A Strong Woman Needs Anal Too


My name is Amy Taulard. A sexy plump chick who loves to have fun. Standing five-foot-five, large-breasted, thick-bodied, wide-hipped and parading around the kind of fine, plump ass that some consider to be rare on a white chick. I’m basically a sex freak and I will do anything to get some. This is the story of some of my hottest, raunchiest adventures. I get into all kinds of situations. The sexier and most raunchy, the better. Sex is one of the best things in life and I enjoy myself every chance I get. I’m a big woman who loves sex. And I don’t apologize for it.

One time, I was walking around the Bay State College campus when I spotted this tall, good-looking black man in a police uniform. He looked so damn good. I just had to go over there and introduce myself. I was wearing a red tank top and a black dress so short, you could see my panties from a distance. Hey, I don’t mind showing people what I got. Other females are always hating but what do bitches know? Nothing. Anyway, I walked up to the black policeman and started chatting him up. He told me his name was Xavier, a patrolman with the Boston police department.

Xavier was a very sexy black man. He looked really good in his uniform. I am always straightforward with men I’m sexually interested in so I asked him if he’d go back to my dorm and sex me up. He grinned, and told me that he was in his lunch break. We went back to my place. As soon as we were there, I undressed. I love showing off my thick, sexy body. A lot of men like thick women, and Xavier appeared to be one of them, so I was in luck. I played with my large breasts, dipped a finger in my pussy and licked it before turning around and shaking my plump ass in his face. Xavier smiled, clearly liking what he saw. I grinned, and began my performance.

I knelt before officer Xavier and unzipped his pants. I pulled his cock out and gasped at what I held in my hand. A long and thick, uncircumcised black dick. At least eight inches long and quite thick, with balls the size of apples. I grinned, and began sucking on it. Xavier grabbed the back of my neck and urged me to suck him faster. I sucked on his massive prick and flicked Büyükesat Escort my tongue over his massive black balls. He really was an interesting specimen of man. So tall and sexy, so damn masculine. He was also so well-endowed. I sucked under his shaft and licked his balls like they were the sweetest thing I’d ever tasted. I must admit that I love dicks. I love all kinds of dicks. As long as they are long and thick. I don’t care about the color. I’ve sucked Mexican dick, and I must say that I like the taste of it. It’s so hard and forceful. Mexican men are so macho and powerful. I love their culture. I love their cocks. Mexican dick is the best import and export of Mexico. There’s something to be said about Irish dick. Black dick is always excellent. There’s different varieties of Black dick. Haitian dick is harder and longer than the average African-American dick. Jamaican dick is often smoother and slicker than Haitian dick. African dick that’s straight from Africa is truly massive and a wonder to behold. Believe it or not, it’s very comparable to Indo-European dick, like dick from Scotland. Scottish dick is smooth in my mouth and so smooth going down. If I had to guess, I’d say that officer Xavier was a red-blooded Haitian man.

I continued sucking on his massive dick and it didn’t him too long to cum. When he did, it was spectacular. The dude erupted like a frigging volcano. A black volcano shooting up white lava that was so slippery and sticky. I guzzled it all down, slurping loudly as I did. I sure worked my magic because I had officer Xavier screaming my name in three languages. I took that as a sign that he liked my performance. He was smiling from ear to ear when I finally let him go. Yeah, this gal sure knew how to work a dick. I licked him clean without spilling a single drop. He praised me for my skills.

Officer Xavier was looking at me like a hungry wolf seeing a chubby white lamb. I smiled, loving that look on his face. The look that told me I was going to get the fuck of the century. I laughed, and shook my ass in his face. I wanted to feel him inside me so bad Elvankent Escort it’s not even funny. Xavier asked me if I’d ever been fucked in the ass before. I told him that I was no stranger to getting slammed that way. Truth be told, I’d done back door love a few times, but never with a man like him. A tall and sexy, well-endowed black man. I wanted very much to feel what it would be like.

Officer Xavier grinned, and I told him to wait a second, while I got ready. I got up and went to my erotica drawer. I took a small tube out of it, and went back to him grinning. In hand I held a small flacon of lubricant. Something I always kept in my bedroom, for those nights when I gave myself a thrill with my favorite battery-operated appliance. Today, I was in luck. I had a real man ready to service me.

I tossed officer Xavier the flacon of lube, trusting he would know what to do with it. He looked at me and grinned, then squeezed pearls of white liquid from the flacon before applying them on his cock. I licked my lips in anticipation. This was going to be good! I got down on all fours and spread my butt cheeks. Xavier came up behind me, and pulled his cock in hand before pressing it against my back door. I gasped in alarm. I was totally down for some down and dirty anal action but not some anal dry-humping! Xavier smiled and applied the lube between my cheeks. I relaxed, then braced myself for the main event. I watched as Xavier positioned himself to enter me. He pressed his dick against my back door, and pushed.

There’s something to be said having a dick shoved right between your butt cheeks and straight up your buns. Intense would be a word of choice to describe the experience. Another word would be painful. Xavier gripped my hips and thrust into me. I gritted my teeth as he entered me. It felt so odd having him down there. The back door was never meant to be plowed by a massive penile intruder. Still, anal sex was not something I was prepared to do without. So I shoved my booty back, grinding it against Xavier’s cock. This drove his massive prick even deeper inside me. I could Beşevler Escort feel it stretching my ass. It hurt oh so good. At first it was all pain, then it was pain and something else, something very much like pleasure. I wanted more of it, and I begged for more.

Officer Xavier was perfectly willing to give me more. He shoved his cock up my buns like there was no tomorrow. The way this dude was fucking my ass, you would have thought anal sex was about to go out of style, or get banned the next day. I felt every thrust, and every stab of his wonderfully long and thick cock as he pounded his way into me, going deep down where the sun didn’t shine. I fingered my pussy as he fucked me, and found myself wet as a puddle. To say that it hurts, doesn’t even begin to describe it. It was frigging murderous. But it also felt so damn good at the same time. Having a big ole cock ramming and slamming me down there felt heaps good. I was in love with the black dick in my ass and if loving it was wrong I didn’t want to be right. Once I got a taste of it, I needed more of it.

Officer Xavier was pounding away at my bottom like there was no tomorrow. He made sexy grunting noises as he fucked me, and said he was claiming my ass in the name of black men everywhere. My ass…black men everywhere….a wonderfully devious idea sprang into my head but I’ll never figure out what it was because just as I began to ponder it, my body was suddenly shaken by a powerful, overwhelming sensation from deep within. I had cum, from getting fucked in the ass alone. I had never experienced anything like this before. Apparently, neither had Xavier for he screamed louder than I’d ever heard a man scream and moments later, I felt something hot and wet rush inside me. His cock squirted deep within me, spitting it out its wonderfully wicked seed. I howled. This was too frigging good!

A few moments later, officer Xavier and I are lying side by side on the floor of my college dorm. We were both giggling like a pair of brats. This was pretty good for a middle-of-the-day fuck session. He readjusted his pants, and then he was on his way. I lay there on the floor, with my hands on my pussy. I closed my eyes and fingered myself, suddenly excited beyond belief by what I had just done. I had taken a man from the street, taken him to my place, sexed him up until he could barely stand then sent him packing. I know what some of you must think of me. What can I say? I’m a first-rate sexual adventuress, and I like to live dangerously.

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