A Genny Story… My Little Lamb

Big Tits

  This is my first attempt at fiction. I have a very special friend. She isa second year UNI student in London. We first met on line a week beforeher 18th birthday. She was a scared little girl that was not sure if shewas gay or not. Now she is a proud woman living with her lover andenjoying her life. This is a fantasy we have created and shared. I hope you enjoy it.I am Genny.When I travel to London there is a bar that I like to spend an eveningin. It is called Billies, and it is womyn only. I like it because it iscomfortable, the women there are friendly, and the music is to my tasteand the bartender is an outrageous flirt. Sometimes I just sit and listento the music. Sometimes I get a booth with a view and take in the eyecandy. All day long I have known that tonight I wanted more. Tonight Iwant to meet someone and bring her back to my hotel.I am wearing an off white linen pant suit. It was expensive and I had ittailored in a man’s cut. I am wearing a mans white shirt with the topfour buttons open, and a man’s tie that is tied loosely aroundmy neck. And…I am packing. I can feel the harness against my skin andthe dildo down my right leg excites me.I have been there an hour when you and Jessy come in. I don’t notice youat first, you sit at the bar and order a couple of drinks. When I heardyou laugh I focused in on you. You are wearing a light summer cottondress. You look so fresh and young I am stunned by how pretty you are.Jess is wearing a pair of shorts and a belly top. Her flat tummy and cutebelly button are just begging to be kissed. It is obvious that you twoare together. It is equally obvious how you feel about each other. Youreyes never leave her. When she talks to you she lets her hands run up anddown your arms. She looks into your eyes and strokes your cheek with theback of her hand. You look like the happiest girl in the world.After watching for a few minutes I walk up and take an empty space nextto Jessie. I order a drink and the bartender stands and talks to me for aminute. She tells a very dirty joke about horny red heads. I laugh andrun my hands thru my red hair and tell her “That ain’t the half of it.”Jess starts to laugh too and says something about pretty red haired Irishgirls. I turn to her and we start to talk. She introduces me to both ofyou and I put out my hand to shake yours. I like the feel of it, small inmy hand, like a little bird. I get my drink and we keep talking.Exchanging the usual info that strangers share. While we are getting toknow each other I watch how you react to Jess. You seldom take your eyesoff of her and when she touches you, you lean in and press against herhand like a cat when it is petted. I half expect you to purr.The second drink is going down when I ask Jess to dance. I can see Isurprised you, but Jess never misses a beat and says yes. We walk out onthe floor and turn to each other. I put my arms around her and pull alittle. She has her hands on my shoulders and intends to hold me at arespectable distance. This is ok with me because I really wanted to talkto her alone. We dance and are both enjoying the nice music. I ask herhow long you two have been together and she says “about 13 months, but wejust moved in together last summer. We talk about her classes at Uni andhow you are going there too this year. The end of the song is coming so Iknow I have to ask before we go back to the bar. I swallow and say, “Iwould like to take Mary home with me tonight.” I am watching her face fora reaction. At first it shows surprise, then it hardens İstanbul Escort and she starts topull away from me. I hold on and say “Wait, please.” I feel her relax butshe is still looking at me with hard eyes. “I don’t want to steal yourgirlfriend. I don’t want to have an affair. I just want to bring her backto my room and let her have an adventure. I promise not to do anythingthat she doesn’t want to do.” It is hard to tell what Jess is thinking.She looks over to you at the bar and says, “She has never been withanyone else but me.” I say again, “This is only an adventure. I promise.”Jess gives me a look that speaks volumes about how she really feels aboutyou and then says, “Only if it is ok with Mary, and if she comes homewith tears, I will track you down and hurt you.” I smile back at her andtell her that I would never do anything to hurt you and that it willprobably be me that has the tears when you go back to her.We walk back to the bar. Jess takes a seat on the other side of you and Itake the one she was in before. We order another round and theconversation is friendly. At the bottom of the drink I ask you to dance.You quickly look over to Jess for a reaction. She just smiled and gaveher head a little nod. We got up