Treasure Beach for Three


Treasure Beach for ThreeI kept stealing glances at my wife’s tight, black yoga pants which were clinging to the contour of her ass like a second layer of skin. A thin seam in the fabric ran down her crack toward a small cameltoe hump that was just barely visible as she bent down to check the zipper of her travel bag. The pants were on the shiny side, giving her well-rounded cheeks a sexy sheen from the punishing afternoon sun that was otherwise slowly roasting the hundred people that stood alongside us in the customs line.Alice’s hair, pitch-black as the pants she was wearing, has the type of natural wavy curl that many women spend good money trying to replicate. She’s an Irish Italian mutt, just like me, and it shows in her pronounced facial features and her fair skin. She thinks her ass is a little big but I think it is beyond perfection, especially for a slim, athletic woman in her thirties. The college-aged girls in line, who were only an hour or so away from going “wild,” were boring in comparison with their straight ponytailed hair and boyish shapes. I would take my curly-haired, bubble-butt wife any day over them.Alice wheeled her bag a few feet forward and turned back to me with a smile. Unlike me, she was not going to let a long line dampen her spirits. We were in Jamaica and it was our first sojourn to the Caribbean for a beach-style vacation. She could barely contain herself.After we were free from the customs line, we quickly spotted our driver brandishing a handwritten sign with our name on it. He escorted us to his car in the parking lot and offered to sell us some weed before our butts even hit the seat. All the drivers do this, right? After some hesitation we decided that there was no harm in buying a couple of joints from him for the beach. We were on vacation, dammit.With the rental house being on the other side of the island, we knew that we would be getting in late. We bought some essential survival supplies from the local Mega Mart by the airport: rum, limes, mixers, a case of Red Stripes, and something called Dragon Stout that the beer enthusiast in me just couldn’t resist. With that, we were whisked through the middle of the country.The sun set at the start of our journey and the island mountains came alive with house lights that seemed to reflect the stars in the sky. Bouncing violently on the beat-up highway, our vehicle was constantly dodging pedestrians, motor scooters, packs of dogs, and the occasional wandering goat. After a few hours, the driver suddenly stopped the car in front of a big beachside house. “Here we are, mon!” he announced to the both of us, startling us awake from a unintended nap.We got out of the car and strained to see our rental property through the darkness. With our bags in tow, he led us past the gate and down to the back porch to the first floor of the duplex. We were surrounded by the sound of chirping crickets and the waves pounding on the beach. After a quick tour, we took the driver up on his offer to buy a few joints and tipped him well. We found ourselves alone in that strange place in the middle of the night. As much as we wanted to feel excited, we never felt so stranded and out of our element.Without any city lights or streetlamps of any kind, it was really too dark outside to get a real feel of our new surroundings. I struggled to envision a relaxing vacation after all of the hustle that began somewhere around 5 am that morning. We decided to unpack a few essentials, filled up a few glasses with rum and ginger beer, and set out to explore the property.”Should we go down and check out the beach?” I asked Alice, holding up the beach-access gate key.”Hell yes!” she blurted. A few sips of alcohol and her enthusiasm was already back in high gear. Me? I was just damn tired.I unlocked the gate and a few steps down the stairs was all it took to find ourselves starting back at the immense sea from an entirely empty beach. We sipped on our drinks, quietly admiring the dazzling view of crashing waves and the starlit sky. For a guy that grew up in rural Ohio, it was pretty overwhelming.I tossed and turned that night with dreams: surreal reimaginings of the long car ride through the country and visions of our endless floating backyard where the approaching shapes of ancient vessels were beginning to take form in the distance…****”Jamaica! Jamaica!” my wife squealed, shaking me awake.Was it Christmas? Nope. It was March 31st, the day before our wedding anniversary. We were married five years earlier on April Fool’s Day. We couldn’t pass up a good deal on the reception venue, not to mention, a sly joke to show off our sense of humor. I guess a lot of other couples have claimed this day as theirs, so we’ve found out over the years. At the very least it’s an easy date to remember.I covered my face with a pillow as Alice pulled aside the shades, assaulting me with the bright glow of the morning sun. She lay back onto the bed next to me, nudging me impatiently. She already smelled like suntan lotion.”I can’t believe this view! We are right on the sea! Right on it, Tom!” she said, shoving me over and over again until I finally pulled away the pillow and acknowledged her.”It is pretty nice,” I agreed coyly. She sneered at me in playful annoyance for failing to match her level of excitement.I sat up and stretched, taking in more of the backyard view. A hammock was gently swaying in the breeze, the garden was gleaming in the morning sun, and a strip of calm blue sea was visible just above the backyard fence.I squinted my eyes, noticing the missing lock on the beach-access gate. “Hey, where’s the—,” I was suddenly interrupted by the sight of the door being pulled open. A woman stepped into the yard.”What the?!” Alice gasped in surprise.The woman was wearing a blue bikini and strolled through the backyard like she owned the place. Her flowing black hair and light brown skin appeared damp from a swim. She proceeded to pull the lever for the outdoor shower—a feature of the property that we didn’t even know existed—and stood under the falling water, eyes closed and smiling.”I thought we had the house to ourselves?” I asked.”We definitely do,” Alice assured me”I guess she’s a trespasser?” I suggested.”A bikini-clad trespasser who is stealing shower water?””Yes, exactly,” I confirmed. “They’ve got a big problem with this on Treasure Beach, so I was reading.””Really?””No.”Alice shoved me again and turned her attention back to the women. We were both unabashedly admiring her body. She was very well-endowed and her bikini bottoms seemed to be sagging from the falling water, revealing the top of her buttcrack. Her bottoms had a ruffle trim, kind of like a bikini meets sexy underwear.”What should we do? Go say ‘Hi’?” Alice asked.”Sure, why not? Wait—” I said with a hand on her shoulder. The woman untied her bikini top and our mouths dropped simultaneously. She tossed the top with abandon and stroked her big caramel-colored breasts and dark nipples for a few moments. Then, she proceeded to pull down her bikini bottoms.”Umm, I probably shouldn’t go out there now,” Alice said, gawking at the sexy nude stranger. I felt my briefs popping up with a hard-on and carefully pulled the sheet up to my waist.”I saw that,” Alice said, somehow spotting my movement even though her eyes were fixated on the shower show.More details came into view: the sexy curves of the woman’s naked ass, the slit of her pussy, and the faintest pubic stubble above it that indicated she was more than a few days into a bikini wax. She hung her bikini on the nearby clothesline and and dried off with a towel before wrapping herself in it and lying back comfortably in one of the backyard chairs.”Okay, I’m going for it,” Alice announced. She hopped up from the bed, wearing only her lacy beige panties. Her pale C-cup breasts were always a sight to see: perfectly round and symmetrical and complemented by her deep pink nipples. She pulled up some short butt-hugger shorts and slipped on a tight, nearly see-through tank top, perhaps in solidarity with the towel-wrapped stranger that she was about to approach.”Stay close, in case I need to call for backup,” she instructed.”Sure thing.” I leaned back with my arms folded behind my head to watch the show.