A Sexual Awakening: Part One


My name is Darren Overstreet, a twenty-year-old guy attending McKingley College in Lima, Ohio. I was on the football team; I dated a few girls from the glee club, which the rest of the school thinks is a huge joke. But I love singing and performing so I ignore it. But I also made a shocking discovery about myself and sexuality.It happened a few weeks ago when I was with my bro, my best friend, Sam Anderson, and we’d stepped out of the Escort Beylikdüzü locker rooms together and then got a slushy thrown at us in the face by some idiot jocks from the fraternity house. We went into the shower rooms together to wash it away. I was standing in the shower beside Sam and I glanced over and noticed how perky his bare butt was. As he began to turn in my direction, I faced Beyoğlu escort the wall quickly. But couldn’t help but notice the size of his manhood and my blue eyes widened in shock.Shit! God, Sam’s got a big manhood, I thought. Wait, what am I saying? I am not gay!I was about to step out of the shower, when I felt my manhood start to tingle. My eyes widened and glanced down and I couldn’t believe Bomonti escort bayan it. I had a bit of an erection from looking at Sam.Sam turned off the shower and grabbed up his towel. “Darren, are you OK?” he asked with concern.“Yeah,” I replied not turning around.“Something’s wrong, let me help you.”I glanced over my shoulder and saw Sam drying his jiggly bits, which made the tingle stronger down below.  “No! I mean, I’m OK, just finishing off here.”Sam put his clothes back on. “OK, I’ll see you tomorrow then?” he asked.“Ah ha,” I replied. Once I heard him walk away and out the door, I sighed with relief turning off the shower.  I glanced down and my blue eyes widened in sheer horror at seeing I had an erection for my best friend.

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