A Change of Pace


We have both just turned in for the evening. You are watching one of your shows, your back turned to me while I am reading. The epitome of married life. I close my book and roll over, spooning into your curves. I love the warmth of your body, the smell of your skin. I curl an arm around your waist and pull myself against you. Disappointed I discover that you are clothed.

“High babe, just watching my shows. There shouldn’t be too long left I’ll shut if off soon.” You tell me.

I wriggle higher and kiss your neck lightly in response. I try to lay still and avoid disturbing you, but lying close to you like this begins to trigger more primal needs. My hand snakes its way under your shirt. With little preamble, it slides up and gently fondles your breast.

“What are you up to mister?” You question in a teasing voice.

“Nothing, just playing” I kid back, my fingers brush over your nipple teasing it.

“Oh, that feels nice darling.” You whisper. I continue to play with you, delighting in the feel of your breast cradled in my hand.

“Darling I’m watching my show!” You exclaim in mock annoyance.

Chastised, I roll away from you sulking inwardly. I jump out of bed and go to get us both a glass of water, and to calm my desire. Surprised you watch me leave, unsure what just happened. Mike isn’t too perceptive, poor fellow.

Standing in the kitchen, I glance across at the new TV streaming hardware that I purchased earlier that day. I grab a two glasses of water and head back to bed, halfway there inspiration hits me. You look up as I come back into the room, I find myself smiling at your reaction.

“What the heck” you say as I throw a pile of pillows on the bed.

“Two seconds darling, I’ll explain shortly.” Grabbing your Ipad off of you, I place it next to the TV. Moments later the TV springs to life displaying the show that you were just watching. Smiling proudly, I stack up the pillows at the end of the bed and beckon you to lie facing the screen. I fuss about making you comfortable, adjusting the picture quality and sound.

“So this is what you spend money on today!” You exclaim. “I like it.”

“Comfortable darling, you want to keep watching your show?” I instruct as you settle yourself.

“Oh sorry darling just hop up for moment.” I say rearranging pillows yet again, adding more in an odd fashion. I indicate for you to lie down, it doesn’t look particularly comfortable, but you play along isveçbahis anyway. The placement of the pillows is awkward; your head is down while there are several pillows under your waist raising your hips up. You turn your head from the TV to see me standing nude beside the bed with a massive erection.

“Darling, marriage is about compromise. I’ll let you watch your show, if you let me inside you.”

Dumbfounded you watch me climb onto the bed behind you.

“Are you serious?” you ask trying to figure out what I am playing at. This is quite out of character for the normally reserved man that you know.

You receive no verbal reply, however hear the sound of cutting. Looking back over your shoulder at me you see a pair of scissors in one hand, strips of you underwear loosely hanging from the other.

“Just enjoy your show darling. I am going to enjoy you.”

With your underwear removed, I feast on the vision of your hairless pussy. Seeing you bent over like this, legs open slightly, sets my heart racing. Warm breath touches your honeyed lips.

“It is true! Mike is addicted to eating my pussy.” you think to yourself. To punctuate this thought you feel my tongue open your lips and slide over you. My mouth gently suckling your inner folds, savouring the taste of your flesh.

It withdraws far too soon.

You feel warm pressure as a throbbing probe pushes between your lower lips to sit at your opening. Teasingly it’s owner slides only the head back and forward between your lips, only briefly grazing across your cit.

“Enjoying the Show darling?” I ask, hand on the shaft of my engorged flesh, teasing the head up and down the slit of your opening. God I love this is feeling already, wetness from your body rapidly coating the crown of my cock.

“It’s starting to get good.” You reply back. Right now you couldn’t care less about the show, but if this is the game that Mike is playing, then you decide to play along.

Filled with a desperate, unquenchable desire for you, my beast is fully aroused. The head of the beast moves to your opening, pausing briefly it pushes forward trying to squeeze itself inside slowly.

“Ohh fuck.” you moan.

“Big plot twist Babe? I gasp, enjoying the glorious pressure that I am experiencing as I inch my monstrous shaft into your tight embrace.

“Huge, bigger than expected.” You manage to say as your body delights in the feelings of this ridged cock pushing isveçbahis giriş its way inside. It has been several days since either of us has had the chance to experience release. We both desperately need this, loving the intimacy of these shared moments.

