A Loaded Proposal Ch. 02


Chapter Two

Shortly after, we headed back inside and returned to sitting at the kitchen table. Sarah and Kyle were sitting, but they gave the impression they had just sat down. They were probably standing at the door, watching us out the window the whole time, I thought to myself with a pleased smirk. They really wanted this to happen, and I was counting on it.

Lucy had agreed to let me do the talking. I waited a few moments to let their suspense build, before saying finally, “We’ll do it…”

“Oh, thank you Steven, thank you…” Sarah interrupted with a squeal.

“Please,” I added, with a gesture of my hand, asking her to wait. “Please wait until I’m done. I’ll do this for you, but I have some conditions that must be met.”

“What sort of conditions?” asked Kyle, a suspicious frown on his face.

“Please, Kyle,” Sarah interjected, a pleading look on her face. She turned to me. “We’ll do anything. Please.”

I looked at her for a moment. “Well, let’s wait to finalize things until you’ve heard me out. Ok?”

“Ok,” she agreed, then turned to Kyle, who nodded.

Satisfied they were ready, I began: “Condition number one: This will not be some cold, unfeeling transaction. I am more than an anonymous sperm donor. For better or worse, we’re family. I refuse to have sex in a situation that is anything less than pleasurable, for either of us. You aren’t some whore doing a job, and neither am I. That being said, nothing will be off the table. In the end, making sure it is pleasurable will be the most effective in ensuring conception. Obviously, it would be best to try several times during the fertile period to make sure it happens.”

Sarah and Kyle both nodded in agreement. “That makes sense.” Kyle decided.

“Conditions number two and three are for my benefit. Since you’re saving thousands of dollars doing it this way, and we won’t accept any amount of money in return, I feel it’s fair to ask for a few, shall we say, less than selfless requests.”

They both nodded again, less enthusiastically.

“Condition number two: I have a strong attraction to pregnant women. During your eighth month of pregnancy, we will spend a weekend together. I will come down here, and we will spend the time in a hotel. I will be paying for these accommodations, as well as my travel here and back home.”

I didn’t give them time to respond as I continued: “Condition number three: I also have a fascination with breastfeeding, as Lucy could share if you asked her. Six months after the birth of the baby, I will pay one final visit. Everything else will be the same as the eight-month visit. Obviously, you will need to be lactating at this time. Whether you choose to breastfeed your baby or not is up to you–if you care about your baby you will–but it is part of my condition. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find you’re into it too, huh Kyle?” I said with a grin.

“Finally, condition number four: No one else in the family will know about it. This is also how I make sure the other conditions are followed. If you become pregnant and decide not to fulfill condition number two or three, I will personally make sure your family knows exactly what happened. In that case, I don’t have anything to lose, but you do. Do you understand?” I paused to gauge their reactions. “And before you say anything or think about complaining, Lucy has already agreed to these conditions; otherwise, we wouldn’t be having this talk. Lucy loves you so much that she’s willing to let all of this happen between us. Think about that before you agree or disagree.” I sat back in my chair and took Lucy’s hand on the table. She gave me a reassuring smile.

They sat there for awhile, first staring at us, and then at each other. Finally, looking at Sarah, Kyle responded, “I think maybe now it’s our turn to be excused to discuss things.” Sarah nodded and they both got up and exited the kitchen. Seconds later we could hear them ascending the stairs, presumably to go to their bedroom to discuss things. I got up to check on the kids in the living room. They were completely absorbed in a show that I didn’t recognize–there were so many more cartoons nowadays I had never heard of. Regardless, television to the babysitter rescue again–I kid. We rarely let them watch much sivas escort bayan television at home; that’s probably why they were so enthralled there. Lucky for us they were–how were we to know how the evening would go when we first came over? Unless…

I returned to the kitchen and looked at Lucy. “Hey Babe, you didn’t know this was gonna happen, right? I mean, they didn’t talk to you about it beforehand, did they?”

She had been staring at the table, lost in her own thoughts, until she realized I was talking to her. When she fully understood what I had asked, she answered, “No Steven. I was just as surprised as you were when they asked. I’m still a little nervous about it, but can you blame me?”

“Of course not, Lucy.” I chuckled. “I’m still a little surprised that you were so agreeable to their proposal. You hear about things like this happening in stories or something, but you never think it would happen in real life, least of all to us.” I paused, considering the whole situation. “How do you think they’ll respond?”

“I’m not entirely sure,” she responded quickly. Obviously she had just been thinking about that very thing. “I can tell they really want a baby, but who knows how they would respond to your requests. Honestly, if I were in Sarah’s situation, I don’t know how I would respond. It’s so hard to imagine what I would do to get what I really wanted most…” She trailed off, lost in her thoughts again.

