30 Love Ch. 01


** To my readers, I broke this story up because I’ve noticed of late that my writing is getting long-winded. Rather than post a nine page story I’ve decided this one had a good breaking point so I shortened it by half. I hope you enjoy!


I picked up this job after visiting a few times during my college years. The resort wasn’t the usual spring break destination, but my folks had a condo here and it was a nice get away from the books, late night cramming and cold New England winters. I started playing tennis as a kid, and when I came to the island the tennis pro used to teach me even more, I think a few of our lessons were pro buono because he was annoyed by the rich old ladies flirting with him. I got a call from him this past winter asking if I wanted to give him a hand by giving some tennis lessons over the summer. I took him up on the offer when he told me what I could expect to make in tips. That’s how I ended up here, and it’s been sun and fun since. Well sun and some fun, and a few obnoxious old ladies trying to hit on me.

The weekend was quiet, but it was still early in the season and there had only been a few lessons to give. The resort was cool, I stayed in a little two bedroom bungalow for employees. My roommate Rick was a waiter that was also here for the summer. I stopped by the rec directors office this morning to see if there were any sessions for tomorrow. I had the day off today since the weekend crowd had cleared out.

He said that Bob, the pro, passed on a lesson and asked if I wanted it for tomorrow. A one hour session set up by a Ms. Rossi. She listed herself as a beginner/intermediate that was rusty. I killed the day roaming around doing a little beach combing in the afternoon. I wondered if she was going to be another nouveau-riche middle aged woman or elderly retiree.

Tuesday came and I headed down to the beach for some swimming in the morning before meeting up with Ms. Rossi at one. I made it back in time to grab a quick lunch and shower. I made my way down to the court with my racket, wondering what I was in for. I stopped by the little bar between the courts and said hi to Rick, and the bartender Julie. Now Julie was a find. She was a hot brunette about thirty or so that seemed about as laid back as you could get. Rick and I both tried to get a date with her to no avail. She tended to treat us like little boys but in a sweet way without being condescending. She asked if I had any lessons today and I said I did with a Ms. Rossi. Julie’s brows went up.

“Well aren’t you in luck.” She said. “Stacey? I have your one o’clock over here.” She said smiling over her shoulder. A lady I hadn’t spotted at the other end of the curved bar lifted her head and stretched to see around Julie. I was shocked for a moment at the sight. There sat a tall woman with long blond hair in a white polo shirt. She wasn’t tanned like most everybody else which screamed tourist. She was probably about Julie’s age I’d say thirty-ish, with bright blue eyes and a killer smile. In essence she was hot. She stood and walked around the bar and held out her hand.

“Hi I’m Stacey, you must be Chip.” She said. Her voice was smooth and husky. “Do you want to get started?” I swear I saw a sparkle in her eye as she said that.

“I think that’s my line.” I said smiling. She walked around the bar and leaned forward picking up her bag. The view she gave was terrific, long lean legs led up to a tight round ass that her shorts did entirely too good a job of hiding. I felt a slight nudge in the kidney from Rick and got a sly smile from Julie which spoke volumes as to how tough my afternoon was going to be.

We walked towards the courts and chatted about tennis, how she used to play when she could but it was for fun never for competition. She enjoyed it and wanted to brush up on her game for summer. I noticed by her accent she was from the Boston area, which caused her to smile.

“Yea we don’t use many R’s up there.” She chuckled, pronouncing it ‘ahhs’. “You ever get up there?” She asked.

“I went to BU.” I chuckled. “Though I’m not from the Boston. I’m from western Pennsylvania myself, near Pittsburgh.”

“Cool, I bet you hit the north end pretty hard then. My old stomping grounds.” She replied.

We compared notes on places we’d been and bars we’d been to. She was really personable and very easy to talk to. She walked onto the court ahead of me and dropped her bag pulling her racket out of the side and walked a few paces and began stretching. I set down a basket of balls, and joined her, but mostly just gawked at her. She had the body of an athlete, lean and strong, her arms actually bulged when she flexed.

“Uh not to sound like a jerk, but do you work out?” I asked. “You’re not my usual type of pupil.”

“What’s your usual type of pupil?” She smiled.

“Arthritic old guys and their horny wives.” I chuckled.

