A Maid’s Job Is Never Finished


Elle had had a bad day. Her boss, Beth Hardbroom had been getting on with her all day. As a Maid in her boss’ luxurious Mansion, she had to cook and clean in nine-hour shifts, just her and one other girl. But finally, it was over. She had shed her awful uniform and got into her party clothes: tight leather skirt, red top, no panties, and no bra. She was going to get drunk, and possibly laid.She was almost out the door when she heard, “Gabrielle?” from Hardbroom.Elle groaned. What did the old bat want now? Well, perhaps not “Old bat” after all her boss was only forty, Hardbroom was small with nice 32b breasts which showed right now in her riding clothes.Black all over, with a white shirt, the helmet discarded showing her long raven hair, she had tight riding trousers that showed off a nice round ass.”I take it you cleaned my room today?” the boss asked.”Yes, Mistress.” God, Elle hated calling her that. The bitch always told her to call her “mistress.” Elle wondered what she was going to ask her… wait was this about what she’d found in Hardbroom’s bedside drawer?”Was something wrong with your room?” Elle asked trying not to look guilty.Whilst cleaning her mistress’ room Elle had found a pile of porn mags, in the woman’s bedside drawer. They were Lesbian magazines. Elle had looked through them and was both bursa escort disgusted and turned on at the same time. Elle had never thought about girls in that way, but after seeing some of those lesbian mags…”I see you found my small stash,” Beth asked her employee. Elle blushed. Had she been caught?”Yes, Mistress,” Elle said without lifting her head. She was so embarrassed. Mrs. Hardbroom held her riding crop authoritatively in her hand. Elle had never seen her use it on the horses but she could tell a horse would be sore after a whipping from that.”And you read them?” When Elle heard this, she knew she was busted. She would probably be fired. Okay, she hated the job but the money was so good. She nodded her reply. “Naughty girl. Those are my private magazines. Not for prying eyes. I think you deserve severe punishment for that.” Elle wondered what was happening. “Stand up,” Her boss ordered. Obeying, Elle stood up.Taking her hand, Mrs. Hardbroom made her servant stand in front of her solid oak desk. “Now how many should it be?” Hardbroom whispered into Elle’s ear.It took a few seconds to realize what her boss meant; she meant to whip Elle. In panic, Elle moved back, only to be pushed forward and down to bend over the desk.Fingers tuggied her skirt up exposing her bare bottom. “My my my, no panties?” bursa escort bayan Elle heard her boss say. “That has to be an extra three lashes for that. Plus I think you deserve four for the original offense of looking at my magazines.”Panic filled Elle’s mind, as her boss continued to pull her short skirt up, exposing her bare and shaven pussy.”So that makes six doesn’t it?” her boss continued, and Elle thanked god, that the Old Bat couldn’t count. She was only going to get six lashes of that painful-looking crop. Elle just nodded her head yes to avoid arguing.”Good God, girl, your maths is terrible.” Elle knew then she’d made a mistake. “The correct answer was seven.” Elle was terrified as she imagined her whipping,”For that, I think you should receive a further three. So overall you’ll be getting ten.”Ten? Elle panicked, she was going to be whipped to oblivion. “Are you ready?”Not wanting to argue and risk more, she just stayed silent. That’s when her punishment began.”One!”‘VIP’, went the riding crop. Elle flinched as it hit her buttocks.”Two!” ‘Vip’ again – Elle yelped in pain. This was awful. Elle felt embarrassed as her boss continued to punish her.But it wasn’t just the whipping that embarrassed Elle, it wasn’t even the fact her bitch boss was seeing her naked bottom and freshly shaven cunt.Vip escort bursa Vip Vip went the riding crop as Elle’s beating continued. Elle was also suddenly embarrassed by the effect this was having on her. She was getting wet from the lashes. Each lash of the riding crop was making her wetter. Briefly, Elle wondered if she was going to cum from the beating.The riding crop was hitting her buttocks, yes but it was also hitting her pussy making it react. She was actually being turned on by the vicious beating: vip vip vip, went the riding crop. This was awful, this had to end soon. She’d lost count of how many she’d had hearing the vip vip vip, each lash followed by a yelp from Elle, suddenly there was a gap, it had ended. Elle breathed a sigh of relief.But she really didn’t want it to end. That’s when she felt a finger trace her pussy making her jump. Elle wanted the fingers in there, to make her cum.”Not quite there yet,” Elle heard her Boss say as she felt the woman’s fingers trace her wetness. “Should I continue?”Elle paused, should she? Could she? “Yes please Misstress.” Elle pleaded, God she was horny, maybe hornier than she’d ever been in her life. ‘May I please finish myself off too?” Elle begged her mistress; she desperately needed to cum.The smile that appeared on Mrs. Hardbroom’s lips was thin and had a look of malice. Going into the desk Elle’s mistress took out two things Elle couldn’t quite see. Shoving one of them into her hand Hardbroom Snarled “Finish yourself off with that, bitch,” and continued to beat her.

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