What I will do to her!

Ball Licking

What I will do to her!I’d like to undress her from behind, kissing her calfs, thighs and ass. Licking up and down her spine. With my teeth and lips on her neck, I’d slap her bare ass and massage her soft belly and breasts. I’d turn her around to lightly lick and suck her nipples while she takes my clothes off. After gently FORCING her to her knees, I’d lift my big hard-ass dick and make her lovingly Escort kiss my balls and lick my shaft. Then suck the head of my dick until she’s ready to take it ALL the way down her throat. I’d take it away, giving her a light slap across the face with my juicy black dick, and put her on the bed. I wanna then eat her from clit to crack. I’d lift her clit hood with my top lip and gently Escort Bayan suck that button and ease my tongue deep into her slick wet cunt until she cums in my mouth. Mmmm, then I wanna climb on top of her and ride her pussy with long, easy strokes at first. Gripping her wrists and biting her nipples, I’d start slamming the cock to her, making sure my dick’s angled up to rub her Bayan Escort g-spot. She’ll cum so fucking hard!! All down my long dick. Mmmm, then I wanna fuck her from behind. First I’d bend her lovely ass over to give her a sweet/rough rimjob. I’d swish and swirl my tongue and lips all around and IN her hole. Then I’d drill my dick balls-deep into her moist and waiting cunt. I’d fuck her so hard from the back. Making that juicy ass bounce and wiggle against my stomach!! I can feel my veins popping out of my dick now! I wanna grab her hips and just drive this cock into her, making her cum again!! Then I’d have my big finish deep inside her

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