****Her name was Mala and she was visiting from London. The name clued me in to the fact that she was part Indian, not to mention her big exotic eyes and golden brown skin. Her rather large breasts and her accent, however, were British through and through. We would later learn that Mala is from Surrey, where her posh schooling imparted her with a proper accent that would make her right at home on the BBC News. Her looks, however, would make her right at home on Page 3 with best nude cover girls that the UK has to offer.As I joined the conversation in the back yard, I learned that Mala had booked the upstairs unit and we had the downstairs. Yes, the property was a duplex, but Alice seemed to think that we would have the place to ourselves, from what I recalled. I admit, I was not very helpful with the planning so I could hardly complain.Mala was very understanding of the situation; when she learned that we were on a wedding anniversary trip, she graciously offered to find a new place for the remaining days of her trip.”No, we don’t want to kick you out,” Alice said to Mala, who seemed perfectly comfortable discussing the situation with us wrapped in only a beach towel. “You already paid and you got here before us. We’ve got separate units. We can just share the backyard, that is, if you don’t mind sharing it with us. Right, Tom?”Alice looked at me pleadingly, hoping that I would be cooperative; she was always the peacemaker. “Besides, it’s my fault,” Alice continued. “I didn’t completely read through the details. I thought we’d have the whole property and I was wrong. If anyone is going to find a new place, it should be us.””Please, I’m happy to share. You don’t seem like dodgy types,” Mala remarked playfully.”We’re happy to share as well,” I confirmed.Like us, Mala was also in her early thirties, but unlike us, she was traveling alone. This was actually her second stay at this particular rental property.”Is it just you then?” I asked her.”Tom,” Alice cut in correctively, worried that Mala might be a sensitive about traveling alone.”It’s fine,” Mala assured us. “Yes, just me. You see, London is a city of people stacked on top of people. I’ve got three flatmates to deal with on a daily basis. I much prefer to take holiday alone.””Well, so much for that, thanks to us,” I added dryly.”No worries!” she assured us. “I’ve been here for a few days now. I don’t always travel with people, but I do fancy meeting people. That’s part of the fun! Treasure Beach is a little town, so it can get a bit lonely. You’re first time?””Yes,” we replied in unison.”If you’d like a guide, I can show you to the swimming coves?” she offered generously. “You’re never going to want to leave. I go for a swim every morning and there’s hardly anyone in sight. It’s fabulous!””Can we go?!” Alice asked me, squeezing my arm and nearly bouncing with excitement.”Okay, after breakfast,” I agreed. “I’ll bring the camera. And lots of sunscreen.”****Mala was not exaggerating: the swimming coves were magical. She led us a quarter mile down the coastline and we saw only a handful random locals and tourists along the way. The first cove that we encountered was very active with waves so the three of us settled onto our beach towels and lotioned up, waiting to see if the cove might calm down enough for a swim.I had been working out regularly, well ahead of the trip, so I was pretty proud to show off my upper body as I pulled off my shirt. My chest had a healthy patch of hair, which I knew at least Alice was quite fond of, and my arm muscles were nicely defined without looking scary. I recently shaved off my winter beard and was looking forward to getting some sun on my face.Alice’s wore a mismatched bikini with a white patterned top and pink bottoms. Her bikini bottoms were quite skimpy; they weren’t exactly a thong, but thin enough to ride into her buttcrack and get some sun on her cheeks. It wasn’t the first time I’d seen her in a bikini, of course, but it was wasn’t exactly normal attire back home in Cleveland. It gave me a thrill to see her showing off her body with such abandon.Mala offered to take our picture, so Alice and I gladly posed together in front of the waves. Our first dip into the warm water was exhilarating. The currents felt safe enough, so we ventured out into the water, swimming with the waves and laughing as they collided with our bodies.After I had my fill, I hopped out and dried off. Mala handed me the camera and happily took my place, splashing and giggling alongside Alice as they continued to enjoy the active sea. The waves continuously threatened to pull off their bikinis. Both of their bottoms, in particular, were not faring well and they had to regularly pull them back up to their waists in embarrassment. I looked down at my crotch with a raised eyebrow: easy now.”Is it okay if I take some pictures?” I asked.”Yes!” Mala replied.”What the hell have you been waiting for?!” Alice joked. A wave crashed at her back and she spat out some salty sea water with a laugh.I snapped pictures as they posed in the water. They put their arms around each other and stood side-by-side, so close that the sides of the breasts pressed together. That was a keeper.I lay back on my beach towel and lit up one of the joints that the driver sold to us. Soon after, the ladies came running out of the water, eager to join me. We passed it back and forth as we dried off in the sun. After we finished the joint, we made our way back to a more peaceful swimming cove which was nearly as still as a backyard pool. This time, instead of playing in the waves, we just floated quietly and enjoyed the marijuana bodybuzz complimented by warm water that surrounded us.Alice and Mala decided to hold in their breath to see how long they could float on their backs and showed off their pouring cleavage in the afternoon glow of the sun in the process.”Do you have any dinner recommendations?” I asked Mala.”I do!” she replied.”Do you want to join us for dinner?” Alice asked her.I was a bit surprised by Alice’s invitation, expecting that she might prefer alone time, but who was I to complain? Alice seemed really taken with Mala and it was pretty relaxing to just hang out and let the girls do most of the talking. They came off like old friends after only a few hours.”Yes, thanks! I’ve got just the place,” Mala assured us.I can’t lie: the impending dinner for three, not to mention the fact that we were sharing a house, had me feeling a little presumptuous about the possibilities. My wife was pretty open about her attraction to other women, but it was just a fantasy. Sure, she made out with a few girls in college, but how far would she really be willing to go?****”This is the best part of the property, in my opinion,” I heard Mala announce as I was locking up the beach-access gate. The sound of falling water and giggles soon followed, catching my immediate attention. My wife and her new friend were enjoying the outdoor shower together and I wasn’t sure what to do next. I hesitated to approach and stood for a minute at the gate.”Will you get a picture?!” Alice begged me. “When’s the next time I’m going get to shower outside?!””Go ahead Tom,” Mala encouraged.I didn’t need to be asked twice. I hopped to it, fumbling to turn on the camera, and began to snap some pictures. The falling water sparkled in the sunlight as it crashed off of their half-naked bodies. Mala and Alice were not naive about the suggestive nature of situation and had some devious smiles on their faces as they posed together under the shower.”This is why I love it here,” Mala explained to Alice. “One can get away with anything…like this.” She reached back to untie her top. “Is that alright?””Yes,” Alice said in nervous anticipation. “I think I’ll join you!”I was staring on in disbelief and my swimming trunks were dangerously close to a pitched-tent situation. The ladies removed their tops and propped up their big breasts into the stream of falling water with giggles. I continued to take pictures, waiting for them to object. They never did.Alice whispered into Mala’s ear and they turned their backs to me, looking over their shoulders with smiles. They pulled down their bikini bottoms slowly, just enough to reveal their full butt cracks to me and laughed as I snapped a pic. That was a keeper.My wife, the merciless tease that she is, knew all too well that a seemingly innocent “mooning” was more than enough to get me rock hard. Yeah, I’m kind of a butt guy. I took a seat on the back porch, trying to nonchalantly conceal my erection. They turned off the shower and began toweling off.”So, what about six for dinner?” Mala suggested. She covered up her breasts with a towel and I just sat there like an idiot, staring up at her.”Is that alright, Tom? That way we can eat at sunset,” she explained.I cleared my throat. “Yes, of course.””That sounds perfect. We’ll meet you down here!” Alice said to Mala.With that, Mala made her way through the yard and up the stairs to her second floor unit. Alice quickly stepped inside, leaving me for a turn in the shower. I turned on the outdoor shower and was quite surprised that the water was a comfortable, warm temperature. The girls had their fun, so I didn’t see the harm in pulling of my swim trunks and taking a proper shower. There was even a bar of soap.My cock was poking out, still semi-swollen from the scene I had just witnessed. It occurred to me that I was beyond sexually frustrated. The first night Escort in the