Violet’s Anal Training


Michael sat in the chair as she entered. Powerone had described her perfectly, long black hair, green eyes, pale skin, very small hands and fingers, DD breasts and small hips. She had a gothic look to her, the black clothes standing out dramatically to her white skin.

“What am I doing here?” Violet questioned, but she already knew the answer. Powerone had ordered her to see Michael. She was told she would have to perform for him, just as she would have to for him. If she refused, she would be released, never to be allowed back into the world of Powerone.

“Step in, over here, closer to me,” motioning her over to him. “I am going to make you perform for me. Would you like that, would you like to show your body to me? Stripped naked so that I may examine you intimately?”

Violet almost turned to run away. She was shy and timid. To do what Michael was planning to do to her would be humiliating and require all of her willpower to perform as would be expected. But Powerone had excited her so much with his stories of submissive woman, forced to perform for him, made to cum under his masterful fingers and cock. She had to see if that was what she wanted. He had said that this was the first step. The first step of a truly submissive life. A life so different then what she had now. At 19, her sexual experiences were plain vanilla, except for a one time anal experience that was painful.

“That is what Powerone requires of me, that is what I will do.”

“Step closer into the light, near the table. That’s a good girl, I wouldn’t hurt you.” He laughed, “no that is a joke, I have every intention for you to enjoy the pain as well as the pleasure. That is what makes Powerone’s cock hard. Your screams of pain.”

She watched him as he began to take out a selection of items and place them in a nice, neat line on a white linen cloth. Some she recognized, others she did not, Vaseline, a long anal probe, a butt plug, an anal speculum, anal beads, anal vibrator, ribbed dildo, studded dildo, various paddles and whips, all laid out neatly. She feared what he was going to do to her. She had anal sex once before, a painful experience that was close to a rape.

“You have a lovely body,” his hands already reaching out for her breasts. She put up her hands in automatic defense, Michael slapping them down. “You will be punished for that.” His hands moved up again, this time he grabbed each tit in his palm, grabbing the firm globes in a vise like grip, watching her reaction as he mauled her young body.

He must be in his forties and here she was, allowing him to paw her body intimately. She stood still, allowing him access to her body, his fingers reaching for her nipples, searching out the pointed tips beneath the clothes. He felt the hard tips, his fingers gripping them tightly.

“You’re nipples are hard. Are you already enjoying this, I bet your pussy is wet.” His hand reached down between her legs, his thick fingers curling up between her legs. “Spread open your legs, hurry up, I don’t have all day.” He stared into her eyes as he felt her legs part, his fingers slipping between the, gripping her sex like it was a bowling ball. His hand clenched and unclenched on her sex, goosing her body, watching as her hips moved back to escape the cruel hand. Slllapp, his hand shooting out and hitting her ass cheek hard. “I said don’t move.” He returned to goosing her between the legs, her hips thrusting forward into his hands her hot sex.

“You have a beautiful ass, Violet. I am going to enjoy it so much. Have you ever had exposed yourself for examination before? To someone that was not a doctor. You are going to have to help me. I want you to pull your pants down to right below the bottom of your cheeks. Leave your panties where they are. We will get to them shortly.” Michael had arranged some mirrors, so Violet could see her reflection. Not only her front, but also backwards so she could see what Michael was doing behind her. “Yes, look into the mirrors, I want you always watching what I am doing to you. I want you to see it at the same time you feel it.”

Violet unbuckled the belt of her pants, unzipped the zipper, the black panties revealed in the front. She began to push them down over her hips, slowly revealing the satin panties. She stopped once they revealed her ass, the pants still on right below her crotch.

“Pull up your top above the top of your panties, I want to see everything,” her hands holding it up. She felt his hands on her pants, pushing them a little lower until he had unfettered access to between her legs, neatly tucking the pants down out of the way.

She turned red in embarrassment, seeing her reflection in the mirror. Just like a little girl, her pants down, her ass revealed like she was going to be punished with a spanking by her Daddy.

“Such a good girl you are Violet, Powerone would like that.” His hands began to stroke her ass cheeks, feeling the taut flesh, her ass cheeks clenched tightly, hoping to london escorts stop him from his intentions. “Do the boys play with your ass, Violet, do they want to stroke it like I am doing?” Slllap, “I asked you a question, Violet! His hand crashed down painfully on her panty covered ass cheek.

