Point Le Vue Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Kelly’s Victim

Below is an abridged excerpt from the statements made during his sentencing of Arrous L. Arroba, an Agvalonan immigrant and father of Kelly Arroba, the victim in question, along with Robert Tripto.

* * * * * * * * *

Your honor, my name is Arrous Arroba. My lawyers have advised me not to disclose what I have determined to today, in the fears that the jury may find an account of my experiences vulgar and despicable. I admit that I myself have toiled for many weeks since the incident to find a justification for my behavior, and I confess my yoke lightened only when I decided I had none. I had sex with Kelly. I forced myself upon, and I had my way with her. The semen deposits Glorium County swabbed out of her demonstrate as much. But the act was no more illegal, and certainly less heinous, than the innumerable sexual invitations my daughter made at me and for which she ought to be condemned. To characterize a proud father as a libidinous beast is to paint his daughter, at the height of recklessness sensuality, as an unadulterated innocent. Make no mistake: I am the victim here.

Allow me several illustrations of her demonic techniques of sultry seduction.

Summer 2004, when Kelly turned 18.

After a festive celebration, she pulled me into her room and sat me down on the edge of her bed. “What’s the matter, Kelly?” I asked. She didn’t respond for several minutes, and then abruptly blurted out, “Dad, I’m 18, which means I’m an adult now. Without Mom here, I don’t know if I’ll be able to, I don’t know, navigate or whatever my way through womanhood. I’ve never kissed a boy, Dad. Don’t you think that’s something I’m missing?”

I knew how to handle this, your honor. I have had to parent my daughters to hell and back, and for a good portion of it, alone. What I thought she was talking about, though, was normal growing-up. What I didn’t know was that she meant more.

“Sure, honey, the boys here just haven’t been good enough for you. It’s a small town. You’re 18 now, and soon you’ll be at college surrounded by tons of new people, some of them, you’ll be pleased to know, attractive men.”

But she would have none of this. “I don’t want them. I want… someone goofy, but strong. A whirlwind concoction of decisiveness, contentiousness, brazenness.”

I laughed. “Sounds like you’ve got your ideal man figured out.”

“Yeah, someone like you,” she said, and laughed.

Something about this comment struck me, gave me pause. Or maybe it was the way she was fingering her ear and pushing her blond hair back as she spoke. Or maybe it was when she placed her hand on my thigh and said, “Daddy, you have no idea how much I’ll miss you in college.”

December 2004, when Kelly came back home for vacation.

She had had a tough time in college, and one night after some teenage reveling with her boyfriend, with whom she was still dating despite the long distance, we sat down to talk. She told me how many nights she’d thrown up from the partying, how many tests she’d failed, and how many boys she’d drunkenly hooked up with. She felt so ashamed, I thought. Now in retrospect, I suspect she was secretly proud of the sudden and steep drop-off in moral inhibitions and rapidly accumulating nights of inebriation. She slept with a boy, never to talk to him again, on the first night of college. She’d lost her moral scruples as quickly as she’d pulled down her skirts.

I was uncomfortable about her open disclosure with me, and more so her new dissolute lifestyle, and, as the night wore on and her diffidence wore down, I became frighteningly uncomfortable with her advances on me.

At one point in the conversation, after a vivid description of a raucous tryst with a 25-year-old teacher’s assistant, I expressed my disgust.

“Kelly, look, I really don’t want to hear you talking about how you… you fucked a man, okay? Keep that shit to yourself!”

“Why, Daddy? I’m trying, I’m only trying to tell you what’s been going on!”

“Well, some things are better left private!”

“I have no one else to turn to!”

She was in tears.

“Nick won’t understand.” She trabzon escort started crying.

I sat down next to her and caressed her hair. “It’s okay, honey. As long as you’ve repented for your sins.”

And this is when she seemed to turn the corner, placing her hand in mine. “Yes.”

“We’re all sinners, Kelly,” I told her. “But we will find the path back home. All roads lead to it, if we just listen and have faith.”

“Yes,” she said, and placed the back of her head on my lap. I stroked her soft, blond hair. She said, “I’ve sinned, Daddy.”

I couldn’t discount that statement, harsh as it sounded in her mouth, because I truly agreed.

“Can you just… can you just stay? Let’s just rest here for a bit?” she asked me. “For just a little.”

She obviously needed the moral support, so I said, sure. I began to get up to go to the bathroom, but she stopped me with a hand to my crotch.

“Oops, sorry,” she said, and quickly rose and turned off the lamp at the other end of the couch. It was when she came back to the couch that things turned strange. She placed her head back on my lap, but this time overshot it and landed with the side of her head on my crotch. I desperately need to urinate.

She said to me, in a coy voice, “Well someone’s happy to see his daughter back from college.”

I kid you not, those were her exact words. And worse, she not only did not move off, but proceeded with nimble and experienced fingers to my zipper. Her wanton intentions, your honor, should be clear. And my virtues must be as well, because after I pushed her away, I told her, in no uncertain terms, that I didn’t know what had happened to her with those co-eds, but that she was my daughter and I had had enough of these pranks.