and I put my hand on the small of your back to lead you out. I looked back at Jess and I think she had a look that was between pride and fear. I lead you to the far end of the dancefloor and put my hands around your waist. Your hand went up around myneck and we started to sway to the music. It felt good to dance and as wedid we moved a little closer. I pulled your hips in to me and I knew youcould feel my dildo press against your leg. You felt warm and good in myarms. You were relaxed and I could feel you press back against me justslightly. We made small talk and when the song ended I asked you to stayand dance and dance again. You smiled up at me and said “Yes.” I pulledyou closer this time so my toy was pressed against your sex. I waswaiting to see what you were going to do. You gave a little sigh and keptdancing. I could smell your hair and the fresh skin of your neck. Iwhispered in your ear that “This feels really nice.” You nod your headagainst my shoulder and pull even closer to me. I know I have to make my move before the song ends so I whisper “Mary, I want you to come home with me.” I am waiting for you to respond but you just keep dancing likeyou didn’t hear me. I repeat what I just said and tell you I have a roomnot far from here. I press the strap-on firmer against you to make mypoint. You look up at me and say, “Jess would never let me.” I tilt myhead to the bar and say, “She says it is up to you.” I can see thesurprise in your eyes at that and you turn your head towards the bar.Jess is standing there holding her purse. She smiles at you and throwsyou a kiss. Then she turns and walks to the door. You start to pull awayfrom me to run after her. I hold you tight and say “It’s ok. I promise.She wants you to have this adventure. this is one night only.” You have the look of a scared little girl and I want to pet you and tell you thatyou are safe. If you ran right then I would just let you go. The lastthing I would ever do is to hurt you. you look back up to me and I holdyou close and we continue to dance. I know you are a little confused. Wedance and after a minute I can feel you relax again in my arms. When thesong is done we walk back to the bar, grab your purse and move over to abooth. Another drink is ordered İstanbul Escort Bayan and we sit and talk. I tell you howpretty I think you are and that this evening is just for you. I won’t doanything that you don’t want, and at any time you want to leave it is ok.You put your hand on mine and smile at me. My heart melts.We have been sitting in the booth for a while and have gone from talkingto lightly touching to some very nice kissing. A soft sexy song starts toplay and I bring you back out on the dance floor. This time you are theone that pulls me in close and adjusts herself so the strap-on is firmlyagainst her little pussy.When the song ends I turn to the booth but you say you have to go pee,and you will meet me back there. you start to turn but I hold your handtight. You look at me I give you a smile and lead you towards the back ofthe bar and the rest rooms. When we enter there are two women in therelooking in the mirror. I walk right past them and step into a stall. Istill have your hand and pull you in with me. Your cheeks are blushing,but you come in past me. I close the door and we are alone in the littlebooth. The two women outside are talking but I am not listening to them.I turn to you and nod,”Go ahead, pee.” You blush again ad reach up underyour dress and with both hands you pull your panties to your knees. Youhold up the back of your dress and sit down. I kneel down in front of youand run my hands up your legs until they are touching your pantiesstretched between you knees. I look you in the eye and with a smile Ilower the panties to your shoes. My hands come back up your legs and Ican feel you give a little shiver as goose bumps break out on your legs.I move the bottom of your dress up. I slide it slowly, never breaking eyecontact with you. I push it up to your waist and have you hold it thereso you are exposed to me. You are smiling and blushing at the same time.I have never seen anything so cute in my life, I put my hands on yourknees and gently spread your legs. There you are…Your pussy is rightbefore me, covered in light brown hair. Our eyes lock and I whisper,”Pee.” You give a cute little grunt and after a few seconds you start. Myhead is swirling. There is so much I would like to do. Mmmmm. To reachdown and let my fingers play with you as your warm pee splashes overthem. Then when you are done to have you stand and let me clean you withmy tongue. Mmmmmm but I am afraid I might scare you off, so I just sitand watch. When the last drip has fallen you start to reach for thepaper. I stop you and pull out