Trained Lover Ch. 03


I laid with my legs spread and Tila gently nibbling at my clit. Nina’s mouth was wrapped around my nipple. This was my perfect afternoon with my two young lady lovers. The pressure built up in my pelvis and I sprayed Tila with my juices. She lapped up every drop and returned to suckling my clit.

I could see Zane near his bed packing his bags for his trip to Ireland. With Nina heavily pregnant she could not travel, so I opted to stay behind. Zane was content with traveling with one of the handmaids and he would likely pick up a few new attendants while he was away.

Zane entered our area and laid down beside me in the bed. Nina started to move, but he directed her to stay. Zane began nibbling on my body and watching my two lovers please me. He promised to bring us all three treats when he returned. He switched places with Tila and slowly fucked me while watching my lady lovers play with my body. When he finished we napped and he left on his trip.

Tila was still heavy with milk and her nipples ached if Sincan Escort they weren’t suckled regularly. Nina was leaking pre-milk already from the constant stimulation to them. Both lady lovers woke up needing to be nursed, but the doctor had just arrived and showed himself to our chamber.

As he entered he said “looks like an afternoon of love” both girls darted up from their slumber and he told them to stay. I grabbed my robe and wrapped it around me.

He checked Tila first and asked how many nursings a day. She was feeding the baby at 9 am, but she was nursed every two hours by someone. He believed she was producing six to eight ounces a feeding. Her nipples were so large he even enjoyed a tug on them which leaked milk. He decided to wrap his lips around them and drain her some. She moaned as he helped himself to her body. I could see the bulge in his pants growing.

He turned to Nina who still laid naked across the bed. He pulled her up and felt her nipples, pinching and tugging, and Escort Ankara then told me it was good she was leaking milk. Nina was seven months pregnant, but looked to be nine months as large as she was.

Doctor unzipped his pants and told Nina he wanted to measure her and proceeded to push his hard cock inside of her. He said she still had a ways to go, but believed she was on track. He thought her baby would be a big healthy baby. Nina quickly orgasmed from the heaviness and the doctor followed with filling her pussy with his load.

The doctor cleaned himself up and I walked him out. We passed several servants all dressed sexy and revealing most of their body. The doctor remarked on how wonderful our house was. I told him Zane had left for a trip to Ireland and would return in a few weeks so stop by when felt best.

We paid a visit to the nursery wing. We visited with the wet nurses regarding each child’s habits. Most of the children nursed until they were near adult age. We felt breast was Eryaman Escort Bayan best for all their needs. Breastfeeding was their way to connect with those that loved them.

Doctor would also check the boy’s growth. We tracked penis sizes to see who would be ready to explore at an early age. We didn’t want the kids to be promiscuous with each other, we always taught them with an adult.

The wet nurses often taught the boys their first lesson in love and often became pregnant by one of the young boys. Young cocks always had the most powerful seed. The young women were often taught the women’s pleasures by the wet nurse, but their virginity was taken by Zane or someone he chose. Zane also fathered a lot of children.

The doctor greeted a topless maid as we left the nursery wing. We discussed that she was early with child, he quickly examined her and believed she was about three months along. He suggested measuring her and testing growth on the next visit. She excused herself and tended to her duties. I loved watching the pregnant ones work and their body develop.

The doctor expressed his need to leave but assured he would be back this week.

I summonsed Von and Troj to my room for the night. I wanted to be devoured and pounded by their hard cocks.

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