Virgin used by the nurse pt2


Virgin used by the nurse pt2I had an unconformable sleep that night. the urge to have a wank was overwhelming but the cage on my cock was stopping me .every time i drifted off to sleep i was thinking about the school nurse. what did she mean by your too tight for now an i will learn you to control yourself?i got up out of bed an put my laptop on .i needed to get this cage off my cock and google might help . a quick search and all i was getting was pics of women being bossy to men with their willys caged.lots of serch results all of them about something called femdom so i click some, mostly men being humiliated by hot women some of it a bit strange , a girl with a dick strapped to her pushing it up his bum or being made to worship her ass .i click another link ,”mature dominates young man” it said. the video was about a young man an his mum an he was being rude to his mums friend so they tied him up and punished him by playing with his bum hole. i was thinking but isn’t that kind of gay , then again it’s a woman doing it . it was confusing ,i still needed to cum , i hadn’t cum for a full day it’s not right for someone of my young age.Oh fuck i was going to be late the nurse wanted me in for seven , i throw my clothes on brush my teeth an run out the house.on the bus to school i was looking at the older lady’s thinking about the things i had watched , my cock was leaking but still restrained.I knock on her door ,”come in ” she orders i enter her room an she points to her desk “your a minute late ” “sorry nurse”i mutter . “put your elbows on the desk” . i do as i am told , she is looking hotter the yesterday her nurses uniform almost skin tight an her large boobs spilling out, it’s shorter too. as she walks around the room in her big thick heals i can see the bottom lordbahis güvenilirmi of her big bum cheeks wiggling . my elbows are on the desk , she comes behind me and drops my pants, my ass is in the air , she takes the cage off my cock and i go hard instantly ,”Good boy “whispers she pulls my hard cock and swollen full balls between my legs and clamps them in something tight so they stay there and the clamp is making them swell more.”i am going to spank you now and you will thank me for each one ” she told me.swoosh then crack , the pain was unreal as the cane hit me “thank you nurse” i said . crack my knees buckle as the cane hits my ass again but this time the tip hit my balls ” stand straight and thank me” she said. “thank you nurse” i mutter.”last one for now” she said. crack not hard this time but equally painful hitting me on my cock as it stuck out erect behind me .”thank you nurse”.she comes behind me an kneels and i feel something cold an slippy being rubbed onto my ass hole ,i feel her finger push its was past my opening and right up into my bum then something hot and wet on my balls , her mouth , she sucked my balls into her mouth and i feel her finger moving deep inside me . she pulls out her finger and puts something else onto my ass its soft but firm and i can feel it vibrating on me, next her mouth moves to my cock and in one she has engulfed me, took me all the way in and i can feel the inside of her throat trying to swallow my cock . she holds me there then pulls back and stands then leans over next to me “there is more of that if your a good” she said , i’m still bent over the vibrator has now slipped just inside me but my tight virgin ass is resisting but with a little more pressure it enters me , its lordbahis yeni giriş wider than her finger an longer too . she pushers it firmly up my bum and pulls it all the way out again . my hole closes over only to be opened up again by the nurse and her vibrator . i can feel it deep inside me the vibrations are wanking me off from the inside , she takes hold of my cock ” i’m going to milk you now ” she said as she started squeezing my cock with her slippy hand , i could feel myself about to explode , for the first time a woman was going to make me cum , my head was spinning .suddenly she stops , i don’t cum!!”answer it she says . crap my phone was ringing i pull my mobile out of my blazer pocket , “oh fuck it’s mum” i say shocked “than put her on loud speaker” she demands as the sex toy gets pulled from my ass .”hi mum whats up “she starts shouting ” i went into you room your laptop was on what the fuck is that you where watching ,an i looked at you history ,whats all the femdom whats all the older lady young boy shit “she went on . the nurse was now sitting at her desk “tell her your sorry ,you need help” she whispers .”mum i’m sorry i need help””i know you do but what help do you need for this who am i suppose to call your doctor “she screams .the nurse has her legs open and is pulling her thong down ” tell her to call me ,tell her i can deal with teenage boys”.. “mum you could call the school nurse she might know how to help ” ..”yes “she said “she might know how to deal with hormonal boys of your age i will ring her but this shit is not over” she hung up on me.”good boy “said the nurse,” now come and get you reward”. she beckoned me over to her and pushed me down so my head was right by her bald pussy. “no lick it nice an lordbahis giriş slow” then pushed me towards it . it was dripping and smelt like nothing else i started to lick up an down slowly over her clit and down to her bum crack ,she moaned as l licked her ass and back up to her clit copying what i had see on the internet. her phone rang in the office , she held my head in place and answered it on speaker phone , it was my mum she explained what she seen on my laptop and the nurse was asking for all the details , her pussy was getting hotter as my mum told her about the strap-on sex ” he is a filthy boy ” an “how discussing”the nurse kept saying to my mum , i could feel her cumming as l ate her pussy but her voice never faulted she just came quietly into my mouth.” i think i can help you miss” she said “boys his age have lots of hormones an no release he just needs to be reveled of some of his teenage pressure it’s quit normal” she told my mum . “and just how is that done “mum asked ” medical masturbation” she replied.”what” mum gasped . “it’s not as bad as it sounds, he will just come to my room and i empty him on to a tray , its more embarrassing for him especially as you will have to be present, after all he is only a school boy . i can even instruct you on how to do it if you want “the nurse said ” “how about you pop in after school today as i think if he is watching that filth his treatment should start asap” “ok fine about 4 o’clock then” mum said “yes” the school nurse replied “give me time to get him ready”then put the phone down .”so you get to cum tonight” she said slyly “and it might even be your mum who makes you do it ” my heart sank but my cock was still hard . the nurse took hold of the tip and pinched , i went soft , how dose she control me like that . she put the cage back on my cock pulled up my pants and said “see you at dinner time “i walked out of her office my bum felt open or broken in and still slippy from the lube and i still had not cum . i was also thinking no hoping mum would cancel the appointment , but she was pretty mad

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