wife surprise 2


wife surprise 2this is my 2nd surprise it was the weekend i had gone out and when i got home late afternoon the house was quiet i wondered where my wife was so i went upstairs and to my surprise my wife and her friend were on the internet and just laughing and giggling i said hi and was asked to go out of the room for a few minutes so off i went 10 minutes later my wife shouts oout you can come in now so in i go there to my surprise is my wife and her friend naked except for the ir thongs i said whats going on, well dear its your fantasy come true we want a shave so go and get the stuff, when i came back with the shaving gear i was greeted by my wife and friend playing with each others pussies through the thongs im 1st said my wife i want a landing strip please with that she whipped Escort off her thong opened her legs and said im ready, her friend did the same she had a thich dark bush i want an arrow head please she said dso i started shaving my wife when she said hoy its not fair you can look at us we have got nothing to look at strip off, so i did as my cock sprung free my wifes friend lat out a squel wow she said no wonder you have a smile on your face getting serviced by that ( its not that big only 9″ long and about 3″ in girth) so i shaved my wifes pussy making sure i slipped a finger in her pussy at each opportunity once she was done she moved over for her friend as in shaved her i noticed my wife was playing with her self and getting excited once i had finished her and dried her off Escort Bayan i returned the shaving stuff to the bathroom my cock still rock hard and sticking out bobbing up and down, when i returned i was greted with my wife laying on the bed in a 69 postion witrh her friend arse up in the air pointing straight at me my wife beckonend me over she cupped her hand in her pussy and smeared her juices all over my cock with that she pulled her mates cheeks apart and guided my cock into her pussy whilst this was happening she was still licking my wifes pussy once i was buried deep inside her my wife started licking my cock and and balls as i slid in and out of her soon i could feel her friends pussy tighten and she started to squirt on my cock drenching my cock and my wifes Bayan Escort face she was so wet my cock just slipped out with that and with out any notice her friend shouts out stick that thing up my arse my husband wont fuck my arse will you in a flash my wife was up pulled her arse apart and watched up close as i penetrated her friends arsehole once inside i started pumping away my wife laid nack on the bed spread her legs high and wide and started frigging away wildly next i felt her friend cum and sreamed which spurred my wife on and she started squirting herself all over her friends face i couldnt hold on no longer i pulled out and covered my wifes freshly shaved pussy in the biggest load i had ever unloaded and her friend was down on her in a shot and licked her clean.after a short sleep her friend left tellingb us she would be back in a few weeks for another shave.I have asked bith women if i can take pics of their pussys before and after the shave hopefully they agree and i can post these with the next adventure.

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