A Hot Night With A Stranger


The second I looked up, our eyes found each other. Mine darted down immediately to avoid the intense heat from his gaze, which penetrated into me despite the distance. When my eyes flashed back to meet his, the corner of his mouth turned slightly. He held the eye contact with a level of certainty that made me shiver.Fuck. I was supposed to be leaving here soon now that the little celebration with my friends was wrapping up. But over the loud music and chatter in the bar, I felt his gaze burning into me. I was done with hook-ups. Every time, he got what he wanted, and I was alone pulling out my vibrator to finish the job. He was probably just the same. Why waste time when I could just start with the vibrator instead. I laughed to myself as we paid the check and gathered our things.I was leaving when he started in my direction.”James.” almanbahis He asserted himself in front of me and held out his hand. His scent lingered around me, dark and musky. I tried to ignore it.”Excuse me, I was just leaving.” I steadied my breath because damn he was hot, and with him standing so close I had to concentrate on staying focused.”Where are you headed?””Home,” I announced as he started walking towards the door. He held it open for me to walk out. Once we were outside he offered to get me a cab home, and once we realized we lived just a block away from each other, I reluctantly agreed to share a cab.He opened the door for me and then got in the other side. I was starting to think he might not be like a lot of the other guys I’ve been with. Hm. None of them had been as polite as he had so far. The cab was long enough almanbahis yeni giriş for me to realize I might be interested. When we were halfway, after learning he owned a bread shop not too far from here that he started a few years ago, had a yellow lab waiting for him at home, and was just out at the bar after his little sister’s graduation, my shoulders relaxed a bit. He probably wasn’t going to try to kill me. A few moments of silence before a different tension shot up my leg as his knee touched mine. God, that felt good. He must have felt it too because he looked at my thighs close to where our legs were touching. He noticed my shoelace was undone.”Let me retie your shoe.” I felt the subtle command, but decided to push it back.”No, I’ll tie it later.””It’s no issue, let me tie it now.” He started reaching toward almanbahis giriş my foot, and just as I went to pull away the back of his fingertips brushed my shin. Again, a wave of chills. I lost my focus and once I came back to the situation, he was halfway done. Unlike his commanding tone, his touch was gentle.”There.” As he finished he ran the inside of his hand back up my shin, over my knee, and rested in on my thigh.Okay, so no one has tied my shoe before. I wasn’t sure if I was thinking straight or not, but the small circles his fingertips were tracing on the inside of my thigh were not helping.By the time we got to my place, I could practically feel the puddle I was sitting in. I hoped he didn’t notice how wet I was. Could this man want to please me as much as he wanted to please himself? I’m not sure if it was a gut feeling or my throbbing pussy taking over my head. He asked to walk me in, I nodded before I could stop myself. He gave my thigh a little squeeze before getting out, which made my legs a lot weaker to get out myself than I was hoping.

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