A Tale of Two Switches Ch. 12


(Chapter 12)

Count to Six.

The flight to Florence had been interesting. That is, if you called trying to stop an angry Italian lesbian from tearing an airport security guard’s tongue out interesting.

The drama had begun when Zabina’s piercings had triggered an oversensitive metal detector at LAX. Normally not a big issue, but the security guard had jokingly suggested that Zabi should prove that she had her nipples pierced.

Alex was fairly sure the loud tirade of Italian swear words that followed would still be echoing around the terminal when they made the return trip.

It had taken several glasses of complementary wine and Alex’s suggestion of ‘mile high’ sex to calm the angry Zabina down.

Then of course there was the connecting flight at Gatwick. You would have thought that the number of overly sensitive metal detectors in the world would be limited, but apparently the gods of air travel were conspiring against them. This time a female security guard wanted to perform a strip search.

Instead of the normal river of angry words, Zabina had looked the security guard in the eyes and begun to unbutton her blouse at the bust check point.

Alex wondered just how far Zabina would have gone, if she hadn’t managed to persuade the panic struck guard to let them pass.

Finally, they had arrived at Florence Airport, or as Zabina called it Aeroporto di Firenze-Peretola. Alex was excited at the prospect of being in another country, and to see where Zabina’s extended family lived, as it was her first time in Italy. Although to be exact, it was her first time outside the States. She wasn’t sure what to expect when they passed through the arrivals section, but it wasn’t what was waiting for them.

There was no queuing up at the immigration, instead they passed through a VIP area and straight past the customs area. There were no overzealous guards. In fact, several officials rushed over to help the two ladies with their luggage, and buzzed around them as if they were royalty. A few paparazzi photographers even tried to take pictures of them as they crossed the concourse, but they were rapidly dissuaded by the gathered airport officials. They stepped out of the airport building and straight in to a long black Mercedes with blacken windows. The second the door closed behind them the luxury car was pulling away, and Alex was surprised to see their luggage was being loaded in to a different car.

“Wow.” She finally said. “This isn’t how I thought things would be.”

Zabina stretched out on the pale grey leather seats smiling happily. “That is because you are used to America, Alex baby.” She told her. “This it Italy. More importantly this is Tuscany. The Vitelli family have lived here since before the Renaissance. My ancestors were close friends of the Medici family, and are very respected here. I suppose I could have warned you, but I still like to surprise you now and then.”

Alex partly wondered if Zabina was exaggerating, she had never known her to have that trait before, and now she was surprised that there were still things she didn’t know about Zabina.

As they drove through the city, Zabi pointed out items of interest, giving Alex a run down on the history on each building or monument. Alex remained silent, apart from a few gasps of wonder at the beauty of the structures.

“I should have brought you here a long time ago Alex.” Zabina told her as they passed out of the city and in to the open countryside. “I always knew you would love my home.”

The tone of Zabina’s voice tore Alex’s attention away from the scenery and towards her lover. They had always referred to their apartment as ‘home,’ but for Alex to hear that phrase about somewhere she had never been stirred a slight sense of sorrow in her.

“Do you miss being here?” Alex asked, partly not wanting to hear the reply.

An understanding smile graced Zabina’s lips. “Alex my love, my home is anywhere you are, but this place is where my blood comes from, and I will always yearn to return.”

Alex scooted from her position by the window to sit next to Zabina. “You know I love you with all my heart Zabi.” She told her lover. “I just want you to know that my home is anywhere you are as well.”

The pair of golden hazel eyes burned holes in to Alex’s soul as Zabi gazed longingly at her. “I just love how sensitive you are Alexandria Rowe. I would trade all this just to keep you by my side.”

“I love that you want to share your home with me Zabina Vitelli. And I always want to be by your side.” Alex replied happily and nuzzled in to the skin of Zabina’s perfumed neck.

“That’s good to hear baby.” Zabi whispered as her finger began to toy with the buttons of Alex’s pale blue silk blouse. “I wonder if I have time to get you naked before we reach the house?”

“Limo sex again?” Alex gasped as Zabi’s hand slipped inside her bra to fondle an already aroused nipple.

“Why not?” Zabi asked. “Can’t get too much of a good thing.”

