A Grandson visits Nan – Chapter 2


My Grandson was coming to visit.  He had been in the Armed Forces since he turned 21 and I hadn’t seen him since then. He called to check that it was all right to come over and gave me the date of his arrival. I waited for him at the Airport, and as soon as he saw me, he rushed over and grabbed me in a big, big hug and kissed me on the mouth.  I was clutched so close to him I could feel him hardening.  As far as I was concerned, that is just what I was hoping for. I loved all my Grandchildren, but Aaron was my first grandchild.  There seemed to be something between us that words just can’t explain.   Even when we spoke on the phone, the love was there in our voices, and we never severed the connection without both parties saying, “I love you.” We collected his backpack and went out to the car and then home to my Unit.I told him that I had brought a new Futon fold-out bed, but seeing how he had grown, that he had better take the queen size bed and I would sleep in the lounge. Also, I always rose early and I wanted him to be able to sleep in and get up when he was ready. When we got inside the door, I turned round and put my arms around his neck and kissed him, on the mouth. “I have been waiting for so long to do that baby, I just couldn’t do it in public.” “That’s alright Nan, I love you, you know.  I don’t mind how much you kiss and hug me, while I am here.” “Well, we better unpack your things, and then we can sit down and see what we are going to do for the rest of your leave.   I will tell you where the buses and trains are if you want to go out and do your own thing at any time.” “Nan, I have come over to spend time with you.  I have missed seeing you and being able to talk to you, so these 3 weeks are just for you.  Whatever you want to do is OK for me,” he assured me. I had prepared dinner earlier, so we just sat and caught up on family matters. After dinner we watched a couple of my favorite TV shows.  Aaron said he was going to have a shower and an early night, as he had been traveling all day. After his shower, he came out in his boxers to say goodnight.  He bent down and kissed me again on the lips but with a istanbul travesti little more pressure than usual.  I glanced down his legs and noticed that he had an erection. “Is that because of me, darling.” “Yes Nan, I have wanted to hug you and kiss you, and just hold you for so long.  You have been in my thoughts since I first knew what happened between a man and a woman.  I have fantasized about you and dreamt about you, even when I have been with someone else.  I love you Nan.” “I know just how you feel my baby.  You have been my fantasy for so long.  I started to feel these things for you a while ago but you were too young, and I didn’t think anything could ever come of it.  After all I am your Grandmother, but that doesn’t stop me having these feelings.” As I spoke to him, I slipped my hand up his leg at the bottom of his boxers and gently touched the head of his cock, then I wound my fingers round his rigid pole. My breasts became pointed and showed through the silk blouse I was wearing. Aaron gingerly slipped his hand inside my blouse, and lowered his face and kissed me on the cheek, slowly working his way round to my mouth, where he invaded my mouth with his tongue.  It became a battle of the tongues from then on, both of us trying to reach all of each other’s mouth crevices at the same time. “Aaron, I have wanted this for so many years, but didn’t want to approach you as I didn’t want to upset our very special relationship of Grandson and Nan.  I couldn’t have borne it if you had rejected me and I had caused a rift between us. “Well Nan, just as well we were of the same mind, I didn’t quite know how I was going to let you know how I felt about you, but I would have worked out something before I left here.” I stopped him there and asked him to think clearly and be certain that this was what he really wanted? “Nan,” he said, lets go into the bedroom.  I want to see you laying on the bed naked, so that I can make love to every part of your body; from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, and all parts in between.” “Darling boy, I want to see you too, in all your glory.  From istanbul travestileri what I can feel and see here, I am sure we will be able to satisfy each other.” When we went into the bedroom, Aaron turned and started to undress me slowly.  He lay my blouse open and slipped it down my arms.  As he did this he caught my bra in his hand and dragged it down leaving my nipples erect and on show for him.   He bent down and suckled on each one for a few moments.  He then undid my bra and removed it completely.  The look on his face as he let his gaze drift over me, made me feel like a young woman all over again.  He seemed to be eating me with his eyes.  His hands slid down to my slacks and he slipped them down, leaving my panties on, and rubbed his palms up and down my body and legs. I stopped him there and pulled him up and started to undo his shirt and pull it off.  I then attacked his zipper and pulled his pants down to the floor, encouraging him to slip his feet out of them.  While I was down there I ran her hands over his erection, bringing it to its full extent of about 7 inches. He told me that I wasn’t being fair.  That he didn’t want to cum too fast. I wasn’t going to give him a chance and I took his rod into my hands and slowly rubbed it backwards and forward.  I then lowered my lips to the head and kissed it gently.  After a few slurps I eased my mouth right down onto that stiff rod.  After tasting his beautiful cock, I wanted more of it, and started to deep throat him right down into the back of my throat.  I could feel his buildup as I had my hands on his balls and knew that I was going to be in for a full load and soon. “Nan, be careful, I’m gonna cum,” Aaron cried “Mmmm, that’s just what I want you to do, cum in Nan’s mouth.  Let me taste you, me darling boy.” Aaron must have felt the build-up and let loose with a large load of spunk.   I managed to swallow all of that love juice. “Nan, that was so wonderful,  sighed Aaron.  I have never had a blow job like that.” “Alright, I said.  Now lets get on with the real job,” I replied. Aaron then started making love to me.  He travesti started by kissing my hair and forehead, then on the neck and the earlobes and then on my mouth.  We again went into a battle of the tongues.  He continued on and gently licked and sucked my breasts, at the same time,  his hand drifted down to my mound and then lower down my legs.   He slid his body down so that he could take my feet in his hands and he licked my toes and then up my ankle and calf on each foot, continuing on his way up to my upper thigh. He then grabbed the panties that he had left on me earlier and pulled them down my legs, I threw them off completely with my foot. He seemed to go into a trance.  He lay there just gazing up between my legs at my sex.  He lowered his mouth to my love mound, which by the way, I keep clean-shaven.   He kissed it all over and then let his tongue slip into the folds of my pussy and lapped at it, like a cat with a bowl of milk.  I groaned as he did this and pushed my pussy further into his face.  His tongue found the hood that had been hiding my clit and he lifted it and started to lick and suck it lavishly.  I had to cry “Uncle” and pulled him up even with my face. I was so ready to cum, but I wanted him inside me for my first orgasm with him.  Aaron whispered, “Nan, this time I am going to immerse myself into your wonderful cunt and I am going to fuck you for as long as you can take it.  Are you ready for this?”  I replied that I had waited so long for this to happen, and would do my best to give him everything I had. He kissed me again so sweetly and positioned his body on top of me.  I could feel the tension between our bodies as we touched and I opened my legs so that he had easy access to my pussy.   Funnily enough, even though I had given birth to a number of children, my cunt was still reasonably tight.  He eased himself into that love hole and lay for a moment to enable me to get used to his size. He then started to slowly pump into me, my pussy lips enfolded his rod and pulled him in.   He kept this rhythm up for about 10 minutes and then started to pace himself a bit faster.  I knew if this kept up that I was going to have a large load deposited in my cunt very soon.   I moaned and tried to slow him down.   I wanted this to last as long as possible. “Aaron, if you don’t slow down, it is going to be all over too soon.” “Nan, I have to cum in you.  It has been so long.  Watch it…….

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