“Yes, they do, but I don’t let them. I don’t like it.”

His hands continued to grab her young ass flesh, rubbing her cheeks, still allowing her to tighten them whenever he got close to the crack in her ass. “Why don’t you like it, Violet? You allow me to do it, don’t you?”

“I was taken in my behind once by a boy. It hurt and no matter how much I cried, he continued until he came inside me. I never let another boy near my bottom again.”

“But you are going to let me, aren’t you Violet. In fact you are going to help. I am going to force many things inside your tiny asshole. It will have to stretch wide to take them. You saw all these lovely little instruments. Some very small, some very big. All of them will be inside you.” His hands continued to play with her flesh, massaging and rubbing her ass flesh.

“I will do whatever you want, Michael. I want to please Powerone and yourself. Just please don’t hurt me. Please don’t stretch my asshole. I don’t like it, it felt strange when he put his penis in me.”

“Shush, little girl, Michael will take care of you. I will lubricate your tight little asshole real good with my finger. Real deep inside. You want me to do that, don’t you Violet, you don’t want me to do it dry? Tell me what you want me to do.”

She began to sob, his hands still insistent on running over her flesh like he owned it. “Yes,” she replied.

“Yes what, Violet. Do you want me to finger you dry? Is that what you want?”

“No, I want you to lubricate my bbbottom, I mean my asshole with your finger,” humiliated at what was required of her.

“I’m going to feel up your pussy now, I am going to put my hands in the front of your pretty panties and see if you are wet. I also want you to loosen up your asscheeks. I can’t feel you anus if you keep them tight. Is that OK, Violet, can you spread your legs a little wider for me. I know the pants stop them, but just a little wider for me.” His voice was a monotone, ordering her to perform for him.

She felt the cold hand slip inside the front of her panties, stretching them, making the back pull tighter, outline the crack of her ass. His other hand slipped between the cheeks, able to feel the tiny bud through the satin sheer panty material. She shuddered as he touched her there, his other hand slipping down between the lips of her pussy, his finger already wet with her juices. She bowed out her legs, giving him greater freedom to her pussy, but also leaving her tiny anus unprotected from his fat finger pushed between her cheeks.

“Your pussy is so nice and wet for me,” his fingers slipping between her pussy lips, seeking out her vagina, one finger circling the hole, making it wider with each pass. “Slip your panties down to you pants. Show me your naked pussy, then we will expose your tiny asshole. You want that don’t you Violet? You want me to inspect your asshole, don’t you?” teasing her.

She watched in the mirror as she lowered her black panties, her white skin now in contrast to her black outfit, making her look more naked then she was. His fingers returned to her pussy in the front, the other one slipped down between her legs and began to finger her pussy from the back, wetting the finger as it did.

He pulled his fingers away and pushed them in front of her face, rubbing them over her lips. “Lick them clean for me. Taste how sweet you are. ” He watched as her tongue moved out tentatively, licking the salty cream from his fingers until he finally pushed his fingers in her mouth, her lips wrapped around them tightly as she sucked them like she would a cock.

Michael moved back for a minute, turning on a bright, pinpointed light beam towards Violet. He moved behind her, bending down so he would have an unobstructed view when she exposed her asshole to him. “Now be a good girl, Violet. Reach back with both hands and spread your cheeks apart,” watching as she hesitantly did, her small hands grabbing her youthful globes, fingers only inches from her asshole and began to peel back the fleshy globes. “A little farther, Violet, spread them real wide. Look back, can you see the tiny little star. It is so cute. Imagine how big it will have to stretch to take my cock.” He watched her expression of shame as she exposed her most intimate opening to his gaze. He blew on it, feeling her shiver in fear. “I can’t see it very good, the light is not focused on it. Move until it is shining brightly on it. I want to see if real good,” knowing that she would be forced to endure her own humiliation, forced to watch and get into a better position to expose it to the bright light.

She looked in the mirror, watching as the beam of light moved closer to her Escort Girl Dubai spread anus. It was a powerful light, just a pinpoint. She felt it hit her anus, feeling the heat generated by it.

