Becoming Anne Ch. 08


Anne trembled as she lay back on the bed, guided into place by Katrin’s hands. For a brief moment as Anne had knelt watching the younger woman she’d seen a sliver of vulnerability in her as she’d floated in the afterglow of the pleasure Anna had given her. Anne had enjoyed the sensuality of their morning, getting to discover and adore Katrin’s body in new ways, and while she’d not forgotten the nature of their relationship, for a time she’d felt more Katrin’s lover than her possession.

Now, though, she was seeing the other side of that coin. The morning had been about the sensual pleasures she could share with Anne, but it was clear to her that afternoon would be about learning the cruel pleasures she could take from her. As she’d risen from the bed, her the warm sensuality had fallen from her, her face becoming cold and harsh in its beauty. Anne’s hands had been cuffed behind her back, then her ankles before the two sets were shackled together and she was blindfolded, left there as Katrin went about her business leaving Anne with just the lingering remnants of her taste for the unknowable length of time she was left there. It was a reminder of her place in things, that Katrin could just leave her like that and get on with her business and Anne would accept it.

Anne was content like that, the chains that bound her jangling a little as she moved slightly, stretching herself out as she knelt, her head moving a little as her ears followed Katrin’s movement, trying to decipher them, but she didn’t want to move from the position. Somewhere deep in her head, Michelle angrily protested it, telling her she was tied up, naked and blindfolded in her own house while a woman she barely knew was moving through it. Who knew what she might be doing to the life she’d built with John? She could be stealing things, destroying precious memories, raiding their personal accounts all while she knelt there uncomplaining.

Anne ignored her. None of that life mattered to her, and she didn’t care what happen to it even though she trusted Katrin and knew she wouldn’t do any of the things Michelle accused her of. That life wasn’t hers, it was something that happened to someone she vaguely knew, someone who wasn’t as free as Anne was. Part of Anne still worried what would happen when this week was up and her time with Katrin was over, but she resolved to give herself to the moment like she’d given herself to Katrin, to embrace all she was learning and discovering about herself. Worrying about what came after would just damage the wonderful way she was feeling now and even if she could never have it again, she wanted it to feel as good as it could while she had it.

Then the blindfold had come off. As her eyes returned to normal, dealing with the light of the room, Katrin moved behind her, undoing the chains that bound her but leaving on the leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles. Anne’s senses had been brought into focus by the touch of one of Katrin’s nails slowly scraping up her spine with a precise and exquisitely focused pain, then her hand had moved into Anne’s hair, tugging on and silently urging her to her feet, pulling her upwards.

She could see the room had changed a little again. The curtains were partially open, letting in more light and the traces of a soft breeze from outside. A solitary candle remained burning on a table by the bed and on the dressing table she saw an array of items that she knew weren’t hers. She recognised them from the last time she’d seen them, they were what Katrin had called her toys, introducing Anne to them one by one on a video call. As Katrin had described what she’d do with each of them, Anne had become more and more aroused, soaking her panties as she whispered trabzon escort her desires to Katrin.

As Katrin’s hand guided her to the bed, Anne saw that she had changed as well. Her hair had been severely tied back into a firm bun. Her lips were a deep blood red and she dressed in a black latex bodysuit that looked as though she’d been poured into it. A halter neck left her shoulders and arms bare, but the rest of her was pressed into the shiny black material, emphasising every line and curve that Anne had massaged earlier, her body appearing to almost flow as it moved. She looked every inch a gorgeous goddess and Anne could still scarcely believe she belonged to her.

Katrin said nothing, and Anne didn’t want to speak out of turn and break the silence. It was easy to let Katrin’s touch guide her to the bed and lie down on it, then to stretch out her arms and feel the cuffs get bound to the frame, followed by her legs spreading at Katrin’s touch and being similarly bound. She was spread wide, naked and helpless under Katrin’s gaze, her mind racing with thoughts of what was to come.

Katrin sat on the bed next to her, running her hand over Anne’s chest, pausing to squeeze her breast and pinch her nipple, her dark red lips curling into a smile as she watched it stiffen. “You were wonderful this morning, pet, and you have a truly talented tongue and mouth. The pleasure from that sort of intimacy is strong and powerful, but it’s not the highest level of pleasure you can experience. Do you remember the words I’ve told you?”

