A Proper British Mother

Double Penetration

A Proper British MotherShe thought she was pretty slick, tracking me down after all those years. She’d fallen on hard times and I was doing very well. Wouldn’t any son help his mother out in a situation like that? He would if he was a sucker. All I knew about my mother I’d learned from my father Aidan. They’d lived in London until I was two and she threw us both out having gotten involved with a member of the upper crust. We weren’t good enough for her any more so my father and I headed to America where he started a technology company. With dad, five years of ‘cyber-schooling’ and some natural aptitude we developed the “Technix’ program that made us more money than we could spend. Before he died dad was smart enough to sell before it hit the fan.Now my mother was down and out and probably looking to me for a bailout. Out of curiosity I told her I’d meet her; so I took the Concord, planning to stay only a few days. I decided to throw the bitch a few bucks to get her off my back and be on my way. They say if you want to make God laugh…tell him your plans.I arrived at her property and saw two huge old houses, one of which I later found out her parents lived in. I went to hers and when she tentatively opened her arms in greeting I didn’t move, partly because of my hostility and partly because I was stunned at the sight of her. She was a startlingly handsome woman. She must have been almost six feet tall because I only had to look down two or three inches to meet her eyes. What stopped me even more was that I was looking at a face that was very reminiscent of the one I saw in the mirror every morning.She had snow-white hair pulled up and back and youthful unlined skin that contrasted with it. We sat in the parlor and when she crossed her impossibly long legs, I couldn’t help but linger on the creamy thighs. “James”, she said, “Thank you for coming. There are so many things I would like to tell you…”I cut her off, “I’m sure you do but lets get to the point. You want money and I…was just curious where I came from.” I looked between her legs to make her uncomfortable. She acted as if she didn’t notice.”Yes James but that’s not all. It’s true that my parents and I need money; the taxes on this property are more than the selling value and we have no place to go but…””What happened to your Lord or whatever he was?””I’m not quite sure to what you are referring but I have been alone here for many years.””Now tell me why it is you think I owe you anything?””James, it’s not a question of owing…James…aren’t you glad to see your mother?””Mother? That was an accident of birth; after twenty years you’d like to reclaim the title because it suits your needs?” I started to fume. “Look I’m going to my hotel and I’m going to think this over. I’ll be back here at five tomorrow.”She tried to call me back but my thoughts and emotions were coming to a rolling boil and I walked out. As I considered the situation two things drove me. First, my accelerating anger at the audacity of this woman who had no use for me as her c***d but now expected me to come to her rescue, and secondly, she excited me to the core. The money was meaningless but my emotions were barely in check.By the next evening, I still hadn’t decided what to do when I walked in her door an hour late. My delay served its purpose as I witnessed her agitation. I wondered if she noticed mine as I felt her sexual pull on me. She was almost a cliché of the prim and proper woman in her suit, but nothing could hide her voluptuous curves. The mounds of her full breasts were apparent under the jacket and the curves of her ass were well defined under the skirt.If she looked below my waist, she would have seen me swelling. In the confluence of my desire and my wish to humiliate her for her ‘crimes’ against my father and me, I heard myself say, “I’ll pay all the taxes for you and your parents and give you what you all need to live on but I want something.” I paused with each word and pointed at her. “I. Want. You.”She looked at me uncomprehendingly and said, “What do mean James?”I said, “Look, I’ll make it simple for you: You take off your clothes and I screw you – clear enough?”The baffled look remained; “James, I’m…your mother”…she looked at my sneer and continued, “…How could you…you want me to…?”I started for the door and said, “Hey, you and your parents…have a nice life.”As I reached for the handle I heard, “No…James…wait…”I turned and came close enough to almost feel her fierce breathing. She looked at me for a long time before she said, “Very well…this one time.” “Look” I said, “This isn’t an auction or a negotiation; it’s what I want when I want it and how I want it.” Again she looked long and hard…then she slumped a bit and exhaled. Her breath became labored and she began unbuttoning her suit jacket.I stopped her. “I told you – how I want it.” I somehow thought it would be particularly humiliating for her if I exposed her from the bottom up. “Take off your skirt and panties.” I assumed she was not the kind of woman who walked around without underwear; I should have known not to make assumptions.As her skirt dropped her pussy was exposed. After getting over my initial surprise, I saw that it was quite beautiful. The hairs were trimmed and lay flat; they were unexpectectedly fine. The outer lips formed a perfect flower around the hood, which covered an obviously large nub.I instructed her to sit and spread her legs. She moved the tails of her blouse aside and I had a clear view of my mother’s center. I just looked for a long while hoping to make her uncomfortable. I walked up to her and lifted one of her