A Helping Hand


I could not keep from smiling. I looked down the night misted road created by the hot summer sun cooled and fast moving cool front. A few times I had to shake my head trying not to believe what I had just done, it was just too unbelievable. Yet the proof was still running down my legs as I drove home as quickly as I could. The night breeze felt good against my skin and made my already sensitive nipples as hard as erasers, practically poking through my shirt. I realized then that the bra was left, discarded somewhere on the bathroom floor. My face turned flushed red and I could feel the heat burning my cheeks at the thought of being caught. I hoped he was smarter than I gave him credited for, but still my mind raced with excuses why my bra would be on her floor. Nothing I could think of sounded good and I just thanked God that I didn’t have to face her for a few days yet and hoped I could come up with some brilliant reason why by then, maybe I didn’t have to. I had to laugh out loud at my situation though.

The radio was blaring Kid Rock’s “Cowboy” and my heart was beating hard as I smacked my hand against my steering wheel, either from fear or satisfaction I couldn’t separate my emotions. My jean skirt wrinkled upwards as I pressed down on the accelerator, it was now high enough to allow the wind tantalized my senses. Only moments before these same thighs had one of the best sensations in the world of a lover’s lips caressing with kisses and licks. I ran my fingers from my knees backwards slowly feeling the traces of sticky wetness leftover from James, I let out a moan unconsciously. I continued to massage my thighs, rubbing his cum into my skin letting my fingers roam freely. I could feel my heartbeat pulse through my clit still swollen. His lips had formed tightly around it swirling his tongue and bringing me to a frenzied orgasm and I could hardly even brush against it without shivering now.

I had always been the good friend, the nice one, the virginal one, the one that went to church every Sunday and volunteered in the community, the one that everyone confided in, all that turned around in a single hour. My parents had raised me in a conservative but loving family where sex was something that was done in the dark after 10:00 pm when everyone else was asleep and done very quietly. But I had to admit I wasn’t quite, a few times I had lost completely control of myself and was screaming in ecstasy, yelling his name and begging him to go faster and digging my heels into him to make him go even deeper. It wasn’t that I was a virgin, but I always thought sex should be like the love scenes shown on the Lifetime channel, all fuzzy and sweet without sweat. I was taken aback when I screamed for him to fuck me faster, I couldn’t believe I was saying that until I heard my own voice. I was being a complete slut and I loved it!

As I brushed my hair back I could smell the sex on me, instead of being embarrassed about it as I usually would I reveled in it and I even licked the taste of his cum off my finger tips. I couldn’t believe how turned on I still was after all that I had done. Who would have guessed when I woke up this morning that I would be in this situation. I woke up this morning like any other Saturday, a nice long shower and running out to a local coffee shop to get a muffin and latte. I read my paper on the balcony waiting for the world to pass by my apartment before I started the day. I took an extra hour sunny myself pulling up my t-shirt up over my tummy and closed my eyes enjoying the warm summer sun. I was taken out of my daze by the phone ringing. My friend Amy had just bought a new house and was wondering if I’d come over to help put up new handles and fixtures in her outdated bathroom. Of course I said I would especially since I was the one to point them out in the first place. We had agreed with all the things both of us had planned that day that we’d meet around 7pm or so.

I hung up the phone and went about my day. I had put on my favorite jean skirt and a red button down shirt and sandals. Nothing special really. Being that it was a hot day I decided to wear my hair in a pony tail and my strawberry lip gloss. When I finally made it to Amy’s house I was a little late and she had already started without me. I could tell she was a bit upset but I knew as soon as we got it finished she’d be fine.

“I was wondering when you’d show up.” She said screwing in isveçbahis a chrome handle.

“Sorry I got busy running around and found myself way out on Kennedy Rd. But I brought my screwdrivers!” I said as I pulled two out of my purse. I was excited that I knew the difference between a Philips and a flat head.

“Well, because I didn’t know when you were coming I called James to come over to help. He’s going to be here like any minute now.”

“I said I’m sorry. Sheesh. You knew I would get here.” I shook my head and started rummage through her new collections of chrome plated fixtures. I wanted to kick myself for being late, actually for being late all the time.

Now Amy’s friend James was a bit more than a friend. Amy had been working on him for a few months now and from what she had told me slept with him a few times last month. I hadn’t met him yet but everyone who has told me he was damn fine, but then my preferences had always been somewhat different from my friends. I always liked the guys who had the polo shirts, crisp khakis and with short clean cut hair. I knew James worked in construction so I wasn’t so impressed. Boy was I ever wrong.

I thought my jaw had dropped to the floor when he came up to the door. He had dusty blond hair past his chin with I believe hazel eyes and well defined chest I could see even through his shirt. He smiled and I was ashes. I muttered a few words about Amy in the bathroom and I followed closely behind him. When Amy looked up I did the “okay” sign with my fingers. About an hour passed with me stealing glimpses as he drilled through the wall hanging the brackets to the towel rack, every once in awhile I swear he was looking back which only made me squirm.

