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3 of us rambleNoelle is Frank’s wife. I fuck Noelle with Frank. Often. I spend weekends with them. We’ve rented a house in Myrtle Beach in October for the past three years. Noelle enjoys being the center of attention. Frank and I go way back. We met in college. In college we hung out and eventually got high with a girl we both liked and ended up fucking her together. Frank and I experimented with bisexuality together and we have found a nice comfortable place fucking girls together. There have been a few. That’s how we met Noelle. I met her at a bar. Noelle and I dated. The first night I met Noelle we went back to her place and had sex on the floor in front of the fire place. Noelle liked coke and wine. 5’2 with athletic shoulders and always in a thong, a tribal tattoo is etched across her abs. She is wired hypersexual and I picked up on it when we first met. She and I fuck really, really well together, but the rest of the relationship was off. She and Frank hooked up after we had fucked with him and she eventually came and said they were in love. I am cool with it and have moved on, but we are all really an intimate group. We are all kinda tuned into getting high and fucking the way we want to fuck. I am human and I did get mad and we did not speak for a while. Years in fact. Then in 2013, I was in Vegas at the Hard Rock for the AVN awards… I know Maddy O’Reilly and she was up for some recognition in the show for her work. I was in town and wanted to go support my friend. I was crashing the event because giresun escort I really did not know if I could get in. I put on my gray suit, white shirt, black tie and headed over. I got into the event, but only ever saw Maddy when she was on stage. I know her, but it is not like we are friends. I mean we don’t send Christmas cards, but she used to have these body piercings on her abs and in the dimples on her ass. It was really hot, but I can’t imagine having someone put that thing in there. She is tough. Anyhow, she’s not relevant to this story. Leaving the event, I bumped into Noelle and Frank in the lobby. They had no idea the show was even going on, but were in town. We had drinks. It was lovely. Noelle and I are intimate people. We touch each other because… fucking nature wired me to want to fuck that woman every moment of every second I can physically be in her presence. My cock is hard every time I see her because I like fucking her. Noelle’s pussy is perfect in size, shape and her abilities with it are hooker quality. I gave her a set of ben wa balls years ago and she obviously uses them. When the three of us are alone, Frank is my brother. We are all family. I am no threat to their relationship, and they find value in fucking threesome with me. I like when Frank is on the hotel bed, Noelle is reverse cowgirl fucking him looking at me, and I fuck her dvp with him bareback. We have done that with other guys. Noelle is as much of a sex addict as I am. I took escort giresun her to an adult theater once in Winston Salem NC called Annabelle’s and fucked her with three other guys we met there that day. I have fucked other women with Frank. Lots of them. There are videos on the internet of Frank and I fucking women. 4 that I know of three are here on xhamster and not because I uploaded them. Anyhow… I am stoned and rambling. I like fucking Noelle with Frank. In Vegas that time I ended up joining them upstairs and we fucked in my room. Noelle was crazy wide eyed and put her private phone number in my phone. The first time I met with her again it was in a hotel in Dallas. She flew to Dallas and we fucked in the airport hotel. She wanted a threesome. I hired an escort off backpage to come fuck her with me. It was hot. Emotional. I like watching Noelle make other men cum in her pussy. I like the taste of her pussy with other men’s cum in it. She’s athletic and we fuck pretty hard. We never fear hurting each other, but we fuck. Hard. We leave marks and like it. She leaves marks on me i jerk off to a month later. It is a complicated relationship. We’re fuck a****ls behind closed doors. Frank and I were in NYC on NYE and we hired a hooker to come fuck bareback on the deck. We were not near Times Square, that place is bonkers on NYE. We were n the Belvedere. We fucked two girls that night. Hired them off backpage. The first came and we took turns for a while cuming in her giresun escort bayan pussy, She was blonde, athletic, upbeat and she brought coke. We fucked her for hours. I squirted cum in her pussy like four times and so did he… and as soon as the door clicked behind her we were looking for the next girl. We asked her to bring her bisexual boyfriend. I licked her pussy with all three of our cum dripping out. She liked to feel a guy cum in her. Her pussy was really shallow like Noelle’s was. It was hot. I would watch her fuck another guy or two, then I would push my cock into her swollen, tight little shallow pussy and it would force out other guys cum in there. She was so dirty and messy. She and I have fucked like that alot. Dirty. I like it and she does too. It is a dark place to visit. She really resembles a TV star that you would know if I mentioned the show… We have been out to dinner and the fuckign waiter is humping her leg because it’s fucking Rachel and he has a stiffy. It is one of her fetishes. I have fucked her with no less than six different waiters. She likes fucking waiters in airport hotels and I like fucking her pussy using other guy’s cum as fuck lube. She and I have gotten along for years because we are similar demented sex freaks and our fetishes rub off on one another. Now I am hard thinking about licking cum out of her pussy. The story at hand: Noelle Frank and I had a layover at JFK. We got a room at the super retro TWA hotel at JFK. They have 1960’s diaromas setup all over the place. The building is shaped like a space ship, but they have rooms off to the side. I had asked for their suite and got a room with a king bed overlooking the runway. It was epic fucking that dirty hooker in the TWA hotel overlooking the runway cumming in her pussy using other guys cum as fuck lube.

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