It bursa evi olan escort never ceased to amaze Alex at just how fast Zabina’s hands could move when it came to removing clothing. One minute she could be fully dressed, the next Zabi’s hands were playing their symphony of disrobing, and Alex would be in her underwear before she could object. If she didn’t know better, she would swear Zabi sprouted several extra hands in the process.

Not that Alex minded of course. If there was one thing she enjoyed in this life, it was being undressed by her wild lover.

She cried in ecstasy as Zabi’s teeth nipped at her skin while those dexterous fingers brushed over the flesh of her inner thigh before teasing the folds of sensitive skin that glistened with her arousal.

“I remember a time not so long ago where you had me in a similar position.” Zabi breathed in her ear, pausing only to flick at Alex’s earlobe with her tongue.

The memory was still very fresh in Alex’s mind, of how she had made Zabi scream with the aid of a handful of ice, and she moaned in response to the thought and Zabina’s fingers brushing against her tender nub.

“I also remember you were going to throw my clothes out of the window.” Zabi teased. “Seeing as your luggage is in a different car, I wonder how you would cope if I was to do the same to you?”

Alex closed her eyes, giving herself to Zabina’s fantasy, something else that Alex’s was always impressed with. Zabina’s ability to make any situation sexy, and any sexy situation erotic beyond belief. The mere thought of Zabi depriving her of any clothing, quickly brought her to the brink of climax, as she imagined them arriving at Zabi’s family house, with the immaculately dressed Zabina and herself tumbling out of the car nude except for her blushes.

A wave of freezing cold air wafted across Alex’s body, inciting a shiver as goose bumps raised on her bare flesh, and returning Alex back to reality. Her eyes opened and she realised Zabina was no longer touching her. In fact, she wasn’t even sitting next to her. Zabi was watching from the seat opposite, idly turning the air conditioning colder.

“Why have you stopped?” Alex asked shivering in the slight chill.

The sexy pierced eyebrow arched, no doubt purposely, just to madden the over stimulated Alex a little more.

“I was just thinking how I wanted to watch you make yourself cum.” Zabina told her with a slightly naughty smirk. “You know, I have never said this, but I love just looking at you while you are naked.”

This was something new to Alex. A slightly different spin to their relationship. They had obviously made love many times, and made each other screech and squeal in climax, but Zabina had never wanted to watch Alex please herself before, and the thought of doing it made Alex feel a little shy.

“And what happens if I don’t want to?” Alex asked, as she tried and failed, to keep from blushing.

The naughty smirk grew a little as Zabina looked from the bundle of Alex’s clothes, resting under her hand, to the window, then back to Alex.

“Then I guess the first time you meet my Aunt and Uncle you won’t have a free hand to greet them.”

The half dreamt fantasy returned in a sudden rush as Alex pulled her knees up, automatically trying to cover herself at the thought of the situation. Alex looked to Zabi, trying to work out exactly what her plan was. She knew that Zabi would never put her in a difficult position, there was far too much love and respect for each other for that, as it was whenever they used bondage play, it was never about the balance of power. It was only about pleasing the other person.

If there was one thing Alex was always willing to do, it was pleasing Zabi.

Slowly she lowered her knees, so that Zabina could take in Alex’s lean, tanned body, and Alex smiled as she saw Zabi lick her lips in anticipation.

Whilst Alex played out her role, she considered their relationship, it had been summed up by one of her favourite authors in a short story called The Gift. Submission was a gift and not to be taken for granted by the dominant. It grated on her nerves when people assumed, that just because there was an element of submission in a relationship, there could be no respect. If anything, there had to be more respect than in a ‘normal’ relationship. It was also common misconception in dominant relationships, that the dominant is in charge. While that is very true in some cases, in a truly loving relationship built on any form of submission. The dominant may set the rules, but the submissive one holds the reins. For example, Alex was now submitting herself to Zabina’s will and carrying out a performance for her. But it was Alex that controlled the actual performance. It was she that would decide on just how much pleasure Zabi derived from it.

“Why don’t you come here and suck my fingers.” Alex suggested, as she arched her back and pushed her breasts forwards in a dubious altıparmak escort centrefold pose.

Dutifully, Zabina slipped off her seat and placed the offered fingers in her mouth, running her tongue around each digit.

