A Quick Break from Writing



They worked for hours on the new draft of the novel. The woman was aged around 42 year’s old, black to brownish hair, wrinkles around her eyes, she had seen a lot of things in her 42 years. She was wearing just casual gear, yoga pants, sports jacket, and the usual weekend bumming around the house wear. The man ages around 40 years old, again wearing just a casual shirt and jeans. He had a beard and rather bright red hair like fire.

The flirting had gone on all day while working on the novel. Subtle gestures, smirks, flirtatious taps, all the usual signs of a burning desire for each other. The man, Ron, had a feeling this would happen. Ever so slightly he would lay his hand on her back as he was showing her progress of the novel on the laptop which they were working on. The woman Grace, looked back briefly at his hand ignored it.

“So, we can cut this bit out then add the death scene to the end,” Ron explained.

As his hand gently moved up her back.

“Yep, I think that could work,” she replied.

Grace flicked her rather long hair back away from her face. She shifted in her seat. The Yoga pants on her were skin tight, the outlines and curves of her legs and buttocks were clearly visible to Ron . She knew this.

She was always fond of looking after herself. Her slim figure didn’t just keep its own, she worked hard for that killer body and she knew it.

Ron tried not to stare at her legs and buttocks but as men do, he could really look away. She glimpsed over and caught his eye once or twice during the day.

“I’m going to grab a drink of water; did you want anything?” Ron asked.

“No, I’m fine thanks Ron” Grace replied. Ron got up and fetched himself a drink from the sink. The apartment was his and in fairly new condition, on the walls were paintings from a bygone era and a whole bunch of photos ranging from childhood to adulthood.

He fetched himself a glass of water and went back to the table. He leant over Grace as she worked on the novel. He could just barely see over her shoulder, he glanced down at her sports jack and noticed saw her conceived cleavage through the sports jacket.

“Ok, so Ron, this part here,” Grace explained.

“Yep,” Ron replied.

“I’m not sure what you want to do about the conflict that they are having?”

Grace said rather concerned.

“I’m not sure either, but it needs to be something believable, why would Roger have so much anger for his mistress, doesn’t he just want to take her there and then?” she asked

The both were there in silence. All the sudden Ron came up with an idea.

“Wait a minute, I have this novel in my room which is by Greendale, same kind of concept,” Ron said.

“Ok let’s go check it out,” Grace replied.

The two got up and walked over to the apartment’s staircase and walked downstairs. Ron’s room was rather large, concrete pillars, wooden bed the works. A whole lot of junk to one side of the room.

“It’s in here,” Ron said rummaging through the junk.

Grace waited behind him in patience.

“I have so much junk here it’s not funny,” Ron pulled out a novel.

“Here it is,”. The novel was old and worn. Grace who has a keen eye for antiques is fascinated by the book.

“Wow, it’s an original Greendale,” she said as she looked at the junk.

“What else do you have in there,” Grace slowly walked over to the closet and bent over to reach some other books and materials.

Her buttocks were so tight in the yoga pants. The creases of her skin-tight material accentuated every round edge of her legs and rump. She leaned forward even more to reach more books, lifting one leg off the ground as she reached further into the closet.

The view Ron had was astounding, but awkward for him at the same time.

“Be careful,” Ron said, as he calmly placed both of his hands on her hips to stop off her from falling forward.

“I’m ok,” Grace said as she leant her foot back and stood upright once again.

“I’m so tired,” Grace complained.

“This bed looks so nice” Grace sat on the edge of the bed. Ron stood in front of her.

“Yeah its comfortable,” Ron awkwardly agreed

“I saw some dirty magazines back there Ron,” Grace said with a smile on her face

Ron looked shocked.

“Oh, they must have been from my brothers room years ago, he used to collect Playboy or something” Ron explained.

“I don’t think so Ron, they were pretty dirty ha-ha”, Grace said laughing

“Kind of makes me think that’s why you are into erotic fiction?” Grace smiled at Ron as she tilted her head.

“Well you know how it is, you have to get your inspiration from somewhere,”. Ron explained.

Grace looked up at him from the bed, her smile widened as she tilted her head and played with her hair.

“I’ll give you some inspiration if you need it?” Grace said in a sultry voice.

“What do you mean Grace?” he asked.

At that moment Grace reached forward and brought Ron closer to her by his hips.

“I’ll show you,” Grace said as she undid the belt buckle of eskort bayan bursa Ron.

“What are you doing Grace?” Ron said laughing.

