A Consummated Affair


Kate was an attractive woman. Lithe and relatively fit, she had taken part in combined cycling/running and swimming events locally and we had become socially close with her and her husband. Our kids were of similar ages and they were a part of the social group we would hang out with at weekends. We had even been away together as a group for long weekends and my attraction for Kate had grown and grown. Thankfully, her feelings were reciprocated and we started flirting with each other whenever we were even briefly alone and had started to get in contact via private emails.

We met a couple of times secretly, somewhere not likely to be overseen or discovered by our respective partners and we had kissed, groped and fondled. One such occasion; we arranged for a secret rendez-vous at a local park, with bush walks and plenty of places to canoodle. Indeed, we ended up in a small but concealed clearing where I had fingered her to an orgasm and she insisted in pleasuring me in return! This woman gave the best blowjob I had ever experienced. She had such a talent that I exploded in her mouth before she had even got me fully erect and swallowed every drop with relish! We resolved there and then to meet up somewhere to consummate the lust we had for each other and that occasion arrived one day within a couple of weeks of our visit to the park.

I took it upon myself to book the motel, which we had both agreed upon and was not too local. I booked a room for the day and night under some ludicrous made up surname, paid cash on arrival and set up in the room at least an hour prior to our one o’clock tryst. I had taken a shower and thought of our impending meeting; soaped myself slowly whilst thinking of her.

Whilst I showered I also wet shaved, used the cool gel on both my face and my balls. The cool, mint feel of the gel on my balls aroused me as I envisioned the curves of her body, her delicious ass and her breasts. As I carefully shaved all around my balls I could feel them tingle and swell at the prospect of meeting with her, at last, my manhood engorged as I remembered our stolen kisses and discrete affair and what we had said in our private online emails…

After drying myself with a large, soft towel, I dressed and watched the clock. Thirty minutes before the agreed time. I pulled on my Chino’s over my black stretch satin briefs and slipped on a loose cotton short-sleeved shirt and socks. My heart pounded in anticipation.

Would she be here when she said she would be here?

I glanced briefly out of the window and sipped on a cool drink. My mouth was dry. I found myself pacing around aimlessly and nervously. It was ten minutes before the appointed time. I laughed to myself, which relaxed me as I waited in anticipation.

Suddenly, there was a gentle knock at the door. My heart jumped. It was early, only about seven minutes before the appointed time. I approached the window and peered through and there she was, waiting at my door. I opened the door and she smiled a nervous greeting.

“Hiya!” she offered.

I smiled in response and replied “Well, hello!” as she stepped forward into the room into my arms whilst I hung the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door handle then pushed the door closed and slid the security chain into position. We kissed a fond hello and I held her close as she raised her arms around my neck and looked up into my eyes, giving me a nervous smile.

“At last!” I sighed and we both laughed nervously. I noted the genuine laugh she emitted then reduced to a closed mouth smile and looked enquiringly at me, as if to ask me “Well, what now?”

Stepping back, I took her hands in mine and feasted on the sight of her. She was wearing a white, florid summer dress with a plunge neck, displaying a lovely glimpse of cleavage. Her finger and toenails were painted red and her pretty feet were encapsulated in a pair of white strappy sandals with stiletto heels.

“Well?” She enquired. “How do I measure up?”

“More than adequate” was all I could muster, with a smile. She looked incredible! She had a fantastic body, gorgeous pair of tanned legs and I had been admiring every small detail of her for ages.

“What do you want to do?” she asked. There was nervousness in her voice and she looked up at me, square in the eyes, as she asked me the question. I continued to hold her hands in mine as we faced each other.

“Let’s stay here…” I stated flatly and in an obvious tone as I stared straight back, noting the prettiness of her eyes, the tresses of her blonde hair, and the wry and knowing smile fixed on her lips.

I could hardly talk. I felt myself shaking internally with desire.

Gently, I stepped forward to her, still holding her hands in mine, I pressed her back against the wall and placed my mouth gently on hers, engaging her in a kiss, gently, softly, my tongue invading her lips as they opened to welcome me. Slowly and gently, I continued to hold her hands isveçbahis as we kissed, softly, yet passionately. I raised her hands up along the wall until they were above her head and continued to kiss her. I retreated from her lips, briefly, to look for a response in her eyes, across her face.