country was so hectic and the morning surprise of a nude stranger in the backyard managed to thwart any sexual activity for me and Alice. After everything that happened on the beach and in the backyard, I was about to explode. Despite the fact that I was showering outside, I took my cock into my hand, strongly considering what needed to be done…”Hey there!” Alice called out as she tapped me on the back, causing me to jump. “Busted!””I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I replied with a smirk. “I’m just showering over here. I thought you were getting ready for dinner?””Actually, I’m getting ready to give you a blowjob,” she countered, to my surprise. She stepped under the falling water with me, consumed with lust from her playtime with Mala and took me into her hands like she meant business. The glare of her big brown eyes was on me as she crouched down and stuffed all seven-and-a-half inches of my manhood into her throat. She bobbed aggressively, coating me with sticky spit and making sloppy gagging sounds that I didn’t even know she was capable of making.”Do you need some release after watching Mala and I shower together?” she asked. She teasingly slapped my shaft against her face and rubbed the head of my swollen cock across her nose, giggling at my bug-eyed reaction.”Oh god yes,” I replied.Sweet, merciful Alice stroked me aggressively, slurping at the tip of my head until I exploded with a jetstream of cum across her cheek. She smiled encouragingly and aimed my cock at her forehead, eager to feel my hot mess dripping down over her face. It wasn’t the first time I had given her a facial, but I had never seen her give herself one. She was so eager, so incredibly hot for my load. She slid my cock across her face and slurped up some sticky samples of semen as I groaned with pleasure.After a good rinse, we toweled off and headed inside. I picked Alice up, causing her to gasp, and I carried her to the bed. She lay back full nude with her knees propped up and spread, and her smooth slit pointed right at me. I dove in, holding her firmly by the thighs and extended my tongue, withholding for a few moments which caused her to clench her eyes in desperate anticipation and quicken her breathing.Finally, I pressed my tongue firmly across her labia and traced from bottom to top very slowly, allowing her to enjoy every millimeter of sensation. My repeated tongue strokes stopped just short of her clit, although I could see that it was poking out invitingly. Alice was visibly wet and I enjoyed some slippery finger strokes up her slit as I circled my tongue around her engorged clit.I put my fingers inside of her while I stroked her g-spot and gently lapped at her clit. She clenched her thighs against the side of my head and her moans echoed off the walls. Her body quivered and convulsed as I continued to swirl my tongue against her, bringing her to a loud and satisfying climax.After a few moments rest, I could feel the rumble in my stomach.”Okay, let’s eat!”****There is nothing quite like a romantic sunset dinner with your beautiful wife and her sexy new friend, especially in Jamaica. The pink and orange of the setting sun washed over the back patio of Mala’s favorite neighborhood restaurant. The tables were all well spaced from each other for privacy and the surrounding trees had moody, glowing lights hanging from them. The sea extended to the horizon and served as the backdrop as we sipped overproofed rum punch.The young and strikingly pretty Jamaican waitress had given me a wink and a smile when she delivered the drinks, subtly reminding me that I was having dinner with two gorgeous women. That gesture alone nearly had me hard again, so I tried to distract myself with conversation.”So, how did you hear about Treasure Beach?” I asked Mala.”My parents first brought me here when I was five,” she explained. “I think it’s one of my first memories, honestly.””So you came back on your own?” Alice asked.”Yes, a few years ago I thought I’d give it a go. I just loved my little flat so much and the town is so charming, so I decided revisit again this year. It’s difficult to find holiday spots like this and feel safe as a single girl. My friends were worried about me going to Jamaica alone, but they could not have been more wrong. Besides, I’m a writer. My idea of a perfect trip is a week or two on the beach-side deck with my laptop and no roommates to bother me. I’m grateful to have some neighbors, though,” she assured us with a smile.The waitress delivered my food and the smell was enough to drive me insane with hunger while I politely waited for the remaining dishes to hit the table. My curried goat was delicious; tender meat fell off the bone with just the right amount of spice. Alice’s escovitch was flaky and loaded with flavorful marinade. Mala was a vegetarian and lucky for her the signature rice and peas were piled high with every entree.”What do you write about, if you don’t mind me asking?” Alice asked.”Travel, mostly. Although I’m also trying my hand at fiction,” Mala explained.”Where else have you traveled?” Alice asked, leaning in and captivated.Mala rattled off her impressive list: “Vietnam, Haiti, Bangkok, Cape Town, Beijing, Mumbai, most of Europe, but that goes without saying,” she added, given that Brits travel to mainland Europe about as readily as we travel to the nearest Olive Garden.Alice gave me a look as she listened to Mala’s list of destinations, so I felt the need to interject.”We’ll get there, honey. We’re crossing another one off the list right now, aren’t we?””Well, let’s get there faster, okay?” Alice said with humorous disapproval, causing Mala to let a laugh at my expense. “She’s braving all of these places by herself. We’ve got no excuses.””Yes and the funny thing is that the supposedly dangerous third world destinations have got nothing on tourist places like Madrid and Rome,” Mala added. “The street harassment was a bit much. If you must go, go with a group.””Well, we have a nice little group here, don’t we?” Alice suggested.”Yes, we certainly do,” Mala agreed. They clinked their glasses and raised them in my direction, grinning.****The true vibe of our environment set in when we got back home: heavy rum drinking, weed smoking, and not to mention the fact that it seemed perfectly normal to be hanging outside in a hammock with my shirt off. I heard laughter coming from Alice and Mala and saw the camera flash out of the corner of my eye as they took pictures of my intense relaxation.”Hey, let me enjoy this, no pics,” I said.”If you are going to keep hogging the hammock, then we’re going to take pictures of you hogging the hammock,” Alice countered.Alice and Mala were still wearing the same short sundresses that they wore to dinner. They were lying back in the chaise lawn chairs with their knees up, causing their dresses to fall to their thighs and revealing their shiny legs in the moonlight.”Hey Alice, I’m going to switch to beer, want to get me one?” I asked, knowing that such a cliché husband move was the perfect retaliation to her picture taking.”Hell no.””I’ll get you a beer!” Mala offered, to our surprise.”Don’t encourage him,” Alice joked, but Mala was already off and running into our unit.Mala quickly returned with a Dragon Stout for me and some Red Stripes for her and Alice. I was pleasantly surprised by the beer; it was a tasty tropical island stout that would be right at home in the midwest craft-brewing mecca that is Cleveland. I enjoyed some sips as I swung in the hammock under a the steady flow of warm sea breeze. The girls walked through the yard together, chatting about the other impressive aspects of the property.”Have you actually slept outside here before?” I overheard Alice asking as she stood at the edge of the outdoor bed with Mala. Yes, not only was there an outdoor shower, there was also an outdoor bed with fresh clean sheets waiting for us in the backyard when we arrived.”No, I haven’t,” Mala replied. “But I’m not sure that they’re meant to be sleeping beds, if you know what I mean. I usually prefer the air conditioning inside. The outdoor beds are rather comfortable, though, see?”At this point I could help but peek over at the bed where Alice and Mala were sitting side-by-side. I watched them lay on their backs and turn to each other with giddy laughs. Their hands touched and they intertwined their fingers as they leaned in for a kiss.The wet smacking of lips coming from the bed seemed to overpower the sound of the waves. I could only imagine how wet my wife must have been as she explored another woman’s mouth with her tongue for the first time in so many years.They broke out into drunken giggles and continued make out intermittently. Alice’s head popped up with a devious smile to catch to me watching.”Enjoying the show?” she called out.”Yes,” I replied, coyly. Hoping for an invitation. “Go