A New World Part 6


I was awake for a full two minutes before I realized, I wasn’t dreaming the two hot tongues sliding over my rigid pole. I stretched my arms over my head and placed my hands on the pillow beneath my head. I settled back enjoying the warm sensations created by the warm tongues on my shaft. “Morning baby,” Riley smiled, lowering her head to suck my balls into her mouth. Jenn smiled up at me before parting her soft lips and lowering them over my swollen purple head. I groaned, arching my back as Jenn swallowed my rod and Riley tongued my scrotum. My swollen tip hit the back of Jenn’s mouth and she swallowed, taking it into her tight throat. Her lips sealed around the base and her throat constricted around the sensitive tip. She held me in her throat and began to hum, sending exquisite vibrations down the shaft and straight to my balls. I gasped, squeezing my eyes shut and lifting my hips off the bed. Jenn came up for air, releasing my cock from her mouth with a wet pop. She gasped and smiled up at me. “Not bad for a dyke, huh?” she laughed, and took me back in her hot mouth. I laughed too, imagining the look on Brady’s face when I told him about last night, and this morning, if I told him. Jenn’s lips were around the base of my cock again and all thoughts of Brady disappeared as I sucked in a breath through gritted teeth. Her lips slid back up my hard shaft and she gulped in air as her tongue swirled around the tip. Riley moved up to kiss me and tweaked my nipples as Jenn wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and slid her warm lips back down my shaft. Riley’s tongue caressed mine as Jenn bobbed her head furiously on my hard cock. I found Riley’s firm breast with my hand and pinched her nipple as Jenn brought me close to the edge. She moved her hand and took my root into her throat one last time. My muscles tensed and my cock swelled as hot sperm pumped through my cock and into her throat. My hips bucked as her lips slid up my shaft and I filled her mouth. My head fell back on the pillow and Riley turned to kiss Jenn and share the creamy load in her mouth. The two kissed, passing my cum back and forth with their tongues as they fondled each other’s firm breasts. “You asked for breakfast in bed,” Riley giggled, pulling her lips away from Jenn’s. The women stretched out beside me intertwining their fingers at the center of my chest. Jenn licked her lips, “Mmm that was good, but you really are going to make us breakfast, aren’t you?” she asked, kissing me on the cheek as I nodded. I Pulled their warm bodies against me and closed my eyes, my mind was reeling with the thought that just three days earlier, I had been a shy twenty year old virgin and now, I was waking up in bed with two beautiful naked women. I felt so different from the shy inexperienced naive boy I had been. It seemed impossible that I could have experienced so much and changed so much in just a few days, but I had and I was eagerly anticipating the days and experiences to come. “Hey, are you sleeping?” Jenn shook me playfully. “Where’s our breakfast in bed?” she demanded, smiling. “I knew that blow job was gonna cost me,” I grumbled, crawling out from between their warm supple bodies. Glancing back over my shoulder as I left the bedroom, I saw them slide closer together and embrace. I paused in the doorway, watching as they caressed each other’s enticing curves and twisted their soft lips together. Jenn noticed me watching and pulled her lips away from Riley’s. “We’re never going to get breakfast at this rate,” she laughed, grabbing the blanket and pulling it up to cover their luscious nude bodies. “Well, if you’re going to be like that,” I huffed, turning my back. I could hear them giggling as I walked to the kitchen and started breakfast. Their giggles turned to soft moans and I imagined the erotic cause of each one as I cooked. By the time I poured the scrambled eggs into the pan, the moans had grown louder and become interspersed with high pitched declarations of ecstasy. As I portioned the food on three plates an ear piercing squeal announced Jenn’s orgasm. I poured Escort izmir three glasses of orange juice and placed a slice of toast on each plate. “Mmm looks good,” Riley said, hugging me from behind. She was still breathing hard and something bumped against my scrotum as she squeezed me. Looking down, I saw the bright blue tip of a dildo pushing out between my legs. “What the…” I began, stepping away and turning to look behind me. The rather large dildo was protruding from Riley’s pussy and held in place with leather straps around her hips. It was glistening with Jenn’s cream and Riley wrapped her hand around the base. “Care for something tasty before breakfast?” she wiggled it at me. Without thinking, I knelt down and sucked the sweet juices from the tip. “How’s his technique?” Jenn giggled from the doorway. It wasn’t until she spoke, that I realized how it must look with me on my knees sucking Riley’s strap on. I let the big blue phallus fall from my mouth and stood. “Breakfast is ready,” I said, turning to hide my reddening face. Riley and Jenn both laughed at my reaction. “Sorry, but I couldn’t pass that one up,” Jenn giggled, taking a plate of food, “Looks good,” she said, carrying it to the table. Riley undid the straps and eased the bulbous end of the dildo out of her pussy. She washed the phallus in the sink then joined Jenn and I at the table. “Thanks for cooking babe. It looks really good,” she said, squeezing