She instigated another kiss as I pinned her hands to the wall. I responded in kind, with more passion, gently sucking in her lips to mine, invading her mouth to meet her willing tongue. I released her hands from my grip and slowly slid my hands down along her arms. As I approached her elbows, I moved from her mouth to her cheek and gently sucked her left earlobe before moving to the nape of her neck. My hands continued to her shoulders so that almost involuntarily, she started to drop her hands. Immediately, I moved my mouth from her sweet neck grasped her hands in mine again and raised them up to the wall above her. She returned an intense stare and her eyes betrayed her arousal. I released her hands and she kept them in the raised position as I returned to her mouth, retracing my hands down her arms, gently brushing through her armpits down to her waist. I slipped my right hand behind her and lowered the zipper of her dress then slipped my hand inside to feast on the feel of her bareness under her clothing. I slipped both hands inside the gaping back of her dress, up her back and down to the curve at the base of her back.

In one smooth movement, I grasped the hem of her dress and raised it up, over her head and off, passing over her raised hands to reveal the glory of her breasts, cupped in a white lace bra and pertly pressed together to present their perfect, smooth roundness. I noted the hardness of her nipples beneath her bra and she gave out a gentle sigh, as I discarded her dress and placed my hands on her naked waist, returning to kiss her eager mouth.

Her arms had dropped partly as if in surrender as I gently caressed her body, slowly up her flanks and slipped my right hand around behind her back. With practised expertise and in one swift movement, I pressed the clasps together between forefinger and thumb and released the catch of her bra then slid my hands back around her flanks to her ribs, beneath her breasts, that were tantalizingly shielded loosely by her bra.

Gently, slowly and deliberately, I slid my hands up to cup her breasts in my hands. My thumbs moved deliberately onto her breasts to seek out her nipples as I moved my mouth from her hungry lips to her neck.

She gasped as my thumbs found their targets. Her nipples were erect and firm, yet soft and pliable to the touch as I teased them with my thumbs. Swiftly, I slid both hands up across her breasts to pull her bra upward over her head and she raised her arms compliantly to permit me to remove and discard her bra. My hands returned to her arms and slid downwards as I dropped slowly to my knees. Kissing down her neck, to her chest, licking and kissing her skin, down to the sweet smelling perfumed valley of her cleavage, my hands slid down onto her buttocks and pulled her body to my eager mouth. I licked and kissed her breasts, careful to lick past and around her erect nipples that brushed my cheeks as I worked on the soft fullness of each of her full breasts. I nibbled each in turn with my lips, allowing myself the luxury to lick the underside of each nipple until I could no longer resist taking each one in turn, sucking and biting them gently. I could feel her breathing becoming deeper and her sighs increasing in volume as I continued to tease and lick her nipples and breasts. I slipped my hands under her breasts and cupped them gently as I worked them onto my mouth, feeling her pressing her groin onto me, grinding against me. I gently released her breasts from my hands to move to the waistband of her white ZG-string. By now, her arms had lowered to the point that her hands were only shoulder high, still held pressed flat against the wall, her head cocked to one side as my mouth licked and suckled her breasts. My hands moved slowly down, over the naked roundness of her hips, onto the backs of her silky, soft thighs, my mouth moved downward at the same pace onto her belly, eagerly licking and kissing around her belly button.

I teased her there, deliberately missing her belly button whilst I delighted in the taste of her and the smell of her womanhood; the warm, sexual aroma that was coming from her quim, in the region close to my mouth that sought to explore its depths. My hands traced a path down the backs of her knees, down toward her ankles, as my mouth followed on down her belly to move to the mound of her womanhood that she pressed toward me.

Fingering the buckles of her sandals I released them, slipping a sandal from one foot, then the other.