on. Don’t mind me.”Mala suddenly sat up and put her head into her hand. “Oh my, I’ve gone all giddy. Too much rum. I should leave you to enjoy yourselves.”Alice was visibly disappointed, but quickly moved to make plans for the following day. “Do you want to hang out tomorrow? It’s your last night.””Oh, I feel bad intruding,” Mala reasoned. “I know it’s your anniversary.””That’s okay. You won’t be intruding,” Alice assured her. “We’ve got the rest of the week to be alone, right Tom?” Alice looked to me for confirmation.”Yes, we’ve got the rest of the week, but no pressure, Mala,” I added.”Well,” Mala began as she stood up from the bed and adjusted her dress. “What about I help to give you a very special anniversary tomorrow night?”Alice and I listened in with burning curiosity.”I can make you dinner upstairs. You simply have to see the top-floor views before I leave,” Mala offered.It wasn’t exactly what had in mind, but we gladly accepted. Mala made her way upstairs and shortly after Alice stepped inside leaving me out in the yard with my beer. I approached the outdoor bed and observed the ruffled outlines in the topsheet, leftover from Alice and Mala’s makeout session.I decided to check out the bed for myself. I lay back on the soft mattress and folded my hands behind my head. Even the rural Ohio of my youth had nothing on this starry sky.Alice suddenly returned and climbed up on top of me, completely naked. I moaned with approval, eagerly working my hands across her body. We kissed for several minutes and explored each other’s mouths so eagerly that it felt like we were on a first date. I squeezed her breasts and played with her nipples like we were on the second. She was holding a small object in her hand that I couldn’t quite make out.”When I saw this bed I couldn’t stop thinking about all of the filthy sex we were going to have on it,” she confessed as she rubbed her wet slit across the outline of my erection over my shorts. Despite all of the drinking and smoking I was raging hard. I could feel her heavy breaths on my face, indicating that she was absolutely ravenous with lust. Although we had some messy afternoon oral fun, a nice hard fuck was long overdue.I recognized the object in her hand as a small bottle of lube and my eyebrows were raised with curiosity.”Will you fuck me in the ass?” she begged.I was a bit stunned. She had used some anal toys before, but never anything as long and thick as my full-on erection. Before I could respond she was already pulling down my shorts and swallowing my cock. She throated it relentlessly, sending trickles of her dripping spit onto my balls. She climbed up and slid my hardened shaft into her warm, welcoming pussy and rode me with abandon. She was so incredibly wet; her juices spilled over my balls as she shook and moaned.Alice hopped off of me abruptly and enjoyed a few more deepthroat lunges. She lubed up my cock for rear entry and climbed back on top, quivering as she felt the tip of my head poking at her tight, sensitive asshole. I eased in carefully and she yelped loudly in pleasure, possibly louder than normal to get our housemate’s attention?Alice was so tight and hot. It was an exhilarating feeling, being inside of her ass for the the first time. She started stroking her pussy and I joined in, sliding in two of my fingers and giving her the come-hither movement while she moaned in ecstasy.”You can cum in my ass!” she offered, loud enough for any nighttime beach-strollers to hear, let alone our upstairs neighbor. I pumped harder and faster and my balls were tight as can be. I felt a rush of liquid splashing onto my fingers from her pussy as I groaned and emptied a hot load of semen into her ass, as requested.Alice trembled wildly and fell on top of me with heavy breaths. I stroked her hair and felt the semen dripping out of her hole and onto my thighs. I held her close, enduring the sticky sensations so that she could relax for a sweet moment and enjoy the fantasy setting that surrounded her.After escorting her to bed I took in a quick shower, trying to sober up a bit and to make sure that my cock was nice and clean for the morning. I slipped into some fresh shorts and found myself drawn to the backyard again to enjoy another view of the sea before going to bed myself. My beer was waiting for me on the backyard table. It was warm, but still had a few good sips left.The waves were crashing loudly. It was a sound that filled our bedroom at night with its trance. Then, I heard another sound. A soft feminine moaning. It was coming from the upper balcony of the building, where I imagine Mala had a similarly comfortable setting to relax in. I only listened for a few moments, just to confirm that it was indeed the sexy purr of female masturbation. It definitely was.As tempted as I was to listen in, I decided to call it a night. I stepped back inside and cuddled up to my wife. She was sleeping deeper than I had ever seen. I kissed her on the cheek and laid my head on the pillow, fully spent from a long and exciting day. After hearing Mala’s sexy moans from the top floor I couldn’t quite get them out of my head. With the sound of waves and the chirps of nighttime creatures ushering me to sleep, I wondered if I could still hear her.****I awoke to the sound of my wife taking a shower. As I sat up in bed I could see that the curtains were only slightly drawn, giving me a view of the beach-access door as it opened. There was Mala, like clockwork, back from her morning swim. Her bikini was tiny and turquoise this time and her light brown skin contrasted nicely.Alice stepped into the bedroom, wearing blue lace panties, and toweled off her hair. “Look who’s finally awake. What’s going on?” she wondered, seeing that I was sitting at the edge of the bed and looking out the window.”Come here,” I told her.She stood at my side and pulled aside the curtains for a peek. “Oh,” she said with a gulp. She looked a bit guilty from the spying, but was obviously very aroused. I put my hands on her hips and guided her down on my lap so that she could keep watching.Under the splashing stream of outdoor showerhead, Mala removed her top causing her big breasts to jiggle loose. I reached up and stroked my wife’s nipples with one hand and massaged her inner thigh with the other. She moaned approvingly and watched on as Mala peeled away her bikini bottoms and gave us a view of her ass.I slid my finger up Alice’s slit, over her panties, and enjoyed how quickly she managed to soak the fabric from the wanton voyeurism. My cock was growing hard and poking up against her quivering thigh. “Did you enjoy showering with her yesterday?” I asked.”Yes,” Alice said, trembling in pleasure as I continued to stroke her between her legs.”What about later that night? On the bed?””Yes,” Alice confessed. “I was so fucking horny. We kissed and felt each other’s tits.”I didn’t realize that second fact, since I was watching from a distance. Her confession had me rock hard. I pulled aside her panties and slid my cock up the crack of Alice’s pussy slowly, making her moan and shudder in anticipation. I could feel her throbbing lips over the sides of my shaft as I slid it up and down and gently nudged her clit with my swollen head.”Do you wish she was in the room with us right now?” I asked boldly.”Yes!” Alice blurted. I thrust into her and held her firmly by the tits. She rocked against the intense penetration and began stroking her clit. Mala turned off the shower and walked by the window slowly, revealing the details of of naked wet body to us on her way through the yard. She didn’t make eye contact, but I could have sworn I saw a knowing smile on her face.Alice bucked and trembled with an orgasm and moaned out loudly. I couldn’t hold out any longer myself and I filled her cunt with powerful spurts of cum that seemed to just keep going and going for what felt like a full minute. I pulled out and held Alice securely in my lap, not feeling like I was quite done with her.”Did you enjoy the feeling all of those hot squirts inside of you?” I asked her.”Yes,” she replied, still trembling with pleasure. She started to stroke herself again, sliding my dripping semen up her slit. She was normally a one-and-done type, but not this morning. She wanted me to have some fun with her.”Why don’t you have a taste?” I suggested, reaching under her opening and collecting a small sample of my dripping cum. I put my fingers in her mouth and felt the vibrations of her moaning as she licked them clean.”You like it?” I asked, sincerely surprised that she was enjoying the activity.She nodded yes and continued to rub her clit. I dipped my fingers inside of her and reached up to give her another taste. This time, I wiped it across her lips like lip gloss and she moaned with Escort Bayan approval.I put my fingers in her pussy again and massaged her g-spot while she stroked herself to orgasm. Her body trembled again and she flexed her thighs, soaking my hand in her juices.We collapsed back on the bed. It was only 9 am.”Well, that was unexpected,” I commented.”Yeah,” she agreed, still heaving with shortened breaths. “We are off to quite a start on this trip, huh?””Yes, we are. And this is only the beginning of day three. Are you looking forward to our anniversary dinner tonight?” I asked, trying to probe her for expectations.”Yes!” she confirmed, giving me a naughty smile that quickly turned to a frown. “I’m going to be sad when she leaves.””Well, let’s try to make the most of tonight then.””Okay,” she agreed. “Until then, how about some breakfast in town and an afternoon of swimming?!””Deal.”