Tims Birthday Surprise


Tims Birthday SurpriseAnna had a nice birthday surprise planned for her husband Tim. Anna had taken the day to pamper herself, having visited the gym in the morning she had hit the sauna to relax before heading to the salon to get her hair done and get properly waxed and shaved just the way Tim liked her. Anna had told Tim that she had planned a special night for them and to make sure he was also fully buffed and ready for a night of fun.On arriving home Anna parked in the garage and got changed into her new sheer bikini and her favourite heels. She was full of anticipation for what was to come. She found Tim watching tv, but soon had his attention as she now squirted some oil over her barely concealed breasts and began to massage her body. Slowly moving in Tims direction Anna slipped her hands inside her bikini top revealing her breasts so they were now cupped by the material, telling Tim she wanted to see if he had done a good job. Reaching down Anna undid Tims trousers to reveal his throbbing cock.Anna took his length into her mouth straight Escort away while wriggling his trousers down to Tims ankles. Anna now licked Tims balls asking him for a better view. Ana stepped back as Tim lifet his legs shuffling down a little on the sofa. Anna moved in again now cucking on Tims balls and saying that she really couldn’t help licking his sweet ass when he had shaved properly. Anna went for the oil again she squited a little on Tims cock so it glistened for her, then Anna removed Tims belt tieing his wrists to his ankles his cock and ass were now perfectly exposed to her. Anna said that because he had done so well she was going to let him lock her ass as she shoved it in Tims face, Tim licked at her puckered hole with Anna telling him he was doing it right and she bet she was able to stick two fingers in there already. Anna moved away a little so Tim could see her fingering her ass for him. Her two fingers slipped in easily with Anna telling Tim he had her so hot three fingers would feel much better. Anna finger fucked Escort Bayan her ass for a while right infront of Tims face. Moaning loudly Anna said she wanted Tims cock now. He was still at her mercy and she wanted his cock up her ass, the only way was to face away from him and back onto his cock. With the oil it slid in nice and easy for Anna who rode Tima rock hard cock slowly. Anna flet super dirty and rememberd one of Tims wishes. She took his cock balls deep in her ass before dismounting and then giving him very messy blowjob, with Tim cumming almost immediately. Anna was still unfullfilled and while Tim was all tied up she had an idea. Anna picked up the phone and dialed a numbre telling Tim it was her mobile number in the car, she was going to pretend to phone someone and tell them what they were doing. She squatted over Tims face now so he could eat her pussy as she talked.’I’m just getting my pussy eaten out by my husband’ She began. ‘All I want now is another cock inside my ass cos this feels so good. My pussy is so Bayan Escort wet aswell though I wouldn’t mind a cock in there aswell.’Tim told Anna he was getting hard again with the thought of her taking two cocks.Anna, kept on talking into the phone saying that she really wanted it now. At this point three naked men walked into the room with Anna asking them what they were doing with her phone. They said they were returning the phone from the gym as she had left it there earlier on.They told Anna she really looked as though she needed a few more cocks as she took one in each hand and the other in her mouth as she ground her pussy into Tims face. One of the men took the top off the bottle of oil and poured the remainder all over Anna, who was now wet all over with oil, with many hands running over her glistening and willing flesh.One of the men then moved Anna towards an armchair and sat her on his lap, with Anna telling him to stick his fat cock up her ass like she had wanted on the phone. Looking at the other two she wanted to know which one was going to fuck her pussy. She knew which one it was going to be as one of them began to nude a cock up Tims ass as Anna told Tim that she hoped it was a ouple of fantasies he had wanted fulfilled because she was so hooked on this right now.

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