It wasn’t much of a swimming hole, just waist deep, but the water was cool and the day was hot we were out of school for good. Dave had scored a couple of cases of beer and it looked like the perfect summer day. There were just the four of us, Dave and Paul and Tony and me. We’d been best friends since first grade and now, twelve years later, we were as close as ever. So we put the beer in the water to cool down and stripped and jumped in to cool off with the beer. We always skinny dipped. It was just something that made the whole thing more isvecbahis fun. I think that we all wished that somebody would come along and check us out just for the thrill, but it never happened. So we drank and splashed around and just enjoyed the day. Eventually, we got to dunking each other and wrestling and such. It was just the same things that we’d always done, but somehow it was different. Yeah, I’d checked out the other guys’ cocks before. It’s something that all guys do even if they say different, but that day I just couldn’t get isveçbahis giriş my eyes off the three bouncing dicks around me. I liked what I saw and liked it even better when I felt one of those cocks brush up against me when we wrestled. And I got the feeling that I wasn’t the only one.Still, none of us was gay and it was nothing more than an accident when a hand glided over somebody’s cock or ass and if it felt good, that’s just the way things are. I mean, if you close your eyes, does it really matter who is touching your cock?So the isveçbahis yeni giriş four of us wrestled with each other and I ended up on the grass with Tony sitting on my chest and kneeling on my shoulders telling me to give up. I wouldn’t, of course. I kept struggling and twisting and trying to throw him off. He was bigger than me, though and I couldn’t do it. He just put hs weight forward on my shoulders and kept repeating “Give up?” I kept saying no and shaking my head from side to side. And everytime I turned my head, I realised that something was hitting me in the cheek. I stopped moving and looked and found that Tony had a hard-on and was gently slapping me with it. Now I had looked before, but had never actually seen Tony hard or any of the other guys either.

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