With a torturously slow pace your body accepts mine inside. You pretend to return to watching your show. Slowly, gently, I begin sliding my huge member back and forth. Long, Slow, Deep thrusts. I withdraw each time leaving only the head of my monstrous cock buried inside you. Glistening juices stolen from deep within your pussy, coat my throbbing shaft.

I lean back to watch my own show, enthralled by the way that my swollen shaft stretches you open. The lips of your sex, curled around this thick rod, hugging it tightly.

“Is there much longer left in this episode darling?” I enquire, my slow steady thrusting never changing pace.

I feverously want to drive myself into you, hard and deep. But I force myself to wait for now. I look down to see you with your eyes closed, enjoying each deep thrust that permits the head of my beast to kiss your womb. Leaning forward over your back I gently pull the remote control from your hand.

“Let’s watch something else.” I whisper in your ear, still maintaining my slow thrusts. I make a show of playing through the channels before selecting one that I like.

“Oh great!” You think to yourself, annoyed. “He wants me to watch porn with him while he fucks me.”

I sense your annoyance, leaning forward over you I take your face in my hand kissing your cheek.

“Darling, it’s not what you think, look again.”

Gently I guide your head up to look at the screen. It takes a moment to register what you are seeing.

The screen is filled with a moving image; the image moves in time with each of my thrusts. Down between our legs, my phone is capturing everything, feeding live video straight to the screen.

“I wanted you to be able to see me fucking you” I whisper, lust making my voice rasp.

Fully withdrawing from you, a monstrous throbbing pole twitches on the screen. Slick with the honey from deep within you, it appears impossibly huge from this angle. You both watch and feel as I push forward, your pussy stretching to accommodate my girth.

“Oh baby, this is incredible, thank you. Please fuck me, make me cum on your dick.” You moan.

Strong hands grasp your hips. “I’m going to fuck you isveçbahis yeni giriş hard darling, are you ready?” I see you still watching the screen, waiting.

“Oh God yes!” you moan in response.

My engorged beast plunges into you, deep, hard, it firmly caresses your cervix. Swinging freely, heavy balls slap against the lips of your sex, stretched taught around the girth of this monstrous phallus.

Watching the screen, watching each other, the room is filled with the sounds of panting and moans. Punctuated only by the rhythmic wet slap of overly full balls against sensitive lips. I delight in the manly feeling to driving my hard cock into you. The sounds of pleasure that escape your mouth involuntarily as I plunge my steel hard beast home drive me wild.

The overload of sensory input builds forcing me to the edge. I know that I am going to cum, it is going to be mind-numbingly huge.

I look down at you, fingers clenched in the bed sheets, ivory white skin, dark hair free masking your face from me. I drink in the vision of your beauty. It drives me even closer to the edge, dangerously close, as I fight to keep myself from arriving too soon. My hand slips into your hair, gently pulling your head up from its position buried in the pillows. I don’t want to miss how this show ends.

Two huge balls begin to pull in tight against my body, the monstrous shaft of my cock starts to twitch as I fight to hold back the immense pressure building. The fight does not last long. With one last powerful thrust my cock drives deep into you. Hot sticky cum shoots forth in powerful streams. On the screen, you witness the enormous beast writhe inside you. Bucking in time with each forceful contraction that sprays its seed across your cervix.

The images, combined with the feelings generated by this massive pulsing beast buried deep inside you, trigger a stunning orgasm for you. Held deep within your pussy, I feel your muscles clamp down hard along every inch of my engorged flesh as you cum. I hear you moan as you ride your orgasm.

“What the he…” Is all I have time to think as my eyes roll back in my head and completely by surprise I find myself explode once again. Powerful blasts of semen drenching your womb.

I collapse over you breathing ragged and deep as the pleasurable spasms of your pussy lock us together in ecstasy.

“Well Darling we can tell people that we are famous now.” I gasp out of breath.

“Huh?” You take one last look at the screen, marvelling at how enjoyable it was to watch that monstrous cock plunge into you.

“We can tell people that we have been on TV” I joke. The joke is so bad you drop your head into the pillows.

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