step-mother Kristina, My cousin jenny, and I, Lucas.

Chapter one:
Prom was over, I was 18, finished high school and happy. I was returning from the crazy prom weekend party that lasted 5 days. I got dropped off at 12:00 pm, Monday morning on July 4th, in front of my house. I was tired and kind of happy to be able to sleep in my own bed again.

I Opened my front door and walked into my house. Standing there in the foyer was my Step Mother Kristina. She has been in the family for 4 years now after marrying my father. I have known her for 5 years. She was a beautiful woman, 5’6 120 pounds, dark brown hair and this very exotic face. When you stared at her you got lost in her gorgeous, grey/green eyes. She has a great body, she worked out a lot and kept in great shape. She also had these great breasts, 36c. They were perfect and natural breasts. Her ass was the best of all though, it was perfectly shaped and had this sexy curve that went up to her lower back and went down to her sexy legs.

The first thing I noticed when i walked into the house was, she was wearing these think fabric short shorts that hugged her ass tight, she was also wearing this button up tshirt that had a few buttons open, exposing her sexy cleavage. She was cleaning as she talked on the phone as I walked close to her.

“Lucas, It’s your aunt Jessie, She wants to know if our family want to join her family at their beach front cottage this weekend. I told her yes so clear your schedule” She said.

“Sure why not? when are we going?” I asked

“This friday, so rest up this weekend”She answered

The first thing That came to mind was my cousin Jenny. I had not seen her since the wedding since she was my step mothers neice. Its been 4 years and the last time I saw her she was not very attractive, she was kind of a nerd who didnt dress up or care about her look. I was hoping she would come also so I could see how shes grown in the past 4 years. She was 16 at the time and now would be 20.

“Jenny is coming to so you will have to keep her company all weekend” She stated

She read my mind.

“Yeah sure, I’ll do that” I answered

Then my mother walked away into another room.

I started thinking about Jenny more and more as I walked to my bedroom. Just picturing how she looked now and imagining this hot much older woman who grew into her features. I then walked into my bedroom and put my bags down.

I lay on my bed looking up at my ceiling. I was excited to go to this cottage and I was now day dreaming about Jenny. I kept coming up with different scenarios. I thought of her coming on to me. i thought of myself coming on to her.

Then Escort all of a sudden My cock filled with blood. It was getting hard and i was getting horny thinking about Jenny. I began rubbing my cock over my pants and continued to daydream about jenny.

The thought of her made me so horny. The whole mysterious thing turned me on and was making me so hard. I had to keep her company the whole weekend so i really hoped she was now very attractive and friendly, if not I’m in touble.

I then started to unzip my pants and i pulled out my cock. I stroked slowly as I continued to think about jenny naked and coming up with ways to hit on her without getting in trouble or making it awkard.

The more i thought about her the more I was getting closer to cumming. My dick was throbbing and I needed to relieve the pressure. I started stroking harder and faster and started breathing heavily. I felt it getting closer and closer as i held it in longer. I was very close to letting go when my step mother swung open the door.

“HOLY FUCK LUCAS, what are you doing?” She screamed

I quickly jumped up and tried to find something to cover myself up with but i could not grab anything.

“Dont you knock Kristina, What the fuck?” I yelled back.

“I didn’t think you would be jerking off as soon as you got home” she stated.

I then caught her look down at my still throbbing cock. Her eyes got lost in its 8 inches and i even caught her bite her bottom lip. She then looked back up at me.

“I needed to relieve the pressure. I needed to” I stated/

“Next time lock your door, or do it when noones around, have some respect Lucas” She explained.

She then turned around and walked out, then she walked back and shut the door.

As she turned away I stared at that ass and continued to rub my cock. I never thought of my Step mother before because I knew dad was fucking her. Dad is never around. He goes on business trips every 2 weeks and comes home for 1 day then leaves again. So i knew she must be craving someone.

I stroked harder and realized thinking of he turned me on even more. Seeing her tits begging to blow out of those buttons and let out of her shit. Seeing that ass in those short shorts which showed her ass cheeks.

My cock was throbbing and beating and i was ready to cum. I stroked faster and faster and then I let go. My cum srayed into the air. Some landed on the bed, some on the floor and even some got stuck on the roof. I quickly cleaned up the mess and grabbed some clothes to go take a shower.

I walked towards the bathroom, which was right down the hall, completely naked. holding a pair of underwears over my now flaccid cock.