She smiled over her shoulder looking me up and down. “Well I’ve been a runner since college. I’m a bit of a jock actually, nothing specific but I don’t hesitate to join in a game of one on one, or some isvecbahis backyard football or some beach volleyball. I stay pretty active, but don’t worry, I’ll take it easy on you to start.” She gave me a sexy smile and I’d swear she winked at me.

“You have me curious now. You put on the form, rusty amateur, now I’m a little worried. Let’s see your form, go ahead over to the other side of the court.” I pulled the ball machine over and parked it loading the bin and turning it on.

“You want to see my form, on the first date? You work pretty fast. I like that.” She said as she walked around the net. I stood there dumb-founded. She was openly flirting, and I know damn well that wiggle in her walk was not there a minute ago. She reached behind with both arms stretching her arms and shoulders. Her polo shirt pulled tight over an incredible chest. Her breasts weren’t huge but nicely proportional to her body.

“Let’s try some forehand shots first.” I aimed the ball machine and grabbed the controller and stepped to the side and lobbed a ball at her and she nailed it hard off the fence. “Easy, you’re not trying to put one over the Green Monster at Fenway.” I chuckled. “Reach back, follow through and prepare for the next volley.” I lobbed a few more balls at her and she smoothed out and was getting warmed up nicely. I saw beads of sweat running down her face. The Florida sun was making her glow. “Okay, how about some back hand to see how you do.”

“Oh the backhand I’m good at, my mother taught me everything I needed to know as a kid.” She laughed. I smiled imagining her to be a handful as a kid. She dropped a few into the net, and I walked over to her side of the net and showed her a better foot placement, and had her loosen up her grip a bit. She knocked the next two over the net, and one went wild outside the line.

“Here.” I said, as I walked up to her and turned her away from me. I reached around her taking her wrist in my hand, and as she noticed what I was doing she stepped back into me nestling her body into mine. She was only a few inches shorter than me and her ass pushed into my semi hard cock. I took a deep breath and did my best to think of anything else. I motioned for her to loosen her wrist and reached left, wrapping my arm around her, her right breast pressing into my arm. “Keep your arm straight, and level, and as you swing forward, lift with your body and the ball will clear the net.” I said.

“Like this?” She said bringing my arm around again, pulling me against her. Despite my mind doing its best to not think about her body, nature took hold and I felt myself getting hard as a post.

I let go of her wrist and stepped back and she looked over her shoulder at me, scanning down at the bulge in my shorts and grinned. I hit the button on the machine and a ball came sailing across the net at her and she missed it by a mile.

“Keep your eye on the ball.” I said.

“I thought I was.” She laughed over her shoulder. I fired a few more at her and she followed through with the swing putting them right on the service line. The lady was a fast learner, and good at taking direction. I needed to stop staring at her ass, so I picked up the ball collector and started picking them up. I sent her a few more altering the height and speed. She rolled onto the balls of her feet and started darting quickly to meet barrage I was sending her. She did a damn good job of returning most of them.

“Ready for a little volley time?” I said smiling.

“Bring it on baby!” She yelled back with an ear to ear grin. I moved the machine out of the way clearing the court of loose balls. I grabbed two and walked back to the court with my racket. I bounced one and knocked over the net and she darted and drilled it back at me. She was aggressive with her return which had me wondering how hard I could push her as I soft balled it back to her. She dodged aside taking the ball on her backhand like I’d shown her and she put it right over the net with a nice spin and dropped it short making me scramble to get to it. If I’d been keeping score it would have been a close thing. I was sweating up a storm as she kept me on the run for the next half hour. I finally gave in and ended the lesson, thought it was more of a match of wills than a lesson. As we walked over to our bags she set her racket down and whipped her sweaty polo off over her head. I stopped and stared at her smooth skin and her breasts held nicely by a white sports bra. She looked at me with a sly smile.

“So, how’s my form coach?” She asked. I blinked a few times, my jaw slack. I wasn’t completely sure that my heavy breathing was from the work out I’d just had or from seeing her bra. She fanned herself for a few then reached for a water bottle, popping the squirt top and directing it into her mouth then her face and chest. She stood there glistening as she swallowed her water looking at me, her eyebrows rising. It was then that I realized she was waiting for a response.

“I um, uh, your form is great.” I said wide eyed, stammering. She reached into her bag and pulled out a towel and began isveçbahis giriş toweling off her face and chest. She pulled at the elastic band of the bra loosening it from her skin.

