A Lazy Saturday Evening


The seat creaked as you leaned over to reach for the remote control. The TV was on for noise, but in an ironic twist, was interrupting our conversation, so you grabbed the remote and pointed it in the general direction of the TV and mashed buttons until you managed to turn it down a little, after accidentally changing channel several times. I laughed and remarked “You know, if you take a moment and press the right buttons, that won’t happen?”

“Maybe so, but if they put the buttons in the right place, it wouldn’t happen either. Stupid remote”, you retorted as you dropped it back next to you. “What was I saying?”

“I think you were asking me when I was going to kiss you. I think.”

“Oh yeah. You really should get on to that, you know. We’ve been alone for hours and you have haven’t actually kissed me at all in the last 15 minutes or so. I’m not happy about that.”

I laughed again and leant over to make amends. You’d arrived to visit the day before, but other than a short time in the car, this was really the first time we’d had alone, in private. My family had gone to the coast for the weekend this morning and we’d spent the day out in the sun, photographing what we could and stealing glances and hand touches whenever we could. Now we’d come home, changed into our jammies and plonked on the couch together, to take time to just be with each other and enjoy the closeness of the one we love most. And also, to hold hands and make out. A lot.

We sat next to each other and were half turned toward each other, hands clutched together between us as we gently kissed, eyes closed, tongues softly flicking. We’d occasionally stop and open our eyes, almost as if we were communicating to each other psychically, then stare at each other shyly for a few moments, before we’d lean in and start again. At one stage, you stopped and rested your head on my shoulder for a few moments. We sat there, hands together, quietly loving one another. I kissed the top of your head and rested my cheek against you, when you quietly said “I wish we could do more. I want to do so much more with you, but I know we can’t. This is making it so much harder though.”

My heart raced as I gently tilted your head back, then brushed the hair away from your face. “What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean. We’ve always discussed what we’d do in this situation. Everything we’ve talked about and dreamed about, I want to do with you, but… we can’t.”

I kissed you softly on the lips and sighed. “I know. I know exactly what you mean. I’ve been thinking it all day, but just sitting this closely to you and having you entirely to myself, well, there’s nothing to distract me from how perfect you are. ”

“Pfft. I’m not perfect and I’m in my jammies and slippers.”

“You are – so am I. That doesn’t make you look any less amazing though.”

I isveçbahis paused. “So, what can we do?”

You reached up, your hand snaking around my neck. “This”, you breathed, and kissed me firmly, your desire obvious. Your tongue flicked across my lips then as you drew me closer, then parted my lips and danced across my tongue as you kissed me deeply. I kissed back for a moment and then whispered “Wait a minute” into your mouth. Reaching down between us, I tugged a hidden handle and “Clunk!”, your seat opened up as a recliner. I smiled at the surprise on your face, then reached down behind me and tugged. “FOOP!” and my seat opened out next to you.

“There, now we can stretch out. Now I think you need to kiss me like that again.”

You grinned and pulled me to you, kissing me hungrily, our legs slipping out along the side-by-side recliners until we were lying next to each other. One hand each held the other’s, while the arms on top slid around each other’s waists. I leaned in to you as you stroked my hair and kissed me passionately. I moved my head and nuzzled into the crook of your neck, kissing the pale skin and nipping it with my teeth, making you yelp, then giggle. You took a handful of hair on the back of my head and firmly pulled me back to your lips, so I kissed you hard, my tongue wrestling with yours, moaning into your mouth. Without realising, I thrust against your hip, my leg draped over yours, causing you to moan softly and release my hair, your hand sliding down my back and on to my bum.

You briefly stopped kissing me, allowing me to kiss your cheeks, nose and chin. “Thrusty thrust”, you whispered to me. I blushed and hid my face from you. “Yup. I can’t help it, I’m sorry.”

“Shh, it’s ok. I like it. It means something.”

“It means you’re turning me on. I’ll try to stop.”

“No, please don’t. Keep going if you need to. It means you’re not lying when you say I’m sexy and hot.” Now it was your turn to blush.

“I’ve never lied about that. It’s the honest truth, I can’t tell you how hot you are.”

You paused and kissed my ear, the quietly, so quietly I nearly missed it, you whispered “Then show me.”

“We can’t. You know I want to, but we can’t.”

“No, I don’t mean that. There’s something else you can do.” You leaned away from me, creating a bit of space between us, then took my free hand in yours and, looking in my eyes shyly, placed it between my legs. “We can’t do anything together, but you can do this. I’d love to be here and watch you and hold your hand.”

I genuinely blushed. “You really want me to play?”

“I do. And I want you to really enjoy it.”

I thought for a minute, then rolled onto my back next to you and started rubbing myself softly through my jammie pants, while looking at the most beautiful woman I could imagine. She took my chin and kissed isveçbahis giriş my softly and carefully on the mouth, then settled back and looked into my eyes with that piercing blue gaze of hers and a subtle smile on her lips.

