446 life at mallow manor


446 life at mallow manor446 life at mallow manor Part 4Bessy was up as usual early, her backside painful, her sex full of her young partners seed, but with a spring in her step that said she had enjoyed the whole experience, even if sitting was a chore today. Monty in turn had got out of bed somewhat tired, before Mary had arisen and could have caught him leaving the flat, he had stolen away and returned to his own room. A timid knock from the bathroom heralded the butler returning his mother, thanking him and sealing away by a circuitous route via back stairs to return to his own quarters to bathe and change into a respectable Butler once again.Muriel stood for her son still naked, as he checked with a finger, that she had fresh seed in her body as he had ordered. He then knelt before her and began to clean her body. it was to be the ultimate for Monty, this ritual cleaning of his mother before breakfast each time this night had happened.He noted a bite on her left breast, the lips of her sex red and well used and the red lines of the three strokes almost gone, he explained, “ Bessy, had marks still and her backside was still very marked and sore, though she was up and cooking as usual… without knickers though….” They dressed tiredly, then went to take breakfast, outwardly a perfectly normal family.Tuesday came and the women took tea as was the regular occurrence nowadays, until this nothing had been really said, about the Saturday night games, it had just not been the moment, but now the two women sat in front of a good fire as a storm slatted at the leaded windows and without embarrassment they discussed Saturday evening as you or I would discuss a village fete! Muriel started the conversation, by asking about “how is your comfort sitting down now?” It was a leading question, an ice breaker and it worked well. The cook explaining that she had, “one or two good bruises and one nick that was taking its time to vanish, but on the whole, she was ok now, and felt a lot more settled and less frustrated for the experience!” Muriel smiling, said that, “if she hadn`t experienced it, just a little herself, she would have felt differently about it, on the face of it, it is such a way out thing to do, to give yourself for up for a dose of pain like that, but having taken those three strokes, and given total control of her body to another person, was, was well… liberating somehow… it was difficult to explain!”Bessy, said that “now she was into it and understood a little… would she do it again?” The answer was hesitant but Muriel, after a moment said, “well I suppose I would really… especially the bondage… that surge of excitement when you give yourself and you are secure and can`t do a thing about changing what is to happen to you is enjoyable, and even being whipped had its effect, though unlike you I couldn’t stand that many strokes, and the high spot, that climax, well that was more intense than I can ever remember …” Her companion smiled then remarked, “I told you didn`t I, I don’t normally have that many strokes, but I wanted Barry to understand, and I must admit even he was turned on by the time we left that room. At least he told me so afterwards” She laughed, then added “Was he man enough for you?” Muriel grinned then said, he was rampant, and I was very tired all Sunday… and how you did the meals I don’t know!” they laughed the cook saying, “Monty too was really unstoppable… “She said, “his energy and after that last hard stroke down there and with coping bahis şirketleri with the discomfort of that stinging bruise…well I must say it was something else, but it got me going …” they laughed happily, Then quietly Muriel said “And the kiss..” the room fell silent for a moment, Then the blushing cook in a little more than a stage whisper said, “well, I felt I was overstepping my position in the household, but the lad insisted,” she coloured up a little more, Muriel quickly reassured her “on these afternoons and the monthly meet Bessy, when just you and me, just us friends, are together and no one else is present, we are just that, friends and friends are equals, so please say what you mean, not what you feel that I should want to hear.” She smiled broadly then added, “personally it was an area I have not enjoyed since boarding school, and it took me back a bit, kissing another woman.” The cook still blushing said, “other than a polite peck with relatives, till then I had never even held a woman, or touched her, never mind kissed her properly like that.Muriel smiled, then said, “did you enjoy it?” Bessy dry of throat and blushing exclaimed that she had, “Found it most stimulating, but it was the wrong moment back then, and there was other things to do before the effect of the strap wore off, and men were present too!”Muriel smiled and rather brazenly said, “Would you like to try it again then? We have time today,” a smile broke on the cooks face, like sun across a hillside, but a quick glance at the door said she was worried of discovery. Muriel rose from her seat, took the larger ladies hand and suggested; “they went and looked at her rooms!” A few moments later in Muriel`s room the door firmly closed behind them and their lips met in a passionate kiss that went on for quite a while. Hands gently explored one another, together still clothed, they sat on the big old fourposter, falling back like schoolgirls they cuddled, the thinner woman taking the lead, soft breasts were fondled, feminine fingers exploring under the dress of her companion, gently probing, more kisses, tender loving caresses, each exchange more passion filled, while outside the storm raged, and the wind rattled the windows.Wednesday, Hodges drove her ladyship to the village hall, the hall they used as a local courtroom. The first person arrayed was the woman Martha, accused of prostitution, which was a simple case of reading the charges, then remanding her for a higher authority. The second was Ned a well-known local poacher, who took a fine of five shillings in his stride as a hazard of his chosen work, and no doubt taking the constables order for rabbits, as he left the courtroom. The last was the gardener, contrite and worried, the local doctor actually speaking up for him, telling of his pending eviction and so on. the lad was told not to do it again and another fine of five shillings was passed, with the option of thirty days if he could not to pay by Friday. In tears now He was then told to report to the hall the very next day at ten.On the Thursday a fine dry day if a little windy, at ten prompt the quaking young man appeared. He was ushered into the drawing room, then Muriel silently accompanied him to the walled garden. “Could you get this garden into trim, if you were full time here young man, really productive and with excess veg for the village poor?” it was the last thing he expected after yesterday, his reply was, that he would but he would not be available as bahis firmaları he could not afford the fine she had granted him yesterday, and that when he came from jail