of my pocket a white handkerchief. I reachbetween your legs and gently dab you dry. I spend more time than isneeded to get every drop. The last thing I do is wipe from the bottom ofyour slit to the top. I make sure I give your clit a light rub and canhear you breath in as I do. We are staring deep in each others eyes. Yourface is flushed with excitement. I bring the damp handkerchief out andbring it to my lips. I give a light kiss on the wet spot, and then slipit into my pocket. I reach down to pull up your panties but decide toslid them down and off. I bring them up to my nose and breath in deep. Weshare a smile and I put them in with the handkerchief. I help you stand.We are both excited that we can smell the scent of pussy mingled in withthe smell of pee. I open the stall door and there is one women at thesink fixing her lipstick. She sees us both coming out of a stall andsmile at us in the mirror. You look down at Escort İstanbul the floor and blush like aschoolgirl caught doing something naughty. I meet the woman’s eye in themirror and as we leave I give her a wink.When we get back to the booth I ask you if you would like another drink.You lean in to me and whisper, “No.” Then you kiss me on the ear and bitethe lobe. My nipples stiffen even more against my shirt and I say, “Let’sgo.” We are out the door and I call for a cab. When it pulls up I openthe door for you and couldn’t help but admire your cute butt as you wereclimbing into the cab. Knowing that I was holding your panties in mypocket made it that much more tempting. I reached out and pressed my palmagainst your firm cheek. You stopped climbing in and pressed back againstmy fingers. I heard you give a little laugh and felt you wiggle you assagainst me. A big smile spread across my face… This was going to befun.When we finally got into the cab I told the driver where my hotel was. Iknew we only had about ten minutes until we would be there. I put my armsout and you slid over to me and I held you tight. Your face turned up tome and we kissed. I loved the feel of your sweet lips against mine. Youopened your mouth a little and I let my tongue slip inside you. Yousucked it hard and then bit down gently on it. Goose bumps raised on theback of my neck. Your hand slid across my lap and grabbed the dildo goingdown my leg. You gave it a couple of good pulls, then you broke our kissand whispered, “Is this for me?”I smiled down at your face and said, “Yes. Tonight that is all for you.”You gave me a little smile and a moan. You started to jerk it off likeyou would a real cock. Every time you pulled it away from me and then letit snap back, it hit against my pussy, and increased my arousal. Mynipples were hard against the white shirt and you leaned in and took onein your mouth. You rolled it between your lips for a minute and thenbrought your teeth to it to give me a gentle bite. This time I was theone to moan. I looked up and the driver was watching us in the mirror.His eyes were fixed on us like his life depended on it. You saw melooking up and probably guessed by the look on my face what washappening. You let go of my nipple and asked, “Is he watching?”I nodded my head “Uh huh.”You kept stroking my cock. “Good.”We pulled up to the hotel and the driver weakly said “We’re here.”I opened the door and held out my hand to help you out. You gave me a badgirl smile and slid across the seat, making sure your dressed rode up toyour hips. You came out of the cab legs first, wide apart, I could see toheaven. I held your hand tight as we entered the hotel. Crossing thelobby towards the elevators, the girl behind the counter calledout, “Miss McCain.”I looked over and there was little blonde Shiela. She smiled her bestpussy licking smile and said, “I had seen from the register that you arestaying with us again tonight. Is there ANYTHING I may do for you thisevening?”I smiled back at her and raised your hand in mine. “Not tonight dear, Ihave everything I need.”The elevator was just opening up. We slipped inside and I punched thenumber 4. As the door was closing I noticed you were looking out acrossat Shiela. When we were alone you asked, “Friend of yours?”I laughed and pressed you back against the rear wall. “Just a diversion.”We kissed in the elevator until we heard the fourth floor ding and weslowed down. “Is that what I am tonight? Just a diversion?”I took your face in my hands and said, No my lamb. Tonight we are goingto have an adventure, but I promised Jess that I would have you hometomorrow and that I would not be seeing you ever again.”We walked hand in hand down the hall. There was an older man coming downthe hall towards us and you started to pull hour hand from mine. I heldtight.

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