I didn’t realize that I hadn’t gotten anything done and the screws that I did manage to get in weren’t holding up the handles. The screws that came with the handles were too small in diameter and fell through the wide holes created by the old fastener so when I grabbed the drawer by the handle it fell completely out. I looked over to Amy who had noticed my predicament and motioned to James to help. He walked over and brushed up against me as he studied the handle.

“You need some washers. And I’m thinking that you need some putty for the wall and more of these types of brackets.” He said holding up something in his hand. “I can finish up this side of the wall and she can finish those set of mall mounts there but in order to get the rest of this done, I’ll need to get the stuff. We can finish up tomorrow since it’s getting late.” He said to Amy.

“Oh I see.” Amy hesitated. “Couldn’t you get the things tonight?”

“It’s a long drive back and it is getting pretty late. If there was a Wal-Mart or something like that around here you can pick up the stuff and I’d be able to finish up most of the things and get it all done in about an hour.”

“Be right back.” Amy grabbed my arm and led me to hallway. “Listen I need you to run to the store and get those things. I can’t let him go home.”

“Ummm it’s not going to be a good idea. I’m not sure where it is or what I’m suppose to get.” I said truthfully.

“Uhh Naomi, come on. I don’t want him to go home!”

“Then you go. I’ll finish up the wall stuff on my side so when you get back here, there wouldn’t be a reason for me to stay. So you two can be alone.”

“Good idea. Whatever you do, don’t let him to go home.”

“Got it.

When Amy rushed out of the house with her list in hand I was actually relieved, then I didn’t know why but I was soon to find out. James and I made small talk about how we both knew Amy and things like that finishing up the few things that we could do. I sat on her vanity and watched him work as he talk about his work and such, but I don’t know if I even caught half the things he was saying. I couldn’t help but to stare at his body and the way his hands moved about.

“Could you come over here and hold onto this for a second?” he asked.

I was there in a flash. While holding up the bar as he measured the holes I don’t know why but I brushed back the hairs that kept falling over his eyes. He looked at me with his questioning eyes and all that I could do was smile. I realized then that my hand was still on his face feeling the stubble of his 5 o’clock shadow. He turned his head and kissed my palm. I felt the sensation rush from my finger tips to the very isveçbahis giriş core of me. I sighed I think and he grabbed my face pulling me to a kiss. His mouth smashed against mine pressing my lips apart. I was completely absorbed in the kiss dropping the bar with a loud clang on the floor wrapping my hands around his neck.

He lifted me by my waist as I wrapped my legs around his hips. He laid me onto the edge of the sink. His mouth ravaged me, sucking on skin gabbing and pulling at my cloths. Wildly I pulled his shirt over his head exposing his muscular chest that felt so good against me. His hands quickly and frantically worked on my buttons until out of sheer frustration upon my behalf I just pulled it off myself. He pushed my body back slightly and looked over my chest as I unhooked my bra and threw it somewhere over his shoulder. He pressed his thumbs into my nipples then rubbed them in a circular motion before squeezing them roughly in his hands. His mouth returned to mine eagerly as he pressed his hips between my legs, I felt as though he was trying to absorb all of me into his body the way he held me so tightly. I loved the way his chest hairs tickle my erect nipples. When his pulled away from the kiss I tried to pull him back to me only to realize how much more I loved the feeling of his lips running down my neck passed my collarbone. He held one of my nipples in his mouth nipping at them. Working on my left breast he twirled his tongue in circles and I let out an uncontrollable moan and squeezed my thighs together. His mouth worked from one to the other. I leaned back onto my hands as he worked downwards kissing my stomach lingering on my navel, his strong rough hands running down my sides.

I pushed out my hips as his fingers hooked onto the waist band of my panties and slid them down my legs. He kissed the inner parts of my knees kissing his way up my thighs. He pushed up my skirt so that it was scrunched up around my waist. He was taking small bites that made me take quick breaths at each nips. He sucked on the soft skin just before my pussy so hard that there was a little pain. He gave quick but thick lick between my slit and I sucked in a fast breath. It was a wonderful torture. I opened my eyes as he continued to tease and lick to see myself reflected in the vanity mirror across from me giving me a full view of the entire act. I could see how I looked with my legs splayed apart with his head between my legs, my perky tits heaving with my nipples sticking out. I loved it. I loved how my tits looked right then, round and supple. When his tongue found my clit I started moaning so loudly. I couldn’t help it but to lean to one hand and squeeze my tit with the free one. It was incredible his wet tongue flicking away, switching from licking and sucking sending me to the brink.

“Yes! YES, suck on my clit baby. Make me cum! Yes!!” I couldn’t believe the words that were escaping my lips.