****What to wear for dinner? I wondered. A Jamaican beach house is no place for a suit jacket, but I didn’t want to show up in swim trunks either. Since the early evening would still be lingering around eighty degrees, I settled on a light blue button-up shirt with rolled up sleeves, some ivory colored beach pants, and leather thong sandals.I peeked over at my wife as she was getting ready and noticed her slipping into a black silk thong. I had never seen it before, so I’m sure it was special for our anniversary. Her bright yellow beach dress was very short and it was loose and revealing around the top. It was so revealing in fact that you’d assume it was made to wear over a bikini as her nipples were plainly visible against the fabric. Her beautiful black hair flowed over the shoulders and her makeup was very pronounced, bordering on slutty. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.”Ready!” she announced, with a hint of nervousness. We walked up the driveway toward the front entrance of the house and knocked politely. I brought a bottle of rum, which might as well have been a bottle of wine in that locale.”Happy anniversary!” Mala greeted. She was wearing a skin-tight red cocktail dress and high heels, the first pair I had seen since we left the airport. Her bra must have been strapless because if those big breasts had been unleashed, there would have been no hiding it.Mala gave us each a warm hug and a generous whiff of her perfume, inviting us in to the top floor. It was the more expensive unit, a fact I recalled from the online ads, due to the updated furnishings and the view. You couldn’t miss the view: nothing but endless sea, visible through the floor-to-ceiling windows. She showed us out to the deck where we could enjoy it even further.Luckily, Alice thought to bring the camera and she took a few pictures of the view. I couldn’t help but peek over the ledge, wondering if our outdoor bed and shower were in view. They were. I suddenly got excited, wondering if Mala had watched over our wild outdoor indiscretions the previous day.Mala had an outdoor bed as well, at the far edge of the deck, and it was much larger than ours; it was at least queen-sized. The balcony table was already prepared with a dining set for two. We settled into our seats and Mala offered us a glass of her special rum cocktail, which we happily accepted. She slipped inside to get our drinks.”I feel bad that she is doing this for us,” Alice whispered to me.”It’s okay, she really seems to like it,” I argued. “Besides, you’ve given her so many outs already. I say just go with it.””Fine, we’ll play along.” Alice agreed. “That’s a sexy red dress,” she added and then jumped in surprise as Mala approached from behind.”Here we are!” Mala announced, passing off some red colored rum drinks to us. We enjoyed a sip and shared a look of approval. Mala continued to stand at attention, making even me a little unsure at that point.”Do you want to join us at the table?” I offered.”Oh, no thanks,” she replied. “Tonight, I am here to serve you. It is your anniversary and it is also how I prefer to spend my final night on holiday. This is not negotiable.”Alice’s eyes lit up in reaction to Mala’s statement. She was not comfortable asking other people to do things for her, so I felt that I should take the lead.”Thank you, we really appreciate this. What’s on the menu this evening?” I inquired.”I prepared a nice vegetarian spread,” she explained proudly. She put her hand to her mouth and whispered to us, playfully breaking character, “Sorry, no meat. And I didn’t really prepare it, I had it brought in.”Alice let out a laugh and I smiled at Mala reassuringly. “That sounds great. We’re both happy to eat vegetarian,” I quipped; a subtle double entendre.”Now, is there anything I can do to make you more comfortable while you enjoy your dinner?” Mala asked.Alice stared back at me expectantly and I honestly had no idea what to say. We hadn’t exactly broken the ice on anything lurid, so I played it safe.”I think we’re ready to eat,” I told her.”Of course,” Mala confirmed with just the slightest hint of disappointment. That was the tell that I was looking for. I cleared my throat and prepared to take a big chance while Alice looked on in suspense.”Oh, Mala,” I called out, catching her just as she was stepping back into the house.”Would you be willing to remove your dress and continue serving us in your underwear?”Alice went white with embarrassment and Mala let me sit there and endure several seconds of unbearable suspense.”Absolutely!” Mala replied with a brimming smile.I shared a looked with Alice to gage her reaction, hoping that I hadn’t crossed a line.”Thanks,” she whispered to me.”You’re welcome,” I replied confidently. “Happy anniversary.” I raised my glass.”Happy anniversary,” she confirmed, clinking with me and enjoying another sip of Mala’s exotic and delicious cocktail.Mala returned with a big metal serving tray: spiced callaloo, lentil stew, rice and peas, and—wait—who cares what was on the tray?!We both gazed at the sight of Mala in her skimpy underwear. She wore a strapless lacy red bra and red thong to match her discarded dress. Her bra could barely contain her breasts and they bounced as she walked, showing off just a sliver of nipples with each step. She set down the tray with a grin and seemed to enjoy that fact that we were opting to look over her body rather than dig into the food.”Please, help yourselves, I’ve already eaten,” she offered.”Would you serve Alice some of that spinach-looking stuff?” I asked her. She smiled back at me, confirming that I was indeed playing the game correctly. She bent forward, nearly spilling out of her bra, as she scooped a heaping serving of callaloo onto Alice’s plate.”Thank you,” Alice said politely. She cleared her throat and proceeded with her own surprising request.”Mala, would you sit on my husband’s lap and feed him his dinner?””I would love to,” she confirmed.I just sat there, stunned that my wife went from 0 to 11. Mala stood at my side and then bent over the table with my plate to collect a sample of the menu items. Her ass was right in my face with a thin piece of red fabric running down her buttcrack and hugging her cameltoe. I felt bad for staring, so I turned back to Alice only to see that she was doing the same.Mala proceeded to slowly lower herself into my lap. The flesh of her bare asscheeks was easily felt through the thin fabric of my pants and my cock pressed up against them. She collected a forkfuls of food and turned to fed them to me, bite after bite, dotting the corners of my mouth from time to time with a napkin. The feel of her hot buttocks against my swelling cock was enough to drive me insane with lust. Well played, Alice.”I’m feeling a bit of movement down there,” Mala informed my wife with a giggle.”Oh really?” Alice wondered with a playful squint. “Are you getting hard, Tom?””Just a little. I’m trying my best to be a gentleman, under the circumstances,” I replied.”Yes, you certainly are,” Mala agreed as she moved in with my drink to offer me a sip. I decided to give Alice a taste of her own medicine.”Mala, would you mind attending to my wife?” I asked.She graciously stood up and walked over to Alice, standing behind her chair at attention.”It’s very warm out here. Won’t don’t you lower the straps of her dress and give her some air?””Yes, sir,” Mala responded. She slipped her hands under Alice’s yellow shoulder straps causing her to close her eyes and quiver in anticipation. Mala pulled down the dress, revealing my wife’s sexy round breasts. She proceeded to take them into her hands, gently cupping and squeezing them.”Yes, I like that. Go ahead and stroke her breasts and nipples,” I encouraged.Alice let out a soft moan and enjoyed the sensations of Mala’s hands across her upper body, gliding over her skin and carefully pinching her erect nipples.”Does it make you wet to play with my wife’s breasts?” I asked Mala.”Yes,” she confessed, bending her ass out in my direction and reaching between her legs to slide a finger over her protruding cameltoe.”Go ahead and remove your thong. You can serve us bottomless