“You know I would have done this before if you had just asked me to.” Alex told Zabina as she swapped hands and circled one of her nipples with a damp finger.

Zabi made a mmm noise as she carefully licked the fingers of Alex’s free hand, eyes transfixed on Alex’s emerald gaze.

“Do you want me to play with myself Zabina?” Alex asked as she removed her fingers from Zabi’s mouth and ran them over the still moist area between her legs. “I actually wonder what you would do if I decided to let you throw my clothes out of the window.”

Zabi had often referred to Alex as going doe-eyed when she had teased Alex. The reaction Alex got from that statement had the same effect on Zabina, and Alex felt a delightful flutter inside her.

“Is there a lake near the house?” Alex asked panting as her fingers began rubbing against her pleasure nub. “It would be nice for you to take me skinny dipping again. Do you remember the walk we had to do last time?”

“Yes there is.” Zabi managed to say, her voice barely audible. “Not many trees to hide behind though.”

Alex felt the tingle of her climax begin to spread. “That would be inconvenient if one of us had to walk back naked then.” She managed to gasp as the orgasm began to crest, then squealed as Zabina’s hand enclosed her own encouraging her onwards.

“One of us?” Zabi said softly as Alex cried out. “Like we know who that would be.”


“This is our home for the next couple of weeks.” Zabina announced as they exited the car.

A slightly dishevelled Alex looked at the low building in front of them. To a distant observer it would have looked like an old farm building, which was exactly what it used to be. Up close, it was apparent that the old barn had been extensively renovated. The walls were made from local stone and the windows had modern sealed unit glazing. What Alex assumed would have once been a large door had been walled up, but retained the arched feature of the original doorway. The entrance to the single story building was via a heavy looking iron bound door that sat in a small stone porch.

“I guess this isn’t where your family live is it?” Alex asked as she tucked her blouse back in to her trousers. Half the buttons were done up wrong, and her hair was tousled. Secretly, she was glad there hadn’t been a reception waiting for them, as she had still been getting dressed as they arrived. She had forgone her underwear as it was, and a bra strap dangled out of her pocket.

As the car drove away Zabina turned to Alex and grinned. “No the main house is just over that rise.” She indicated a nearby gradient that was lined with the lush green of grape vines. “I thought it would be more private to stay here, which was why I wasn’t too bothered when you were still half naked when we arrived.”

Alex threw a playful slap at Zabina’s arm. Although she didn’t mind Zabina keeping the truth from her, as she was still buzzing from the sexual high. “So do I get to meet Auntie and Uncle, or are you just going to keep me hidden away here as your sex toy?”

An overly exaggerated sigh escaped Zabi as she opened the door. “As much as that sounds very much like my idea of a good time, I did promise I would take you to meet them. So I suppose I should show you around the house so we can get settled in.”

Alex looked around at the surrounding fields. There were no houses, just acre after acre of vines. The road was reached by a fairly long driveway and she couldn’t even hear the passing traffic let alone see it.

“Let me get this right.” Alex said carefully. “The nearest people are over at the main house which is a fair distance away?”

A slight frown creased Zabina’s brow. “Yes that’s about right. Why?”

Alex nibbled on her bottom lip as the idea running through her mind fired the slight buzz she still retained from earlier. “I have a little fantasy about a situation where we go someplace and you restrict my access to clothing. Like Jinn did to us at the cabin, only I want it to be just us.”

Zabina’s pierced eyebrow arched sexily, making Alex’s knees go week. “It has its attractions.” Zabi replied. “I think we should go inside and discuss this further.”

Nodding happily Alex took a step towards the door, only to have Zabina block her access to the house.

“I think for the first day you should be unclothed.” Zabina told her grinning wickedly.

With an obvious fake pout, Alex toyed sheepishly with the top button of her blouse. “You want me to undress out here?” She asked playing up to the role of being inhibited. She knew all too well that the roles they played were just a seductive form of game. Even though she was the taller and more muscular of the two, Zabina was the more dominant. Not by any agreement, but just because that’s how things were. The vast majority of the time Alex loved to play the submissive damsel in distress, just because it excited her to be that way, and because she knew Zabina got aroused by teasing the ‘helpless’ Alex.