I got to the door and peeped inside and saw my step mother Escort Bayan undressing. She was unbottoning her top and this got me horny again. Watching her slowly unbutton it then letting them free. No bra underneath neither.

I stood there getting hornier and hornier as I watched her lower her short shorts and expose that ass in this red laced thong. Just when i thought the view could not get better, she bent over and turned the bath water on. I immediately grabbed my cock again and began rubbing the tip of my head slowly.

She was so sexy, she was now completely naked and stood there waiting for the water to fill the tub. Her body was so toned and in shape. Her tits were very hot, bigger then I thought. Her nipples were perfect size and shape and looked very hard. Her whole body had a golden tan which made her look even sexier.

I then noticed something I have never seen before. She had two tattoos. One on her lower hip near her pelvic area. it was small, maybe a butterfly or a symbol of some sort. She had another one on her left breast, It was a word in handwriting. It looked like it said her name, Kristina.

She then got into the tub and started pouring bubble bath soap into it. The suds grew bigger as she lay there rubbing he suds all over her body. She then grabbed the curtain and slid it across the front of the tub. Ruining my view of her naked body in the tub.

I was now very horny and needed to jerk off again as my cock was more erect then ever and i needed to beat off. I opened the door quietly and snuck into the bathroom. I slowly walked over to the toilet and sat down on it with the lid down.

I could still see her behind the curtain because the curtains were thin and kind of see through. I began stroking faster and watching her sillouette move around. I was so horny I wanted to join her so bad.

Then I began hearing her moan. It sounded like she was masturbating in the tub. She was getting louder and louder, and I was getting harder and harder and closer to no return. She started moving back and forth in the tub sending water over the ledge.

Then her hand came up under the curtain and she grabbed the ledge. She began to moan loud and scream in pleasure as she was having a great big orgasm. The sound and view of this drove me nuts. I was ready to come when the water turned off. She stood up in the tub and i slowly walked out of the bathroom, watching from the door again.

She pulled the curtain away and she stood there naked as she walked out of the tub. Her body all wet looked even hotter then it was dry so I continued to watch and jerk off behind the door.

She then grabbed a towel and placed it around her body just under her arms. She turned around and i caught a peek at her Bayan Escort ass showing underneath the towel. I wanted to go in so bad. i couldnt take it. I needed to see it up close. So I stumbled in.

I made it seem like I didnt know she was in there.

“Lucas, don’t you knock?” She said

“I should ask you that question, kristina, i didnt know you were in here I need to shower”I explained

She then looked down at my cock which was still hard.

“Its still hard, didnt you finish in there?” She said with the sexiest look.

“Ye i finished. But it came back” I answered

“Dam, so good to be young and healthy” She said back

I stood there naked watching her wipe her body dry but still covering the main areas.

As she wiped, one of her breasts had snuck out of the towel and was hanging out. She did not notice until I started rubbing my cock right in front of her.

“What are you doing? Stop it thats wrong” She yelled

I looked at her breast with no answer and continued. She then looked down and saw what just turned me on. She looked up at me and saw me stroking my cock.

This seemed to turn her on because I saw her eyes burning a whole in my hard cock.

“Does this make you horny Lucas. Do you like what you see?” She said in the sexiest voice.

I nodded and couldnt believe what she had just said. She then pulled out the other breast.

“Do you like tits Lucas?” She said

“Oh yea my favourite” i answered.

“Do you want to touch?” She said

Again I was shocked and just nodded. She walked closer and grabbed my hand and placed on over her tattoo breast. The tattoo did say Kristina as i now got a closer look. I began feeling them and jerking off at the same tme.

“Your turning me on Lucas, DO you want to fuck my tits?” She said

“PLEASE” i said excited

She dropped her towel and knelt down in front of me, I couldnt believe this was happening as she gently wrapped her tits around my cock. I felt like I wasnt gonna be able to make it, but i was very good at holding my orgasm. Her still wet tits helped as I slid my throbbing cock between.

She had her mouth open and her toungue sticking out so my head would enter her mouth as it got to that end.

“You ready to come baby? Cum for me baby” She said

I began going faster and faster and I let it all out.


She unwrapped my cock in the midst of my orgasm and she took it in her mouth. Sucking it till it was clean and finished squirting.

As I finished she licked me up clean and stood up. She kissed me on the cheek and grabbed her towel. Then slowly walked out of the bathroom as I stood there in shock. i couldnt believe what had just happend. i watched her walk away and again caught a look at the sexy ass peeking beneath her towel.

I then finally jumped into the shower and cleaned up.


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