from this point on,” I said.My suggestions were more than welcome, it seemed. The women glowed with lust every time I made one and I was aching in anticipation of where I could take it next. Mala slowly peeled off her thong and stepped out of it, heels and bra still in tact.”We could use another drink,” I said, dying to see her walk around without her panties. I had a half-full cocktail in front of me, but that was hardly the point.Alice and I watched on eagerly as Mala stepped toward the sliding door. Her red bra was still decorating her upper body and her sexy buttcheeks were on full display. There is just something about the way a woman’s naked ass moves when she is walking in heels; it always drives me crazy and this occasion was no exception. I seriously wondered how long I could even contain myself at that point.”How are you doing?” I asked my wife with concern. A check-in seemed damn appropriate given that panties were coming off.”I’m doing great,” she confirmed with a quivering lip. She seemed even more sexually frustrated than I was. “You’re doing a good job,” she assured me. “I think you should go all in. Have some fun with us. I want you to do whatever you like, as long as she’s into it.”My head was absolutely swirling and my hard cock was staining my briefs with pre-cum. Before I could decide on my next move, there was Mala, stepping toward us and unabashedly showing off the slit of her beautiful, smooth pussy. I prepared to make my next suggestion when my wife unexpectedly beat me to the chase.”Mala, would you please remove my husband’s pants and suck his cock under the table while he finishes his dinner?”Mala’s eyes lit up in anticipation and she helped me up from my chair before I could even react. She lowered herself under the table and unbuttoned my fly. I turned to Alice, maintaining eye contact with her as my pants and briefs slid down my thighs. Alice was reaching between her legs to touch herself while she watched me enjoy the fruits of her generous suggestion.I sat back onto my seat and looked down at Mala who gave me a wink and then cupped my balls with one hand and grasped my cock with the other. Her pursed red lips made contact with the tip of my head and a drip of pre-cum coated them as she slid my cock from one corner of her mouth to the other.”Ahem,” Alice cleared her throat and pointed to my plate. “You can watch the blowjob after you’ve finished your vegetables.”I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. She is a seriously fucking funny woman and I always found that to be sexy.”Okay,” I conceded. I ate my rastafarian-style vegetarian food and let out a stifled groan as Mala took me into her throat. She bobbed up and down methodically as I enjoyed the last few bites from my plate. After washing down the food with a sip of sugary rum, I peeked back at the show under the table.Mala’s throating intensified as she felt my eyes on her. I was getting close to the brink and would be damned if I didn’t make the best of the situation.”Alice, did you want join your friend under the table for some dessert?” I offered. “That is, if you finished your vegetables.”Alice pointed to her empty place with a proud smile and eagerly climbed under the table next to Mala. The sight of both women on their knees and looking up at me with lust was almost too much to take. My heart was pounding hard and my cock was standing at full attention, shadowing their faces.They turned to each other with smiles and shared a few soft kisses while Mala continued to stroke my cock. Alice’s hands moved under my balls and played with them while Mala positioned my shaft between their puckered lips. Up and down they slid their lips in unison, enjoying my reactions and sharing occasional tongue touches as they swirled the tip of my head together.I groaned and stood up, hoping to give them better access to my package. My cock bobbed in front of their smiling faces and I enjoyed the view for a moment. They stuck out their tongues and leaned in, eager to suck a ball each into their mouths.Alice sucked gently on my left ball and then popped it out of her mouth playfully. “Take a picture why don’t you?” she suggested. They both giggled and continued to lap at my balls together. “The camera’s on the table.”I reached for the camera, happy to take Alice up on her offer to document the occasion. Several magnificent shots followed: my hard cock resting snugly between their cheeks; their funny, eyebrow-raised smiles as they rubbed their noses against my balls; Mala sucking my entire sack into her mouth while Alice made my cock disappear in her throat and both of them batting their eyes up at the camera. That was a keeper.I set down the camera, eager to get back into the moment. They mercilessly teased my balls together, licking and slurping like a well-coordinated team. I groaned loudly, taking my cock into my hands and playfully slapping it against their foreheads.”Yeah! Give it to us!” they said encouragingly, leaning in cheek-to-cheek with each other and squinting with smiles as I rubbed my cock and balls across their faces.”Weren’t you going to give us our dessert?” Alice asked.”Go ahead, give us that spunk,” Mala added. She shared a smile with Alice and they proceed to stick out their tongues and look up at me in anticipation. I had to blow right there and then.They gasped and giggled as I jerked myself over their faces, sending my first high velocity splash across their upper lips and imparting them with thick cum mustaches. I gushed uncontrollably with one satisfying spurt after another, tracing white lines from their noses to their foreheads. They merged their tongues at the tip of my cock, enjoying the remaining drips and eagerly sucking my semen into their mouths like it was candy.I continued to take pictures and they gleefully posed with faces covered in my sticky spooge. They ran their tongues across each other’s noses and foreheads, collecting what they could and passed cum back and forth into their mouths until it was nothing but a ball of spit.”Happy anniversary!” they said to me in unison.”Thanks,” I replied, still short on breath from the intense experience.”Are you up for more?” I asked.”Oh yeah we are, right Mala?” Alice asked.”I’m yours for the night,” she confirmed.****With some prolonged dinner teasing and a messy double blowjob under their belts, the ladies were dying for release. My wife stepped out of her dress and walked alongside Mala to freshen up inside. Alice and Mala were topless and bottomless, respectively, and I couldn’t help but snap a picture of them from behind as they passed through the sliding door.I enjoyed some sips from one of my half-finished cocktails and looked out at the horizon where the sunset was nearing its final stages and settling into shades of deep pink and purple. I turned to the bed, hoping that we could incorporate it in the next round.Despite the expectations put on me, and my willingness to step up and take advantage, I was still quite nervous. I wondered if they would be willing to go all the way. I wondered if I could I really bend Mala over in front of my wife and slide my cock inside her on the night of our anniversary. There was only one way to find out.”We brought you another drink,” Mala announced as they approached me.”We’re both here to serve you now,” Alice added. She clearly wanted in on Mala’s submissive fun and I was happy to allow it.”Very well. Why don’t you get on the bed and bend over for us?” I instructed Alice.”Yes sir,” she replied, happy to climb up and kneel on the outdoor bed and point her ass in our direction.”Mala, please get me a long piece of fabric that I can blindfold her with,” I requested. Why not?Mala quickly stepped back into the house and the sight of her naked swiveling asscheeks never failed to arouse me. When she was out of sight I approached Alice at the bed.”Eyes forward.””Yes, sir.”I stroked Alice’s ass and enjoyed the feel of her soft skin for a few moments while she waited in anticipation. I moved my hand unpredictably, daring to go between her legs and then pulling back teasingly, causing her to gasp in suspense.”Did you enjoy sucking my cock and sharing my cum with our waitress?””Yes, sir. We’ll gladly do it again, if you like. I’ll let you do anything that you want to do tonight. Anything,” she insisted, giving me a rejuvenating stir of arousal in my pants.Mala returned with a silk pillowcase and folded it carefully before moving in to tie it snugly around Alice’s head. With Mala at my side, I teased Alice with my fingers by stroking up and down her inner thighs and I enjoyed the sight of her dampened thong. I slipped my fingers under the waistband and pulled down her Bayan Escort thong just enough to expose the slit of her pussy to Mala.”Have you ever felt a woman’s tongue on your pussy before?” I asked Alice, knowing very well what the answer was.”No,” she