Sucking My Roommate’s Dick


Sucking My Roommate’s DickLet me first say that this is a real story, just as all of my other stories. Nothing is made up and nothing is exaggerated. Maybe one day I can relive this memory in some role play?I’ve lived for more than 5 years with the same roommate and we have been friends now for a very long time. I wouldn’t mind sucking his dick more often but it happened only once.Here’s how it happened and why it never happened again…It was a rainy Saturday and we were having the usual conversation with John (I’ve changed the name and wont share his real name) about what to do in the evening. We were looking at some party agendas online to see if there was anything that we liked and decided that there was lots of things to do, so we went outside first to get us some drinks and get in the mood at home while preparing to go out later.It was a bit cold outside and once we got back home, we set the heating higher to warm up ourselves. While we started having some drinks, it became quickly warm inside and we started dressing down until we were only in our underwear. This was not unusual as we were used to see each other in underwear.John and I had a really great time that day at home. We were drinking, dancing, talking, laughing, and even more drinking. After a while we realized we drunk too much already and we couldn’t go outside like that, so we decided to stay at home and make the best out of it.After some more dancing, talking and laughing, John received a sexy pic from a girl he was talking with and showed it me as well. We talked about that girl and other girls and then he grabbed his laptop and asked me for my favorite porn video.John didn’t know anything about my bisexuality and I didn’t want to change that, so I suggested some good straight videos that I watched previously. While watching we both got horny and took down our underwear to stay completely naked, playing with our own dicks.I couldn’t resist looking as subtle as possible at his beautiful dick. It had a big head and a slightly thinner, curved body. Every time he was stroking it, I was becoming more and more horny for his dick. But I was too shy and a bit afraid that it might damage our friendship if I took bahis siteleri that step and show him my true nature. So I started a conversation to compare our dicks together. Our dicks were about the same size, and I started teasing him that mine was harder. This was the opening of a fun discussion where we held each other’s dick to determine which one was the better one.My heart started raging when I held his beautiful cock in my hand, but I was still too shy and couldn’t go any further. I just held it as long as I thought for appropriate in that situation and then let it go.It was already a bit late and we were out of booze. John said he was going to call one of his fuckbuddies to see if one of them would want to come over and otherwise he would have just phonesex with them. He walked into his room and I was left there all alone. Horny, naked, thinking about how I would like John to fuck my mouth and ass, my heart beating like it was going to break out of my chest. I wanted him so badly, but I was too shy and scared, and I didn’t know what to do…I started fantasizing about how it would feel if he fucked me while bending over in front of the big mirror in our living room. I started playing with my dick and fingering my ass, and I became so horny and so slutty. I had to give it a shot, so with the help of the alcohol in my blood I decided to step into his room without thinking about the consequences.He was lying on his bed with his face towards the ceiling, still naked and talking with someone on the phone. When I came in he looked at me briefly and went on talking, since it was common that we got into each others room without knocking if the door was not fully closed.I didn’t realize that my heart could beat any faster, but this was now the case. My hands were very clam and I was short of breath, but I didn’t care and walked towards his bed. I sat down next beside him on his bed and took his dick in my hand without thinking.He looked at me very confused, his eyes were asking what the f* I’m doing, but he couldn’t say anything because he was on the phone. It was now or never. I looked him back in his eyes and whispered with a sultry voice that his dick was so beautiful. canlı bahis siteleri He was shocked by hearing this and didn’t know what to do, I took this opportunity to bend over and started sucking.Omg, I really was doing it, I couldn’t believe it!There were so many thoughts going through my head but I only knew one thing: I had to give him such good head that he couldn’t resist it. And so I did…I started licking with my tongue around the head of his cock, I then took only the head in my mouth and sucked at it slightly while pulling my mouth away a couple of times. Just to make that little sexy sloppy sound. I looked him in the eyes again and he clearly remained confused, but I also saw that he liked it. His resistance was starting to drop and I was getting what I wanted!I started licking his balls and sucking on them one by one, then I moved with my tongue upwards over the shaft of his penis, got my lips around its head and went back down until I felt my lips pushing against his balls. I felt his dick moving in my throat and stayed there for some time until I couldn’t breathe anymore. Then I started to go up and down slowly, going all the way up until only the tip of his dick was between my lips and going back down until there was no more dick left to go further in my throat. While doing this I was still giving my best by sucking where possible and playing with my tongue around his dick in my mouth. I was so happy! I never could’ve imagined that this would happen and yet here I was, in my own house with my own roommate giving him the best blowjob he ever had! (Never confirmed that but I know my skills :)My heart wasn’t beating that fast anymore, I was now overwhelmed by a very pleasant, satisfying and horny feeling.John remained passive the whole time. He only laid a hand on my head but didn’t apply any pressure. I knew he was still confused and didn’t know what to do, despite the fact that he liked it and that he wanted to do more.I continued doing what I do best. I grabbed his dick with one hand at the base, strong enough to get the head even more harder but without causing any pain. With my other hand I started playing with his balls and I took the remaining canlı bahis part of his dick in my mouth, opened my teeth as wide as I could, closed my lips, and started sucking without moving my head. He couldn’t resist to let go a little groan out of his mouth. I noticed that he hung up and wasn’t on the phone anymore. I won! I got him away from that chick and now he was all focused on my lips, tongue and hands! He was enjoying it! I felt so happy and so sexy. I wanted to be his slut, I wanted him to fuck my mouth, I was so ready to do whatever he wants! But he didn’t say anything and only kept enjoying his blowjob. I felt that he was not ready for more than a blowjob and didn’t want to ruin the moment, so I decided to took satisfaction for being able to suck his dick.While still holding his dick with one hand, I started to go up and down again and let my tongue work its magic. After a couple strokes I felt that he was ready to come so I released my hand and again took his whole dick in my mouth. I started moving faster now, I was enjoying the feeling to gag on his dick but it didn’t take long any more and suddenly he pushed his hips towards me, his dick became very hard and tight and he started shooting his warm sperm all in my mouth and throat.I didn’t take his cock even one second out of my mouth, waited until he filled my mouth with his juice and then I continued the gagging a bit longer, with my lips still closed. When I felt that he was completely finished, I did one more deep throat and sucked up everything inside and around his dick firmly while letting his dick glide out of my mouth. I ended it with a little kiss on the head.I had succeeded in my quest! I sucked the cock of my roommate and I liked it! I looked him in the eyes one more time, making sure that he saw me swallowing every drop of his tasty cum and said how much I liked it.He said nothing and didn’t know how to handle the situation. Suddenly I felt ashamed and I didn’t know what to do or what to say so I stood up and left his room without saying anything. The next day he looked at me a bit funny and I blushed a bit, but I didn’t find the courage to say something about it and he didn’t mentioned it so we never talked about it.It was one of the most amazing experiences in my slutty life and I wish I had the courage to seduce him more often. Now he’s married and I think this will never happen again. But I’ll keep the memory alive…

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