Being Christy – Part 4

Amazing Woman

I looked down at the city, checking my bearings and searching for the landmarks I knew. The station, the canal district, the shopping streets. At least if this didn’t work out I’d be able to find my way back. It was a dark, clear night and the skyline glowed through the clear glass of the 20th floor apartment I found myself in.I was in a modern, open plan living room which took up a corner of the flat, giving me a clear 180 degree view across the city. I was so intent on the panorama in front of me I didn’t catch the reflected movement in the glass before he was upon me, wrapping his arms around my waist and nuzzling his lips against my bare neck. I bent my head, giving easier access and melted into his arms and body, letting him hold me, support me. I loved the feeling of being embraced, Ankara escort Bayan sinking against him, and let out a small moan of pleasure.I could feel Nick’s growing hardness against my ass cheeks, firm against my soft buttocks and I reached round and caressed him through his jeans. This encouraged him and his hands roamed over my body, feeling my waist, running up the sides of my dress to my armpits, across my chest and down, past my flat stomach to the tops of my thighs. His hands massaged downwards in a ‘V’, firmly exploring my groin, finally delicately brushing across my own growing cock.I shifted position and turned to face him, as much to be able to take this to the next level as to address the uncomfortable straining of my cock Escort Balgat against my panties. In my heels we were nearly the same height and I looked in his eyes as I parted my red lips and moved in for a long, deep French kiss. He responded and our tongues probed each other, soft, then hard, licking each other’s lips and then back in for more. Nick continued to run his hands over me, now able to grasp my buttocks, massaging them and gliding his fingers down my crack. He tugged upwards at my panties, wedging the thong deep into my cleft, the fabric rubbing against my puckered rose bud.My knees buckled slightly and my legs parted, the gap letting his thigh slip in to thrust against my own hard cock. The feeling was intense. I’d always thought of myself Batıkent escort as mainly hetero. Yes, I like to dress up and look feminine. I loved having my ass played with and the feel of my vibrator as it penetrated my ring was fantastic. But I still looked at girls more than men. Everything about them excited me – their style, their soft curves, their clothes, their slick, wet, musky smell of excitement.And yes, I’d been with James and I had enjoyed him as much as he enjoyed me. His toned and muscled body in contrast to my slender, willowy outline. His strong arms holding me and his hard, glistening cock feeling so big and powerful in my hands, my mouth, my butt. Our mutual climaxes and the taste of his spunk. But all that happened with Jenny present at the same time.But this feeling with Nick was different to that. I felt less like a plaything and more like an object of desire in my own right. And in return Nick was my object of desire. Breaking off our embrace I took a step back and slipped out of my dress, shrugging it off my shoulders and letting it fall at my heels.

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