“It’s a laser light, Violet, it is a little hot. It wouldn’t burn you, but it will hurt a little. I want you to stay still, let it play on your tiny asshole.” He held the light on her asshole, playing it all around the round hole. He could see her feet moving a little, knowing that she was feeling the heat on her exposed anus.

“It’s getting too hot,” nervous that her anus would be fried. “Please, it hurts,” she begged. “OOOOWW,” Michael had opened her anus with his finger, allowing the light to enter inside, the heat running over her tender insides. She felt the fingers stretching her open, her insides exposed.

He pulled the light away from her. “Move over to the table,” watching as she scooted over, her pants and panties binding her legs. He pushed down on her back, forcing her down onto the surface. “Push your ass up, good girl. I’m going to lubricate your asshole then I will be probing it with various instruments. Some of them are long, others thick. They will all measure the elasticity of your asshole.”

Violet lay on the table, her head resting on the hard surface. She heard a container put on the table, the unscrewing of a metal cap. She knew that it was some form of lubricating jelly. She waited, the feeling of dread washing over her. She did not have to wait long, feeling Michael’s hands rubbing over her ass cheeks.

“Now relax, Violet, this is going to feel cold and strange.” He placed his fingers on both sides of her asshole, stretching the skin tightly. His finger, the cold jelly on it touched her shriveled little asshole, her body jerking in response. “Relax, its only cold. Take a deep breath and relax your asshole. Push out on it,” he ordered her.

He saw the tiny mouth push out and he took the opportunity to push in with his finger. His finger slid in effortlessly, helped by the slick jelly, her asshole stretched tight around his knuckle. He heard her suck in a breath as she was fingered in her tight asshole. He twisted his finger, making her feel it, his knuckle stretching her anus out more. “Another deep breath, Violet,” his finger pushing in harder, sliding along her anal tract on the slick jelly until his knuckles banged against her stretched asshole.

She felt full of finger, her sphincter trying to expel the foreign object inside her. She felt a spasm, gripping the finger, making it tighter.

“I going to rub it around inside, relax again,” his finger moving out, then pushing back in again, corkscrewing inside her, lubricating her for bigger things. He pulled his finger out and she heard him push it inside the jar again, a sloshing sound as he coated it again. “Now two fingers, you doing all right, Violet?”

“Is it going to hurt?” She braced herself, feeling the cold back on her asshole and then a sudden plunge inside her, his fingers stretching her open. It hurt as they turned and twisted going inside her, not stopping until they were embedded deep inside her. “OOOH,” she cried out as Michael spread his fingers inside her, stretching her anal tract to accommodate them.

He pulled his fingers from her asshole, watching as it closed, the jelly making the tiny hole glisten. He picked up a long anal probe. The device had to be over 15 inches long. It was skinny, barely the size of a pencil, but every four inches was a bead, about the size of a marble. The probe was used to test depths, the beads only purpose was to expand the anal tract as it moved in. He showed it to Violet. “I’m going to see how deep this will go. It is going to feel very strange the deeper it goes. It will probably start cramping inside you. I want you to lie still while I do it. Can you do that, Violet?”

It looked so long, how was he going to get something that long inside her. Her breathing became rapid, as she waited, unable to respond. She felt the probe at her anus and it slowly began to slide inside her. She felt the pressure as it moved inside her, the first bead stretching her anus open before popping inside. Michael continued to press forward, the second bead now passing through her anus, her rectum clamping down on it as it passed, two beads now inside her stretching her open and closed as they passed.

Michael watched as over ten inches of the probe was inside her asshole, the next bead stretching her asshole to accept it. He allowed it to enter before he began to rotate it, watching as Violet moved her feet, the probe probably very uncomfortable by now. He began to pull it out, slowing down as the bead was pulled lose, hearing her gasp each time as her asshole had to expand to allow its passage. He pulled it from her asshole, a slight pop sounding in the room. “That wasn’t so bad, was it Violet?”

Her asshole felt empty as it pulled out, her anus closing over the last bead as it exited. She let out independent escort dubai a sigh of relief. “It hurt, it gave me cramps when it was in deep. I’m glad it’s over,” she said.