“There is no true pleasure without pain, Miss.”

Katrin smiled as Anne spoke the words, her fingers responding by twisting the nipple, making Anne gasp. “Exactly. You’ve already seen and experienced some of that, and you’ve begun to understand it. But those words are true for me too. You pleasured me well this morning but now you’re going to give me my true pleasure when I see you understanding the true nature of pain. Your tongue, your lips, your fingers, your sex, all of these can please me in their way, but none of them can please me in the same way as your scream or your tears.”

Anne could feel her heart beating harder as Katrin talked, the trembling in her limbs increasing. Katrin had never hid this from her, telling her from the start that she was a sadist, but lying there helpless beneath her it had suddenly moved from something she was wanting to explore, to something that was actually going to happen. The look in Katrin’s eye showed her that, there was a primal hunger in them as she regarded Anne’s body. It was desire, but different to the desire she’d revealed before, this was tinged throughout with a dark cruelty, and Anne was simultaneously fearful of it and needing it desperately. From the first time she’d sat in front of the laptop camera, twisting her nipples at Katrin’s command, she’d been heading for this.

“It’s all right to be scared, pet. Few are brave enough to surrender themselves to anything like this. Do you remember your words?” Anne nodded. “Repeat them to me.”

“Green is everything all right. Yellow is I need to slow down. Amber is I can’t take more of the thing you’re doing. Red is stop everything.”

“Good, pet. They are your words, and you must use them if they are necessary. There is no shame on you for using them, and no punishment waiting if you do. I want to share these delights with you, not inflict them.”

“Thank you, Miss.”

Whatever was going to happen to her had already begun when she was bound to the bed, but Katrin clearly saw that as a signal to begin in earnest, moving her other hand to Anne’s other breast to squeeze, pinch and twist them in unison. The pain from that trabzon escort bayan spiked through Anne and she pulled at her bonds, instantly reminded that she couldn’t escape from whatever Katrin had planned for her. For now, her focus remained on Anne’s breasts, squeezing and teasing them all over, leaning down to take them one at a time into her mouth, flicking the erect numbs with her tongue, nipping at them with her teeth before catching on them pulling upwards, making Anne gasp as they stretched out. Then from beside her, she took two small nipple clamps, showing them to Anne. They were a matching pair, a ratcheted circle in the middle from which a series of thin metal lines emerged. Katrin’s fingers fitted them both to her quickly and expertly, and she felt her nipples loose in the circle, the metal lines cold against the warmth of her breast. Then Katrin leaned over her, looking into her eyes as she deftly spun two small wheels on the outside of the rings. Simultaneously they caused both to tighten around her nipples, while the thin metal bars pressed into the flesh of her breast. The paint wasn’t severe and didn’t cause her to let out an exclamation, but it was a constant, rising and falling as her blood pumped through her, increasing in intensity as Katrin turned the wheels slowly, her eyes burning into Anne’s.

The pain intensified with each tiny movement of the wheels, then levelled off as Katrin withdrew her hands and slid herself off the bed. Anne made herself breathe slowly and deeply, feeling the pain flowing through her. It hurt, but seeing the look in Katrin’s eyes as she did made it worthwhile, knowing she was giving her what she craved. Anne tried to move her attention away from the bursts of sensation flooding from her nipples and calm herself by feeling the rest of her body. The pain was just two small dots on a much larger serene canvas, and thinking like that helped her focus.

Then new pain came, down at her feet, along the soles, a long trail of points digging in and moving on, her toes curling in reaction. Lifting her head, she saw Katrin down by them, her hand moving up and down, something metal glinting in it. She moved, making it more clearly visible, a spiked wheel rotating in a metal grip, a sharp-pointed star rolling over her skin. Katrin pressed it into her as it rolled, each point digging into her skin, stretching it with just enough force not to break it but still provide a focused point of pain. It was like she was painting trails of subtle agony around and across Anne’s ankles and calves, circling around her. She could feel the lines of the wheel on her, slowly fading from the old indentations but still lingering, even as new ones were created.

