A Different Light


Norah’s acting weird today. Different in some way that I just can’t explain but the air that surrounds us seems sweeter. Like the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven, it’s warm so I can’t complain but I also can’t stop thinking about it. I feel consumed with thoughts about the strangest parts of her. Like her hair. I never realized it was so soft until it brushed my arm just now and I can’t tell if I’m jealous because I want hair as silky as hers or because I never get to feel it outside of incidences like this one. The thing is we’re watching Y Tu Mamá También and every time a sexual act colors the screen I can feel my intricately laced panties dampen. The passion in those kisses and the way Ana coaches Tenoch and demands he pleases her as she likes just gets me every time. The thought of someone so experienced teaching me the ropes of an uncharted sexual territory has this way of making me salivate. It has a way of making every part of me drip with desire.

I digress– basically I’m sure that’s what’s doing this to me. Or I was sure.

Norah just asked me if I had shirt I could borrow so she can be more comfortable and all of me wants to give her the most sheer and black top I have. I have no idea how this thought entered my mind but I’m finding my mind wander more and more around her. I am finding myself lost in the image of her in that shirt. The immaculate image of her small perky boobs lifting the material further up her body to reveal more of that muscular stomach of hers. The thought of her nipples poking out to say hello amuses and entices me simultaneously. I have never felt a sexual urge come over me quite like this and I know I shouldn’t be having these thoughts. It’s not only the fact that Norah is a girl but I also have a boyfriend.

A boyfriend who I love and I would not want to stray from. But what if I’m not into boys… I mean that’s a pretty fine reason to act on such urges. I don’t feel trapped in my relationship and my boyfriend has always told me I have free range when it comes to a sexual act with a girl. I have always been so quick to deny the existence of those urges but in this moment I just want to forget about David and rip this girl apart. I want to blame it on the fact that I haven’t seen him in a week ankara eve gelen escort and I just want to cum no matter who is causing it but something is telling me that I am actually attracted to this girl. Plus—one small kiss won’t hurt anyone.

In fact, I’m sure he’d be glad I’m actually going through with something like this but I can’t seem to remember if he said he would only be okay with it if he was in the room with me. In the room witnessing me tear this girl apart & lick her pussy. I had always thought if I were to ever do something like this but in this moment I feel such an undeniable urge to do this for myself. I feel so powerful owning up to my desires unapologetically and I think I’m just going to need to ask for forgiveness later.

I press my hand to the fabric of one of my black crop tops to check how much of my skin I can see through the thin fabric. My pussy instantly begins to let out its sweet juice when I realize I can make out my hand fully through the sheer shirt. I toss it to her and say nothing. We haven’t been friends for long but she is one of the funniest people I know and has such a special light to her. A light that’s starting to burn brighter and hotter. Much hotter now that she’s changing right in front of me. I’m trying to look down to avoid any awkward exchanges but my clit is starting to throb. OH. Oh my goodness she just mmmmm. She’s naked. And her body looks like it was chiseled from marble by Donatello himself. Her muscular body yearns to be touched and I’m sure my eyes are making my feelings apparent.

I’m trying to act casual but I think she’s– okay yes she’s coming over next. I have no idea what to do but I know I can’t move because I am most definitely sitting a puddle of juice my pussy has leaked. My cunt is buzzing with excitement. It’s yearning to come out and play ooooooh. She just stroked the top of my hand and it is making me feel electric. If this tiny bit of skin to skin contact is making me feel this way, then I really have it coming for me. Before I can even feel guilty about any of this I feel her hand inching towards my wet, eager pussy and I start to realize that I can’t resist this any longer. She immediately finds my clit and begins rubbing it between her gaziosmanpaşa escort thumb and index finger. I feel like our film is coming to life as I am at her will from the moment she started touching me.

Norah seems to know by body better than I do and one minute of her gentle rubbing is bringing me so close to climax I don’t know what to do with myself. I can feel myself beginning to cum. You know that glorious tingling that occurs when you’re about to cum? When it starts in your pussy and radiates outwards until your whole body is taken over and begins writhing in pleasure? Well that’s happening to me right now but I can only let out a giggle in an effort to hide the fact that she made me cum so quickly but my pulsating cunt gives me away instantly. I’m so embarrassed but I also don’t want her to stop. I want to keep going and going until my body ceased to orgasm due to literal physical exhaustion but most of all I crave her tongue to caress both lips on me body.

How have I not even kissed this girl yet she has already made me cum so quickly? I lean over to make that first move because I think we have crossed that bridge at this point. I use my hand as a comb to brush through her silky hair and look her straight into her amber gold eyes. I watch her bite her lip in the most intoxicating manner and I just want to live forever in this moment of sexual tension. As I bring my lips to hers, Norah kisses me in the most sensual way. Her lips are so soft and she has a way about her that makes me want more. I have no choice but to mount her as I rub her cunt against mine and let my tongue find hers. It’s like we are performing a dance that we’ve trained our whole lives for. I know exactly where she wants me and without a doubt she knows what I’m after.

I slip my hand under her shirt as I grab what I have been eyeing all night. I grab her breast like it belongs to me and use my thumb to rub her hardening nipple as I grind on her pussy and continue to make out with her. My clit is beginning to hurt because I am so turned as I finally feel her getting absolutely soaked for me. I need a taste of her but I can’t get ahead of myself. What’s weird is no part of me feels insecure about my lack of experience in this ankara grup escort area because I want nothing more in the world right now than to taste her. I start with her nipple. Something I have always secretly wanted to do to someone else because I know how much pleasure it gives me personally. I pull my tongue out of her mouth and lift up her shirt so I can soak in the beauty of her body fully.

My tongue slowly finds its way around her nipple and my whole mouth follows to suck on her. I couldn’t have predicted how good it felt to suck on her nipple like my life depended on it but it feels even better now that I have my fingers finding their way inside her. The pink ridges that line her pussy have an unimaginably delightful texture and my tongue finds itself wanting a taste. Her cunt is so dainty and pink and her lips so thin and perfect that it feels like a pleasure to be able to lick her everywhere. I trace her pussy with my mouth and shove my tongue inside of her. This is the first time I have seen her so pleasantly surprised. So overtaken with pleasure. As I’m trying to think about what I can do to her next I remember that I love when people spell things out on my pussy with their tongues.

I immediately have to confess “This is so fucking incredibly hot” to her cunt . I spell out every word and make sure to articulate every single letter of every single word. Instinctually, I continue to spell it out. This is so fucking incredibly hot. THIS is so fucking incredibly hot. Faster and faster with each repetition. THIS IS so fucking incredibly hot. THIS IS SO fucking incredibly hot. Louder and more passionate with each repetition. THIS IS SO FUCKING incredibly hot. THIS IS SO FUCKING incredibly hot. THIS IS SO FUCKING INCREDIBLY hot. Until my tongue is screaming at her pussy THIS IS SO FUCKING INCREDIBLY HOT and on cue she lets out a stream of juice I receive with an open mouth proudly. Not too shabby for my first time but now it’s my turn to be pleasured.

—Next Day—

I was out at lunch with David and felt like I was exuding a glow like no other. The joy of the night before was permeating through my pores until Norah showed up. Guilt immediately rushed over me and I knew I had to confess. In my typical fashion, it was so hard for me to own up to my mistake but when I finally built up the courage to tell him. He told me that I has texted him last night about it but I never said how beautiful Norah was. Needless to say, we went back to my house to relive our lustful night previously only this time I also got to put on a show for my man. I have never cum so hard in my life.

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