In raising each foot in turn, she had parted her legs, as my mouth hungrily sought out the wetness of her pussy through the front of her panties. I licked the smooth skin of her pussy above isveçbahis giriş her pantie-line as I glanced up at her naked torso, to her breasts above me, to the look on her face, eyes half closed, head cocked to one side. Her hands were still pressed to the wall but by now had lowered to a point that they were level with her waist with her arms outstretched. I tasted the sweetness of her sex through her panties, which were soaked in a large wet patch at her opening and eagerly licked up along the valley between the lips of her soft, willing pussy to her swollen clitoris that I pressed with my tongue through the thin material. I licked along the edge of her panties inside her thighs, tasting her skin, sampling her wetness whilst my hands caressed her feet, moving up her legs and stroked the backs of her knees. I knew she was ready. I could taste her delicious wetness and she was urging her pussy onto my mouth. I slowly stood up by kissing a path up her body, pausing at her breasts and nipples to suckle them and to kiss her mouth with a soft loving kiss. I returned my hands to hers via her outstretched arms and our fingers entwined once again. I pressed against her and she could feel the hardness of the bulge in my jeans against her belly. I felt the sticky ooze in the front of my briefs as my cock bulged eagerly against the constraints placed upon it and she moved her hips to rub the lips of her pussy on my thigh, pressing her hip directly upon the restrained bulge of my engorged cock as we kissed passionately.

Suddenly, she pushed her hands from the wall whilst still grasping mine and in a swift movement, turned me so that my back was on the wall and raised my hands, pinning me in a position of surrender with hands raised. She broke off the kiss to lean forward to restrain me, whilst she looked me in the eye and smiled wickedly. I knew what she wanted and offered unspoken compliance, which I indicated with a smile in return.

Moving her hands from mine, she kissed me eagerly, moving to my neck as her hands worked expertly down the front of my shirt. She released the buttons one by one from the top right down to my waist then slipped her hands inside, spreading her fingers and stroking up through the hairs on my chest.

My arms dropped momentarily, but she swiftly grasped the underside of each elbow and pushed my arm up again, placed her hands on my wrists and pressed my hands to the wall, reinforcing her will with a short, deliberate push once in her desired position. I stood, arms raised in mock surrender as her mouth and thumbs moved to my erect nipples and she teased them, licking at them with the tip of her tongue as her hands stroked downwards and worked at the waist of my jeans. She raised herself up on tip-toes and kissed my mouth as she opened my jeans, pulling down on them so they were over my thighs. She released the kiss and all the while staring up into my eyes; pressed her breasts into me as I felt her hand stroke down along the shaft of my cock through my briefs, pulling my foreskin back and forth gently through the material. Suddenly, both hands were on my confined erection, one stroking the shaft of my cock, the other cupping my balls and gently squeezing them. She pulled her body away from mine and released me from her hands to pull my jeans down and off, bending at the waist with her fingers sliding into the top of each sock in turn to remove them with each leg of my jeans. As I lifted each foot to assist, her mouth was on my engorged cock, licking and nibbling the shaft through my briefs, sucking at the wetness around the swollen head, as if savouring the ooze of passion that I was emitting at my tip.

Releasing my arms from their feigned surrender, I slipped my shirt from my shoulders and let it drop to the floor as I gazed down on her, working with her mouth and her hands the front of my briefs, pulling and stroking, caressing and licking. She paused to look up at me and gave a wistful smile as she cupped my balls in one hand as the fingers of the other hand moved to my waistband. I was breathing deeply and I could feel my knees tremble as she pulled the waist of my briefs outwards. My engorged manhood sprung free onto her face and she immediately enclosed the swollen head in her mouth. She emitted a deliberate “Um!” as she took me further into her mouth, her tongue playing on the taught skin beneath my swollen glans, as she hungrily sucked and worked my foreskin with her lips, taking me into her mouth deeper, then out again, causing me to gasp aloud. As she stroked up and down my shaft with one hand, she pulled my briefs down and off and fondled the smoothness of my balls with the other hand.

I reached down and stroked her hair with one hand, the other falling at my side. Her mouth and tongue licked and sucked me, up and down my swollen shaft, capturing my cock in her mouth and taking me deeper, then tipping her head sideways and licking expertly down onto my balls. She stroked the isveçbahis yeni giriş length of my cock very gently as she held it up out of the way to gain access to my balls, which she licked and sucked gently into her mouth, one at a time. I could feel her tongue circling the bulbous head of my manhood as she gently sucked the pre-cum from me. She was an expert at giving head, as I had found previously and I could feel my urge rising, getting near to exploding as she worked me and I watched her pretty features contort to devour my manhood.