Her legs twisted and pulled, trying to move away from the pressure of the spikes, but Katrin’s free hand held them in place as she worked her way upwards, moving from one to the other as she did. Anne grasped and cried out, then gritted her teeth as she tried to endure and ride the sensations, controlling her breathing. Pain flowed through her, but there was something else there, something more inside her, partly formed of her knowledge that she was satisfying Katrin by doing this, but also a feeling of her own pleasure coming from this. As the pain faded in her calves, she gasped at the sharpness of the wheel digging into her inner thighs, but she also felt a warmth from lower down, flowing up through her from where the pain had almost completely faded but her body felt even more alive than it had before.

“So wet, pet.” She heard Katrin murmur with a chuckle, then felt a gentle coolness on her sex as Katrin softly blew on it while the spikes rolled and dug in to either side of it, avoiding escort trabzon her lips but stretching the soft flesh around them. Her pussy ached for Katrin’s touch, all of Anne so warm and full of desire for her even amidst the pain.

“My pleasure, pet. Not yours.” Anne tried to respond, but her words turned into a gasp of shock as the roller moved over her bare mound, the thin trail of pain so sensitive as it caught the skin just above her clit, sharper bursts of pain moving in her as Katrin moved higher and higher, across her outstretched stomach, closing in on her throbbing nipples. There was no rush in her touch, every moment slow and careful to draw out the sensation and lengthen the pain, guiding Anne’s senses into a whole new realm. As she lay there, she felt the trail end, Katrin moving away from her body and she closed her eyes, breathing deeply and trying to centre and focus, the trail of sharp spike marks fading into the general glow and pulse of her body.

Then there was a sound, a sudden thwack from the bottom of the bed and she howled as the sole of her right foot erupted into a thick band of pain, then was joined by the same noise, the same shape of pain on her left sole. It was followed by something cold and metal drawing across them, then repeated, once more on each sole, making her cry out, breath escaping her in a sudden gasp of shock. This was deeper, more intense pain, delivered by something hard and metallic. Anne tried to lift her head to see what Katrin was doing, but then flung it back as she heard another thwack and whatever it was landed on her calf, then repeated again on the other side.

This was real pain now, deep and lingering, her skin glowing with it long after it had been made. She tugged at the bonds, squirmed on the bed, crying with each stroke as Katrin remorselessly moved higher, the pain becoming even more intense as the blows landed on the softer flesh of her thighs, her cries and squeals louder and louder with each blow. She wanted it to stop, her min grasping for the colours Katrin had taught her, but each time she shied away saying them. Katrin’s blow would land and the pain would be so intense for a moment she thought she could endure no more and she prepared to cry out yellow, amber or even red, but as she began to make herself speak, the pain would fade, matched by the glow she’d felt before, only now even stronger and more enduring. It was still pain, but in a way she’d never experienced or known before, a pain that made her feel more alive, more aware of her body, more alert to the pleasure it could carry with it.

Then the metal landed on her sex and the only colour she saw was white. She didn’t hear the noise this time, but felt it inside her, a deep wet reverberation as Katrin brought it down once against each side of her labia and then flat on her clit. Anne was aware she was making noise, that her body was moving and thrashing, but the sensation from it was too much for her to process everything that was happening beyond the rush that was passing through her. Pain, pleasure and so much else flowed through her, fire mixed with ice, agony mixed with ecstasy. She could feel tears flowing down her face as her sex gripped and convulsed with pleasure, experiencing a mix of feelings that she’d never even comprehended was possible.

Anne couldn’t feel what was being done to her as she rode this wave, only dimly aware that the hard strokes continued landing on her body. She pulled at her bonds, screamed in pain, twisted and cried but didn’t want it to end and when it slowly began to fade away and she became aware that Katrin was no longer doing anything to her, just crouching at the side of the bed, watching her intently, she was filled with a sense of emptiness where the mass of sensation had been.

Katrin smiled at her, her eyes looking dazed as her hand swept back Anne’s hair, wiping the tear streaks from her face.

“How do you feel, pet? What colour?”

“Green, Miss. So very green.”

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