replied.”Mala,” I said with a head nod. Mala bent forward and rested her hands on Alice’s asscheeks, giving them a slight spread. Then she poked out her tongue.”Wait,” I said, causing Alice to let out a moan in suspense. She was lost in the solitary blackness of her blindfold, probably dying to know when she was going to feel the soft, wet sensations of an eager female tongue against her. A trickle of liquid fell down her inner thigh and she quivered from the sensation. I let the tension build in complete silence for a full minute and enjoyed Alice’s suffering. I’m not a bad person; I just know what she likes.”Go ahead and taste her, but leave her clit alone,” I instructed Mala.Mala traced her tongue up Alice’s inner thigh causing her to gasp in ecstasy. With Mala bent over on the bed to pleasure my wife, I took my chance to move in behind Mala and put my hands on her ass. Alice had no clue what I was up to, but she did say “anything” and I believed that she meant it.Mala moaned softly, enjoying my massaging hands as I explored her ass. I kneeled down and blew a soft breeze across her crotch, causing her to tremble in anticipation. My tongue slid between the crack of her ass and I could taste her salty sweat from the early evening heat. I circled around her asshole carefully while she gave Alice the same treatment. It was quite a rush to bury my face into another woman’s ass. I gently traced her slit with my tongue for a taste of her flowing juices.”Go ahead. Give it to her good,” I said to Mala with a slap on her ass. Mala finally sent a wave of strokes across Alice’s swollen clit, causing her to call out loudly. While I listened in on Alice’s pleasure, I enjoyed greedy mouthfuls of Mala’s pussy, slurping and licking with abandon. I put a finger inside of her and then soon followed with a second. I massaged her g-spot and licked her clit until she yelled out, clenching her thighs and trembling with a satisfying orgasm.My cock was growing hard again so I pulled off my pants and joined Alice on the bed, leaving Mala to continue servicing her from behind. Kneeling in front of Alice on the mattress, I guided her hands to my crotch. She traced the outline of my growing erection and pulled at the top of my briefs, desperate to get her hands on it. I graciously pulled down my underwear and put my cock into her hands. Alice greedily sucked and jerked my cock while she quivered from Mala’s oral pleasuring.My cock hardened up quickly in Alice’s throat. She bobbed on it so aggressively that I was honestly concerned for her safety. I pulled my cock out and slapped it against her face, giving her throat a much needed break. She moaned with approval and puckered her lips, enjoy the feel of my veiny erection as I slid it across her face.”It’s your turn,” I told Alice.”My turn?””Your turn to eat Mala’s pussy.”Alice gasped from the suggestion and I could tell that she wanted it. I pulled off her blindfold and placed Mala onto her back on the bed while Alice’s eyes adjusted to the soft moonlight. I guided Alice between Mala’s legs and watched in anticipation as she moved in for her first taste. Alice delicately traced her tongue across Mala’s slit and reached up to feel her bra.”Go ahead, take it off,” I directed Mala.Mala reached behind her back and unsnapped the bra. She carefully pulled it away from her body, causing her big round tits to sway in front of our leering eyes. Alice enjoyed heaping handfuls of b**sts and continued to tongue-stroke Mala’s cunt.The sight was very alluring. My wife’s ass was propped up and her tongue explored another woman in front of me. I gave her a playful slap to her ass, causing her to yelp. She seemed to enjoy it so I continued to spank her in a series of steady, dull slaps while I watched her eagerly lap at Mala’s pussy.”Do you like how she tastes?” I asked.”Yes,” Alice replied. Her voice trembled in anticipation as I began to slap my cock against her buttcheeks. I nestled the head of my throbbing dick into her vaginal opening, just enough to let her feel the stretch, and enjoyed her pleading moans and responsive hip thrusts that beckoned me to push in a little further.Mala was moaning and stroking her breasts while my wife’s face was pressed up against her cunt. I kept my eyes on the sexy scene in front of me and pushed forward with a deep satisfying thrust into Alice’s hot pussy. Alice reached between her legs to stroke her clit as I pummeled her with intensity. I fucked her with everything that I had, causing her tits to shake and my balls to bounce against her slit with every thrust.Alice and Mala’s moans were getting increasingly loud, encouraging me to continue the game and get as much enjoyment as possible out of them.”Alice, I want you to lay on your back with your head facing me,” I instructed.She quickly got into position and I motioned for Mala to climb up onto her face. Her big hanging tits were too much for me to resist so I cupped them gently into my palms while Alice looked up with jealousy. Jealousy of her or jealousy of me, I could not tell. It felt a bit strange to be touching and exploring another woman’s body with abandon while my wife looked on, so I thought I might check in.”Is it okay if I enjoy her tits while you suck my cock?” I asked.”Yes,” Alice agreed submissively. She opened her mouth invitingly and I slid my cock into her throat. I lifted Mala’s breasts and swirled my tongue around her erect areolas. I greedily pressed my face into her chest, enjoying the pillowy comfort of her bosom while my cock grew hard in my wife’s throat.I reached for Mala’s hips, coaxing her to turn around into a 69 position on top of my wife. It was her turn to pleasure Alice’s pussy while I prepared to put myself inside of another woman for the first time in I don’t know how many years. Alice’s soft moans vibrated against my manhood as Mala bent into position and began lapping at Alice’s cunt.I admired Mala’s dripping slit and cute little asshole as she presented herself to me. I decided to leave her waiting in anticipation, so I jerked my cock and enjoyed the feel of my balls sliding against my wife’s face. Between the throat trusting and the sloppy ball-play, Alice’s makeup was a mess. Her mascara ran down her cheek. She sucked my entire sack into her mouth and moaned approvingly as I positioned my shaft against Mala’s wet slit.I couldn’t hold back any longer and was desperate to pump away at the tempting body in front of me. With an eager thrust, I pushed my cock into Mala and was enveloped in her hot flesh. Alice licked my balls with enthusiasm as I thrust into Mala. I enjoyed a handful of Mala’s asscheeks and fucked her with complete abandon, shaking the bed violently.Alice seemed to be enjoying Mala’s tongue between her legs and leaned in to return the favor. She tongued Mala’s clit, causing her to moan out with approval. Mala was gushing all over my cock and balls. I pumped away at Mala and my balls dragged across Alice’s forehead and nose in a mess of spit and vaginal juices while Alice persistently pleasured Mala’s clit.I pulled out my cock and put it in Alice’s mouth, giving her a taste of Mala’s glaze. I rotated several times between Alice’s mouth and Mala’s sopping pussy, basking in the responsive feminine purring and soft receptive orifices that craved to be filled with my cock. With Alice perfectly positioned under my balls, I decided to take advantage.”Mala, why don’t you turn back around and lay on top of Alice,” I suggested. She turned around with a smile and lowered herself onto Alice, pressing their breasts together. I didn’t have to say anything; she knew to take my cock into her throat and did so with relish. Mala and Alice slurped and sucked on my manhood with renewed intensity. My wife’s hands eagerly explored Mala’s chest as she felt the strands of sticky spit dangling down from Mala’s intense throating.I took Mala by the shoulders, easing her to the side and lowering her onto her back next to my wife. Their upside down heads eyed me with lust as I jerked my cock over their faces.”Prop your knees up and masturbate for me,” I instructed. They eagerly complied and let out some soft moans as I teased their mouths with my cockhead. I held my shaft at the base and rubbed my throbbing member back and forth across their lips and extended tongues. I exploited the pretty faces below me, slapping my cock gently on their foreheads and rubbing it across their noses while they moaned with approval.”Do you like how I’m taking advantage of you?” I asked.”Yes, punish us with that big knob of yours,” Mala begged.”You’re so fucking big and hard,” Alice encouraged. At this point I noticed that they had their hands in each other’s laps, rubbing each other intently.I proceeded to dip my cock into their open mouths. They positioned themselves closer to the edge of the bed, practically hanging off of it so that I could I go