my arm as she sat down. I thought I had cooked too much food, but with all of our activities that morning and the night before, we were all hungry and finished off every last morsel. We talked as we ate and discovered that I had gone to school with Jenn’s younger sister. She had actually been one of the double dates Brady had arranged for me. As I looked at Jenn, I could see the resemblance and remembered the awkward kisses we shared as her friend blew Brady in the back seat. She had been nice enough to endure my awkwardness and I had liked her quite a lot, but I had been deathly afraid to touch her and too shy to ever ask her out a second time, though I would have liked to see her again. “What is it?” Jenn asked, interrupting my reminiscence. “Oh nothing. I was just remembering the time I took Bailey out,” I answered. Jenn’s mouth dropped open, “Oh my god! Did you do my little sister?” she asked, alarmed. I shook my head, “No, no, we went on one double date with Brady and…” my voice trailed off as her face twisted into a scowl at the mention of his name. “We just went out the one time,” I finished awkwardly. I stood and started to clear the dishes, but Riley stopped me. “You cooked, we’ll do the dishes,” she said taking the plate from my hand, “just go relax while we clean up.” I started for the bedroom, but as I passed the bathroom, decided I could really use a shower instead. The hot water was soothing on my muscles and I realized what a workout I had given them over the last few days. A few of them had not had much use before and were a little sore. Suddenly, the shower curtain was pulled back and Jenn stepped in. “Mind if I join you?” she smiled, running her hand up my chest. I smiled back, sliding my soapy hands over her plump breasts. “Sorry about before, and what happened with Brady,” I said, rolling her rosy nipples beneath my thumbs. “I’ve never seen him act like that before. I don’t know what’s with him lately,” I added. “It’s okay. I’ve dealt with worse. You don’t need to apologize for him,” she said, slipping her arms around my waist and resting her hands on the cheeks of my ass. I leaned down to kiss her soft pink lips and ran my soapy hands over her back and firm round cheeks. “Room for one more?” Riley asked, sliding the plastic curtain open. “I guess we can make room, if we have to,” Jenn smiled. “Oh have you got a razor, I really need to shave my legs?” she asked, placing her foot on the side of the tub and running her hand along her calf. Riley ran her hand over her hairless mound, “I’m getting a little stubbly myself,” she said, retrieving a razor from the drawer by izmir escort the sink. Jenn reached for the razor, but Riley pulled it away, “I’ll do you, then you can do me,” she smiled, reaching for the soap. Jenn held on to me for support as Riley lathered and shaved one leg, then the other. When she had finished with Jenn’s legs, Riley generously lathered up her pubic mound and carefully ran the razor around the small heart shaped patch of golden curls. Jenn took the razor from Riley and the two switched places. Jenn ran the razor up Riley’s shapely legs and over her plump mound till she was slick and smooth. “All done,” she announced, “looks like somebody else could use a little trim though,” she added, looking at me. I ran my hand along the bottom of my jaw, “Nah, I’m alright,” I said. Jenn giggled, “I wasn’t talking about your face, sweetie.” Riley had that devilish grin again and was already lathering her hands. “Oh, I don’t know,” I started to protest. Riley wrapped a soapy hand around my dick, “Trust me, you’re gonna love having a nice smooth cock and balls,” she said. By the time Riley lathered my crotch and Jenn had removed my hair, I was hard as a rock and nearly ready to burst. When Jenn finished, I ran my hand over my smooth crotch. I couldn’t believe how slick and sexy it felt. Riley cupped my smooth balls in her hand, “God, I love a nice smooth cock and balls,” she said. The water from the shower was turning cold so we toweled off and moved to the bedroom. Jenn flopped on the bed with her legs hanging over the side. Her pink folds looked delicious, and I fell to my knees, burying my face in her sweetness. I parted her delicate petals with my tongue and licked up into her honey pot. The sweet juices I was after soon began to flow and I lapped at them eagerly. As I fed on Jenn’s warm pussy, I felt Riley’s hands spreading my cheeks and her hot tongue flick over my puckered hole. I squirmed my hips at her touch and sucked harder at Jenn’s dripping folds. I reached up to tweak Jenn’s stiff nipples and her hand tangled in my hair, pulling my tongue deeper into her tight channel. Riley stroked my hard shaft while fucking my ass with her tongue, sending warm shivers up my spine. Jenn began to moan and grind her wet pussy against my hungry lips. I found her swollen button with my tongue and drilled it mercilessly until she screamed. Her hips bucked and her body twitched while I lapped up her sweet cream. I rose from my knees and leaned over Jenn’s heaving body, placing my swollen purple head at her slick entrance. Her eyes opened as I pushed into her tight sheath and she pulled me down to kiss her as my thick rod pumped into her. Her tight walls gripped my cock as I stroked within her. I felt something wet on my ass as Riley’s lubricated finger pushed inside me. She slowly worked her finger in my ass as I pumped Jenn’s wet pussy with long slow strokes, all the way out, and all the way in. As