My first time with a transwoman


My first time with a transwomanI mistakenly shared this as a blog post the first time, so here it is. My first time with a trans woman. A fantasy fulfilled and it was hotter than I ever thought sex could be and damn was that sex hot and passionate.We met online at an adult personals site, I’d always found trans porn to be very hot and her profile picture was alluring so I messaged her and got the conversation started. After politely chatting online a couple times we exchanged phone numbers and planned a date.We met up for after dinner drinks (I always find dinner dates awkward so best just skip to the drinks) and had a great conversation, she was even more beautiful than her pictures. We went back to her place to hang out some more and it wasn’t long before batman escort we were making out on the sofa. Her tongue was soft and she tasted so sweet from the wine she’d been drinking. Her hand slid down my chest and she softly licked at my ear and things got hotter as I caressed her thighs and she rubbed my crotch and felt my cock getting hard. We went to her bed room where things really got wild.She unbuttoned my shirt as I unzipped the cute dress she wore. We pressed hard against each other as we kissed deeply and could feel each others erections. her dress fell to the floor as she unbuttoned my pants. She gave me a playful push and I fell to the bed where she pulled my boxer briefs down. Then she kissed me deeply once batman escort bayan more before kissing down my neck and flicking her tongue on my nipples. Her kisses and nibbles took her all the way to my cock and she took me into her mouth.Her hot, wet mouth made me grow fully hard. She rubbed my balls as she sucked me. Then she stroked my cock as she rimmed me. As my excitement grew I pulled her to my mouth and kissed her again. This time I rolled her onto her back and pulled down her panties and licked and kissed my way all the way to her cock, I sucked her (my first time giving a blowjob) and she put her hand gently on my head.I raised up and she looked longingly at me as we stroked each other. I put on a condom and escort batman lubed up my cock, I began slowly and gently inserting myself into her, once I was in our eyes locked and our bodies began their rhythmic dance. We kissed passionately and caressed each other all over. She hungrily grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper into her and we kept our passionate pace.I raised up and took a lubed hand around her cock, just a few strokes and she blew a huge load all over her tight little tummy. She used her fingers to gather some up and put it into my mouth. I was getting closer and my thrusts were deeper and stronger. Soon I came harder than I ever had before my cock throbbing in her ass…. We slept deeply and did it all again in the morning.She and I continued seeing each other for about 6 months before we took new jobs and moved apart. Every time we were together the sex was hot and fulfilling and we never could get enough of each other. She was always bottom and loved missionary but we had lots of fun having sex in the shower or with her riding me or doggy.

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