türbanlı escort bare legs by the ankle. I let my hand glide along the sculpted form from ankle to calf to inner thigh before reaching between her legs. I was taken by surprise when my hand came back with tiny beads of moisture off the ends of her hairs. I put my fingers to my nose and showed her a wrinkled expression to embarrass her. She actually smelled quite sweet to me.I unbuttoned the blouse and waited with anticipation after ordering her to take off her bra. I wasn’t disappointed. I wondered at the grace of the full jutting breasts. They didn’t look like they belonged to a forty three year old mother. They had an inviting weight that had defied the years. They were the color of cream with hints of the fine aqua veins below the surface. I held both of them and began to fondle them. I pulled on the nipples to distort their beauty. I looked into her eyes for distain. I waited for an expression of loathing to cross her face. I expected a haughty icy glare. I saw none of them. I couldn’t read her expression; what was she thinking? I wanted to see her anger so I could take out my cock out and stick it under her stiff upper lip and then down her throat. I saw no anger and it stopped me. I only felt the heat coming off her body.”Shit…” I said. “…I can’t do this.” I told her to get dressed and after a moment of surprise and hesitation she said, “James let me talk to you…” The phone rang before she could continue and I heard a lot of “Yes mum… and “all right mum…”She hung up and said, “My parents are so anxious to meet you; would it be a great imposition for you to go over there for a moment?”I said “Whatever” and we walked to the other house after she collected herself and dressed. The woman who answered the door had a joyous expression on and about exploded with, “James…James…James” as she hugged me until I thought she would never let go. “So much for British reserve” I thought and laughed out loud.”James this is your grandfather” I shook his hand and I was moved to see that his eyes were full. “James” she continued, “we’ve waited so long…your mother looked for so many years…and now to have finally found you…”I was confused and looked over at my mother and saw large tears rolling down her face. “Mum” she said, having difficulty getting the words out, “James and I have to talk but we’ll come again soon.””Of course dear”, she said coming over to kiss my cheek, ” It’s such a blessing having you back” she whispered to me, … “thank you for bringing back Samantha’s spirit… thank you.” My throat tightened and I just smiled at her.As we crossed the lawn I said, “You were looking for me?” “Of course I was looking for you…you’re my son. I was insane when you’re father left with you. It took us a year to find out he’d gone to the States and changed his last name. We kept looking for six more years until we couldn’t afford it anymore and no one could give us any more hope of finding you. It was only because of the article about you and your father that had the names Aidan and James in it that I thought it might be you.””I didn’t know…dad said that you…I guess…what really happened?””We were at each other’s throat, quite literally. I was to have you after the divorce because of his v******e and he just took you and disappeared.”We went back into her house and I said, “He told me you’d thrown us out to be with someone else…I guess he didn’t want me looking…””Someone else…God, my heart was broken… I thought of you every day…I couldn’t even be with anyone since I lost you.””Oh Jesus…Mother…and then I go and… I’m sorry about…”She put her fingers to my lips, “No love…I understand…didn’t you see how attracted I was to you when you walked in the door? I let you because I wanted you to…” Her soft hand caressed my face. “…Because I still want you to.”She kissed me with an exploring tongue that quickly found mine. Her taste made me hungry for her. She laughed as she began unbuttoning her blouse. “Well there won’t be any surprises for you.”I was surprised at how much more exciting her big breasts felt in my hands this time and how quickly her nipples responded. After taking the rest of our clothes off my mother held my cock that responded by looking bigger than I’d ever seen it. She said, “Now that’s a nice surprise for me.”She led me to the spacious bedroom and as I stroked her white hair she said, “It’s been like that since my twenties… I never had a reason to dye it before.” I told her “I love it…just that way.” I sat her on the bed and she opened for me the way she had earlier but this time I was overwhelmed by the urge to taste her. I kneeled and held her knees apart as I took her into my mouth. As the flat of my tongue pressed on my mother’s clit, she held my head and said, “Oh yes James…just that way.”I ate her until I felt her climb toward release and I stopped. I sat by her and she gave a feigned sad expression, “Ohhh, no more?”I laughed, “Yes more, much more…beautiful Samantha.” We kissed and I stroked the breasts I knew I would never tire of. I’d never seen such large enticing nipples. I took one of the rubbery ends into my mouth and held it between my teeth as my tongue massaged and flicked it. Her small sounds were musical. She reached for me and I could feel her smear the tip of my cock with its pre-cum. She brought a finger to her lips and wrinkled her nose as I had done to her before. We both laughed in each other’s arms. My mother took the same position I had been in with her and held the meat of my shaft to her smooth face as she closed her eyes. türbanlı escort bayan When my cock was in her mouth I was transported. She moved on me with moans and a hot tongue. It was excruciatingly