“Do you want me to stop?” Grace smiled back at Ron.

Ron shook his head.

Graces slowly pulled down Ron’s jeans. She put her hands up his boxer shorts ever so slightly. Then pulled them down slowly exposing Ron’s semi erect penis.

She held it in her right hand and began to stroke it.

“Finally get to see what you had under here,” Grace joked

“You’re naughty aren’t you ha-ha,” Ron whispered

“Oh, dirty talker, are you? I like that” Grace slowly licked the head of his penis.

“Now enjoy this,” Grace said as she began to lick up and down Ron’s shaft.

He moaned in pleasure. She slowly put the head of his penis in her mouth, then took it out. Moaning as she did it.

She began to stroke with her right hand and began sucking his penis vigorously.

Ron put his head back in pleasure as he grasped her thick brown hair and back of her head.

She moaned as he pushed her head deeper down his shaft.

“Yes, I want it all,” Grace whispered

“You got it babe,” Ron whispered.

Ron leant forward, gripping the back of her head ever so slightly and began forcing his penis down her throat. She took it all, one deep stroke at a time, she took it out of her mouth.

“Don’t you cum yet, I need this in my pussy”.

Grace sat up on the bed. She quickly took off her sports jacket and threw it across the room. Ron proceeded to take off his top and pants in a haste.

Grace took her t-shirt off and was wearing a purple lace bra. Her C cup breasts bounced as she fixed her hair and smiled.

“Let’s do this” she smirked as she turned her body around and got on all fours on the bed.

She leaned her body down and left her ass in the air. The yoga pants were beyond stretched now, and Ron liked what he saw.

She slowly reached back with her free hands and began to pull down the pants slowly. Ron was thanking God for this moment. As she pulled down her pants a noticeable Black G string became visible.

The pants were at her ankles now as she bent over on all fours on the bed. She kicked away her pants and looked back at Ron who was stroking his manhood looking at this magnificent sight.

“Well, are you going to just stand there? Eat my pussy!” Grace stated.

Ron moved over to the bed and ploughed his face into Grace’s butt cheeks. He slightly moved the g string and began licking her already wet vagina.

“Oh yeah right there,” she moaned.

He removed the G-string all together and flipped her around on her back vigorously.

“Oh yeah I like it rough,” she said.

“I bet you do,” Ron smiled.

He continued flicking his tongue into her vagina, she moaned in pleasure as he slowly inserted his index finger into her warm moist pussy.

“Oh yeah, that’s so good,” she whispered.

Ron put two fingers in and started thrusting both in at a medium pace.

“You like that hey?” he asked her.

“Yes, yes I do, please fuck me now,” Grace replied in bliss.

At that instant Ron grabbed her hips with one arm and violently turned her around onto her back. The bed shook and hit the wall. He was on top of her as she brought his face closer to hers and they kissed deeply.

Their tongues clashed as Grace wrapped her legs around Ron’s back. She ever so slightly began running her nails down his back as they deeply kissed. Ron stopped and looked at her in awe.

“I can’t believe we are doing this,” he said.

“Shut the hell up and fuck me!” Grace yelled.

Ron smiled as he reached down to his fully erect penis and slowly tapped it on her clitoris teasing her, she smiled. He slowly put his penis into her vagina, he could feel how warm and wet it was already. Grace rolled her eyes back as she took in his manhood.

“Wow, you’re big,” she exclaimed.

“Let’s see if you can take it,” Ron replied.

He slowly began thrusting into her, the standard starting position for sex. Missionary. Her legs were wrapped around his back as he began to gather momentum and thrust even deeper. Grace moaned with pleasure as they both continued kissing passionately.

Her breasts were still enclosed in the purple bra, slightly bouncing with every thrust. Ron moved away from her face and began to nuzzle her neck and breasts.

The thrusting became more powerful as Grace gripped the top of the bedframe as he ploughed into her. His penis was getting more and more wet with juices as he took it out and placed it back in every time. Her vagina was closely shaven with a distinctive strip emulating from the top to the bottom.

“Yes yes, like that!” she yelled.

Ron continued to penetrate her as he quickly used his arms to lift her up from the bed and made her straddle him in a close embrace. Ron sat up on the bed on his shins while Grace wrapped her legs around him as she bounced up and down on his manhood.

He gripped her buttocks with both hands and squeezed. She had such a tight ass, he loved pinching and altıparmak escort pulling at her ass, it jiggled as they bounced up and down together in unison.