“I can’t wait to get this off and take a nice long shower. I might even get a massage this afternoon.” She tilted her neck back and forth stretching it. She looked at me, smiling again. “Honestly I’m flattered, but you must have seen a girl in a bra by this point in your life.”

I stammered, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to stare.” I reached down into my bag and grabbed my towel, and a I had an epiphany. I wasn’t sure if she was teasing the hell out of me or if she was a really forward person. So I figured I’d test the water. “I’ve seen girls in bras before, but none of them looked as ripped as you do. I’m used to humoring rich old ladies, not getting thumped by hot young ladies.”

“Really.” She said her smile getting wider. “What’s so different?”

“None of them ever got me hard showing them a backhand stroke.” I had no idea what kind of reaction I was going to get, but I couldn’t stop myself from saying it. In for a penny, in for a pound.

She reached down into her bag and pulled out her phone and looked me right in the eye after dialing a number.

“Hello? Yes this is Stacey Rossi, in 1024, I’d like to know if Chip has time for another tennis lesson tomorrow. Good, is he available early? Ten sounds perfect, please put me in for two hours though, not just one. Thank you.” She pulled the phone down tapping the screen without looking at it, and tossed it back in her bag.

“How’s your endurance?” She asked me.

“I guess I’d better get to bed early.” I grinned.

“You don’t know the half of it.” She reached up and wrapped an arm around my neck and pulled me towards her, our lips touched and our mouths melted together, our tongues lashing as I pulled her to me. She released me from our lip lock.

“I wasn’t kidding about that shower and massage.” She grinned. “What are you doing for dinner? Or is there some silly rule against fraternizing with the guests.”

“Technically, I’m a guest too, 1215. I’m just working for the summer because I love it here, and I was recruited by the regular tennis pro who is on vacation for a couple weeks.” I smiled.

“Well my folks tell me there’s a nice little seafood shack a little ways down the beach. Can I buy you dinner as my way of saying thank you for a great work out?” She asked, knowing I’d say yes.

“I don’t know, I’ll have to check with my social secretary.” I said looking over her shoulder. “There’s the dinner with the senator, no that’s next week.” I felt a hand caressing my cock through the front of my shorts. My mouth went dry as I looked into her eyes. “Yes.” I croaked, my voice catching in my throat.

“Good.” She said with a satisfied smirk. “You know my number.” She leaned in to my neck and whispered it again, and kissed me on the neck. She bent down and packed her gear whipped the towel around her neck, freeing her ponytail. She gave me a wink. “Catch ya later sexy.” She stepped out of the gate and left me standing there with a raging hard on and my mouth hanging open.

I stood there for a few moments wondering if I was imagining what just happened. I grabbed my bag and wandered back to the bar. It was the middle of the afternoon and most of the people that were here were down at the beach or at the pool. Julie saw me coming and set an icy water bottle up on the counter.

“You alright? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” She said squinting at me.

“Well she isn’t very tan but I’d hardly call her a ghost.” I said grinning suddenly.

Julie’s eyebrows shot up. “You did not just defile the tennis courts in broad daylight with the cougar.”

It was my turn for the eyebrow elevation. “Cougar?” I asked. “How old is she?”

“Well I wasn’t sure so I carded her, she’s got you by a few years Chip.” She said smiling.

“How old.” I said sternly.

“Like your dick is gonna care!” She laughed.

“Seriously she looks your age, what is she about thirty?” I asked. Jules threw her bar rag at my head.

“I’m twenty nine jerk! She’s got seven years on me!” She said testily. “Though I’ll give you that, she sure as hell doesn’t look it.” She added quietly.

“Thirty six?” I looked over my shoulder at the main building. “Damn, she’s fourteen years older than I am?” I thought, she sure as hell didn’t look, act, or play like it.

I looked back at Jules and shrugged. “Oh well, we’re having dinner tonight. I’ll keep you posted.”

“Nice work Romeo. Just don’t let her chew you up and spit you out. Enjoy it while it lasts but don’t let her have that.” She said pointing at my chest.

“Don’t worry, I don’t think that’s what she’s after.” I said grinning. I thanked her for the water and made my way back to my bungalow to shower and relieve a little stress that had built up in my shorts.