After about five more minutes, I could hear a slight creak of the floorboards above us, then they were descending the stairs. They rejoined us in the kitchen, sitting down heavily in their chairs. I could tell it had been a really serious conversation, though not loud enough for us to hear from downstairs.

I had to remind myself to keep breathing, so thick was the atmosphere of anticipation. I mostly expected them to rescind their proposal in light of my counter-proposal. Finally, Sarah said, “We’ll do it. I’ll do it,” she paused, taking a deep breath. “But I have one more condition of my own. Kyle wouldn’t let me consider agreeing without promising I would give one final stipulation. Here it is: We’ve agreed to your conditions, all of them. But throughout the whole process, anytime we’re…together…I get the final say on how things go. If we’re doing something, or you’re doing something, and it makes me feel unsafe or way too uncomfortable, I get to say we stop. That’s absolutely non-negotiable,” she ended, looking at Kyle, who nodded in approval.

To say I was surprised was an understatement. I didn’t expect them to agree, but I definitely appreciated their addition to the arrangement. “I agree wholeheartedly. We’re not doing this to make anyone feel unsafe or uncomfortable. I should have thought of that myself. Everything is still acceptable to everyone at this point?” I asked looking between the three of them. I received three nods in return. I continued, “So, before we can make any arrangements, we need to know what part of your cycle you are at right now.”

“We were just gonna mention that ourselves. The thing is,” Sarah paused, “my last period started twelve days ago. For those of you keeping track at home, that means the next three days are my most fertile time of ovulation.” She ended with a chuckle. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Sarah was such a nerd sometimes, and I loved that she felt comfortable enough to show that around us.

“So, I guess we need to decide if we’re pulling the trigger now, or waiting for a later date for our first attempt. What do you think, Lucy? Is this something we can work into our week down here, or should we try again another time?” I gave her hand another loving squeeze.

She looked to the door leading into the living room, no doubt thinking about our kids and our vacation. Then she looked at Sarah’s smiling face. Finally, she replied, “I think we should do it. Kyle, you work during the day, right?” He nodded, so she continued. “We can change our plans a little so that you can be here and I can take the kids to outings in the area. That leaves you, Sarah…” she ended, uncertainly.

“Oh, don’t worry about me,” she said with a smile. “When I realized my fertile time would probably coincide with your visit, I made escort sivas plans in the event you said yes. I used vacation time from work for this week.”

“Well, that’s that, I guess.” I concluded. “The only thing left is to figure out what to tell the kids. They’ll wonder what I’m doing, not being with you all during our vacation. We probably shouldn’t tell them the truth. They might be able to understand, but how could we expect them to keep this a secret?”

Lucy seemed to have already arrived at a solution for that. “I’m gonna tell them that Aunt Sarah needs some help around the house, and that you’ve graciously agreed to give it to her while we’re here.”

“Good idea, Honey,” I exclaimed getting up and kissing her full on the lips.

Sarah and Kyle nodded in agreement. “So, are we getting a hotel room, or staying here? I don’t think it would be right to use your bed,” I said uncertainly.

“Oh, don’t worry about that either,” Sarah added. “We have a guest room with a full size bed, ready for in case we have company.” She winked at me a bit flirtatiously.

“Well that settles that,” Lucy agreed. “We’ll take the kids to a hotel for tonight and I’ll drop Steven off here in the morning and make plans for the next, what, three days?” It seemed like she was asking all of us. We all nodded, uncertainly, though it seemed we had reached a consensus.

“Ok. We’re outta here. Let’s get the kids, Lucy.” I started for the door to the living room, then stopped. Lucy went around me to get the kids ready to go, but I turned back. Before I could reconsider the wisdom of what I was doing, I walked over to where Sarah was still sitting, leaned over and lightly kissed her on the lips. She jumped a little in surprise but didn’t pull away. I stood up and walked back across the kitchen to leave. “See you in the morning,” I called over my shoulder.


That night I expected things to be tense between Lucy and I, but it wasn’t at all. As much as I still had some small doubts about it, Lucy was really hoping all of this worked out well for everyone. Even as I was cuddling with her from behind in our bed, after the kids were all asleep on their shared queen bed, I still couldn’t help but voice my doubts. “Are you sure you’re ok with this, Babe? It’s not too late to change your mind, and tomorrow morning still wouldn’t be too late. Maybe you’ll feel differently after you get some sleep.”

It was pretty dark, but I could tell if she were facing me that her eyes would be boring two small holes into me. “Steven, please believe me when I say, I won’t change my mind. First of all, I couldn’t do that to my sister. After finding out how much this means to her, I couldn’t back out of it. Second, I know you’re more than a little excited at the prospect of fucking your sister-in-law. Aren’t you?” She never swore anywhere but the bedroom, which was another huge turn on for both of us.