They kissed deeply, as Ron put his face into her breasts. Ron lost his balance and fell backwards to the foot of the bed. Grace was now on top of him in the cowgirl position.

Her thighs are up against his body, as she leaned her hands onto his chest as she violently thrust her vagina onto his penis, rocking back and forth.

“Oh ,fuck me!” Ron yelled

Grace took Ron’s hands and placed them on her buttocks as she rocked his cock back and forth. She put her hands into her hair in bliss as she undid her hair, it flowed and sat just above her breasts still covered by the bra. He pulled her down from her thrusting closer to him and shifted himself and her up against the bed post.

Facing each other in this embrace he rocked her back and forth on his cock and with the other hand pulled her hair.

She rocked her hips forward and back like she was riding a mechanical bull, she leant back flicking her hair swiftly with every rock back and forth.

“Yes! Yes!” She yelled.

He took his free hand and reached for the back of the bra. He unclasped it swiftly and threw it to the side of the room with all the other clothes. Her breasts were perfect. Round, symmetrical, and her nipples were erect round and outstanding.

Ron cupped both breasts in his hands as Grace grinded him. He pulled her towards him and took her left breast in his mouth while twisting gently her other nipple.

“Oh my God!” she said as his face was buried in her bouncy breasts.

He sucked on one, moved his tongue around the nipple causing her to grind more furiously.

“I think I’m gonna come,” she yelled.

Ron took this as a moment to continue sucking on her tits taking each suck deeper and deeper. He moved onto the right breast and grabbed it forcefully with his hand.

“Oh yes yes yes,” Grace was in ecstasy now.

He sucked on the breasts, and gripped her hips and buttocks forcefully pulling her body weight down on his cock. She was in heaven and began breathing heavily. He could feel her pussy tightening up as she gripped the bedhead again.

She began to breathe hard as she forced more of her weight on his throbbing cock and yelled with pleasure.

“Oh my God! Keep going, keep going, I’m gonna cum!” she yelled.

The bed head was banging against the wall, Ron sucked on the breasts and fucked her hard at the same time.

“Yes Yes!” Grace screamed.

She began to vigorously gyrate her hips as she began to orgasm.

“Oh, fuck me!” she screamed

He grabbed her buttocks, stopped sucking her breasts and pounded her even harder this time.

“Oh fuck me harder, fuck me!” she screeched.

“Take it bitch,” he yelled.

She orgasmed, her eyes rolled back as she was still rocking and grinding, her pussy clenched onto his cock, and she began to shiver as she slows down. Her juices flowed lightly down his shaft.

“Oh my god,” she screamed in ecstasy.

She leaned forward on Ron as he slowly withdrew his cock and laid face down on the bed in exhaustion. Her face was buried in the pillows in ecstasy, as Ron got up from the bed, still with an erect cock.

“Don’t get too comfortable Grace,” Ron said sarcastically

Grace turned her head and saw Ron in his naked glory.

“I’m still not done,” he smiled, with his erect penis in his hand.

“Ok fine, but I’m not doing the work from now on,” she said burying her face in the pillows.

Ron looked at the woman that he has lusted for so long now, friends for years but only that. Now he has accomplished what he wanted. He saw her on the bed, legs together lying face down on the bed. The view of her body, legs, ass was heaven.

He got back onto the bed stroking his cock. He placed his legs on either side of hers and stroked it again.

He gripped his manhood and moved closely towards her relaxed behind. At that instant Grace turned her head.

“Put it in my ass,” she ordered.

Ron had a look of shock in his face.

“You sure?” he asked.

“Yep, but start off slowly babe” she replied quietly.

Ron was happy with this predicament as he spat onto his hand and moved his saliva and finger to her asshole. He began to massage it slowly, as Grace moaned. He slowly inserted one finger and began to push it in lightly.

“Mmm that’s good,” she moaned.

He stroked his cock with one hand as he placed two fingers in with more saliva into her ass. He began to push them in a little further, being gentle as he did it. The view he had made him happy, a beautiful woman, like a fine wine ripened with age, not a speck of cellulite or dimple on her back, legs and ass. She looked after herself for a woman her age.

“Mmm, more,” she begged.

Ron obliged and put a third digit in. Now she was relaxed and ready he thought to himself. He gripped his hard penis in his hand and slowly shifted his weight closer to her buttocks. He lifted himself bursa türbanlı escort up and slowly but gently began to put his penis into her ass.

