A Daytime Rendezvous


I was working at home one afternoon, and was thinking about getting some lunch when I heard someone drive up and come onto the deck. It was my friend Anne, who I haven’t seen in way too long. She is a very lovely woman, and has some little quirks that I was thinking of exploiting.

I greeted her with a very big hug and a soft deep kiss, and the urgency in her response told me what she needed, though I knew it wasn’t going to go exactly the way she thought.

I broke the kiss, lifted her chin and asked, “Do you trust me?”
I felt her shiver a little as she softly replied, “Yes. I am yours.”
“Then follow me. You will get what you need, but only if you do as your told. Do you understand?”

She nodded yes and followed me downstairs to the guest bedroom.

I told her first that I wanted her to keep her eyes closed, and that if I caught her looking, I would blindfold her. This is torture for her, since she is a very visual person. She promised, and I sat her down on the bed.

Running my fingers lightly over her, I saw that she was wearing a jacket, a silk blouse, and a short skirt, and some nice pumps. I took her jacket and unbuttoned her blouse, tracing around the cups of her bra after I got it off her. isveçbahis I reached back and undid her bra and slipped the straps off her shoulders, freeing her breasts. I avoided touching them on purpose, knowing that they can be a hot button for her.

I then knelt down in front of her and told her to lay back with her hands behind her neck. I ran my hands over her ribs, down her sides to her hips, then around and down the sides of her legs. Finding her pumps, I slid the right one off, and ran my finger from the heel to the toes. I then touched each toe with my fingertip while holding her ankle with my other hand. I slid her other pump off, spreading her legs apart as I did it. On this foot, I took it firmly with one hand, and massaged it with my thumbs. I could already tell she was getting hot. I could smell her distinctive scent through her panties, and mixed with her perfume, it was almost more than I could stand. I already had a raging hard on, and couldn’t wait to slide it into her.

As I rubbed her foot, I took the other off the floor and put it on my shoulder. As I did this, I ran my hands up her legs, tracing them up the backs of her legs, just lightly stroking them

By now she was soaking through her panties, and isveçbahis giriş was moaning for release. I put her legs down on the bed, and slid her panties off.

Now she was naked, her legs spread, and very wet. I again caressed her feet and legs, and then slid a finger into her, just to tease. I pulled it out slowly, running it up her slit to rest on her clit. I played with her clit for a few seconds, then went up to her head and kissed her hard. I then gave her my finger to suck, knowing that she enjoys the taste of her as much as I do. I kissed her again, this time tasting her mouth and her juices, and started to slide my cock inside her. When I was as deep as I could go, her legs wrapped around me and we started our intimate dance.

As she feels the length of my cock inside her, I feel her tighten around me, gripping my cock for all she’s worth. I know she likes it hard and fast, but I also know it’s been some time since she’s had tenderness and love. She will get both from me, to be sure, but today is for both of us.

As we get used to the feel of each other, I slowly slide out and slide the head of my cock between her lips to tease her clit. She can feel the hardness, but not where she wants it most. I isveçbahis yeni giriş then start to kiss her, softly, all over her face. Her sweet lips, softly on each closed eye, feeling the light touch of her lashes on my lips, her cheecks, her ears, lightly running my tongue along the edge.

I then tip her head up and kiss her neck, her collar bones, her throat, always touching her with my fingertips as I go, tracing the path I will take.

I take her left nipple into my mouth as I fondle the right breast with my hand. I love to kiss, lick and touch breasts. I am spending a lot of time tormenting Anne. She is dripping wet, and longs for my cock inside her again. Before that, I slide down and kiss her wetness. I do my best to lick and suck all the juices from her that I can, licking and teasing her clit as much as possible, fingering her Gspot as I go. I can feel her building towards orgasm, and I want to be inside her when that happens. I roll her over and she slides down onto my cock, and her body takes over. She starts to ride me with reckless abandone, her head thrown back in the throws of the moment, my cock dancing inside her as her hips roll back and forth

I feel her back arch as mine does, and we both let out a scream as we cum together!

She slumps down on my chest, our sweat mingling as our bodys cool Her blonde hair sticking to my chest, our breathing slowing, I hold her and tell her how much I’ve missed her, and not to be away so long anymore.

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