The buttons of her blouse came undone first, but she carefully let the blue silk part just enough to show just the parts of her upper body she wanted to show. Coquettishly, Alex unfastened her trousers and let the fall to her ankles, allowing her to step out of them. Like a stage professional, she held the tails of her blouse to provide as much cover as possible, intending to postpone the final reveal as long as possible. Keeping her legs pressed together, she crouched down and picked her trousers up off the floor, holding them out for Zabina to take with one hand, while her other clenched her blouse together.

Zabina’s heels clicked deliberately as she stepped closer to Alex to take the offered item of clothing. As she did so, she allowed her other hand to gently run a single finger from Alex’s neck downwards between the open folds of her blouse. Pausing slightly to encircle her navel before continuing downwards to slowly ease Alex’s hand away from the clasped material.

With the majority of Alex’s body on display, Zabina slipped an arm around her waist and drew her in close enough to plant a firm kiss on her lips.

As Alex responded she felt her blouse slide off her shoulders. She revelling in the sensation of her skin brushing against Zabina’s clothing and the feeling of the warm Italian sun on her body, her eyes closed as she moaned softly in to Zabi’s kisses.

With a gasp the pair broke away from each other, Zabina’s hands full of clothes and Alex’s slipping in to place to cover her modesty.

“Come on sexy.” Zabi giggled. “Let’s get you inside before the sun burns your ass.”

With a high pitched girly laugh Alex streaked past, shrieking as Zabi gave her a playful slap on the behind.


It was dusk as Alex and Zabina made their way from the guest house down the path to the main house. They had enjoyed a short doze in the beautifully cool bedroom, then a very refreshing shower, before discussing what rules Alex wanted for her fantasy.

It had been fairly simple to work out, Alex would be only wearing clothes when Zabi allowed it, and when they went out, she would wear only items that Zabi chose for her. Alex was pleased, as she got to tease Zabi with her body a lot and she felt amazingly free being able to indulge her exhibitionist streak without any worries. Plus, Zabi always picked out better outfits then she ever could, so when she was dressed she felt just as sexy as she did nude.

They had agreed that this first night, they would behave sensibly, as Zabina had wanted Alex to be relaxed, and not have to worry about unintentionally exposing herself during her introduction to Zabi’s family. They both wore figure hugging jeans and comfortable cotton shirts, Zabi’s black and Alex’s white.

As they crested the rise that sheltered the barn conversion, Alex halted, stunned at the aspect of the valley below. In the early evening light, the neat rows of vines lined the majority of the land. The lightly gravelled path on which they stood, wound its pale route downwards to join the darker driveway to the where the vineyard residence lay. The house was constructed from the same stone as the barn, and roofed with typically Italian, terracotta tiles. A wide veranda ran from one side of the house to the other, flagged in pale grey marble, and the feint glow of muted lights shone from the wooden framed windows. To the right of the homestead, a large swimming pool glistened with a dull glow, reflecting a beautiful purple colour in the growing twilight. To the left of the house, a group of outbuildings nestled together, huddled like they relished the company.

“It’s beautiful.” She managed to say finally.

Zabina’s hand slipped in to Alex’s as she joined her looking down the valley. “I’m glad you think so Alex.” She said huskily. “I’ve wanted to show you where I grew up ever since we got together.”

With a quick squeeze of her hand, Alex planted a soft kiss on Zabina’s cheek, tasting the salt of her tears. “I love it Zabi. Thank you for sharing it with me.”

“Sorry.” Zabi muttered, dabbing at her face with her wrist. “Must the breeze making my eyes water.”

“I so love you Zabina Vitelli. You put on this tough act, but really you’re a big softie.” Alex whispered and landed another soft kiss.

“And you’re a horny, sex mad nudist.” Zabi replied with an innocuous smile. “And I worship the ground you walk on.”

Blinking away her own tears, Alex hugged her lover tightly. “I’m sex mad?” She questioned. “Mistress Pot, speaking to Miss Kettle.”

A wandering hand pinched Alex’s behind. “Hey no ‘M’ word,” She warned jokingly. “We better get moving, Auntie Donna will be angry if we are late to eat.”

Alex’s stomach rumbled at the thought of food. “Is she a good cook?”

“Seriously?” Zabi questioned as they continued their walk. “She is an Italian mama. They have four principal fixations. The Pope and family then food and wine. It is practically a religion.”

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