A Gender Bent- How It began.


A Gender Bent- How It began.”Crap Not again” I told my self. “Stupid porn making me stay up late” I thought to myself as I wondered out of bed and into the bathroom to get ready for work. You see I spent the whole night up wanking after I found out a new fetish of mine. I all began at work a month ago. I just got out and decided to walk around the city in NY. I was bored. Love life in the gutter. and needed some air and soon found my self at a bar.I seemed like another boring end till I saw this woman come into the bar. She was hot… A really killer. And every guy in the bars eyes were transfix on her. I myself was shocked at her beauty. She was a blond wearing a skin tight outfit that showed her huge bubble butt and size 32d tits. It was a wet look outfit that was snug. I noticed she was walking my way and slowly made eye contact with her. OMG… I thought. Hazel grey eyes… glossy pink lipstick and a outfit that would make any man get a instant erection. And then she fell. I grabbed her and helped her up. She smiled and said “Thank you” and I offered to buy her a drink. She seemed like she was gonna refused till I noticed something sticking out from her outfit. I looked at her, she seemed embarrassed and excited. “why not” she said smiling in her devilish pink lipstick. She ordered a apple martini and I got just a beer.”I know you saw it, so i figured your into girls like me? she asked. “I never have met one like you” as I smiled. I’m Nick I said. “I’m Kandi”We talked kocasinan escort for hours. Kandi told me about what video games she played and what things she did for fun. she was kinda nerdy like me and I smiled knowing I found someone cool and relaxing to be around. I didn’t care if kandi wasn’t really a girl as she seemed more sexier then anyone I could know. I then asked for her number. “Im sorry I can’t do that” she said sadly “My life isn’t ready for a relationship”. I sigh’ed and told her thanks for hanging out and started to get ready. She then grabbed me “But we can fuck”.My eyes popped out my head when I heard that. “Let’s go then hun” I said cheerfully and we left the bar. I asked her if she lived close and she nodded yes and I quickly hailed a cab and got to her place. I nice building in a nice area I thought. We got into her place She got me a drink and then told me to get comfy while she changed. I took my jacket off and hung it up and sat on the couch.I looked around the apartment and noticed the place had a dark red vibe that seemed really kinky. And then she came out. Her body was amazing. everything about her was model like, well except her 10 inch cock hanging in between her legs. Kandi was amazing. I got up and walked towards her and noticed she was holding a chain and collar in her hand. “Put this on” she said. I took off my clothes She was smiling as she saw my body. I was kinda skinny but i have great legs from bike riding and running when I was in School. I noticed she was staring at my butt. “Nice you have a bubble butt like me” she said as she smirked. As I put the collar on she smiled and said “Nice you like this kinda stuff?” “I never Done this before, Kandi.” She licked her lips and said “yum” and started to yank the collar to bring me close to her. I was pulled to the floor and then my lips met hers. She forced her tongue down my throat and then made me suck her cock. I never sucked cock before But for some reason I was horny like crazy. My head was pounding and I was gaging on her cock like crazy. “Good slut” Kandi said happily. and continued to fuck my face.She then told me to get on the couch and stick my butt up. I listen as I was broken… I felt so horny and couldn’t Figure out why. She then pulled some lube out and put it on my butt. “Her comes my magic stick you slutty bitch” and soon I was impaled on her cock. OMG I shouted. This is amazing…. Fuck me… jesus I moaned. “I see you like the aphrodisiac that I slipped into your drink” She said was she was fucking me senseless. “Whores like you love this type of stuff”. “OMMMGGG MY BUTT FEELS SO GOOD” as I was engulfing the 10inch monster.She then held my ass firmly ” IM GONNA NUT IN YOUR BOI PUSSY” and I felt a gush of creamy liquid fill my rear. She then slapped my ass and then let out inch by inch of her she clit out of me. “God I love slutty bois like you” she said. She then said “well I’m done with you. Clean up and get out. I am working tonight in about a hour” and left the room.My head was knocking and couldn’t even thing straight. I got up with all my energy and noticed cum running down my leg. Ive been fucked hard by a 10/10 shemale who now is done with me. And then I started to cry. Kandi must’ve heard me and came to me on her knees. “are you ok? I can get kinda rough” she said. “I’ts not that” I murmured. “I’m just so lonely and it felt so nice to be with you and then all this happened and now I feel like nothing” I said. Kandi looked at me and said ” I think the aphrodisiac is having a effect on you, prolly making you moody now” She laughed and picked me up to the couch. She then made a phone call but It couldn’t figure out what she was saying. She then sat next to me. “Tonight I think I will just hang with you, Seems I fucked you and your mind” she laughed.I sat there for about 30mins talking to Kandi. we talked about life and everything and then about how she became a shemale ” I felt trapped you know… Like I was just a lie waiting to be figured out. I always wanted to be a girl and needed some comfort. I met a Man named david and she got me into CD’sing and then BAM. I wanted to be a full time girl” She said. “Everyone feels like that I guess. where you want to be yourself.” I said. Then a knock at the door happened and I realized Kandi prolly had a client over. “I should leave” I said. and grabbed my jacket. “It’s ok no one is coming” she said, “Thats david” and she rushed to open the door. When that door opened. and my eyes met his. he smiled. “Hey I’m david.” as he hugged me.

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