It has been seven months since we last saw each other. Wow! Seven months! I remember when we couldn’t go seven days without seeing each other. Our decision to take a break over the summer holidays wasn’t unique as we have done that a couple of times to concentrate on our real lives. The decision at the end of the summer to call it quits wasn’t a surprise either. We had enjoyed a fantastic seven years with each other but everything moves on… or not, as it seems. Hence, why I’m now etlik escort nervously waiting for you in a hotel room on a Tuesday afternoon. That message from you came out of the blue, our sporadic burst of messages since leading us back to here. We no longer need each other, but we most definitely want each other.A knock, a glimpse through a spyhole. We exchange a brief embrace and a kiss as the door closes and locks. Smiles. Privacy. Secrets. Bigger smiles. keçiören escort You drape your jacket over a chair as a whiff of aftershave catches your nose. Warm hands on waists, hotter lips. No urgency.Yet.We move closer together. Your hand slips under my shirt, fingers seeking a nipple to twist. Tongues probe gently. My shirt is unbuttoned as your skirt is unzipped. Both landing at our feet in one fluid motion as our breath quickens.Still no urgency, kızılay escort only arousal.Kisses on a neck, nibbles on an ear, acts that I haven’t performed on you in so long, now elicit the response that I expected, a sigh as you tilt your head back and to one side. My lips trace down one shoulder as your blouse peels off. A fumble of a belt and a button and my trousers now join the growing pile of discarded clothing. I feel the warmth from your cupped hand as you reach for my cock, straining against the cotton of my boxers. I slide your knickers down, already damp to my touch. Your breathing catches as I caress your clit gently. You reciprocate by pulling me free of my shorts and rubbing your thumb over my cock, spreading pre-cum over the head and shaft.

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