my pelvis met hers, at the bottom of each stroke, I ground against her. Riley pushed another finger into my ass and I groaned as she stroked my prostate. I began to move my hips faster, quickening the movement of my rod in Jenn’s tight wet pussy. Riley’s fingers slipped out of my ass and I heard her moving behind me. “Are you ready baby?” she asked, as I felt something hard push between my cheeks. I stopped fucking Jenn’s sweet pussy and looked over my shoulder. “Ready for what?” I asked, feeling concerned. “Ready to have your tight little ass fucked?” she grinned, pressing the tip of the strap on against my hole. “What, no!” I shouted. Riley just smiled, “Trust me.” She pushed and I felt my puckered ring expand around the hard tip of the dildo. I tensed up and clenched around the phallus. “Just relax and trust me,” Riley coerced, gently stroking my hair. I thought about all of the previous times she had asked me to trust her, they had all turned out to be quite enjoyable, so I relented. Still unsure, I relaxed and bent over a little for her. She pushed again and the wide tip of the dildo popped past my tight ring. izmir escort bayan I had expected it to hurt, but it didn’t. It didn’t feel good, but it didn’t feel bad either, it just felt strange. I relaxed a little more and she pushed slowly in, filling my ass with her rubber cock. I stood, frozen, with my hard cock in Jenn’s tight pussy as Riley slid the rubber shaft slowly in and out of my virgin ass. It felt weird at first, but as she began stroking, the shaft rubbed over my prostate and it began to feel good. I hesitantly began moving my hips again. After a few awkward strokes, I found a good rhythm, pushing my hard shaft into Jenn’s tight warm sheath in one direction and pulling out and sliding my ass back onto Riley’s imitation cock. The initial discomfort of being filled disappeared and was replaced with pleasure as the dildo slid in and out of my tight hole. I sucked air in as the shaft pushed up into my bowels and exhaled as I drove my stiff rod into Jenn’s slick passage. The pleasure of Jenn’s tight channel gripping me and the thick phallus pumping my tight ass merged until I couldn’t tell which it came from. That familiar pull started in my stomach and spread down to my balls. I drove my cock into Jenn’s velvety sheath and Riley rammed her cock into my ass. I cried out as the orgasm rocketed through me. I rocked on the shaft filling my ass, bringing spurt after spurt of hot cum from my balls. My legs began to quiver and my knees went weak. I rolled to the side as I collapsed on the bed beside Jenn. I lay on my side, watching, breathless, as Riley crawled between Jenn’s thighs and sucked my load from her sweet pussy. Within seconds, Jenn screamed out as she came again. She grabbed the back of Riley’s head as her body convulsed. When her head was released, Riley crawled toward me, her face glistening with Jenn’s sweet juices, and kissed me passionately. She rolled me onto my back and removed the strap on before lowering her wet pussy to my mouth. I licked and sucked her sensitive swollen clit as I pushed two fingers into her dripping splay. I curled my fingers and stroked her sensitive spot as I pressed her sensitive button hard with my tongue. Her juices flooded my mouth as she cried out and her hips twitched. She fell forward on the bed and I sucked harder at her swollen clit. I pulled my fingers from her gushing snatch and slid them up to her tight puckered hole. I circled the rim with my fingertips spreading her slick juices around the hole. With the lubrication, my fingers slid in easily and I continued to circle her clit with my tongue as I worked them into her ass. I used my other hand to push two fingers into her pussy and she exploded, filling my mouth with another flood of tangy juices. She bucked and twitched and finally, pulled away from my fingers and tongue. She collapsed on the bed with a gasp. All three of us lay on the bed, exhausted and lost in carnal satisfaction. I crawled up and kissed first Jenn, then Riley and cuddled their warm bodies against me. My body was utterly spent and I drifted off to sleep. I woke alone in Riley’s bed. A glance at the clock revealed I’d slept the morning away and it was now early afternoon. I rolled out of bed feeling refreshed and went in search of my lovers. The house was empty. I went to the kitchen to get something to drink. As I stood at the sink looking out into the big backyard, I spotted Riley just as I had imagined her the first time I had looked out the kitchen window, naked and tending the vegetable garden. Jenn was stretched out face down on a towel sunbathing. Jenn lifted her head at the sound of the patio door opening. “Well, good morning sleepyhead,” she smiled at me. Riley was crossing the lawn toward us, carrying a plump cantaloupe from the garden. She stopped in front of me. “Have a good nap?” she asked, rising up on her toes to kiss me. “Yeah, I must have been really tired,” I answered, kissing her back. “Hungry?” she asked, holding up the melon. “Yeah, looks good,” I answered, spreading a towel next to Jenn. “Put a little more on my back, please,” Jenn said, holding up a bottle of tanning oil. Her back was already glistening with oil, but I gladly took the bottle and squirted a line down the middle of her back. I straddled her hips, letting my cock settle in her slick crack, and spread the coconut scented oil over her back and shoulders.

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