Ashley and Mia Ch. 03


Brad is gone for the weekend for a baseball training camp, so I’m staying at his and Ashley’s place. It gets me away from the crazy drama currently happening on my dorm floor and I get to spend the nights with Ashley, it’s a win win.

I pull into an empty parking space, glad I found one close to the apartment because my legs are burning from the workout I did at the gym. I scan the parking lot and notice Ashley’s car is still gone. I unlock the door and drop my gym bag in the entryway. I head into Ashley’s room and use the docking station to turn on my favorite chill electronic playlist. I turn the volume up loud enough so I can hear it while I’m in the shower. I strip off my sweaty clothes and toss them in the laundry basket. I turn on the shower and zone out while the warm water falls down my back. After some time I snap back into reality, wondering how long I have been in the shower. I dry off and throw Ashley’s robe on. I hear the song “Fuck U all the Time (Shlohmo remix)” by Jeremih playing. This song always reminds me of Ashley and makes me horny every time I hear it without fail. I walk into Ashley’s room to get my pjs and gasp. Ashley is laid out on her bed completely naked. She gives me a smile and that evil glint I have grown to love is shining in her eyes.

Something clicks in my brain, “Did you put this song on?” I ask her. Her smile widens.

“Maybe…” she says.

I walk towards her, “You know what this song does to me.”

“Why do you think I turned it on?” she says.

“You are so evil.” I reply back and kiss her hard. Her hand finds the tie on my robe and she pulls it undoing the knot. She pushes the robe off and it falls to the floor. I climb up on the bed and lean in to kiss her but she pulls away. I stare at her confused.

“I want to play a game.” she says. I smile; her games are always fun and have happy endings.

“You know I am down to play.” I tell her.

“That’s what I like to hear.” she says and gives me a quick kiss before getting off the bed. “Sit at the edge of the bed.” I scoot to the edge of the bed and hang my feet over so they touch the ground. She straddles me and I grab her boobs and gently squeeze them. She moans but reluctantly pulls my hands off of her. “No touching, you haven’t heard the rules of the game yet.” she says.

“Sorry.” I say and smile at her.

“The name of the game is Too Hot.” I already like where this is headed. “We can kiss but we are not allowed touch each other anywhere with our hands. Whoever touches the other person first loses and the winner gets to do whatever they want to the loser. Got it?” I nod.

“I hope you aren’t a sore loser.” I tease. Ashley laughs.

“Oh we will see.” she says and starts kissing me, game on. I put my arms back on the bed and grab the sheets hoping that will keep me from touching her. I kiss her back with passion, my tongue fighting its way into her mouth. Her tongue wrestles mine as we fight for control. Ashley keeps her hands tightly clamped behind her back. It is going to be tough to break her but I’m determined. She breaks our kiss to come up for air and that’s when I attack. Her head is leaning back slightly exposing her soft skin to me. I trail my tongue slowly up her neck. She moans and grinds against me. I smile against her skin before biting her neck. She tries to pull away but I start to suck on her neck and she ends up leaning into me even more, encouraging me to suck harder. I can feel her hard nipples against my chest and I want so badly to tease and pinch them. I release her neck, she is going to have a mark for sure, and my mouth finds hers again. Her tongue enters my mouth again and I suck on it. Ashley starts to buck her hips again as her kissing becomes more frantic. Now her nipples are rubbing against mine and we are moaning in unison.

Ashley is grinding against me hard and I can feel her wetness on my legs. She starts to lean back a little too far and grabs my back to keep from falling. I smile, “looks like we have the loser.” I say. She pouts at me.

“Congratulations marmaris escort Mia. Now have your way with me.” she says, challenging me.

“I will but in due time. I have another game to play.” I say. She raises a brow at me, and I give her a kiss on her nose before lifting her up and flipping her onto the bed. I pull her towards the edge of the bed and invite myself in between her legs. “Here are the rules: if your shoulders or hips lift from the bed, I stop and won’t touch you for several minutes… then we start over, all the way from the very slow teasing beginning. We begin now.” I say. I know this will be difficult for Ashley because she loves to watch me when I eat her out, but now she will be forced to lay flat.

I kiss Ashley’s neck and nibble her ears. My mouth travels down to her amazing tits. I lick her nipple while squeezing her other breast. I squeeze harder as my teeth bite and tug at her nipple. Ashley moans and her back arches. “Don’t tell me I’m already going to have to start over.” I say with her nipple still in my mouth.

“Ugh no keep going.” she says. I move my mouth to her other nipple, flicking my tongue across it. I feel it harden even more against my tongue. I kiss her ribs on both sides of her body and lick my way down her stomach to her neatly trimmed landing strip. She wiggles underneath my touch. I kiss her little patch of hair. I stick my tongue out and lick her clit. I see her hands grasp the bed making sure she keeps herself planted. I laugh.

