Subject: The New Neighbors’ Son. The New Neighbors’ Son Our neighbors, Ben and Sue had now been living next door for two months. They were a nice couple as was their son Kane. Kane was 17 and a very good looking kid. They were all well aware that my partner and I were gay and that was not a problem. I noticed that over the last two or three weeks young Kane seemed to be spending a lot of time talking to both my partner and I. And I guess to me in particular. As I said he was an extremely good looking kid. About 180 cm tall, light brown hair that he grew a little longer than the current fashion. He had that dark swarthy smooth complexion that most women would die for. He had big brown eyes with long lashes and a great smile that was set off by his beautiful set of white teeth. He seldom wore a shirt, just a pair of baggy board shorts. So he had a great tan that set off his great physique. As he had well-formed pecs, strong arms and the outline of a six-pack that youths often have. He had next to no body hair, just a little on his lower legs and forearms and a little underarm hair. In fact he had looks to kill for. Interestingly I don’t thinks he knew how sexy he was. Whenever I went swimming he seemed to arrive. We had a nice pool that was very private, however, Kane used to just walk in and join me. Not to swim just talk. I swam in Speedos, although I used to like swimming naked until Kane started to appear unexpectedly. I did notice that he would just sit and wait for me to get out of the water and then he would always have a good look at my crotch as I got close and picked up my towel. We would talk and would ask questions about what it was like to be gay. One day he asked what we did for sexy. I was a bit surprised and suggested that he should check it out on the internet. The next day Kane was back and told me he had looked at the internet. “They seem to fuck arse and give each other head jobs.” He informed. “You’ve got that right.” I told him. “Is that what you guys do?” He asked. “Ya. I guess ankara masaj yapan escort that is what we do.” I replied. Kane then enquired if Mick, my partner was home and I told him he had gone to see his folks for a couple of days. “That’s good.” He said as he stood up. “Would you like to see my cock?” This question took me completely by surprise. “Do you want to show me?” I manage to stammer out. “Yes. And I want to see yours.” With that, he pulled his shorts down. He had no underwear on. He did reveal one of the biggest cocks I have seen. It was not hard, although I guess it was sort of semi-hard. It must have been 8 inches long and thick, hanging over a big set of silky smooth balls. Kane was not cut and had a long foreskin that seemed to hang well over the end of his big cock head. His cock head was clearly visible under his silky smooth foreskin, as were the main veins that were also clearly visible. My cock immediately leaped into action at this magnificent sight. “That is huge.” I said, as I stared at his monstrous weapon. “Do you really like it?” Kane asked. I nodded. “I want you to touch it. I am so horny. I haven’t jacked off for a week, thinking of you jacking my cock for me.” So I leaned forward and took hold of his beautiful dick as Kane stepped out of his shorts and stood there completely naked. His cock was hot to touch and I could feel it throb as his heartbeat filled it out until it stood parallel to his tight stomach. I cupped his big smooth balls in my other hand and pulled him towards me. I peeled back his long foreskin and took his beautiful big cock head into my mouth. It was dripping with precum. Kane moaned as I did. I could now taste the precum that wet his whole cock head and as I wanked his cock, big dribbles of precum oozed out of his piss slit. I quickly sucked this off. His cock must now have been at least 9 to 10 inches long now that it was fully hard and I tried to take as much as I could. It was so big. Kane knew his mecidiyeköy escort cock was big and was happy to see me goggle at its size. He now had hold of the back of my head and was fucking my face with gusto. Then suddenly he pulled out. “Too close.” He said. My cock was tenting my Speedos and Kane had spied it. He bent over and released it from it confine. I thought I was well hung with 7.5 inches, but it looked small next to Kane’s monster. Kane then dropped to his knees and took my cock into his mouth. He sucked it like an expert. “You’ve done this before.” I told him. Without taking his mouth off my cock he looked up and gave me a wink. He pulled my balls out of my Speedos and took a tight hold of them as he sucked on my cock and jacked it with his other hand. I was also getting close to blowing my load and had to stop him. “I want to taste your cum.” Kane told me. “And I want to taste yours. But later.” I stood up and stepped out of my Speedos and then dived into the pool. Kane followed me. He swam up to me and we kissed deeply as out hard cocks rubbed together. He was just so sexy, with his muscular smooth body rubbing up against mine. “I just love your hairy chest.” Kane informed me. “Can I ask you a question?” And before he had a chance to answer I continued. “Does your father have a monster cock like yours?” “I’m not sure. It is big, but I have never seen it hard. I guess it is about the same size as mine when soft.” He stuck his thick cock under my balls and between my legs. His hot meat felt so good there. He dry fucked my for a while in the water, but I guess he also got a bit close to blowing a load and he pulled out. We then sat on the pool seating ledge and rested. I was jacking his cock slowly and he was doing the same to me. Then he came around to the front of me and sat on my lap facing me so that our two cocks were touching each other. He then took them both and started to jack them together, as if one big cock. mersin escort We kissed as he did this. “Have ever docked cocks with another guy?” I asked Kane. “What do you mean?” “You pull your foreskin over another guy’s cock. You put his dick inside your foreskin.” I told him. “I’ll show you. You have a long foreskin so it should be easy for you. Pull your foreskin out as far as you can and stretch it open. That’s it.” I then guided my cock into his long open foreskin. It slipped in easily under the water. “Now pull your foreskin down as far as you can over my cock.” This Kane did and I was surprised how far down my cock it went. He then squeezed all the water out and it had quite a suction underwater. “OK. Now start to jack off both cocks together.” I instructed him. “Fuck that feels great having my skin over your cock.” Kane started to jack both our cocks together inside his long foreskin. It felt great to me also, just like I had my own foreskin as long last. I knew I would cum soon. We kissed deeply as I grabbed a tight hold onto Kane’s big balls. I knew he was close also as I felt his body tense up. We scramble to our feet on the ledge seat, so that now our cocks were out of the water. “I’m cuming.” I screamed. “So am I.” Kane panted in my ear. I felt his body spasm as he shot his big load into his tightly held foreskin. “Don’t let any cum out.” I cried as I also started to unload my cum to mix with his. His foreskin was now stretched out, filled with our combined loads of cum. There was so much in there. “I want to taste that mix.” I told him. “Me too.” I cupped my hands under our cocks as he slowly peeled back his foreskin. The cum mixture poured out into my hands. He squeezed out the last few drops out and I lifted my hand to his face. “Push your head back.” He did and I pour the mixture into his mouth. I then licked my palms and I kissed him as I sucked some of the hot cum mix into my mouth. It all tasted so good. We both swallowed the mix of his and my thick cum and continued kissing. “Wow. That was hot. Let’s swim.” We both dived back in the water and cleaned up. For a seventeen year old, Kane was just so sexy. I knew I would have to have some more fun with him soon. oooooooOOOOOOOoooooooo If you enjoyed this story, please drop me an email ail Please tell me if it got you excited and did you blow a load of cum?

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