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Young and SexyKim was young but had developed a sexy body which all men noticed. She came from a poor family and learned that the men would take care of her if she used her body. She got on an adult dating site and soon had many men wanting to meet her. She chose the one thirty years older but rich. They planned to meet friday at the Hyatt Hotel in his suite.She wore a shiny silk dress, a thong and matching push-up bra. She looked gorgeous and very sexy. She rang the buzzer to room 2110 and he opened the door. He was wearing only the bath robe supplied by his room. He pulled her in and kissed her giving her his tongue deep and all over the inside of her mouth. She returned the kiss by sucking his tongue. He put his hands under the skirt of her dress and grabbed her ass. He massaged it and pulled her close to him as he continued to kiss her sensually. He could feel her bare ass with just the string to her thong between her ass cheeks. He pulled on the string as he ran his fingers down her crack.She opened his robe and kissed his neck then each nipple. She pulled the nipples with her teeth as he lowered the straps to her dress. Soon he had her just in the sexy bra and thong. He could see her large tits pushed high in the bra which barely covered the globes. He could almost see her nipples. He turned her and pulled her back tight to his naked body ans his hands tempobet yeni giriş went inside her skimpy bra. He roughly felt her nipples and rolled them between his fingers as his other hand moved between her legs. He rubbed her pussy thru the mini thong and soon pulled it aside as he felt her smooth shaved pussy. His fingers were feeling her tits and her pussy as he held her tight and she could feel his hard cock at her back.He then shed his robe as he picked her up and took her to his bed. He first removed her bra and bent to kiss and suck her large nipples. She was small and dainty with huge tits and great nipples. He sucked them and let his hand find her pussy and lower her thong. His fingers went to her clit and he squeezed it between two finges as he heard her moan. His mouth could not get enough of those delicious tits as he felt her cum beneath his fingers. His fingers moved down to her wet love hole and he inserted his finger in her and moved it in and out finger fucking the young girl. He felt her cum as she thrashed under his finger deep in her pussy and he added another finger to her wet hole. He then slid his face down to her pussy and let his tongue taste her. She spread her legs wanting him to eat her and make her cum more. His tongue licked and he sucked her clit as she moaned and moved under his face. His tongue found her tempobet giriş love hole and he licked tasting the wet juices around it before he pushed in his tongue. She went wild and grabbed his head and pushed it tight to her pussy wanting him to give her that tongue deep in her hole. As he tongue fucked her, he felt her coat his tongue with cum. He tongue fucked her pussy for a few more minutes before he got on top of her to mount her.He pushed his cock to the entrance to her pussy and and began to slide in. She was warm wet and tight. He could feel the walls of her pussy all around his cock. She felt great and he began to slide in and out almost like jacking his cock in her pussy. She lifted her hips to him as she loved his cock in her and wanted it deeper. She loved being fucked by this man who was now shoving his cock in her deep. He rammed her deep for over forty minutes before he filled her with cum. He then kissed her tits as he laid on her to rest just a minute. This young girl was sexy and loved being fucked. He had more plans for her body as he planned to fuck her many times in all her holes today.He had bought her several gifts but first she had to earn them. He was going to tit fuck her and then she would suck his cock as he pushed her head down deep on it. He planned to fuck her ass after he spanked her sweet cheeks. He loved to tempobet güvenilirmi spank his women then fuck them. He would watch their pussies get wet as he spanked the ass beet red. It was strange how the women liked that. He then pushed her on to her hands and knees with her ass in the air and her tits hanging down so he may grab then later. He pulled his paddle out of the drawer beside the bed and gave her a swat. He spread her legs so to see her pussy as he spanked. He gave her a dozen swats with his wooden paddle and her ass began to get red. He rubbed her ass and then down between her legs. Her pussy was dripping as he suspected it would be. He began spanking again. Another dozen on the already red ass. He then rubbed the paddle over her wet pussy. Then he gave he another dozen as he watched her pussy with each hit.He licked her spanked ass and it felt so hot against his tongue. He got on his knees behind her and stuck his cock in her wet pussy just to use her own moisture for lube to her ass. He then aimed his cock into her ass. He spread her ass cheeks already sore and pushed the cock into her. Her ass was tight for his hard cock but he pushed in inch by hard inch. He then began to fuck the tight ass pulling out and going all the way in. He leaned forward and grabbed her tits as he fucked. This was the best, a tight ass and huge tits to hang on to. He fucked the ass for a long time and then let his cum fill it. Her ass felt so good against his hard cock.He let her rest before he was going to grab her head and fuck her mouth with his cock deep down her throat. Yes, he had many surprises for this sexy c***d today.

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