“This is evil.” she says.

“Just wait until you lift off the bed and I have to stop.” I say. I go back to licking her clit. My tongue dips into her pussy and then back up to her clit. Her hips start to lift slightly and she tugs at the bed. I pull her clitoral hood back which exposes her exceedingly swollen clit. I flick my tongue quickly against her clit.

“Oh my god babe how are you making your tongue move so fast?” she asks. She lifts off the bed to watch what I am doing.

I shove her back down. “Look what you did; now you have to wait for more.” I say. She groans. I wait two full minutes before I touch Ashley again. I keep my mouth near her pussy so she can feel my warm breath against her. I kiss her and she pulls me close. I kiss her neck and down her body until I am back at her pussy once again. I lightly suck on her clit, as my fingers tease her entrance. I slip my middle and ring fingers into her wet pussy. My fingers find her g-spot and I push against it lightly. I know she is struggling to keep her hips against the bed every time my fingers rub her g-spot, pleased to find that it is swollen with aroousal. I suck on and off her clit while my fingers thrust into her pussy harder and faster. Ashley moans uncontrollably. Her back arches and she bucks her hips off the bed. I instantly pull my fingers out and move away from her pussy.

“Nooo fuck!” Ashley says.

“Sorry baby but you know the rules.” I say. I slowly and teasingly lick my fingers up and down before sucking her pussy juice completely off of them.

“Mia that is so fucking hot.” she says. I smile at her. This time I wait three minutes before touching her again. She has been squirming and squeezing her legs together trying to get some sort of pressure on her clit during the entire wait time. I lick her lips and give her a long kiss. I bite her nipples and kiss her hip bones. Then I kiss the bottom of her foot and lick down her leg to her pussy. I plunge my fingers back into her pussy.

“Oh god yes.” she moans out. I lick her clit up and down as my fingers start working on her g-spot. I cover her hood and clit completely with my mouth and suck it hard. My fingers are pushing hard against g-spot. I feel her tensing up and it looks like she is trying to become one with the mattress so that she doesn’t cause me to stop my assault on her pussy.

“Err… I… I’m… going to… come.” she manages to say. I feel her pussy contracting around my fingers. Her hips lift off the bed but I’m not so cruel to cut her orgasm short especially when it seems really intense. Suddenly marmaris escort bayan half way through her orgasm her pussy pulses and forces my fingers out. Before I can even try to figure out how that happened, Ashley’s pussy contracts violently, and I watch in amazement as small amounts of liquid squirt onto the bed and my hand. I stare at her, speechless. She looks completely spent and a little embarrassed. I pull myself up and lie next to her. I wrap my arms around her and give her a kiss on the cheek. She is still trembling from her orgasm, so I hold her tighter.

“Ash, baby, that was so hot.” I say, finally finding my words. She rolls over and looks at me. I give her a little peck on the nose.

“That’s never happened before…” she says. She smiles at me “Damn you are good!” I laugh and she kisses me.

“I think I owe you one mind blowing orgasm ma’am.” she says with a seductive smile. I return her smile. I straddle her face so we are in the 69 position. I lean down and give her clit a quick lick. She flinches.

“Too sensitive?” I ask.

“I think so babe. Let me just focus on you. Plus in this position I can see your sexy ass” she says. That is fine with me. She licks my clit barely applying any pressure. I’m so turned on from seeing her squirt earlier that I am in no mood for her teasing. I grind my pussy into her face. I feel her chuckle against my very wet and aching pussy. She slaps my ass and licks my pussy eagerly. I moan sitting up and start to rock back and forth against her tongue. She sucks my whole pussy into her mouth.

“Holy shit.” I moan and collapse down on her, my face falling near her pussy. The smell of her is turning me on like crazy. She starts to suck on my clit, which always sends me over the edge. “I’m so close. Please don’t stop.” I tell her. She sucks harder. She grabs my ass with one hand and holds me down against her mouth with the other. My orgasm hits hard and I come in her mouth. I wait for my spasms to subside before climbing off Ashley. I give her pussy a quick kiss as I swing my leg over her head and cuddle up next to her. I wrap my arms around her and pull her in close. I fall asleep nuzzled into her neck.

I wake up to Ashley’s sexy little naked ass rubbing against me. She rolls over and looks at me smiling.

“Hey I was enjoying the feel of your ass.” I tell her. She laughs and kisses me. Her hand trails down my stomach, giving me the chills. Her hand reaches my pussy and she starts to trace circles on my clit. Her fingers move lower and she teases my pussy hole, dancing her fingers across and occasionally letting the tip of her finger slip inside me. I moan enjoying her teasing… for now.

“Do you like this? Or should I just go back to rubbing my ass on you?” she teases me. I kiss her neck and pull her on top of me.