deeper into their throats. I was so delirious with pleasure as I humped at their throats with abandon and watched the streams of spit streaking across their foreheads. They turned their faces toward each other and let out a giggle at their messy appearance.”I’d like to cum inside one of you and have the other lick it up,” I suggested, hoping that they would take a final request. “Who wants it?””Me! Me!” they begged.”Cum inside of both of us!” Alice offered, as a solution. Hmmm. I hadn’t thought of that.”Well, it’s worth a shot,” I replied. Their eyes lit up with excitement at the proposed finale. “Alice, get on top of her and both of you bend your asses toward me.”Mala crouched at the end of the bed and Alice climbed on top, both eagerly stacking their pussies in front of me. I couldn’t help but to go in for a taste; I dragged my tongue up the incredibly display of pussy and ass from top to bottom, following with the curves of their cheeks and the sopping slits of their pussies. They cooed and moaned at the strokes of my tongue and begged to have me inside of them. I sucked their engorged pussies into my mouth, one at a time and lapped at their erect clits.Ready for entry, I held onto Mala’s ass and thrust into her, enjoying a second helping of her tight hot pussy. With my cock absolutely soaked in Mala’s juices, I pulled out and put myself inside of Alice. She yelped in pleasure as I fucked her nice and hard. Back and forth, I enjoyed as many rounds as I could handle, fucking their dripping cunts and bracing myself for a much needed release.There was something about the intensity of the situation: the symphony of female moaning, the way they let me have my way with them—my body was producing semen on overdrive and my balls were sucked up tighter than I had ever experienced.I clenched my toes and groaned loudly as I unloaded the first satisfying spurt deep into Mala’s quivering cunt. I pulled out as fast as I could, sending a splatter across their cracks along the way and buried my cock into Alice. I couldn’t help but lean in for support against their bodies as I emptied out into Alice’s pussy. Alice was trembling and moaning with satisfaction as she felt the last of the gooey deposits spilling out inside of her.I stood back and watched as they arranged themselves a 69 position with Mala on top. She slurped at Alice’s cum-filled pussy and bent her ass over my wife’s face. A sticky strand of semen dangled between her pussy lips and Alice accepted it into her mouth with an extended tongue. Alice lifted her head to lick Mala’s smooth labia and moaned in pleasure as Mala gave her the same treatment.They snuggled up, face-to-face, and eagerly explored each other’s cum-coated mouths, kissing and giggling naughtily as they observed the stunned look on my face.”Thank you, Tom!” they said in unison.”Ah, you’re welcome,” I mumbled, completely exhausted and overwhelmed by what had just transpired. I honestly couldn’t believe it. Was it even happening? Was I really that lucky?****The girls decided to hop into the shower so I slipped downstairs for a beer. I thought It’d be nice to drink it on the beach. I wanted to give them some space, and honestly, I was feeling a little overwhelmed. It was my first sexual experience with two women and my adrenaline was still pumping.I stood on the moonlit shore and looked out at the sea, sipping on a Red Stripe as the warm tide rushed across my feet. I must have lost track of time because the beach gate opened up and Alice approached from behind, wondering where I had run off to.”Is everything alright?” she asked with a look of deep concern.”Yes, absolutely. That was intense. I loved it. I love you,” I blurted, feeling a bit emotional as I took her into my arms.Alice breathed a sigh of relief. “I love you too. I know we agreed not to do presents, but—surprise!” she said with a nervous smile. “Happy anniversary. Happy April Fool’s Day.”I furrowed my brow in confusion. “Wait, what?”As I looked into my wife’s eyes my head was spinning, trying to process the unexpected but plainly obvious realization. They were playing me the whole time.”Mala is my friend from college. Remember, the Indian girl I kissed during a game of spin-the-bottle in college?” she explained. “I’m honestly surprised that you didn’t figure it out after how many times I’ve told you that story.”I smiled and looked down in shame, feeling like a clueless oaf. I can’t believe that I didn’t see the setup. “Wow, what can I say? I’m speechless.”Alice put a hand on my shoulder, smiling with satisfaction that she could pull off such an elaborate surprise.”I can’t believe Mala would agree to this,” I added. “We’ve never even met.””Well, it’s a kind of long story. We’ve been planning it for over a year.”I chuckled, still trying to get my head around the details. “Really?””Really. I knew that Mala was quite the traveler from all of her online pics, so I asked her about Jamaica, just for suggestions. She was jealous of our trip and joked about coming with. Then, I joked about having a threesome as a anniversary present and that is when it got interesting, ” Alice explained.”Go on,” I insisted.”So, Mala and I were messaging back and forth, dreaming up all sorts of scenarios. We really let the fantasy get carried away. I wanted it so badly. I wanted to show up and see her there waiting for us. I wanted to drag it out for a few days of teasing. I wanted to give you the greatest present ever because you are the greatest husband.””Wow. I’m sorry if I seem like I’m in shock, I just can’t believe you would do this for me. I feel like kind of an asshole now. I didn’t get you a present!”She smiled warmly at me and took me by the hands.”Oh Tom, don’t worry, I’ll get my present.””What do you mean?””Well, I have something else to confess.””Oh yeah?” I asked, dying of curiosity.”Mala isn’t really flying back tomorrow,” Alice carefully divulged.”Really?””Really. We just came up with that story just in case we needed to guilt you into doing the anniversary dinner with her. It also made the whole surprise less obvious—letting you think we were just bumping into each other on overlapping trips. She actually got here the same day we did and she’s leaving in four days, just like us. We booked the rental together.””Okay,” I replied, quite relieved that she didn’t hit me with some other unexpected bombshell. “But what does that have to do with a present?””Tom,” she said with a gulp and a suggestive smile. “We want you to fuck us for the rest of the trip. That’s what Mala and I agreed on. That’s our fantasy. That’s my present. I want to share your cock with another woman and do everything we’ve ever fantasized about and maybe even a few things that we haven’t.””What? You’re k**ding?””No I’m not!” she assured me with a laugh. “This isn’t just about you. This is my fantasy too and I want more. It’s just that I happen to like it when you’re in control and Mala likes it too. We want do everything you’ve ever wanted to do, like watch us eat each other out, cum on our faces, fuck us in the ass, dominate us, whatever you want!””Whoa,” I said, almost dizzy as I let that last sentence sink in.”We’ll be your submissive little cum-sluts, your fuck dolls that you just play around with however you like. I know that you like to give pleasure too, that’s why you make such a great guy for this sort of thing. It’s a good plan, right? Can we do it?!”She gazed at me in hopeful suspense and I just stared back at her, stunned. My cock was practically popping out of my pants as she continued to encourage me.”What do you say? Can you handle four more days of filthy, naughty threesomes? Who knows, maybe we’ll find another girl or two while we’re here?”I cleared my throat. “Um, yeah. I’m in.””Great! You’re the best!” she said with an ecstatic smile and an aggressive hug.”If you really want this, then I’m happy to do it,” I said.”Yes, I definitely want this. Let’s go back up and tell Mala the news!” she begged, pulling on my arm.As we stepped back into the yard I glanced up at the second floor deck to see Mala’s silhouette, looking out over her deck with a drink in hand. I couldn’t believe this was going to be the fate of our first trip to Jamaica. I chuckled to myself, thinking about how little we had actually seen of the town since we arrived, given our sexual preoccupations. Alice, the mind reader, chimed in.”We can go back to sucking and fucking now, but I do expect to see some of the sights while we’re here,” she said, poking me in the chest playfully.”Deal,” I replied.Just as we were heading up to rejoin Mala on the second floor, Alice gasped and ran back down to our unit. I waited patiently only to see her return promptly with something in her hand.”How could I forget this?!” she asked. She held up the bottle of anal lube with a grin. “Just in case.”The End.

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