good. I watched the thick meat stretch her lips and fill her mouth. It was as if she had been my lover for years. Her soft hand cupped me as she sucked with love and lust. The sounds she made as she pleasured me told me of her excitement. My mother’s lips and tongue were doing things none other ever had. I felt my straining cock swell to its limit in my mother’s mouth and I knew I couldn’t take much more and wanted to be inside her before I came. I urged her up and she impaled herself on my rigid upright rod and kissed me with her arms around my neck. She moved slowly up and down on me and I could feel our joining point with my fingers as I held the globes of my mother’s well-rounded ass. I began fantasizing about wonderful ways of enjoying it when she distracted me with warm loving kisses. I never had anything this intense this soon with any woman and I said, “I never believed in ‘love at first sight’ before.”She smiled, inches from my face and said; “This isn’t love at first sight my sweet son…we’ve loved each other for twenty three years.” She forced my cock higher up into her until she had me as deep in her belly as I could go. She was moaning and reacting as each movement sent spasms through her. She ground her creamy ass on me and said plaintively. “James, don’t go away again: don’t ever go away.”I held her close and said, “I’ll be here until my hair turns white.” I smiled. “Right here…inside you – I don’t plan to move for another twenty three years.” She kissed me as she laughed and resumed her grasping rhythm. My mother’s pussy massaged me and it felt like her slippery sheath was fitted to me by design. I could almost hear her juices coating my cock. I could feel her strength as she rode me. She was physically perfect for me and she wordlessly showed me what was going on inside her belly and her heart. I caressed one of her breasts and reached behind her with my free hand as she controlled the rhythm. I put a finger into her small hole and felt her react. When she finally spoke, it was almost a whimper. “Oh yes James, do that…do everything to me…I’ve waited to be loved like this…by someone who loves me…so filled with you…my lovely son…inside me…oh…oh…your making me…” As she inhaled deeply, I started to come in her. I pushed up so hard I almost bucked her off me. She held on and sped up until a long high-pitched moan escaped her lips in the form of my name. It never sounded so good to me. My mother came on me as I came in her. As our juices mingled, we rejoined our missing parts. In the peaceful calm that followed, a mother gave her son the most tender of kisses. The morning after that long loving night, I awoke to a gentle stroking across my back. I turned and saw my mother’s beautiful concerned face. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I couldn’t wait to talk you love. I was so intoxicated with you last night but this morning I was so afraid. Have I done a terrible thing? Do you think…?” I stopped her with a kiss.”Mother, I love you and I won’t ever settle for anything less than the love we shared last night. Never think anything else.” I held her warm body close to mine and hardened immediately. She reached for the cock that was so stiff for her and pulled on it while moaning into my mouth. I entered her wet center and after all of me was in her I stopped moving. I held her hips still while a few involuntary spasms ran through her. It was a beautiful torture to stay that way as I kissed her and fondled her breasts. My mother’s channel grasped my cock and after an excruciatingly long time neither of us could wait any more. I finally began moving my dick along the walls of her vagina.”Oh James, I love having you in me…my sweet son…when I would lie here touching myself during all those lonely nights, I imagined what it would feel like having a big cock like yours pleasuring me and being able to say all the things I’ve always wanted to say to my true lover…that’s what you are…my true lover…and now it’s better than my fantasies because you’re in me…you’re…you’re fucking me…oh honey, I can say it now…you’re fucking me…my son is fucking me…my true lover is fucking me and it’s wonderful…wonderful and I never want it to stop…never…never…””No mom I’m never going to stop…I’m going to fuck you always and in every one of your beautiful holes…” I was building quickly to a fever pitch and the words came shooting out of my mouth telling my mother all the ways I was going to love her.”Yes love…yes…in your mother’s mouth and in your mother’s ass and in your mother’s pussy…wherever you want love…whatever you want love…I’m here…I’m here…yes…fuck me James…fuck me…OH…OH…I’m…I’m coming love…oh yes son…make me come…make me come…hard…hard…”I pumped with enough force to make my mother squeal between moans as I filled her pussy with the cream of my love. I stayed hard enough to continue long after the last jet shot into her. When we finally lay side by side, my mother put her fingers between her spread legs and brought some of the leaking cum juice to her lips. “My beautiful love…my beautiful son,” she intoned as I watched the pink tip of her tongue play on her wet fingers. Witnessing her delight inflamed me and I straddled her, putting my coated cock into her mouth so I could look at her smiling face as she sucked my cock clean.”Sweet James, am I good for you love? Am I as good as your young girlfriends?”I laughed, “None escort türbanlı of them come close to making me feel what I feel for you and I no longer have any ‘young’ girlfriends; I only have my ‘young’ mom now, my beautiful mother.” I kissed her and tasted a hint of myself that remained on her tongue. “I want you come