I closed my eyes for a moment and imagined what I wanted to do, rubbing the head through my pants. I sighed and relaxed as I felt your hand on my free hand, your fingers entwining with mine. I grasped my wang through my pants and held it in place as I slowly thrust my hips up and down, imagining you astride me. You pulled my face closer and kissed my eyelids, then kissed my mouth hard, really hard, a kiss that was all about bonking and writhing together.

I moaned out loud and slipped my hand under my pants, into my undies. I stroked it up and down my smoothly shaved balls and engorged wang, my hips moving smoothly to match my rhythm. I opened my eyes and looked at you hungrily as you kissed me, wanting to taste you so badly. I couldn’t believe the excitement of doing this in front of you, the turn on was indescribable. I held the base of my dick and as I thrust, the head of it rubbed against my wrist and started peeking out of my pants.

My free hand wandered over and rested on the smooth skin of your hip. This was the first time I’d touched your skin, other than your hands or face and the effect on me was electric – a jolt ran through me and my thrusting became harder. I gasped and stared at the perfect area my hand was cupped around. I could hear you breathing heavily as you watched me and I looked up into your eyes, seeing the hunger and desire within them. I tugged my wang up and out, freeing it from its cotton prison and openly played with it in front of you. I held it in my hand and rubbed my thumb over the swollen, purple head, well lubricated by the pre-cum that had oozed out.

You moaned softly as I exposed myself, your head resting on my shoulder. You stared at my cock, seemingly entranced by the movement of my hand. I closed my eyes and looked up at the ceiling, imagining my thumb was your tongue, a prelude to your soft, warm mouth engulfing me.

Again, I heard you moan and felt you fidget next to me. Without looking, I lifted my hand off your hip and picked up one of your hands, then lifted it to your belly. Hearing you gasp as my hand touched your belly, I guided your hand under your jammie pants. I heard you mutter “Oh geez” under your breath, but it didn’t stop you from starting on yourself; I rested my hand on top of your jammie pants for a moment and felt your hand move down between your legs and your fingers start circling. You draped one of your legs over mine as we lay next to each other and settled into it, rubbing your clit in small but firm circles. I looked at you and thought that you’d never appeared more natural or beautiful than that moment when you were a slave to your isveçbahis yeni giriş own desire.

I kissed you, softly, gently, lovingly, as we both pleasured ourselves. You returned the kiss, whispered “I love you”, then buried your face in my shoulder, looking down towards my hand as it squeezed and released the head of my wang.

You took my free hand from your pants and I immediately thought you were maintaining the separation between us, but instead you slid it under your top and rested it on your amazingly warm and unimaginably perfect boob. I felt your hard nipple between my fingers and instinctively started pumping my hand up and down on my dick, thrusting in time. You moaned my name as I squeezed the warm softness and I craned my neck to kiss the top of your head.

I felt my toes start to tingle, so I stopped pumping for a moment and took my hand off myself, bringing it to your lips. You smelled my juices on my fingers and hungrily opened your mouth, so I touched my hand to your lips. Your tongue darted out and your lips closed around my fingers, sucking them clean, licking each one thoroughly.

I groaned out loud at this and moaned your name as my hips continued to thrust. I saw that your fingers ceased their circling motion and started thrusting in and out of your vajayjay, your own hips rocking in time with your hands.

I took my hand from your mouth and ran it lightly down my chest and belly, then squeezed my balls . I rubbed my palm over the tip of my wang, then licked it clean myself, before pumping up and down firmly, so close now and determined to climax in as spectacular a fashion as I could for you.

My hand on your boob shifted and cupped it from underneath, supporting it, with one finger flicking out over the tip of your hard pink nipple, making you gasp and arch your back, your fingers pushing in even further. Hearing you moan like that, hearing my name was better than any fantasy and before too long, I could feel the heat building up within me.

“Oh god Amy, I’m so close. I love you so much, honey.”

You looked up at me and half moaned/half whispered “I love you too. Cum for me.” Your spare hand, until now resting between us, reached across and gripped my wang, just below my own hand. The feeling of you wanking both of us was more than I could bear and I roared your name as every cell in my body lit up. My back arched and my legs shook as I started to pump hot, white cum over my belly and chest. Dimly, I heard you moaning my name next to me, then felt you tense and curl into a ball as your orgasm hit. We lay on the couch together, our hands on ourselves and each other and came in waves of paradise together.

After a minute, as we got our breath back, I reached over and took your hand from your pants, then slowly licked it clean. The taste of you was unbelievable, better than I’d imagined. You sighed as I cleaned your hand and said in a husky voice, “Well, I’m glad we didn’t lose control of ourselves. That could have been really naughty.”

I looked over at you and fell in love with the sweaty smile on your face.

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