A little fantasy I had with one of my XHamster fri


A little fantasy I had with one of my XHamster friOk, so we drive out somewhere quite and park. We start to kiss and I start to feel your tits, I can feel your nipples getting hard through you clothes as our tongues start to explore each others mouths, I undo your top and you help me to undo your bra. At last I feel your naked tits in my hand amd sqeeze and caress them bending down to suck your nipples. I drop my hand to your knees and start to slowly put my hand up your skirt caressing your thighs.My hand reaches the tops of your thighs and you slowly part them letting me reach your panties, I stroke my fingers over your crotch and can feel the dampness through your panties. I can’t grandbetting giriş wait now and slip your panties to one side exposing you moist cunt, I start to explore your cunt stroking your clitoris and then moving down to the wet entrance letting my finger slide into the wet warmth of your cunt. I move my finger in and out and then put two fingers in working them round and round and in and out until you cry out with pleasure. We kiss hotly and I feel your hand sqeezing my cock, I stop what I’m doing to help you undo my jeans and get my cock out, it’s rock hard and I gasp as you touch it and start to slowly wank it, I return my fingers to your wet cunt and grandbetting yeni giriş finger you as you wank me. Eventually we get into the back and I push you back and take down your panties and spread your legs, I put my head down and start to lick your cunt pushing my tongue inside. I can feel your cunt pulsing as you groan with delight. Neither of us can wait to fuck, I climb between your open thighs and slowly guide my cock into your cunt sliding in deep, it feels so good. I make you take the full seven inches of my thick cock and you cry out as it goes really deep into your tight cunt. I fuck you hard making you scream as you beg me not to stop grandbetting güvenilirmi because your going to come. I fuck you harder and faster, your cries get louder until you let out a strangled cry and come violently, I can feel your cunt pulsing around my cock as you continue to sob with pleasure. Once you have calmed down, I want to play our little game that you like so much, I lubricate you cunt with some KY gel and start to push my hand inside your cunt, you scream as your cunt is stretched so wide as my hand slips inside and I start to fist you. You scream that it feels too big but I know you don’t want me to stop. You start to build to another orgasm and I move my fist in and out and round and round until you scream your coming and your whole body shakes violently as you come. Your orgasm is so powerful you can only lie there gasping, Slowly I remove my hand and penetrate you with my cock, fucking you to another orgasm, this time I come with you and shoot my spunk into your cunt.

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