back to the States and live with me.” “Oh James can we do it? Can we can be together like that and love each other and take care of each other?” A week later we were on a plane to the States for a ‘trial run’ to see how my mother would like living there. I joined the Mile High Club without any physical contact. Mother talked to me almost all the way across the Atlantic snuggled up to me and whispering things like. “I never thought it could be so good James. It’s like love for the first time and I want you all the time. It’s almost all I’ve thought about for the last week.” She came up right to my ear and said, “Your cock was made just for me, for my mouth and for my pussy. The last person I expected to be the last person I’ll ever want is my own son but I know it’s true when your big cock is inside me. Does it embarrass you to have your mother talk to you like that?”I said, “It doesn’t embarrass me, it makes me crazy but I don’t want you to stop.” She didn’t.By the time we walked through the door of my house I was about to detonate. I kissed her and almost tore her jacket and blouse getting my hand into her bra. Her nipple was elongated and hot to my touch. I was about to carry her to the bedroom in mock swashbuckling form but mom had other ideas. She went to her knees and freed my straining dick. It was almost purple from the blood that pulsed through it. She took the thick crown into her mouth with kissing sucks as her tongue circled the head. As more and more of my meat disappeared into my mother’s mouth, she stroked and cupped me. She slipped a finger into me from behind as she sucked and the unexpected new sensation set me off. I think I howled as I came in her mouth with spasm after spasm of hot cum. After an orgasm that left me barely able to stand I opened my eyes to find my mother staring seriously at me. She said, “I love you so very much” and kissed me with her desire and need bared before me. Between her whimpering kisses I heard, “Please love me…please love me.”I took her to each room in the house kissing her and saying, “I’m going to love you forever here…and here…and here.” When we got to the last room I kissed the tear from the corner of her eye and told her, “and in whatever house or country or universe our bedroom happens to be in, I’m going to love you mother and make love to you just like I’m going to tonight.”That night she was on fire. Her energy was an unflagging as mine. I took her in my mouth and wouldn’t let her up until she had come four times. It was the first time I’d seen love milk come from a woman’s pussy. I was glad it was from my mother’s. In exhaustion she said, “I don’t know where you learned that but please don’t tell me and don’t tell me who you did it with.””Mother” I said, “That’s all in the past. Everything is for you now. We’re for each other now.””Sweet love, come to me, come to me.” My mother opened her legs and pulled them back with her hands on her calves. I saw the pink pucker exposed below the trimmed pussy and wondered if she wanted me there. I didn’t ask. I wanted her there. I placed the knob of my cock on it and she said, “Yes…yes…yes…”I tried to push past the ring. She didn’t tell me to stop but the sounds she made told me I would need lubrication. I didn’t want to leave so I reached for some of her pussy juice and wet my cock. I went into her ass and the tight rubbery ring constricted behind the rim of the crown. As I pushed deeper into the slim channel, the pressure around the shaft increased, as did my pleasure. I told her, “Mother it feels so good to be in you this way. I’ve never been in a woman’s ass and now I’m in yours…it’s so good…it’s so good.””Oh James…James…no one has ever done this to me before and I’m glad it’s you…your big cock in me…your big cock in your mother’s ass. James, tell me I’m good for you…tell me you’ll always want me…tell me.” As I drove deeper, her hot channel wrapped itself tightly around my throbbing cock; and I told her all that she wanted to hear because it was everything I wanted to say. I wanted to be even deeper into her so I urged her onto her hands and knees and approached her from behind. I drove into her and her moans made me wild. I bit her back and pounded as much meat as she could take into her hole. I took one of my mother’s big swaying breasts into my hand and pinched the stiff nipple and enjoyed the sounds it elicited from her opened mouth. I was giving her long hard strokes and she urged me on. She went for her clit. As she rubbed she said, “Yes…like that…fuck me like that…don’t stop…James…lover…lover…lover…fuck me…oh fuck me…yes…make me cum…make momma come, baby…Ohhhh…”I pumped through my mother’s orgasm and started to erupt. The lubricating hot cum filled my mother’s ass and I watched the cum coated meat speed in and out of her asshole as it delivered it’s jets into her. For the longest time she just kept repeating the word “Lover…lover…lover…” Afterwards I held her in my arms as she stroked my face lovingly with her soft hand and said, “I’m going to give you everything you need…sweet son…everything…everything.” She slept in my arms and didn’t move until I tasted her warm morning lips.Mother is approaching fifty now and we’ve never spent a night apart since our first time together. As I’m writing this, we’re on one of our trips to England and as I look out at the morning mist our hearts are clear. Lately she asks me more if I’ll still want to make love to her, as we get older. I answer the same way each time she asks. “We’re not going to get fucking older, we’re going to get older, fucking.” She laughs every time I say it.

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