Michael dipped the probe back in the jelly, “it’s not over yet, Violet, one more time, this time deeper. I need to see how much your asshole can accept. Take a deep breath and relax again, good girl,” the probe pushed against her asshole, this time not waiting for her response, Michael pushing it in with one continuous push.

It felt huge as it continued to go inside her, banging painfully against her anal tract as the balls expanded the walls. She bowed her legs out, hoping to relieve some of the pain and cramping, but Michael continued to press forward. She could feel the third bead go inside her, now over 12 inches pressing upward into her colon. “Hurry, get it over with,” she cried out, the probe continuing the exploration of her anal tract.

Finally Michael hit the limit of the probe. Any farther and he might lose the probe inside her. “You have it all Violet. All fourteen inches of it. How does it feel?”

“Please, take it out quick, the cramps are terrible,” dancing around on her toes, spreading her legs to stop the cramps.

Michael took his time, pulling it out, then pushing it back in again, fucking her with the slim probe.

“Hurry,” she begged. She finally felt it dragged reluctantly from her asshole. She slumped down on the table, glad to get it over with.

“Now I’m going to inspect inside your asshole.” He pulled out a Mathieu rectal speculum. It was over 6 ½ inches long, with three long prongs. It was built to spread an anal opening over three inches wide. The three prongs allowed maximum stretchability and had scissor locking, allowing locking it open at various widths.

Violets body went tense again when she saw the device. She knew it would hurt when she was spread that wide. She heard the jar opening again, knowing what was coming. She watched Michael liberally put the jelly on the three prongs. “Must you do that, please don’t,” she cried, tears running down her face and falling onto the table.

Michael stroked her ass cheeks, “now, now Violet, I must inspect you. This makes it very easy for me to hold you open, now relax your asshole. It will hurt worse if you fight it.”

Violet felt the cold metal instrument on her asshole. She tensed up and felt the three probes running over her exposed anus before finally starting to enter her. It did not hurt as they went in, Michael had twisted them going in until all three was lodged inside her rectum. She felt a little stretched, the spread between them about an inch wide.

Michael picked up the laser light again.

“Not that,” she cried. She had already felt the pain from the beam of light before, it would be worse now, inside her tender anal tract.

“Yes that, Violet. I need to see real well. I know you can stand a little pain. It will take your mind off the stretching.” He began to squeeze the scissors grip, watching as the three prongs began to expand. He pulled the prongs a bit out until the outer flange locked on her anus. He squeeze again, satisfied that they were secure, watching her anus slowly expand.

“Slower,” she cried, feeling her skin stretching wide, afraid he would tear her rectum. It felt terrible, her asshole opening up more, the cool air of the room showing her that the opening was expanding as she felt it inside her. “No more,” she begged, afraid that he would tear her anus.

Michael continued, her anus now spread over two inches wide, a gaping hole. He ran his finger around the inside, letting her feel how open she was. “A little more, Violet,” watching as her anus fought the intrusion. Another squeeze and it was two and a half inches, her inner tract exposed to the light. He could almost see inside her body.

Tears were flowing freely from her eyes as her anus burned from the stretching. A sharp pain erupted from her asshole, her rectum beginning to spasm. He heard his voice, telling her it was almost open three inches, the pain from her asshole radiating throughout her body. She jerked in pain as Michael locked the speculum open, a sudden pain shooting out from her painfully spread anus. “OOOOWW,” she could already feel the pain of the heat as the laser light shined inside her anal tract, Michael playing it all over inside her.

Michael had never seen an asshole so spread as her. This was the first time he had used this one and he loved the effect. It left her open wide, with very little interference of the instrument, not like a typical bulky speculum. He ran the light inside her, feeling her squirm as her tender insides were not use to the heat of the light.

“OOOW, it’s too hot,” she cried.

Michael put down the light, picking up a tube of Ben-Gay. “Lay still while I rub some crème on your asshole.” He applied the crème around the mouth of her anus.

“WWWhhhAAT’S that, it burns, please wipe it off,” moving her ass around as the Ben-Gay burned her tender flesh.

Michael released the speculum, watching as her asshole slowly decreased in size. After a minute it was still open over a half an inch, refusing to shrink back to its tiny former self.

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