I stepped into the warm spray and lathered up, the water washing away the sweat. I tried to think about anything besides Stacey, but that kiss isveçbahis yeni giriş kept bringing me back. The bold move she’d made stroking me through my shorts. I looked down and it appeared that I wasn’t alone in my appreciation of her charms.

“Damn you for not paying attention to me.” I said looking down at my raging hard cock. “A pretty girl pets you and you’re like a puppy wanting to follow her home.” From what my past college dates told me I was slightly above average, one girl I went out with for a couple months told me she’d never seen a cock as thick as mine, which I learned was a good thing. I didn’t figure that she’d had much experience but I no longer worried that I would ‘size up’ on a date after that. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and let the water run over me as I imagined Stacey in the shower. The water cascading off her tight body. Frothy soap bubbles sliding over her breasts. I wondered what her nipples looked like, were they big with wide pink areola or were they small and dark. Either way I knew I’d love them, and hoped I got the chance to find out tonight. I stroked my cock wondering if she was shaved or not, maybe she had a little landing strip. My hand moved faster as my mind imagined her with a razor shaving herself for me right now. When she rinses off she’ll begin massaging herself thinking of me.

I cleaned the mess off the shower wall and got out, toweling myself off and made my way out to the little kitchenette we had, to grab a cold drink. The more I tried to not think about her, the more I did. I flipped on the TV on, hoping to find something that would get my mind off her, with no luck. I decided to take a short walk. I avoided the main areas skirting the edges of the property and found myself down by the motor pool. Which was basically a garage where small vehicles were kept for the resort. There were a couple golf carts in one bay and a couple four wheel ATV’s in another. I walked past the garage and followed a path through the growth and found my way to a putting green that I hadn’t noticed before. The one thing that this place didn’t have, which may be an issue for some, is a golf course. The island is too small, and there is a public club on the mainland just down the coast a few miles. I wandered along the edge of the greens noting that there was a small patio laid out with a couple lounge chairs and tables for those not putting. I found myself wandering along the edge of the beach and looked up, seeing the deck of the place Stacey was wanted to have dinner at later. I looked at the time and decided that she might be done with her shower and massage by now, and called her.

“Hi Chip.” She said, and I could tell by the way she said it she must have been smiling.

“Hi Stacey, I was wandering the beach and wondered when you wanted me to pick you up for dinner.” I said, a stupid grin crept across my face.

“Well I already called and reserved a table on the deck for 7 so probably 6-ish?” She replied. “I figured we’d just walk as it’s only a short way.”

“Sounds great to me.” She had no idea how great. “I’ll pick you up then.”

“Do you remember the number?” She teased.

“1024” I whispered into the phone.

“Good, see you then sweety.” She said chuckling.

I had about an hour or so to get ready and get over to her room. I decided to go upscale casual and got out my dress slacks and a nice shirt, and a light sport coat. I finished it off with a pair of loafers, and in homage to my location I skipped the socks, after all it is the tropics. I even went for a light splash of cologne, one an old girlfriend had given me, she said it had incredible panty-dropping abilities. One could only hope.

I looked at the time on my cell just as I turned it off, 6:18, a little early. I reached up and gave a knock on the door. A moment later I was greeted with a holler from the other side to come on in. I opened the door into a nice living room, beyond was a small kitchen with breakfast bar. I could hear movement in the next room. I assumed it was Stacey getting ready.

“It’s just me.” I said.

“I guessed as much.” She laughed. “Did you want a drink before we go? There’s stuff under the bar, the right side.”

“Plying me with liquor? Do you think I’m that easy?” I teased.

She poked her head around the door grinning. “I don’t think I have to. Do you? I’ll have a Crown on the rocks if you’re pouring.” Somehow I didn’t think she needed any liquid encouragement but why not. It’s not likely to be a problem showing up for my first lesson hung over if the person I was going to be teaching did the deed. I went over to the cabinet, found some glasses and the bottle she mentioned and poured two drinks. “I didn’t think you could look better than you did this afternoon in your shorts and club polo.” She said from the other room. “You clean up nice.” We both laughed.

She walked out of the bedroom adjusting an earring and I stopped dead in my tracks and stared. She was standing there in a sexy little black dress, so short that it showed off her gorgeous legs, it cinched in at the waist and the halter top was filled out nicely, hugging her breasts. She had combed back her hair on one side and pinned it back. A small gold pendant hung around her neck. She looked up and saw my expression and looked at me shocked.

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