I breathed heavily into her neck at that point. I also couldn’t stop the growing erection in my briefs. Usually we slept naked, but we always thought it prudent to sleep in at least our underwear when on vacation and sleeping in other beds, not to mention sharing a room with the kids. My hard-on must have become noticeable, pressed up against her shapely ass as it was. She yelled, “I knew it!” then clapped a hand to her mouth, silently reprimanding herself for being so loud. We lay still for a moment, trying to see if she had woken them. All we could hear was the slow, even breaths of three sleeping children.

She scooted away from me and then rolled to face me. “You are excited about the next three days. I know you’ll take care of her, just like you do me. I also don’t have to worry about you leaving me somehow.”

“Oh, yeah? And how are you so sure about that?” I asked teasingly.

“Because of this,” she replied simply, yanking her t-shirt up over her head and pulling my face to hers. She ravaged my mouth, using plenty of tongue. She started grinding against me and dragging her breasts against my chest. I could feel her erect nipples poking me. She was excited too. “Because no one can love you like I do,” she finished. She sat up, throwing the top sheet off of us. She grabbed my fully erect penis through my underwear sivas escort and teased it, this way and that.

“And no one can ever love you like I love you,” I finally answered, barely able to form words in my haze of desire.

“And don’t you forget it,” she replied. “Now, take them off,” she demanded sharply. I was only too happy to comply. I love it when she tells me what to do. I lifted my butt and quickly pulled my briefs down to my ankles. She finished removing them before putting one hand around my cock and using the other to fondle my balls.

“Ohhh,” I groaned appreciatively. I could see her smiling down at me in the moonlight peeking in through the mostly covered window, followed by a gleam in her eye right before she bent over to take me in her mouth. No one could consider me large at just under 5 inches long, and not overly thick either. Nevertheless, Lucy has always focused more on the head of my circumcised penis. Early on in our marriage, we tried having her take it all in, but she didn’t have much patience for it. I never pushed her to do more than she was comfortable with. With the lower frequency of blowjobs these days, and sex altogether, I’m more than happy to take whatever she’ll give me. With that in mind, nothing could have surprised me more than what she did next.

I could tell she was using more saliva than she ever had before. After a few seconds of swirling her tongue and sucking the head, she sank down until her lips were at the base of my cock. I groaned louder this time and had more than a little trouble in not bucking my hips up towards her. If she felt comfortable and in control, I didn’t want to do anything to mess that up.

After almost minute of slowly bobbing up and down, bringing her lips from the base to the tip and back, again and again, she seemed to become a little more frantic. She sat up, releasing my cock and breathing heavily to catch her breath, before climbing on top of me. Moments later, a sopping wet pussy came into contact with my rock hard cock, framed by a neatly trimmed bush. “When did you take your panties off?” I asked in surprise.

“The same time I helped you take your underwear off. I knew you wouldn’t notice,” she replied as her vagina enveloped my penis. As small as I consider myself, she seems to fit me just right. We were made for each other.

My hands went to her hips, helping make sure she was steady on top as we found a rhythm. Then she leaned down and smothered me with her open mouth. She must have picked up a bit of pre-cum; I could taste myself on her, not unpleasant, but slightly salty, just enough to notice. My hands roamed over her body in ecstasy, going from her hips to her belly, then up to her delicious breasts that drooped down into my hands as she leaned back into a kneeling position on top of me.

I couldn’t take it any longer; I just had to have her nipples in my mouth. I brought her left one to me with my hand, lightly flicking it with my tongue for a few seconds. Then I engulfed her whole areola in my mouth, sucking hard on her nipple. She gasped, kneading my shoulders with her hands. I continued for a few seconds before switching my attention to her right breast. I sucked it a little harder, producing a louder moan. I reached up to cover her mouth with a hand, not roughly, but just enough for her to remember our sleeping children not ten feet away from us.

In response, she began riding me harder. I squeezed her breasts as they tried to bounce with the rest of her wonderful body. I pinched her nipples as hard as I thought would give her pleasure, but not pain. I began bucking my hips up to meet her as she came down on me. She leaned forward to kiss me again, smothering the sounds of pleasure coming from both of us. She increased her speed; I could tell she was close to cumming, as I was myself.

She broke our kiss only to whisper, “spank me,” then resumed fucking my mouth with hers. I spanked her right ass cheek, knowing I was at the edge myself. “Harder,” she growled into my mouth. As I felt my cock erupting inside of her, I spanked her other cheek, much harder, knowing it would probably leave a red hand print. “Yes, yes,” she squeaked in pleasure, grinding to orgasm on my now less than hard penis. I was pleased and relieved that she came as well–I don’t usually last long–but she often reaches orgasm when she takes charge like that; she knows what she wants. That night, she wanted me to know that I was hers, first and foremost, and whatever happened over the next three days, that wouldn’t change.


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