He heeded my words taking me ravenously. I could feel the building, the over all warmth starting to spread through my body. The small tremors that start in the pit of my stomach but spread out in waves to the rest of my being until I clench my teeth, my legs muscles tighten, my head tossed back and the fireworks go off and electricity flash through me as I scream. I couldn’t believe my orgasm, I let go of trying to be quiet, to be sweet but just let my orgasm take over my body. I didn’t care how I looked I just wanted to enjoy every moment of this sensation. As I started to recover, still trembling I could feel his tongue lapping up my juices sucking on my lips getting every drop of my cum. I was so hot that I knew I needed to suck on his cock right then.

I pushed him away from me to his surprise and pulled him up to kiss him. I could taste the salty sweetness of my own cum on his lips, I licked his lips and mouth sucking on his tongue. I could feel his bulge pushing against my thigh through his jeans. I ran my hand over it feeling the heat permeating through the material. I slid my hand into the waistband searching for his cock. The silky smoothness of the head was too much. I don’t know how I managed but in a single motion I had him in the position I was in and was starting to work to get his pants off. I ripped off his boxers and planted my mouth on his cock. Normally I would have taken my time and teased him but not now I desperately needed to suck his isveçbahis yeni giriş cock entirely. I took his shaft into my hands working his head into my mouth squeezing with just my lips and sucking deeply. I swirled and flicked my tongue all over, running my fingernails over his balls and giving them a light squeeze and massage. I started in an even rhythm getting as much of his huge cock into my throat as I could. It was difficult to get it all in my mouth, in fact I couldn’t breathe at all but my need to have him over powered me. His hand was in my hair running his fingers through as my head bobbed up and down his cock. I was moaning and humming when I got my first taste of his pre-cum. I worked harder now, knowing how good he tasted. All of a sudden the phone on the counter rang.

I looked up into his eyes with a mouth full of cock wondering what we should do. In a split second he picked up the phone and started to say something. I had half a mind to stop and let him talk but I wanted to taste his cum so badly. I licked his shaft and gave his balls a good tongue bath then continued to work the head of his cock between my lips again.

“Yes, those are the kind that you need to get. Uh… yeah…yeah..you can get that …uuh too. Ummm….just get anything. …okay …okay..see you in 15 minutes…” he hung up the phone.

I looked up into his eyes and licked my lips. I went to continue when he stopped me to my dismay.

“No baby I want to cum in your sweet pussy.”

He lifted me as if I weighed but a feather pressing against me with his cock. I spread my legs apart easily as his hands cupped my ass lifting me onto his pre-cum covered head. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist as he lowered me onto his cock. He eased in, an inch at a time. I could feel the resistance of my pussy walls trying to accommodate his size as quickly as they could. Once I was down to the hilt I squeeze my pussy muscles tightly so that he could feel them wrapping around him. It was not a moment when he started to pump into my dripping pussy with his cock, trusting his hips into me. I was being impaled by his cock and loved every minute of it. I could hear wet sucking sound coming from my pussy as well as my screams of pleasure. It didn’t take long for me, I was so turned on that I came to my second orgasm immediately. I held onto as my body and spasmed in his arms.

“Fuck me James, fuck my pussy. Yes fuck me harder!” I scream.

He placed me onto the counter so I could lean back onto the wall so that he could have leverage over me. He placed his hands on my hips and fucked my pussy like no one else ever had. I tried to meet his trust, lifting my hips getting him deeper into me. I was shaking and trembling screaming unknown words as the first shot of cum blasted inside of me. He collapsed on top of me as streams of cum filled me. When he recovered he kissed my lips sucking on them. I was in pure ecstasy. That’s when I heard the squeaking of brakes. My heart stopped. His eyes were wide opened and I pushed him off of me. I grabbed my shirt and panties putting them on as quickly as I could, grabbing my purse on the way out the door.

Unfortunately as I was running to my car Amy was walking up the driveway. I tried to calm myself down as much as I could as we got closer.

“Hey thanks Naomi! I got some extra things to make it a much more interesting night.” She said pointing to the bag and walking pass me and smiling.

I continued towards my car. “Have fun!” I said before racing off.

And now I’m racing home to close my eyes and try to figure out what I’m going to do next. My cell phone rang waking me out of my flashbacks. The light on it made it almost impossible to ignore. I grabbed it quickly and answered, “ Hello.”

“Hey it’s me Amy. James just left! He didn’t finish it but just left. What happened?” she asked.

“wh… What do you mean?” I stammered.

“What happened while I was gone? He left here all flushed. I think he’s upset with me.”

“I..I..I don’t know…he was fine.”

“Hey by the way….did you forget something here?”

My heart jumped into my throat.

“I can explain that.”

“That’s okay I’ll just bring them to work on Monday.”


“Yeah your screwdrivers. I found them when I was picking up the bathroom. I put everything back in the boxes and straightened up when I found them. James left everything here, his entire toolbox.”

“Not everything.” I whispered. “Well I’ll talk to you later I’m really tired.” I said hanging up.

I could not get the ear to ear smile off my face as I fell asleep that night.

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