“I think you can tell I like it.” I say.

“Indeed I can.” she says and shows me her fingers that are now covered in my wetness. She slips her fingers into my mouth and lets me taste them. She kisses me and starts playing with my clit again. It swells under her magic fingers.

“I want you inside me.” I whisper in her ear. Lucky for me she gives me what I want right away. She slowly slides her index and middle finger inside me. She slides them in and out slowly while she kisses and bites my neck. I moan and hump her hand so that my clit bumps against her palm. I want her to go faster and she knows it but she continues her slow pace.

“Ash stop teasing me. You know I want more.” I say.

“I know but I want to try something. I want to come at the same time as you.” she tells me.

“How do you propose we do that?” I ask.

“Let me grind my pussy against yours.” she says. The idea of Ashley’s clit rubbing mine and her juice mixing with mine makes my clit ache for attention. She places herself into position straddling my pussy. She lifts my right leg up and holds it for more support and leverage. She spits and it lands perfectly on my clit. She lowers her pussy down onto mine and slowly grinds back and forth; her spit escort marmaris covers both of our clits making it nice and wet. Feeling her clit and lips sliding across my pussy feels amazing.

“Mmm faster.” I tell her. Ashley starts to grind against my pussy faster. I take my hand and pull my hood back so my clit is completely exposed to hers. We are both so wet that Ashley grinds against me with ease. I can feel my muscles tightening and I am getting close.

“Oh god I’m close.” she says. I grab her hips and pull her against me so that there is even more pressure. Ashley speeds up and I feel her legs shaking. Her pace slows as her orgasm hits and her legs start to give out. Seeing her come on my pussy makes my own orgasm begin. My hands dig into her hips as she continues to grind slowly against my pulsing pussy. She does a few more gentle humps then kisses and releases my leg. She lifts herself off of me leaving a giant wet patch all over my pussy. She looks down at the mess we have made and smiles.

“Enjoying the view?” I ask.

“I’m about to enjoy it a lot more.” she says. She starts licking all around my pussy, licking it clean. She takes my clit into her mouth and I jump. It is still sensitive from her tribbing me. I pull away a little trying to get some of the pressure off but Ashley holds me to her mouth.

“You’re going to take it Mia and I’m going to make you come hard.” she says, that evil look has returned to her eyes. That look drives me crazy and I shove my pussy into her mouth. She goes back to sucking on my clit hard. It is so intense I almost can’t take it. I grit my teeth and my hips buck. My orgasm is approaching and it is approaching fast. I can’t even tell Ashley I’m going to come before I explode. My head is spinning and I’m seeing stars. Ashley kisses my stomach and lets me calm down.

“That was amazing.” I tell her and give her a gentle but long kiss.

I’m making Ashley and myself some breakfast when I feel her arms wrap around me. She kisses and licks my neck. I close my eyes and enjoy the feel of her mouth on me. Her hands travel up my shirt and her fingers rub across my nipples. I moan and turn around

“Babe I’m going to burn the eggs if you keep doing that.” I say. She pouts and removes her hands from my shirt. I kiss her on the forehead.

We sit down at the table and start eating. I keep getting distracted and staring at the beautiful girl across from me.

She notices me staring at her. “What are you looking at silly girl?” she asks smiling at me.

“One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.” I reply.

She laughs, “That was so cheesy but really sweet.” she says.

It’s time to bring up the serious discussion. “I’m going to break up with Brad.” I tell her.

“Really?” she asks.

“Yeah, he is a nice guy and all but I don’t really have a connection with him.” I say. She isn’t really giving me the reaction I was hoping for. I was expecting more of a happy yay now we can be together let’s celebrate reaction. She just keeps looking at me with a puzzled look on her face.

“Tell me what you are thinking Ashley.” I say to her. Those ice blue eyes meet mine; I can see fear behind them.

“Mia I think you are gorgeous and amazing, but what is going to happen with us when you leave Brad?” she asks.

“What do you mean?” I say.

“Well you know I haven’t officially come out. The only people who know I’m a lesbian are you and a couple of ex-girlfriends. Brad certainly doesn’t know and I’m not ready to tell him.” she says.

“I know but as far as he knows we are just really close friends. That doesn’t have to change. We don’t have to go around wearing rainbow everything and parading around our lesbian relationship. Plus I definitely haven’t come out as being bisexual.” I say. She gives me a small smile.

“I think it is going to be awkward if you are always hanging around after dumping Brad. He seems to have really fallen for you.” Ashley says. Hearing that pains my heart a little. I never wanted to hurt anyone.

“I have to do it. It’s really not fair to him.” I say.

“Ok then I support your decision.” she says. She gets up and clears our plates from the table. She gives me a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks for breakfast. It was good.”

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