he would be homeless anyway, so no, he didn’t feel it would be right to say he could, though he knew it was possible. She smiled and asked once more, “But could you really do it if you were available?” “yes madam I could” she smiled then asked if he had spoken to Mary, (though she knew from Bessy that the girl had told her he had)He regarded her strangely then said “Well I had, but then I found I was being evicted and then with the fine…” she smiled “Then if I gave you a full time job, looking after the garden and the pony, and what you sell from the garden will be your pay, with some accommodation, thrown in and if I advanced you the five shillings against your first pay then, would that solve the problems of us both?” his face shone with joy, “this way you get a lively-hood, a dry roof to live under, a room, meals and eventually I suspect, a wife,”That lad soon left for the village driving the pony in the open cart, bound first for the police house to pay his fine, then on to his cottage to collect the few items he owned. By late that very afternoon he was sorting himself in his room up over the stables a small flat once used by the ostler, in need now of a good clean and a spruce up, but just two steps from his beloved Mary. Another member of the staff had arrived.Things for the rest of the month settled well, The two ladies, enjoying one another for ‘afternoon tea’ twice a week taken now in madams room rather than the drawing room, Monty, Muriel`s son was still being a gentleman and only sleeping with his mother at night! Oh, and its true he used the cuffs to secure her nowadays, though that was her idea and he never inflicted any pain, saying that was for the once a month meeting s only! He really meant that he was worried about getting carried away in reality, but he wouldn’t admit that freely. The Hodges, that’s Barry and Bessy, as a married couple, rather like we all do, slept together irregularly, as and when the moment took them, venturing into games occasionally, Barry enjoying bathing with his lady, though even in a big old roll top bath it was a squeeze with a 22stone lady! She had worked out The, only reason was, that they could play his favourite game, and urinate during high spot of the tryst, just as they were about to climax and still not spoil the carpet! Mike had settled in well, working hard on garden or greenhouse dependent on the weather, the old flat over the pony`s stable too was taking shape, Mary, his now betrothed partner, assisting him most evenings to clean or paint the place till as late as 10 pm some evenings, which suited the mistress well, all part of her plan to get the girl from the main building and allowing what she termed “the players” more privacy!A date was set for their wedding, no grand affair this but a local wedding followed by a meal laid on by Bessy and paid for by the Mistress, and organised for the 1st of April (appropriately all fools day)Muriel, with Bessy`s help, decided the time the monthly tryst needed to change, it moved to the weekend after the local court, rather than proceeding it, Muriel not wishing to have to sit, “presiding” if she was bruised or incapacitated, this being her only regular out of manor pursuit. Oh, she opened fetes, flower shows, irregularly attended church, that sort of stuff, but on the whole, she lived at kaçak bahis siteleri the Manor and seldom sallied forth.Thus, it was that when the red faced constable came to visit next, it was like he was unsuspectingly heralding the next tryst, the days passed slowly, local justice was meted out on the Wednesday Mike driving the trap to the village this time, reporting the progress to Muriel of the garden, the flat and Mary in that order as the trotted down to the hall. She meted out justice as usual and they returned to the manor under umbrellas the rain having begun as they left the village hall, On the Saturday as usual the gang readied themselves as before, Monty, however deciding to check the progress and approve the work at the flat while in reality checking that Mary was out of the main building and the coast was clear. He was soon back in his room redressing himself in what he referred to as “suitable attire!” (his PJ`s). He and Barry between them had not been idle, they had had made, by the saddler in the next village, collars and leads, black wide and studded, ostensibly for two large guard dogs, strangely they were to the collar sizes of the two women,It happened there were no dogs at the Manor, but they knew the word would be passed round, rumours as they knew, would circulate that the manor had huge slavering guard dogs now, which was no bad thing in these hard times, as would be burglars being plentiful in Wiltshire! Monty had also commissioned a crop, and this too had been collected for testing this very evening.The young master without knocking entered his mother`s room via the adjoining shared bathroom, his mother sat, dressed in her usual silks finishing her make-up, her hair held up with a matching ribbon, and her shoe buckles glittering, She looked perfect, and on the dressing table lay the single strip of wide and soft leather with the two loose loops at either end, those cuffs that she had come to enjoy, when placed round her wrists, the looped ends when the central rope was tightened would almost caress her skin as the nooses gripped and held her, rendering her totally unable to resist any mortal thing this strong willed young man, or her subsequent butler lover had in mind for her and that idea set her heart racing.She saw the lad coming from the bathroom, smiled her welcome, then turned back to her mirror. His hands encircled her throat from behind not wishing to spoil her make up …yet… he kissed her left ear. He told her to “close your eyes my lover!” she did just that, and nimble fingers produced the collar and quickly buckled it in its place. She opened those pretty eyes, wide now with surprise, and raised her hands to the symbolic collar, a broad smile breaking out as she realised the significance. He had her stand, remove the silken clothing, then told her to dress in a good solid basque, one of those that she used with the open top breasts for evening-wear, which she did delicately placing her lovely breasts on the uplifting tray, so they looked like cream cakes in a bakers window complete with cherry`s! He kissed her then clipping on her lead he slid the leather band over her wrists behind her. With no stress on the cuffs they both knew a flick of the wrist and her arms would be free, but it was as symbolic as the collar. He looked deep into her eyes then quietly said, “Tonight my sweet lady, you will be used by myself and the marks I promise will last a good week, they will be struck on your exposed breasts, or backside, when you are secured, whether you have the same as Bessy finished with, last time is up to you but if you wish it, just ask.” He paused as she eyed him with a steady gaze, that said nothing of the confusion of thoughts running through her brain!

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