Wet n Wild part 2


Wet n Wild part 2Cont..I need that black swollen dick in mtYy mouth. Sliding down to my knees and grasping his thick thighs i lick his nuts, sucking each for a moment and hear him release a moan of pleasure. The thick base of his hard dick throbs for my tongue and i willingly lick all around before sliding the plump head into my mouth. Mmmm, I humm as I suck and slurp his huge cock. Escort He must really enjoy my blowjob because his hands have grabbed the back of my head and I am taking more of his shaft deeper and deeper into my throat. Oh gag me. Fuck my mouth and choke me with it I beg. My juices are flowing, my clit, swollen so big. I need his dick inside me…Wrapping his hand Escort Bayan in my hair and turning me around face down on my bed, ass in the air, back arched. My titties hanging down, nipples touching the bed and my “kitty” is purring.I can feel his cock slide up behind me, teasing my cleanly shaven mound. Tingles and pulses of pleasure alternate and I push backwards Bayan Escort into his hard cock. Moaning, pulsing, nipples burning with passion. He grabs my hips as I grind back into him. I want all of him in me. My orgasm will be here soon. I want all of him in me , thrusting in me, hard and pulling my hairOh God, turn me over. Legs above my head. Put it in me. My clit is so swollen, my pussy is swelling and hot and so wet with every thrust I feel it closer. Oh, I my spot, he is in my spot. Don’t move,don’t fucking move. Ooooohhhh, I am squirting all over him, all over my sheets, oh God, throbbing wetness, perfect cum.

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