“You’re gonna make me come” I stated flatly in a trembling voice, causing her to release me from her mouth and stand to kiss me, still with the fingers of one hand firmly grasped around the shaft of my cock, the other fondling and gently squeezing my balls. I took her face in my hands and stroked her hair and face as we kissed. I gently pushed her from me and led her by the hand to the bed, urging her forward to crawl onto it, with one hand placed upon the small of her back, the other on her shoulder. She knew what I wanted and presented to me by crawling in a way that raised her lovely ass at me while shuffling along on her forearms. I gazed at the perfect roundness of her buttocks, the string of her white ‘G’ concealing that tight little place I would explore, the triangle of material covering the obvious outline of her pussy lips below.

I held her near the end of the bed by grabbing her hips and approached from behind, swiftly sliding her G-string down over her ass to her thighs to reveal her womanhood in all its feminine glory. I moved onto her with my mouth and licked with a flat tongue at her exposed pussy, causing her to moan and move her legs apart for me. I lowered my head to seek access to her clitoris with my tongue and licked at it from behind.

Delving with all I was worth with my head pushed under her from behind, I licked eagerly at her swollen bud, then up along the valley of her wetness, cleaning the swollen gaping lips of her juices, delving into her with a darting tongue, then up to her little asshole. All the while, I tugged her G-string down, over her knees as she raised her ass to lift up of the bed, pressing her exposed little hole into my face, while I pulled her G-string off over her pretty feet.

I flicked my tongue over and around her ass and pressed the end of my tongue into it, then licked upward to lick and kiss her lower back, up her spine to her shoulders and back of her neck.

This placed me in a position up on my knees and I took the opportunity to approach her exposed pussy with the tip of my manhood and gently placed the tip at the wet opening.

I grasped her gently on her hips and permitted myself only the luxury of inserting the swollen head of my cock into her exposed cunt, whilst I stroked my hands up her back, around her flanks and under to her breasts. I fondled them and gently squeezed the nipples as I pressed my cock into her only a couple of inches then almost withdrew. I looked down at my cock to observe her inner labia as they clung to my swollen head as I withdrew then slowly slid in a couple of inches again whilst continuing to fondle and stroke her breasts.

I was desperately trying to stop myself from plunging into her with the full length of my engorged cock, which throbbed and ached with stiffness and desire for her. I stroked my right hand down under her belly, then directly down to her mound to her clitoris, placing my middle and third finger each side of it then gently tugged the hood upward and downward between my fingers. Pushing my hand down under her further, I moved my fingers onto her cunt lips, rubbing and squeezing them onto my cock as I edged further and further into her, then out, almost completely, trapping the rim of my head between those same fingers. Keeping my fingers at play on her pussy and clitoris, I withdrew and positioned the tip of my cock on her asshole, teasing it in a circular motion around her puckered hole and pressing my tip onto it, wiping the ooze onto her ass. I started to glide the now slippery shaft up and down her exposed ass, then down and into her pussy once again. I repeated this several times, pressing the slippery, swollen head of my cock onto the opening of her ass, teasing with it and rubbing her pussy with my fingers. She cupped her breasts in her hands as she supported her upper body on her elbows and I watched as she pinched and squeezed her nipples as I explored her exposed rear with my manhood.

Sliding the tip of my cock down from her ass I positioned myself at the wet opening to her pussy and finally, slid my cock right into her as I firmly grasped her hips. Pulling her back onto me, I started to buck in and out of her harder, and harder. One of her hands released from her breast and moved to between her legs as she masturbated her clitoris for me whilst I plunged in and out of her sopping, hungry pussy. As I started to thrust hard and deep into her she moaned loudly, her fingers clutching my balls as they pressed close to her exposed clitoris, rubbing them against herself.

Her shoulders dropped and raised her bottom up to meet my thrusts, which were becoming more frequent and violent.

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