A Questionnaire


For Adults only.

Present subject: Adult male.

1. Are you wearing panties, yes or no?

2. Are you wearing a thong, yes or no?

3. If either answer is yes, please describe the garment: cotton, bikini, with lace trimming, nylon or rayon?

4. Do you have a semi-erection, yes or no?

5. Approximately what is the length of your penis, erect?

6. What is the approximate circumference, erect? Dou you wish to show by measurement with this tape?

7. How often do you masturbate, daily? For what duration?

8. Is masturbation always successful, ending in ejaculation?

9. Would you be prepared to adopt other sexual habits, leading to successful masturbation, apart from conventional sexual intercourse, and possibly including somewhat extended anal play? (If the answer to this question is no, then we can discontinue this questionnaire with thanks for your participation up until this point).

10. Do you wish to continue?

11. Please go over your answers, above. Are they entirely truthful?

12. If not, please point out misleading or incorrect answers.

13. If more than how many are incorrect, do you wish to discontinue?

14. Given that you are below that mark, are you now willing to attempt to reach around with either hand and insert one or two fingers into your anus? Are adıyaman escort you feeling that you are inserting these fingers past a ring of muscle or sphincter which is strong but elastic? Is this pleasurable?

15. Is your first knuckle as deep as you wish to explore now?

16. Do you wish to push deeper?

17. Is the pleasure greater, the deeper you push?

18. Does the sphincter open out into a tunnel of slippery muscle?

19. Do you think it would be possible to have an orgasm if you had a larger insertion or a longer one? Can you continue to stretch your sphincter?

20. Do you wish to go on to orgasm?

21. Can you let me know when you reach orgasm?

22. Would you repeat that answer?

23. As you withdraw your fingers, do you feel emptied?

24. Would you like to slide your fingers deep again?

25. Would that be pleasurable to the point of orgasm, in your judgement?

26. Do you wish to do so now?

27. As you withdraw on the second orgasm, could you do this a third time?

28. Are you well-fucked up the ass now?

29. Is this an experience you would like to repeat, after sucking someone’s cock?

30. Would you do it before or after sucking that cock?

31. Would you accept that you would make noise during anal intercourse?

32. escort adıyaman Would you look forward to repeating this experience?

33. Are you now a cocksucker? Are you now happy to be fucked up the ass?

34. If you were shown an erect cock, would you be willing to be fucked by it?

35. Would you first suck that cock to as hard and erect state as possible, although not to orgasm?

36. Would you be willing to show this on the cock in front of your face?

37. Would you repeat that answer, removing your mouth from the cock?

38. Would you turn around, and spread your ass-cheeks as wide as you can?

39. Does being rimmed by a tongue make you feel good?

40. When the rimming ceases, do you object to being lubricated in the anus?

41. After being lubricated, can you relax your sphincter to receive cock?

42. After the cock is inserted past your sphincter, should it pause?

43. Does that pause help you to relax and receive more of that cock?

44. Can you estimate how far up your ass-tunnel that cock can go?

45. Does the existence of a second sphincter surprise you?

46. Does the sense of belly-hairs up against your anus feel good?

47. Will you cooperate in being fucked in and out repeatedly?

48. Do the adıyaman escort bayan hands on your hips and grasping your ass-cheeks or letting go to smack your ass-cheeks make you feel good, as in submissive?

49. There will be a pause at orgasm, as the semen squirts into your bowels; does this make you feel a kind of orgasmic rush also?

50. Can this orgasmic rush inside you be repeated as you continue to be fucked?

51. Are you making noises as you are being fucked up the ass?

52. Do you want this to go on and on?

53. Have you lost count of your internal orgasms?

54. Do you feel at all girlish in being bent over and fucked up the ass?

55. Would you be willing to repeat the experience?

56. Is there a sense of being emptied as the cock inside you shrinks and gets soft as the owner sags onto your back, gasping in fulfillment?

57. Do you enjoy the feeling of semen escaping your sphincter and running down your thighs?

58. Do you want another cock up your anus once you rest a little bit?

59. Will you suck that other cock before it enters your anus?

60. Are you now a cock-sucking cum-slut?

61. Is it a relief to know who you are, sexually?

62. Would you like the gift of clean panties to slip on?

63. Are you ready to doze off, being spooned by your first fucker?

64. Do you feel a sense of achievement from this experience?

65. What can be added to the preceding, besides gratitude?

66. Would sleeping be pleasant for you now?

67. Are you a sissy or a girly-boy, either one?

This questionnaire has completed its purpose for the time being.

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