“Hmm, slower baby,” she breathed

Ron shifted his balance and slowly pushed his cock into her ass. He slowly moved forward and backward ever so slightly. He gripped her around the hips and slowly brought her hips and body up to his level. Her back was totally arched now, her face still buried in the pillows as he began to thrust at a slightly faster pace.

“Yeah, that’s it fuck my ass,” she whispered.

His penis was throbbing in and out of her. Her ass was tight and was clenching onto his manhood, he could barely stand it.

“Fuck, you are so tight,” he whispered.

She finally picked herself up from the pillows in exhaustion and grabbed the bed head as he began to push his penis further and further into her cavity. She moaned with pleasure as he began to quicken his pace.

“You like that?” he asked her

“Yes yes,” she yelled grabbing the head board for leverage.

He gripped her hips and pulled her back and forth, his penis going deeper into her ass now. He raised one hand and slapped her right buttock cheek.

“Ow! Naughty boy!” she laughed

“You want more?” he asked her raising his hand.

“Yes, yes, slap me, slap me like a whore,” she yelled.

Ron continued to slap her bare ass. Leaving some subtle red marks. The slaps echoed throughout the concrete walled room. He pushed himself deeper into her, reaching over he took Grace’s hair in his hand and pulled her towards him.

“Ah, yes fuck my ass, fuck it!” she screamed.

He thrusted deeper and deeper harder and harder, slapping her ass, pulling her hair, watching her scream in pain and ecstasy.

He gripped her bare ass and began to powerfully shift his weight deep into her, his view was amazing. His thick cock thrusting in and out of her ass as her hair danced on her back like a drum.

He tightened his grip and began to pull out his penis more and more and thrusted deeper and deeper watching it go in every time with excitement that he couldn’t contain any longer. The slapping noises echoed throughout the room as sweat began to drip from his forehead.

The breathing noises of both him and Grace echoed.

“I’m gonna blow,” he yelled.

“Wait! Don’t cum! I want it in my mouth,” she begged.

Ron thrusted and gripped her bare bottom with agony trying to hold back his upcoming orgasm.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum,” he shouted.

Instantly, Grace turned around quickly and held his penis to her mouth, jerking it off with one hand with her mouth open waiting.

“Cum for me now you beast,” she said watching him. Her brown eyes gazing up at his in the moment of ecstasy.

She took his penis in her mouth and thrust her face onto it, back and forth, Ron was visibly ready to explode, and he gripped her head strongly and pushed her head deeper and deeper onto his rock-hard cock ready to explode.

She moaned with a mouth full of his cock as he controlled her every move.

“Oh fuck, here it comes, here it comes,” he whispered, forcing her head down onto his shaft.

“Oh fuck!” he shouted.

Grace took both her arms and pulled herself deeper onto his cock by grabbing the back of his ass.

“oh, oh, oh,” he thrusted three times and then came in her mouth.

Grace moaned loudly with her mouthful of his cum. He lightly let go of her head and let her continue sucking. She sucked very last drop of it out, moaning and smiling as she did it.

She took out his penis and licked the end of it.

“Nice and clean,” she said smiling with ejaculate still on her chin.

“Missed a bit,” he joked wiping it off her.

He took a deep breath and studied the situation, he has just had sex with this beautiful vintage woman. Her hair flowed down halfway down her back and that ass was still perched in the air as she got up from her knees and kissed him.

“That was the most erotic thing I have ever done,” she said happily.

Ron stood there with his semi erect cock and smiled.

“I’m pretty inspired now,” he laughed.

Grace smiled and got up off the bed, fixing her hair as she got up.

“I’m going to take a shower “she stated.

Ron began to pick up his jeans as Grace walked over to the bathroom.

“Sure thing,” he said, trying to find his dignity.

Grace tilted her head and raised her eyebrow.

“Aren’t you going to join me hot stuff?” she said sarcastically, smirking.

Ron wasn’t expecting this at all, pretty much thought that this fling would be it. He nodded, smiled and walked over to the bathroom.

Grace turned the light on, bright white light illuminated the superbly clean bathroom.

The shower was rather big for such a small studio apartment. Roomy and smelt of lavender. Grace walked over to the shower towing Ron in her other hand.

She turned to him and shut the shower door. Her arms around his shoulders she gave him another deep kiss.

“Turn it on,” she whispered.

Ron looked over and twisted the shower faucet, the water came out warm then began to heat up more. They kissed passionately under the streams of water coming from above them.

A large circle shaped shower head about the size of record player pelted down on their naked bodies. Steam began to infuse the room.

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