a nice visit. pt.1


a nice visit. pt.1before we get started i need to tell you that this might not be for everyone. my mom is a large woman. she is 56 about 5′ tall around 200lbs with huge 44dd tits. everything started about 3 months ago. i had gone to my mothers house to visit and kill some time. the visit was about normal when my mom looked at me and said ” son i think i am going to lay down for a few. i was up all night last night and i just want some sleep.” “ok mom just get some rest. im just gonna hang out and see whats on the computer.” i replied. after a while she was asleep and i was lost in a sea of porn on the computer. from where i was sitting i could see my mom asleep in her bed. her thin night gown trying to cover her body. after seeing this i had to get a closer look. walking into her room i could see her nipples poking threw the thin fabric. lost in sleep, she didnt hear me begin to take off my clothes. “what am i doing?” i thought to myself. “this is my mom!” with out another thought i was standing next to my sleeping mom completly naked. gently reaching down, i started squezing her tits.they felt so good in my hands. so soft and plump. as i rubbed i could feel her nipples getting harder and harder. before i knew it i had pulled her night gown down over her tits so that they were out in all their glory. licking and rubbing her nipples felt so right. i moved my free hand down to her fleshy pussy. “wow, moms wet.” i thought to myself as i started to rub her clit. i could feel her breathing had changed but she was still asleep. my cock was so hard it was hurting at this point. standing up, i started rubbing my cock head on my moms nipple. smacking avcılar escort my cock on her tits, watching them jiggle almost made me shoot my load all over her. after a few min i had to know….i had to know what my mothers pussy tasted like. gently spreading her legs apart. i laid down with my face between my moms legs. i could smell her sweat pussy just inches from my face. with out another thought i dove face first into her pussy. oh it tasted so good. as my tounge ran over her clit i noticed that she was breathing alot faster and harder now…..still asleep. plunging my tounge deep into her pussy….i even started licking her asshole. “fuck her, stick your cock in just for a min. she will never know” i thought to myself. moving up her body i got my cock head right to the point of entry. before i knew it “JIMMY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WE CANT DO THIS I AM YOUR MOTHER” she said. “mom, nothing bad will come of this.” i told her. and with one swift motion i shoved my cock into her dripping wet pussy. “OH god son, no we cant” she said. but as i began to stroke my cock in and out of her pussy i noticed that her objection soon turned into cries of pleasure. going faster now now she cried “oh son we cant do this. this is so wrong.” “mom im sorry i cant stop. your pussy feels too good and i have wanted you for too long.” i replied as i was pounding her pussy as hard as i could. i could feel her pussy contracting around my cock and i could tell she wanted me to fuck her. “you really want me to stop mom?” i asked. “yes….NO baby keep fucking me. fuck me hard baby. my pussy hasnt felt like this in years.” she cried. digging her nails into my back i thought beylikdüzü escort i was going to cum in her pussy. “bend me over son. fuck me from behind” she begged. with out question, i pulled my cock from her pussy bent her over and slid deep into her wet cunt. “OH GOD YES BABY. FUCK ME LIKE A WHORE” she screamed. she began to match my strokes with her own. before i knew it i was making my mom cum on my cock. “YES BABY FUCK ME. IM GOING TO CUM.” she cried. “say it mom, tell your son to fuck you” i said. “FUCK ME SON, FUCK YOUR MOTHERS PUSSY. MAKE MOMMY CUM” she said. before i knew it i could feel her juices running down my balls. “YES BABY!!!! MOMMIES CUMMING….YEEEEESSSS!” in an instand my mom collapsed on the bed. her pussy was still exploding with her juices. “oh fuck me baby, i want you to cum.” she begged as i pounded her from behind. ” mom, i have always wanted to cum in your mouth. will you suck my cock?” i asked. “ooooo yes baby, ill suck your cock for you. just lay down on the bed right here.” she instructed. she smiled as i laid down on the bed. “you want your mother to suck your cock? ill bet you want me to swallow your cum to dont you? she asked with a smile on her face. “yes mom, i would love to see you swallow my load.” “well then just hang on cause i think you might like what you see” she replied. before i could say anything she had my cock in her hand. “WOW, ITS BEEN A LONG TIME SENCE I HAVE PLAYED WITH A COCK LIKE THIS. LET ME SHOW YOU WANT YOU WANT TO SEE.” and in the next motion she took my cock in her mouth. licking and sucking the head. working it in and out of her mouth. slowly taking my cock into her mouth before esenyurt escort i knew it she had the whole thing. “oh my god mom that feels so good.” i moaned. sucking my cock and rubbing my balls i could feel my load bubbling up.”OH MOM IM GOING TO CUM OOHHH GOD!” and in that moment i launched a huge load into my moms mouth. “mmmmmmm baby that tastes so good. give it to me i know you have more in there. let mommy eat your cum.” sticking her tounge out i let the last few spurts land on her tounge. “mmmm yes baby, i know you feel better. i want to tell you something. i never even let your dad cum in my mouth. but i just swallowed your whole load.” “oh god yes. i feel great mom. i love you so much.” i said. ” i love you too baby and im glad your happy. was it what you wanted?” she asked. “oh yes mom it was better than anything i imagined.” laying in her bed with her head on my chest. mom told me. “ya know, i have seen you watch me before. i know you have wanted me but i just thought it was wrong. would you like to do that again?” “oh yes mom i would love to. any time you want.” i replied. “ok baby i think i know somethings that we can do.” she said smiling. “whats that mom?” i asked. “well you will just have to wait a little bit huh? how about i get us something to drink and you just get ready for a great night ok?” she said. “ok mom, ill be right here when you get back.” getting up from the bed i saw that she was smiling and still weak from her climax. “are you ok mom?” i asked. “son i am better than i have been in years. i will be right back and i hope you can cum again cause mommy is really hungry!” “ok mom, ill give you everything you want.” “you have always been so good to me baby. i cant wait to get back so i can show you something new.” she said. “something new?” i asked. “yes baby, your going to love this. and with that my mom walked out of the room.

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