A Private Show


{This story is the third of a series. To those who have already read the others the length on this one is a little shorter, but I think you’ll see why when you read it} Have you noticed that whenever there’s a clock in a store, it’s behind the counter? My theory is that employers think that their employees will spend less time checking it if it’s not in plain sight. Really all it meant for my was a slightly sore neck as I turned to look at the damn thing every five minutes. It had been hours since I’d left Jamie naked in my bed and drove to the crummy cell phone outlet I worked for and I was losing my mind. The teasing Jamie had done right before I left had kept me horny most of the night. I didn’t have a hard on the whole time, but if my thoughts strayed that changed real quick. I was excited, not just because I knew I’d be having her as soon as my shift was over but also because I had absolutely no clue what her and Kelly were planning and I couldn’t wait to find out. However, despite the fact I had a twelve hour shift I also had absolutely nothing to do but man the counter and the minutes seemed to drag as they passed by without a customer. Normally this was the reason I liked working the graveyard shift, it was dead, but I’d gotten register while someone else had gotten the stock duty, so I wasn’t doing much of anything. For once I wouldn’t have minded stock. Something to keep my mind busy would’ve Maltepe Escort been welcome. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and slipped it out and thumbed the icon to check my texts. A message from Jamie filled the screen, three simple words, “Check your Email.” My curiosity growing I thumbed back to the menu and opened my email to find I had one new addition to my inbox from not Jamie’s, but my sister’s email. I opened it and was prompted with a video attachment. It was huge. Half an hour? What the hell was my sister sending me? Mercifully a customer walked in and I thumbed the download button before setting my phone down and going to help them. When I got back a few minutes later the download was only at forty percent. I sighed and tucked my phone back in my pocket before getting up and looking for something to do. After twenty minutes of doing a lot of nothing my phone finally alerted me with a ping that my download had finished. If this wasn’t important I was going to kill Kelly for wasting all of my data. I thumbed back through the menu and opened the file with the media player. A loud moan came from the speakers and I nearly dropped the damn thing as I fumbled for the mute . what the hell were those two thinking sending me fucking porn at work? I slipped my phone back into my pocket and went back to the stock room. “Hey Luke, can you watch the register Maltepe Escort Bayan for me? I need to hit the head.” I called. A few moments later I spotted him making his way through the stacks and I made way to the employee restroom. I leaned against the counter, turning down the volume before playing the file again. As the screen leapt into motion I immediately noticed that the one I had heard moaning earlier was Jamie. She was on her knees on my sisters bed, her legs spread as far as they could go and her arms locked behind her back. She was dressed in the same thing she had been when she came into my room last night, her shirt pulled up over her wonderful little chest. A hand, Kelly’s I assumed was reaching into the frame and tweaking Jamie’s nipples, occasionally pulling at the rings on each one and drawing another moan. “Say hi to Jace,” I heard my sisters voice say quietly as she centered the camera on Jamie’s upper half. “Hi Jace.” Jamie said just as quietly. Her tone was husky. “When he see’s this he’ll have already fucked you. You like that idea, don’t you Jamie?” My sister asked. I could hear the smile in her voice even if I couldn’t actually see it. How the hell had I never guessed what was going on between the two of them? After a moment Jamie nodded. Her eyes answered the question better. She had a look right then that said ‘fuck me!’ At that Escort Maltepe moment I would’ve been happy to help her out. My cock was so hard I wasn’t sure my flimsy work pants would hold up against it. “Show him exactly how much you like that idea,” Kelly said a little louder, her voice firm. The camera zoomed out as Jamie lay back and shimmied out of her shorts, quickly throwing them off screen before lifting her shirt over her head and giving it the same treatment. As she lay back and looked at the camera I could tell she was loving this. Maybe this hadn’t been completely Kelly’s idea. Jamie lay back, her head propped up on a couple of Kelly’s pillows as she moved her legs apart and slowly spread herself open with her fingers. Her tight little pussy was very wet. Part of me still couldn’t believe this was the same girl I’d been watching for the past couple of years. God dammit. I was supposed to get through four more hours like this? “Tell him what you want him to do to you when he gets home,” Kelly demanded. She sounded like she was getting as much of a kick out of this as Jamie seemed to be. “I want him to fuck me,” Jamie answered. From the look on her face I didn’t doubt it a bit. She looked so needy she’d fuck a post if she could find one. My sister certainly knew how to press her buttons. “Is that all? Come on, I know better you little slut. Tell him what you want him to do to you, you sexy little bitch,” Kelly ordered, her hand darting into the frame and pulling roughly on one of Jamie’s nipple rings. A mix of pleasure and pain flashed across Jamie’s face and her breathing quickened a little. She licked her lips a little as she looked at the camera and I felt my cock throb against my leg.

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