Later that night, when I was alone in my bed, I heard a wail from down the hall. I intended to inspect, but soon it became clear that the ferocious assaults of human sound were coming from my daughter Kelly’s room, since her sister Mandy was away for the week at an all-girl’s camp, and that they were not fearful exclamations but carnal shrieks of luxurious indulgence. Consumed with the unconsummated prospect of father-daughter copulation, her body wracked with raw reserves of raunchy ravishment, her wanton wants unmet, she decided to mock me with with her turbulent, meretricious masturbation. I don’t remember how many oh-baby’s I heard that night, but their numbers were certainly overshadowed by the infinite give-it-to-me-God-give-me’s.

How to control this monstrosity?

As it turns out, she found another way to conk out her repressed irrepressibles out of the range of my radar, since she stopped her antics and things soon returned to normalcy. For a time.

June 2006, the summer after Kelly’s sophomore year in college, and the summer after Mandy’s graduation from high-school.

It was a Thursday, one day after Kelly had found out that Mandy, when I was not at home, had been screwing her boyfriend while she was away and unavailable at college and while Mandy was conveniently in town and available, just a mile from Glorium State University. Nick, before he met Kelly, had had a reputation as a cad who seduced local co-eds at parties on the weekends and girls like my daughters in Trigonometry class. I didn’t know any of this until Kelly told me when she broke up with Nick the night she found out.

So that day, one night after she’d found out her boyfriend of 2 years and sister of 18 had betrayed her, she told me she’d go to the mall to shop her troubles away. Mandy, meanwhile, had locked herself in her room from the shame.

I decided to take a shower. When I finished, I opened my door to dry off and retrieve my clothes. There was Kelly, sitting on the bathroom counter, watching me as I scrambled to cover myself. She had my towel in her hand. “Looking for this, Daddy?”

“What the fuck are you doing in here?”

“Observing,” she said. “God it’s so nice to finally see that scepter up-close. Damn, you take real good care of the humongous pecker, don’t you? Your enormous anaconda? That raucous ramrod?”

“Get out,” I ordered.

“Get trabzon escort bayan in.” She laughed. “Slip it in me, boy.”

I grabbed at the towel, but she wouldn’t let go, pulling me to her. “Hell, Daddy, let’s go at it.” She looked up at the ceiling. “The fan’s on. Mandy will never hear us.” Then she touched my face and grinned. “Or maybe she will.”

I wanted to slap her, your honor, but I understand that there’s a statute against that. Instead, I went to the door. One look at the doorknob stopped me cold.

“What is that?”

“Ooh, that. That’s Nick’s.”

It was white-gray and sticky, dripping, pooling on the tile below.

“I collect his cum. Knew it’d come in handy.” And she dropped off the counter and walked to me. She reached around my waist and, with her hands around my dick, said, “As does this. This comes in very handy.”

I used the towel to grip the door handle and stormed out, with Kelly giggling behind me. “You’re so much harder than him, you know that?” I heard her say.

Your honor, I didn’t know who else to turn to. A man cannot control his daughter with force, and I could not control her with love. For all her life I’ve loved her. I don’t know how she became this… this sex fiend, I don’t. How could I keep my composure and say, “I am your father, and you will obey me. As long as you live under my roof”… I couldn’t. I was ripe for drastic action. I abandoned all reason. I went to several friends, who knew some friends, who knew the other men on trial today. I imagined I was doing away with a problem, you see, the Kelly question. I would give her what she wanted, give it more than she had ever bargained for, more bang for her buck, her cup overfloweth, her lesson learned.

Two weeks later, the night of the incident.

Kelly called her friend, Robbie T., and left to his house. We knew where she was going. We lay in wait at Point Le Vue.

The defense has claimed that that night, the Garamelli brothers, the Zintos cousins, and the rest of the ad hoc Point Le Vue gang and I had gone in knowing that we’d… that we’d do those things to Robbie and Kelly that night. Preposterous. I was angry, not hungry. I was afraid, not aroused. I was reluctant, not rapturous. Screwing my daughter was the last thing I wanted to do, but the only thing I felt would work to stem her thirst for me.

So we watched and waited. Kelly and Robbie talked in the car. And then they came onto each other and started kissing and stripping off each others’ clothes and then began to hump each other. I told the guy next to me, a young recruit, to stop jerking off. That was daughter he was masturbating to. And yet, I was powerless to stop the man who was really there in the action, that horny son-of-a-bitch who was making her scream those screams that we heard so vociferously in the middle of the woods. It was her final shriek that broke my restraint, when she cried his name.

“More more, YES Robbie YES Robbie YES Robbie YES YES YES!”

Try listening to your daughters exclaiming so emphatically.

We slammed on the hood, threatened them, mocked them, scared the shit out of them. One of the Garamellis pulled Robbie out and after a few howls at him, knocked him out with a punch and sent him home. He was supposed to wake up without knowing who’d done this to him.

Then they went to do their deeds with Kelly.

“Oh, look, a juicy new pussy. I call first.”

“I call sloppy seconds.”

“Slushy thirds.”

I could not allow them to ravish her. I saved her! Those Garamellis and Zintos and the PLV guys, they deserve to be in jail. I had a sudden change of heart, seeing the fear in Kelly’s eyes from behind my mask, and I persuaded those bastards to leave her alone. She was naked, and so afraid. The guys left with two black eyes, some broken jaws hopefully, smashed egos, and a few hundred dollars I hastily tossed at them, which I’ve been informed they spent on hookers that night. So with the pigs gone, I went to comfort Kelly.

I gave her a blanket from her car’s trunk, but she refused it. I was at least able to pick her up, set her on her feet, and escort trabzon lead her to her car door. She cried in my arms.

Your honor, that was going to be that. A daughter with a lesson learned, perhaps overly traumatized, but thankfully rid of her sinful disease. But that was until she asked me, with those pitiful brown eyes, “What’s your name?”

I didn’t answer. I couldn’t.

She slid her fingers up her torso and round and round her nipples.

“I said, what’s my hero’s name?”

She was stark naked. Her firm, bountiful breasts shone in the moonlight, in such perfectly round crescents that they resembled two moons themselves. Her coffee-colored nipples saluted the night air from smooth dual spheres.

“Don’t tell me you don’t notice me. Aren’t you going to grab your reward?”

She reached down to my pants. I must have moaned, because she began to smile and brought her hips closer.

“Won’t you stay awhile?” she whispered.

She yanked down my pants and underwear and marvelled for a minute at my dick, as if in recognition. It was swollen with impatience. She took it in her hands and rocked her hand across it, back and forth.

“What’s your name, Prince Charming?” she asked again.

I could barely utter a soft sigh.

She told me I had the distinction of being the largest pulsing cock she’d ever seen, with one exception. I didn’t say anything. And as if to coax me out of my reticence, she began to lick under my dick, in long hard strokes, her tongue wet and warm. Suddenly she grabbed my ass and plunged her lips onto my dick, sucking deeply, loving me with abandon. I imagined she paid the same lip service to her friends at school, too.

I couldn’t breathe and started panting. She ran her tongue around my shaft, I helped guide her head, she had communion with my manhood with her mouth, I felt I could start cumming any second. I couldn’t help it, she was too beautiful, her lure too strong, her oral seduction to skilled. She pulled back to say something like “Are you as hot as I am?” but I put her back to work on my cock, and she was only too pleased to comply, the whore. Her fingers started to slip in and out of my asshole, looking up every once in a while to see if this was to my satisfaction. I was about to blow, and when I couldn’t take it anymore, I grabbed her and threw her to the grass.

“Kelly, you dirty daughter of mine!”

“Daddy,” she said with a knowing smile that only pissed me off more, “I knew it was you.”

I tore off my mask, tore off all my clothing and sliced my dick into her pussy. I began to saw my way into her, when she started to scream.

“AHHH, Daddy, Daddy, that hurts, Daddy, stop, please!”

I ignored her pleas, and slammed away, her tight cooch the thing of dreams and the salvation of any man. I thrust my hips into her, entombing my meat past her flamingo-pink lips and between her tight fist of a pussy, slowly and then rapidly, gentlemanly and then roughly, determined to fuck her until my man’s demands were met.

“Stop Daddy, please, stop, I’ll never hurt you again, please-“

I was getting closer, so unbearably close to the Truth…

“DADDY stopplease DADDY godoh DADDY babyitfeelssogood WOW WOW DAMN-“

She was my daughter, my beautiful Kelly…

“DADDYDADDYDADDYDADDYDADDY! OH you’re going to jail for this you fucker! OH god don’t stop! DADDY stop please!”

“I’m about to cum!” I told her.

“Don’t stop! More more more! I love you DADDY! Slam me slam me slam me slamslamslamslam DADDY-“

“Almost there!”

“-slam oh stop go stop oh I’m bleeding I’m bleeding it hurts-“

Too late!

“-stop ow ow ow ow WOW WOW -“

I was already bursting inside her, my semen launching in energetic volleys out and into her chambers, mixing with her sex juices and flowing now in the hole as proof of my love for my dear Kelly, now hot enough she was orgasming herself.

“WOW daddydaddydaddy daddy daddy dad dad dad… oh… oh… oh…”

And we were happy for a moment. The world was tranquil. My revenge sweet, my daughter’s lips I kissed sweeter.

It wasn’t until Robert called the cops that she decided to turn me in. I love my Kelly, your honor. I think it’s clear she loves me, too, despite her woeful indecisiveness. Whether I deserve to spend the rest of the next few years of my life in confinement for that is up to you, sir.


* * * * * * * * *

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